EE1C01 - Electronics Engineering Bootcamp | Moe Salih | Skillshare

EE1C01 - Electronics Engineering Bootcamp

Moe Salih, Electronics Engineer, Educator

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12 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Electronics Engineering Bootcamp Promotional Video

    • 2. EE1C01L00 - Introduction

    • 3. EE1C01L01 - The atom

    • 4. EE1C01L02 - Electric Current

    • 5. EE1C01L03 - Voltage

    • 6. EE1C01L04 - Resistance

    • 7. EE1C01L05 - Basic Circuit Principles

    • 8. EE1C01L06 - Power and Energy

    • 9. EE1C01L07 - Basic Circuit Control

    • 10. EE1C01L08 - Cells, Batteries and Power supplies

    • 11. EE1C01L09 - Basic Lab Tools

    • 12. EE1C01L10 - Practical Circuit Examples

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About This Class

Electronics engineering is a discipline of Electrical engineering which focuses on the design and construction of circuits that process information and control of electric power.  Unlike most electronics engineering courses offered online or in universities, which are highly academic, this course uses a hands-on approach to learning, and focuses heavily on practical applications.

The purpose of this bootcamp is to teach the bare minimum in math and theory to provide a solid foundation, while focus heavily on practical design methodology, applications, and electronics know-how that is typically only learned with years of industry experience. By the end of the bootcamp, all students shall be able to design professional, industrial-grade embedded systems and electronic circuits that can process and transmit high speed signals, and control of high power circuits.

This is the first course in a multi-course bootcamp, that requires no previous knowledge besides high school math, chemistry and physics. It will build an intuitive understanding of electronic theory and provide the bare minimum knowledge to get started building very simple circuits, such as controlling LEDs, adjusting brightness of LEDs, operating relays, mixing colors, and a few others.





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Moe Salih

Electronics Engineer, Educator

Electronics Engineer with many years of experience in embedded systems development. An avid learner and a motivated teacher. I have run many courses on electronics design and embedded programming over the past 5 years and have taught roughly 500 undergraduate and graduate students in Canada. Teaching online is my next step to reach a far greater audience.

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