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ECommerce SEO 2016: Keyword Planner Tool and Keywords in Domain Name

teacher avatar Arun Nagarathanam ⭐, SEO | Video Editor | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction to ECommerce SEO 2016: All about keywords

    • 2. How not to use Keyword Planner tool

    • 3. Keyword in Domain name: Does it have adverse SEO effect?

    • 4. ECommerce SEO 4: Project Work

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About This Class

Welcome to the 4th class in this E-Commerce SEO series. This class is all about keywords. This is not the boring, regular keyword class, this is entirely different.

In the previous class of this series, I had given you a project work to get a spreadsheet ready. If you haven’t completed it, then I kindly advise you, it’s not that efficient to take this class now.

Go ahead and complete that project work and then continue taking this class.

Here are the links to all the class in this series:

  1. You Need To Realize That Transactional Keywords Increases Sales Tremendously: ECommerce SEO 2016
  2. You're Probably Doing Competitor Analysis Wrongly: ECommerce SEO 2016
  3. You Need These 3 Tools To Do Competitor Analysis Smartly: ECommerce SEO 2016

Coming to what’s inside this class.

You‘ll learn 2 things

  1. How not to use keyword planner tool and how to use it in the right way
  2. Buying a domain with keyword in it. Is it still relevant? Or how much impact does it have Or is it affecting your SEO performance adversely.

Let’s get answers for all these questions in this class. Let’s start

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arun Nagarathanam ⭐

SEO | Video Editor | Designer


Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 200,000 students across 190 countries around the world. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get ... See full profile

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1. Introduction to ECommerce SEO 2016: All about keywords: welcome to the fourth class in this equal MERS s civil Siri's This class is all about Kibbutz. Just a minute. This e snore The boring regular he would class. This is entirely different. The previous class off this Siri's I had given you a project. Walk toe, get a spread seat ready. If you haven't completed it then I kindly advise you it's not that efficient to take this course. Now go ahead and complete that project. Work on then continue taking this class. I have included the links toe all the class in this Siris in the class description coming to wards Inside this class you will learn two things How not be used. They were planning to on how to use it in the right mate then buying a demine with people in it. Is it still relevant or how much impact doesn't have our? Is it affecting your civil performance? Adversely? Let's get answers for all these questions in this class, Let's start 2. How not to use Keyword Planner tool: in this lecture, you're going to learn how to use Google's keyword planner tool the right way before moving into the lecture. I wanted to tell you this is the exercise that I have completed, which I said in the previous lecture I collected all the keyboards from all off the competent er of websites that I have found for the example website that I said that is an e commerce website which is going to sell craft supplies. Okay, what I have done is I just collected the keyword Andi region down the web site from which the keyboards are taken, and also how mentioned the volume off keyboards. This volume doesn't correspond to number off yours, it say's how many times these key words are searched on Google every month are so Here comes the competition on this is my formula off calculating effective volume for competition. I will tell you later how to use this. Now let's straightaway entering to this lecture search for cable planner on Google on click on the first search result apart from any acts that you can see in your brother, then you will It was signing into this Google AdWords after signing in it will be directly taken in tow. This keyword planner tool you can directly sign in with your Google account, that is, but you use for Google Plus or G Mile or inbox account. Here comes the uniqueness off this course or this lecture. Most a civil exports are the so called exports. Tell you they used the keyword planner in Not the right way. Let's see what they tell you. First, you need to click on search for new keyword, using a phrase website or category. Now they ask you to brain strong some keywords, such as we are going to start a craft selling AECOM a swift side right then the Oscars to brainstorm how to buy craft items are to buy craft items or the best draft selling website on what to buy this and that Andi. Finally, you need toe. Enter all those keyboards, which you have brain strong in tow. This text box. After that, if you select get ideas, this keeper toll will fetch ideas. One. Lee related toe that cable. Let's see how it functions. Now I just need to click on get ideas button. Here I get the search volume trends from July 2015 June totals and 16 that is a post here or the past 12 months. You can see all the givers that I get varies from high to low competition on average monthly searchers wearing from 100 to several thousands. But you should notice one thing. All these keywords so they look relevant to the keyboard that I have entered. I am not getting the right key. Would that I saw Target. So this is not the right way. The use Google AdWords because this is how everyone uses this Google AdWords keyword tool. But you should not use this way. Then what's the right the right way to do it? You have collected a keyword list. As they said in the previous lecture, I gave an exercise right. You have collected a fever list. You need to enter these keywords on Google. On search, you will get a list of websites right? Take the first result apart from any YouTube videos or any social networking links such as Facebook or Google, plus, leave it out and take the first block post. Open it. You can see it, maybe an e commerce website or not, But do you remember that I advised you or recommended you to write a block post? Or a buying guide mentioning how to buy certain items that are available on your website suggests the top 10 must have craft products like this. You can write your own buying guide for that. You need Giffords, right? So big Ural, off this block post on, then go, babe. Come back to keyboard planner on this time. Select mortify research. Remove all the keyboards that you have entered. Simply paste your landing page. Here. Your landing page is nothing but this block post, which you have phone from the Google search. So when I click on get ideas, I get all the key words for which this block post ranks on Google. See, I got all the long tail high converting cables such as craft ideas for bedroom decoration, bedroom craft ideas, craft for bedroom, the car, though these keyboards. How about lower average monthly searches? Is it also noticed they have got low competition. So what? This means if you write a block post or article or a buying guide based on these keywords, you can easily get. All these are on 200 visitors a month for your website on. They have got higher conversion so you can get fight of 10% conversing out off this 200 visitors which comes to 20 customers for your e commerce website. But even this is not the right way. The use giver, planner tool. Then what to do? You can see a download button here. Right? Just click on it. You can export all these keywords as Excellency s three. It's come on separated value. Then click on download. Click on save while it will get downloaded onto your computer, then open it on. I have made some changes. I left off the unwanted things. Andi, I have forwarded it as a table unsorted based on competition. So if I write a buying died, I will try toe Include all these keywords which how got upto 0.1 competition. So these keywords which how got competition upto 0.1 is very, very, very easy to rank on the first page off Google, you can get all those visitors into your websites buying guide. Don't those visitors into your returning on, then retaining customers. You can even use these keyboards as titled for your products, such as do it yourself room decor craft or do it your crafts for room liquor. You can use this keyword in a product title such as the best do it yourself craft items for room decoration like this on you can optimize that products posed or the products description for the ski would. We will cower on how to optimize that in the upcoming section that his own page optimization. So this is how you seduce Google's keyboard planet, too. Let me revise this entire lecture. You need to use the keyboard list, which we have got in the previous lecture as an exercise, then search for it on Google. Then take the top 123 post like this and then enter them one by one on Google's keyword planner tool in your landing page textbooks. Then select Get ideas. You will get all the ideas that is. Keep your ideas like this. Then select download button on. You will get an excell seat, the excess it which you have downloaded but look like this on. You need to delete this art group currency on all the rest of the items They invented them , so one of these four things you need would a form eight out off it column it. Now I'm going to select all these on for made them as table. Make sure that you have picked my table has hit us. Now select this competition column. Go to home conditional for mating Carlos skills on. Then the maximum value that is 1.0 should How got the red and the minimum value should how god green. So select this second conditional formatting. Now, just this drop down list on sort smallest to largest, that's all. You can take all the keyboards off competition 0.1 zero All these keywords How about lower competition? So you can rank easily on the front page off Google for these givers. Also, since they are long tail keywords, naturally you will get higher conversion rates. In the next lecture, you will learn the importance off keyword Indo my name 3. Keyword in Domain name: Does it have adverse SEO effect?: in this lecture, you're going to see the civil factor. He would indo my name before entering into the interpretation off keyboard and oh, my name. You should know too important terms that these e m d on BMD what is a and e um de is exact match Do mine. For example, If you search in Google for the tone die apples, then my apples dot com would be the exact match. No mine. Um, de can be a single word like insurance dot com or a phrase. Suggest reputation repair dot com Now what is PMD bmd es porcelain match Do mine? Here are three examples off partial match. Don't mind. Here are the key bodies A Under my name is all pay dot com. We're half off the domain name. This pay has got the keyboard since it's partially matching with the keyboard. This is called partial match demine. Now let's come back toe keyword in demine interpretation. Here is a research off 10,000 keywords with exact match domain. This crime sprint Orange Line represents to those and 14 on the stick Orange Line represents to those and 15 as you already know, the exact is in the graph represents ranking off search result in Google's search engine Barris. The boy axis represents the percentage off keyword in domain names. Off those results. Let's analyze from the second search result toe the 30th search result. Here. You can see that in daughters on 14 only 8% off the search results. How got keywords into my name? Barra's in Bhutto's and 15 this percent age has got reduced significantly. Toe fight to 6% what you can in for from this research Before arriving at the conclusion, read this street from Matt Gertz from Google. He had petered in 2012 about Google. I'll go change. It's nothing but and on guard them change, which will reduce the ranking off low quality exact match the mines in search results. Here is a graph sewing the immediate effort after global algorithm change the exact match to Mine Post, which was enforced. Search result was Moto 11th position on the post, with exact Masterman in a room 12 off the team's position. Waas Moto 41 and you can compare the rest of the image itself. High position study indicated that average MD ranking went from 13.4 toe, 26.6 on the over aged top in exact match to mine when from 3.2 2 12 Here you can see the graph off BMB influence, where the exact represents the date disease. April 4 on Here is August 22. These dates are in the ear toe those and 12 in April 45.5% off search results. Who are influenced by PM Bees, which has got reduced considerably in August 22 toe around just 4% on a year by year. This influence has got reduced significantly. So what's the final outcome off this research? If you're going to buy a new do mine, don't look for the key word in your domain name. Instead, off giving a search ranking boost, it can push your website behind in the search results. So instead of searching for the mind with the word build, some new brand on attained better brand awareness like its embassy, which we saw in the previous lectures. In the next lecture, let's wrap up this section 4. ECommerce SEO 4: Project Work: Now let's wrap up this class with a final project. Walk well for the project work. What you need to do as use will open the keyboard planet to Andi, also a competent her website or any other competing article or a block post that you found using the key votes that you have sort listed in the previous class off the Siri's. So, after getting this competing block post or article or website, take the urine on, then paste it on your landing page box under search for new keywords using a freeze website or category, then click Get ideas. Now you will be getting the keywords off your competing website or the article you have chosen. Take the top five keywords from this list as per the criteria that I have said you in this class thirties for the least competition, from 0.0 point one Jews top five keywords with most search volume asper this low competition criteria and then enter it in our project gallery. That's your project. Work for this class. Let's meet in the next class off the Siri's