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teacher avatar Michelle Kral, ARTIST :)

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. HELLO!

    • 2. SUPLIES




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About This Class



In this class i will show you how to paint some really easy loose fun watercolour butterflies using really cheap watercolour pastels...

Meet Your Teacher

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Michelle Kral



I am a freelance  Artist and Textile designer based from my 18th century former pub in West Auckland Durham UK, where i live with my very tall son and crazy dog Cyril.

My passion is painting flowers in watercolour. I am inspired by the beautiful countryside around me and my very large garden where I have some of the most beautiful flowers to paint.  I also love to share my knowledge and  teach watercolour classes privately and online.

I have a very varied style and prolific way of working, I use a mixed range of media, I just love to paint... digital, vector, photoshop, illustrator, gouache, acrylic, pen and ink...anything that makes a mark!  if i am not creating i am not me.

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1. HELLO!: I mean, I'm an artist and illustrator, and I have a passion for painting in watercolors. In this class, we're going to paint with some really cheap supplies thes world color, past ALS, which were £3 which is under $5. So come and join me in paint. Some lovely butterflies. I got my feet. 2. SUPLIES: make a to start off. I'm just going to talk you through the supplies, which really simple. I have these courts color pastels. They're really quite waxy and gooey and just nice to work with. If you can't get days, just look around. There was a cold water colored crayons on and just get the really cheap ones thes As like I said, these were £3 on there. There's just really good when they they're lovely colors and it's 24 in there. On any water soluble crane, you can get hold off paper. Amusing. I buy Thing is really big sheets of paper that buying bulk, which is works out really cheap for me. But it is. Just make sure you've got a quite heavy paper. I use 100 £40 cold press, which is there switches 300 grams. It's called press, and it has a nice see if this causes in the plastic, it has a nice, grainy texture to it. It's quite thick because that's what we need, cause we're going to be using lots of water. We need to brush. I used just a square really cheap brush, but you can use any brush that you've got spray bottle. This gives off a really nice gray Mean I spray everything that spine spray. We don't know one that gives that blobs just fine spray. I've got some table salt, Any cell today and I think that's all began to use. Oh, I might need a bit of paper tell just a mop up because we're gonna be using lots of water. Say, gather everything up on. We're going to paint some really lovely loose butterflies just like this colorful Once excuse that noise must speak big one which has got lovely textures on wash backs and fun things happening. Come and join me and have fun with this by waiting for your 3. ONE COLOUR BUTTERFLY: gather all your supplies, and I forgot to mention that you will need a big jug of water. You are. I started off just by drawing the body of the butterfly. I used it quite thickly. I pressed down quite hard and got lots of Pickman down onto paper with crocodile. I then took my spray bottle and spread lots of water into center off the butterfly. And then, I said, guided the the spread of the paint outwards into butterfly shaped wings. Just let the color flown. Do what it likes to do, and you'll see some lovely things happening. Keep spraying lots of water. I mean, there's so much on the If I picked it up, it would just run off the paper. Don't be afraid to use lots of paper. If you have some good quality paper that is thick enough, it will be OK. It shouldn't buckle too much, but you get a bit of buckling happening on. Then wetted my brush on just went over the M tennis of the butterfly and added a bit more shaping to the body with brush are then used the color that the brush had picked up from the body and started to make fames in wings. It's really fun just to see the black pigment just run into the water and create some lovely effects. Break. Now I'm sprinkling on some tables, so this gives a really assess the have tight happened, explaining the salt absorbs the pain or the water. Andi. It leaves like a drying around it, and it gives like sloppy, starry effect as it dries. Let it dry naturally. Now I'm just getting the crane, and I'm drawing into the wet paper and, using my brush Teoh create. Just just help. Spread it around a bit. A bit of movement way. If you think it is drying out too quickly, don't be afraid to add more water. More water, the better if you think you have too much water on that, which is fine, but if it's pulling into big pools of water and it's just come a bit too much, you can use your paper towel to blot it up. You can also use the paper towel to blot out places where you want it to be lighter. Now I'm during some patterns into the butterfly readings with the crane as you draw with the crane onto the wet paper. It creates a lovely effects as it all flows into the water that's on the paper here. I'm just encouraging some more slowing of the pigment with spray bottle. Carry on adding patterns as you please that you waiting for your standing. Wave your eyes. Now I'm just adding some more salt to encourage more that lovely patterning it gifts crack key bedding, little patterns and veins betweens as it's starting to dry. When you're completely happy with it, just leave it to dry naturally, and you can come back to it and see all the lovely effects you have waiting for your hi, waiting for you wait. 4. COLOURFUL BUTTERFLIES: we owe flythe. Okay. Are you ready? We can paint Sum's lovely butterflies in the same process that we used to paint the 1st 1 But this time again to use a with the colors we can and just have a really good fun with it . I'm gonna speak through quite a lot of this because it's just basically painting how we painted from the first video. But just using the color thing is just a fun project, so I won't just make up the butterflies. They don't have to look like actual flies. Just use your imagination and use whatever color you want to just enjoy the whole process. Oh, fun experimenting with this. Sometimes it's fun to just put water on to the paper first in the shape of the butterfly and then used the crown of the top. Sometimes you can just put the cranes straight on to the paper and then come in with your paint, brush with water on it and splash it all around experiment and really enjoy doing this. During this process, I found that some of the colors reacted with the water much better than others. Others just went leaving pale and didn't do much. But I'm suppose it depends on the quality. If your art supplies on seniors these were like dirt cheap. Then I was really happy reason The way that they reacted Gamma get to use your spray. Boston was well because I found that the wax crayons they meeting reacted well to that process. Flythe, I've got my feet. I will be there. I will be there with my hands. Hello. I I reached Teoh Sky. Oh! Oh, I've got my feet on the ground It'll be followed me into the field field where I Teoh wings and I way I really had fun painting these butterflies And I hope you enjoy it too. I've got my feet on the ground, Flythe I've got my feet. I will be there. I will be there with my hands. Hello. I I reached Teoh Sky. Oh! Oh, I've got my feet on the ground 5. YOUR PROJECT AND BYE BYE!: thank you for taking this class, and I hope you really enjoyed it. Your project for this is to find some really cheap water colors. Castells, sometimes called wax cranes, but their water soluble and they're really gunky. Excuse me. And just to have fun and experiment and creates a really lovely butterflies. Thank you again.