EASY GRAPHIC DESIGN SERIES 1: Creating Video Covers Using MS Publisher

Kenny Moses Adetu, Maximizing skillshare Profit.

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4 Videos (35m)
    • Introduction

    • MS Publisher Overview

    • Making The Video Cover

    • Final Thought and Project


About This Class

The aim of this course is to teach all (especially Skillshare teachers) how to design various things, but especially video covers for their tutorial, using what they already have- Microsoft Office Publisher of any kind. The creative juice of the students will be unleashed as they discover how really easy it is to design graphics without Photoshop  knowledge. It i point and click method.

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Well structured easy to follow class. Thanks for the class Kenny I have never used MS Publisher and you made it easy for me to use
Ruth-Ellen Henry-Ovid

Growth Engineer | confidentschool.com

Pretty interesting class! Keep up the good work!
Ychel Yap

Vector artist





Kenny Moses Adetu

Maximizing skillshare Profit.

A short story, novella and script writer. An actor by profession, for Television, film and stage. Now a web-entrepreneur and content curator. Love the idea of endless possibilities of making recurring income online. Have been an expert graphic designer, using tools that people underrate to rake in earnings for many years. Have designed book covers, posters of various sizes, anything at all. Also am SEO expert, being fortunate to get in contact with some people who think out of box about anyth...

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