EASY Buttercream Piping Tips and Techniques | Himani Batra | Skillshare

EASY Buttercream Piping Tips and Techniques

Himani Batra, Cake Decorator

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4 Lessons (13m)

    • 2. Basket Weaving Technique With Wilton Tip 46

    • 3. Piping Technique With Open Star Tip And Leaf Tip

    • 4. Piping Technique And Buttercream Rose Making With Closed Start Tip


About This Class

About This Class

In this tutorial you will learn how to pipe spirals, rosettes, star and shells using different types of piping Tips and pastry bag. These are super easy but really amazing and you don't need to be an expert or spend loads of money to do it either. Just a few bits and pieces and a bit of practice!

These designs are Ideal piping designs and shapes for cake decorating, garnishing desserts or even mashed potatoes!





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Himani Batra

Cake Decorator

Love to experiment and add more creativity in cakes and cookies :)

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