E-Commerce for Artists: Selling with Print On Demand | Learn with Threadless | Wendy Lazar | Skillshare

E-Commerce for Artists: Selling with Print On Demand | Learn with Threadless

Wendy Lazar, Founder & Illustrator, I Heart Guts

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8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Advantages of Print On-Demand

    • 3. Generating Ideas

    • 4. Sketching Your Designs

    • 5. Threadless Tips and Best Practices

    • 6. Building Your Brand

    • 7. Final Thoughts

    • 8. Explore More Classes

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About This Class

Want to transform your artwork into a creative business? Learn how to with print on demand.

Join I Heart Guts’ founder Wendy Bryan Lazar for this 25-minute class that walks you through everything you need to know in order to get your print on-demand business off the ground. This class is jam-packed with tips on how to get started: you'll learn exercises for generating ideas, techniques for developing sketches, and strategies for branding and marketing. By the end of this class you’ll have the groundwork to start testing out your ideas and so you can get your work into customer's hands. Along the way you’ll learn:

  • Why Creators Love Print-On Demand
  • Exercises for Becoming an Idea Factory
  • Strategies for Finding Your Niche and Refining Your Brand

More and more creators are turning to print on-demand because it gives them the freedom to focus on creating artwork instead of having to worry about production and shipping. Leave the logistics to Threadless so you can do the work you love and get your vision out into the world!

Threadless is a creative community that makes, supports, and buys great art. When you buy from us, you support the artist who created the design. To learn more visit threadless.com/artist-shops





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Wendy Lazar

Founder & Illustrator, I Heart Guts

Wendy Bryan Lazar is the anatomically obsessed illustrator of I Heart Guts. Founded in 2005, our bare-bones family operation strives to offer plush organs with love, style and geeky puns. We like to think of the Guts as what you might find inside a dissected Hello Kitty.

Wendy has never been a stranger to making strange things. Known for making fresh bread fetuses and valentine hearts from laminated head cheese, she was always interested in the intersection between ...

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