E-Commerce for Artists: How To Sell Your Art Online with Print On Demand (Done-For-You Art Business) | Yaniv Hadar | Skillshare

E-Commerce for Artists: How To Sell Your Art Online with Print On Demand (Done-For-You Art Business)

Yaniv Hadar, Founder of the Selling Art Masterclass

E-Commerce for Artists: How To Sell Your Art Online with Print On Demand (Done-For-You Art Business)

Yaniv Hadar, Founder of the Selling Art Masterclass

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10 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Step #1: The System

    • 3. Step #2: What Is A Funnel and Why should We Use It?

    • 4. Step #3: Softwares

    • 5. Step #4: Claim Your Free Domain

    • 6. Step #5: Printful (Print on demand)

    • 7. Step #6: Lead Magnet

    • 8. Step #7: Funnel Creation

    • 9. Step #8: E-com Funnel

    • 10. Step #9: Email Marketing

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About This Class

  • Sick and tired of searching for people to actually buy your art?
  • Wish you could find your market and get your art seen?
  • Don’t want to invest your money on buying an inventory?
  • Want to be able to sell your art worldwide?

Want to learn how to sell your art online?

This course will show you 

 How to build your online store and sell your art.
 How to sell your original art
 The Print-On-Demand service that I work with (They print my art on products and whenever I sell something, they create the product and ship it to the customer)
✅ The software I use in order to optimize sales.
✅ How to build a list of people that want to buy your art

▶️ Plus you get a Done-For-You website, the same one that I use in order to sell my art. Just change the photos and text and it’s yours.

Let's GO!


Step #2: What Is A Funnel? - Get your shared funnel

Step #3: Softwares - Start your Clickfunnels 14-day free trial

Start your Active Campaign 14-day free trial

Join Funnelytics for free!

Step #5: Printful - Sign up to Printful for free

Step #7: Funnel Creation - Get your Opt-in funnel

Step #8: E-com Funnel - Get your Ecom funnel

Step #9: Email Marketing - Start your Active Campaign 14-day free trial

Have fun with this process and I am here to answer any questions!

Feel Free to join The Selling Art Secrets Facebook Group

Mucho love,

Yaniv H.


Step #4 is hosted by my Spencer Mecham - all rights reserved

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yaniv Hadar

Founder of the Selling Art Masterclass


Welcome! My name is Yaniv Hadar and I'm the founder of the Selling Art Masterclass, a program full of tutorials for artists who want to learn how to sell their art online!

I've got into the online marketing world in 2015 while looking for a way to sell my art online.

Since that time, I have been helping small businesses grow with social media marketing, but not only that, I have my own brand, selling my own artworks ColorBlackColor, 

Now it's your time to shine! I want to give back to the community and help as many artists as possible. So let's make a simple deal: as long as you follow me and watch my content, I'll create new tutorials and help you learn how to sell your art online with online marketing :) 


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1. Introduction: Hey, guys in the view and in discourse will go over out of cellular are online. We'll talk about print on demand, how it works, and I will show you the same service that I use in order to manufacturing sheep, my products to my clients. We'll talk about marketing methods that I use in order to build an audience and monetize it . And most importantly, after insisting they will system, you'll get a down for your website, the same one that I use. So all you have to do is to change the photos in text, make teachers, and you're ready to go. After finishing the scores. You'll have a better understanding of how to build a Roman art business and find clients all the steps, and you can have your business up and running within the next hour. Alright, guys, thank you so much and I'll see you inside 2. Step #1: The System: Hey guys, In this video, we will talk about the strategy that we will use in our business. It includes two parts. The 1st 1 is email marketing at the 2nd 1 Direct sales funds. So first, let's talk about email marketing. The first step off email marketing is to build a list off people who has interest in your service works in products. They give us permission to send them emails in the first place. So as long as we respect their privacy, give them value and not spamming there in books, we get option to build relationships with those potential customers. The main goal here is to build trust between the business owner and his list and eventually make the sale. So both sides are happy from this relationship. They get free and paid value, and you get paid. Marketing your products or service by email can be fast and cost effective. This is a great way to reach new customers and retain existing customers. Even marketing can allow you to create highly targeted in personalized messages by tracking the actions or people inside your list. This can help you to build costume messages to the right people build trust and improve the response rate to your direct marketing campaigns. And there are more advantages flex designed. For example, you can send plain text, graphics and attach files. It can help with your conversion and increase sales. If you have a new promotion, people can click on the link and follow the call to action immediately. So if you want to sell a specific product or a specific service, you just need to create a new campaign, send the direct link and offer the service. It's measurable. You can their value the success of a campaign by using Web analytics offer so you can easily test different copy different subject lines in design to see which is the most effective. This allows you to optimize future campaigns, and it's time saving for automation is you can trigger emails to be sent to the customer based on the actions they have performed on your emails and Web site, you can send welcome emails to everyone to sign up to. At least you can send incentives, for example, discount, and you can tell your story and build trust and influential power. So we are moving to the second part, which is direct sales funds in the next video will explain what a families. But in short, it's a unique way to use websites there optimized to make the visitor take a specific action, the exact same action that we, as the business owners I want him to take in order to make him by or join our Emily's, for example. So first, we are going to use a special funnels to collect leads a lady, someone who has provided conduct information. And by doing so, he agreed to join our email list. We start we've called traffic, which is someone who doesn't have any connection to our business. When he starts to engage with our content, he gets warmer. And when the potential customer is in the stage off, buying is hotly, which means he's qualified as someone who is ready to buy and wants to buy. Next, we're going to send emails with bowling to the direct sales funnels on which we are going to offer the product and the service. The sales funnel is a website that is optimized. You convert the lead and make them by products, right? So it's all about collecting leads, build trust, give value in sale volumes, so they sign up to get free value. You continue to give them free value, then you offer paid value and you get paid right. DC's the summary off the wall system. All right, so in the next video will dive into the concept behind funnels and by the hand of this video, everything should be clear. If you have any question, feel free to post it in the group and I'll do my best to help you, and I'll see you in the next video. 3. Step #2: What Is A Funnel and Why should We Use It?: Hey guys, today we are going to talk about funnels. I'm going to explain how it works and why it's so important for our business. So let's start with understanding the concept. Most businesses today use websites. When we enter a website, we don't really have a salesman who tells us where to go, where to click. We ever menu with lots of buttons, maybe a slight show with big images, tones of different things that's trying to grab our attention simultaneously to make it clear. And average websites his around 1% conversion rate, which means Onley. One visitor out of 100 will end up buying something. What happens to the other 99 visitors, according to a study by Microsoft, and every human being now has an attention span off on Lee eight seconds and some say, even less. Our main mission is to grab their attention, make them focus on the one thing that will make them convert and clean all the other distractions. And this is where the funnels comes into place. A funnel is like a road map that we create in order to control the steps that are visitors Take. We won't give them the option to go somewhere else. Unless they take the exact same step on this road map, it can be feeling their info to get something in exchange. For example, if you want to download my E book unit first to give me your email address and Onley after that, I'll give you my E book. It also can be selling a specific product, make them sign up to events and so on. So, for example, if I want to launch on your T shirt on my store, they can going run Facebook. It's to the direct product page inside my shop. If I store and then I take risk of losing control over the traffic that I get, they might go to other pages. I will lose their attention and they will levy vault buying or I'll create sales funnel for this product. I'll write a good copy, tell the story off the friend, creates social proof with influencers, and the only button on the page will be the by bottom right. So if they don't convert, I know either the pages and good enough or the offer isn't good. Then I'll need to continue in test it until I end up with the most converting page. If they buy, I'll take them to the next stage of the funnel, which is the absolute Let's say you're using pay traffic. Each visitor cost you $1 on the first day. We just sold them a T shirt for Fertitta laws. We know what kind of products they like. They just gave us their payment in, for there is no reason to stop selling. We are going to offer under products based on the first product a just brought right. So then great classic example for Absolutely is McDonald's. First you by the burger. Then they offer fries. And after that, would you like to super side it? So again, the trick up. If I paid $1 to acquire a new customer, he paid me for details on the first page. Now we need to take them to the next stage and offer another product. If they take it great and if not, no problem or for a down sell another product with better price, right? So using the funnels gives us the option to use a thing called one click Absolute, which means because the customer just gave us is payment in full on the first page. Now, in order to charging once again, all they have to do is to click on the bottom he doesn't need to fill up is in four and give us his payment information. Once again, Fallon's cam bomb your conversion rate to more than 10% so there is no reason to drive traffic to your website now you might ask. So why do I need a website? Well, a website. It's like having your own store or showroom. People can come and read about you. Kentucky Oh, costumer service. See all the different products that you offer and it's open 24 7 But again, you don't have any salesman that tells the customer what to do, where to click, right? So a funnel is like having the best salesman working for you. 24 7 You need both. We're going to use finals not only for sales but also for collecting prospect and leads in building our email list. This way, every time we want to launch a new product, we can simply go and send an email to our email list, which is a collection of people who have interest in our products in the first place. No, guys, I'm using a software called Click Funds, which is a little bit pricey. But if you take the shirt final that I'm going to give you, you will get the option to choose a very cheap plan for only $19 a month. Another thing worth mentioning is that you'll get 14 days free trial as well. So you congested, See if you like it and decide if you want to stay or cancel without getting chart. All right, guys, this is it for these video. And in the next video, I will show you out to actually build a funnel, and I will see you in the next one. 4. Step #3: Softwares: Hey, guys, in this video, we're going to talk about the two tools that you must have in order to create funnels. The 1st 1 is funnel Builders off for in the 2nd 1 is an auto responder. In order to build funds, we need to use a soft first off, the one that I use called click Funnels. It's a little bit pricey 97 a month, but as we all know, we need to invest money in order to make money. So do what is right for you. You can go and look for other following Bill Softwares, but I can promise you Click Phones is the best one alder and is the one that I'm using to build my own funnels. In fact, the membership area that you're using right now was created in click funnels. The software is very user friendly. Everything is dragon drop. You can control everything without using any coats. In the following videos, we are going to build funds from scratch so you will see how simple it is. And if you don't want to build funds from scratch, public funds has already made. Let's call it a library or funnels so All you have to do is to change the text and images, and you'll be ready to go to make it more simple for you. I'm going to share with you the same follows that I built for myself. I'm going to give it to you. So again, all they have to do is to change the text and images and make it Urals. Now let me tell you a secret. If you'll go right now and grab my shirt funnel, you'll get option to sign up to collect funds for only $19 a month, but you'll be limited for Onley free funnels. Also in the future, I'm sure you'll want to build more funnels, and you have to operate to the 97 plan. The second tool that you'll need is an auto responder, which is an email marketing automation tool in order to control and monetize the prospect and leads that will get into our funnels, we need to build in automation, So every time someone sign after analyst, he will get an automated email sequences. Some We have interesting info, some with special offers in order to make him convert and buy our products, which is the main goal. We have to build an email, automation, Onley one time and start related run. And then it's on Lee testing and testing and testing until we find the most converting emails. So it's like said and forget. Basically, the other responders that I use and I recommend you to use is active campaign. They have great features, very simple to use, and the costs start from $15 which is pretty cheap compared to the value that you'll get. One thing that I want to mention most other responders charge you based on the amount of contacts that you'll have on your list. So if this $15 plan you'll get up to 500 contacts. When you'll send your emails, you'll get there about your contacts. Was opening your emails? And who doesn't? There's no reason to keep paying for contacts who don't open your emails. Simply clean your email list from now and then and the lead those who don't take any action and keep paying the $15 plan as long as you can on Lee, when you'll have and big a list of people who take actions on your emails. AB radio plane Now there is the last tool you can take it. It's free, and it's basically it's called formal itics. When you start to understand that their concept or funnels will start to have lots of ideas about building your own funnels, this tool will give you the option to models funnels from ideas to an actually road map. So you want. Forget those amazing follows that you're just imagined. You're going to watch music the stool a lot in discourse, So feel free to join for analytics for free. The reason. Absolute. You don't have to get it and start to mop your own funnels, right? Guys, this is it for these video, and I'll see you in the next one. 5. Step #4: Claim Your Free Domain: Okay. The next step is we want to get a domain. Okay? And remain is basically the name of our website, and I call it website. Remember, this is a sales funnel, but it's very similar to a website, and it runs like a website. So domain, for example, is click funnels dot com is the domain, right? Google dot com is the domain CNN dot com apple dot com These are all domains, Okay, We want a domain because otherwise our ah, when we send people to our funnel, it's gonna look something like this like it's gonna have a huge ugly It's gonna say click funnels dot com and then it's gonna have a bunch of numbers and things like that. We wanted to look pretty and be our own domain. So what we're gonna do to do that is we're gonna click this button right here. The click funnels in the top left corner is going to send us to this page and click finals actually gives you one free domain. When I said that wrong, we're gonna go to account on my apologies, and we're gonna go domains. Okay, now you gotta remember that a lot of domains in the world already owned. So if you want, Like, for example, if I wanted spencer dot com to you, my domain, it's probably taken, and I won't be able to get it. So we'll have to play around a little and and click finals. Look, there's some good options that we could have and that exists. So we're going to say, register a new domain. Okay, so you could think of all kinds of things, So you could you could think of something with funnels in it. You could think of something that I feel it marketing in it. You could think of something with, like, make money online in it. You could do your name. Um, and hope the bad exists. For example, if I typed in spencer me come dot com, it's gonna search. It's going to say I'm not available. If I just type in Spencer Mico, it's gonna start a bunch of things I could get. Spencer may come dot net Spencer make him not click. Since you make him that name, Not immigrate, right? If I tried something funnel, though what if I tried funnel um, funnel Goodness. There is final goodness dot com. Awesome. Right. So don't spend too much time wasted on this, But but think a little bit about it. So you could you could say something like, um, make it online, make it online, see if that exists. Right dot Net exists, but not dot order dot com. You know, I'm gonna go with funnel goodness. I like that. Okay, so final goddess dot com Very easy click finals is gonna give you this domain for free. Okay? You're still in your trial, period. So you haven't been paid any money. And you got your domain, which usually these cost 20 bucks. OK, we'll click. Yes. Use free domain. It's gonna give you that cute little inspector. Okay, take its sweet time, and then you see how it says status there. Verify? You're gonna If it says that which is sometimes wont you'll want to click. Verify? Boom. I'm verified. It's all up and running. Okay, then you're gonna go to your domain settings here. Oh, I said that wrong. So then we're gonna go to our funnels because now we've got a funnel and we've got a domain name. When you connect it. We need to say Hey, I want this funnel, this funnel that I built that I've given you. I want it to be on that domain. So I went to funnels and then business in a box. Okay, You're gonna click right here. It's gonna go to the settings of that funnel. There you are. Then you go settings. Okay. And now it's asking in these settings. What domain do you want this to be on it? We're gonna say funnel goodness dot com and sometimes it's just set up, not complete. It stuffs going on click funnels and the set ups should be complete. You should be good to go. Okay, there we go. All in the bottom. Save an update. Settings. Okay. And there it is now giving me a U R l for the first step in my funnel. So if I copy that, C final goodness dot com slash blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I probably wouldn't change that Which you can change in these settings right here. But if I copy that and I throw it in my browser there it is. See that? See how fast it was. Now that website is out. Funnel goodness dot com exists. Anybody can go to it. I can send anyone to my funnel, which is awesome, because that's what we're gonna be doing. So you've got your domain. Um, I've taken care of all the legal stuff in your domain disclaimers and privacy policies and all that boring stuff. You're good to go. So the next thing we need to do is when you start tweaking our fun. Well, we need to get our email marketing set up. Once again, you're going to sign up for an automation platform. You're gonna sign up for a company, but it's gonna be a free trial, you know, 14 days you haven't ran with this. You can cancel. Um, but I would run with this. There's a lot of potential here, so let's head over the next video. 6. Step #5: Printful (Print on demand): Hey, guys. In this video, we will talk about print full, which is the Print on Demand Service that I used the main one, and I will show you exactly how to use it. Print Feliz, a print of them and service, which means they will take care for the manufacturing and shipping for you. They offer a list off white label products like T shirts, posters, converses, monks. And you can put your own designs and sell them on the pre order basis under your own brand like idea. That means you don't need to invest money on buying and managing your inventory, and you pay for the products on Lee after you've actually sold it. Also, everything after the sale from printing the shipping is handled by print ful. Once you've set everything up, he takes on Lee few clicks to fulfill in order once you've made a sale. So after you sign up to print full for free, all you have to do is go in, click on stores and create your own store. Now, if you don't use any platform, simply click on manual order platform and click on Create Give it a name and then click on create, and after that you need to go and click on add products. So, for example, click. Choose the product that you want to add, so I'll end a T shirt. Choose the T shirt that you want to end uploaded file and place it. All right now click on. Proceed to more cops. Choose the market that you want. Precede the description. Now you don't need to care about the description and can delete it because no one will see it. Give it a name to keep it organized rights and then let's move on to pricing, right. So now you need to change the pricing and decide how much you want to earn. So simply go and change it by increasing the price or by percentage, right, Let's go again and choose a different product. So now I want to sell a print with frame. Just the file. Choose this one and then you see that I have an error. So I'll go and simply I can upload on you file, which will be larger file or I'll go and simply the lit it proceed to mark up, choose them. Welcome that I want and again give it a name to keep it organized, and again no one will see the description because you don't have any store. And now, when you'll have in order, you need to go and click on your order. Choose the store and simple olders. You can order samples and get 20% off of free shipping. Basic corners is the order that you create when you have a costumer, so go and choose the product that you've just sold and create order just their size. Let's go with them, continue, then continue to shipping, fill in the information of the customer and calculate shipping and then just pay for their product and keep the perfect to yourself. That's you guys. It's very simple. If you have any questions, let me know in the group and I'll see you in the next video. 7. Step #6: Lead Magnet: Hey guys, In this video, we will talk about why you should collect in. Larrys is from potential customers and the first step to do so. So building Animal List is a key to success for people like us who has a product and want to sell it online. If someone gives us is in for because he's interested in what we're doing our art, we can continue and build a relationship with them by simply standing emails. Those emails won't be stay spam emails that will no. Instead, it will be more personal. Weaken. Tell our story. What is art for us? Why did we start to create art? Share in for about R R? Give some tips and valuable content to build this costume relationship that, in the end will create trust between you and your released and eventually will make them buy your products. So whenever you have a new product that you want to sell, you can go and send an email to your email east. Tell them about this new product and get cells. Now remember, it won't be spammy as long as you give value and make them trust you. So now we need to build a nimal East, we're going to use a follow that includes only two pages. The first page would be the opt in page were we offer something in exchange for their name and email, and the second page will be the thank you page where they get the thing that we just offered and this thing called a lead magnet or a premium. But we'll stick with the lead magnet it simply your bait and incentive that we offer to the potential buyer in exchange for their email addresses. It can be any info that you want as well. So now we need to create a good lead. Man it. Those are the rules that I follow. Whenever I want to create a good bait, it can solve a problem. So if your customer has a problem and you know to solve it with a simple solution, it can be your lead magnet. You need to promise and deliver. Give them a quick solution that will help them achieve something They want. The third rule. It needs to be high volume. They need to feel like it's worth their time, and if they don't take it right now, they are losing something good. You need to deliver it right away. It must be something that you can give them right after they sign up and build trust. Whenever someone consumes your leave magnet, it should make them feel like the person who created it, which is you, is an expert in this field. So if you need some ideas for lead, Marquette's here is my least for you can be printable art. Send them a file with your art so they can simply download and print it. Of course, choose a piece that you don't care, giving for free and make it small so they won't be able to print it in large scales and sell it. It can be free wallpapers and desktop wallpapers simply create digital world papers from your heart and give them the file for free. It can be video tutorials or return tutorials. You can share your knowledge, teach them how to create things, show them the process. You can give free coupons for your store and you can run giveaways and contests, which I do. I run the monthly giveaway, which generates me lots of leads, but again, guys remember that some of those who want to get free stuff. Don't really want to spend money. So once in a while, go and clean your email list so you won't pay for those contacts and waste your money. All right, guys, in the following videos, we will start to build a funnels, so I'll see you in the next video. 8. Step #7: Funnel Creation: Hey, guys. In this video, we will create our first final, which will be the opt in funnel. This final includes only two pages. The first page will be the opt in page where we offer the lead magnet, and the second page will be the thank you page where we give the access. Still delayed moment, Right? So I have a checklist. Those are the things that we are going to do. We're going to create the opt in page created. Thank you, Page. We need to integrate the auto responder. We've click funnels we need to create animal list. So whenever someone sign up to get the lead mine it it will be added automatically to your email list. Then we need to connect the auto responder to the funnel, set the actions for the bottoms and then test the final and see if it works well. Of course, I'll give you free access and share review the same funnel that I'm going to create right now. So let's go. Right now. I'm inside Click finals and simply go and click on Add New Now. If you want, you can just grab already made finals for you. Start Cookbook. Simply Creek right here, but I'm going to create one from scratch. So click new Fano quick, create a costume funnel and give it a name. I'll choose test for video on the build of funnel. So now we need to choose the template for are often page. You can choose one of those, but I'm going to choose a blink page click on Edit Page. Let's go! All right, so click Father's Everything You're is Dragon Drop. So this page is built by sections that contains rose Inside vitro. You have columns, number of columns and inside a column. We have elements. It's very simple, has the latest one, and let's start and going to change for us the background. So I'm going to go to my website and grab the exact same color that I'm using. All right, now it's at the first section. Of course, you can play with it. Don't be afraid to test off. This is the best way to learn how to build funnels. I'm going to choose. The 1st 1 will be only one column, and I'm going to add an element which will be my logo. So image Dana, lead another row, which will be two columns, which includes two columns. So right here, all ahead image of the product here I'll head headline in a sub headline soon. It'll change the colors so you'll see everything. I'm going to add input. It's were the client enters his info. I'm going duplicated and had I'm bottom and then I'll head another bar graph, right? So let's start that, said their logo Change this size. My lead magnate is going to be a digital file that they get access to, and they can print the file. So I'm giving them option to bring themselves a print that I've created right so less. Let's show them the exact same print that I'm giving this one. Let's change it too wide so we can see it and head in Headline. Now we need to tell them what is the offer. While it's all about right now, you can go and added the settings and go to advance and simply start to play with it. It's pretty self explanatory. Don't make it to capitalize like that. I'm going to change in the setting the size of the fund, and I can change defining self right Now I'm going to duplicate it and make it smaller. That's it. Again, I'm going to change to White. And now I am going to explain how it works, Right? So they need to give me their email, your details and then Onley. They'll get access to the file. We'll head little line, all right? No, let's said it. So we need to get their full name. Changed these to your full name and change. These two required because we need her name inside the email list. Not said. Now study to email address. And that's OK. And now let's change the button, said Action to submit Forum. I'm going to change the color in the call to action will retell them. What's to do? No, Let's make it bigger and change there wide like a dad. Go to settings. That's good. All right, that's Maggie's. Also changed the margins. My dad. And now I'm going to promise them that I will never send them spam because everyone hates Palm and everyone afraid to hinder the rial address. Just a second I'm going to change the color so we'll see what I'm writing, right? Right now you can add if you want another section and addled illegal stuff like I see. No, that's not what I wanted. I wanted text, but groaned. What happened? Right, So and then you can add your privacy, the privacy policy and stuff like that. Right? So we are close to be done with this first page. Now, after a click on save, you can see this think popping up. So basically, title is the I tell that we see inside our tubs in the browser. So we need to give it a name, description, keywords, outer. All of that is for ah s CEO. You can type in if you want, but I don't want to show in my offers on any search engine. Soon I'm going to sittings, sittings, general search engine and height and also a fillet. The badge. Hide and save. Right? So first pages done. If you want, we can preview. Great. Now we need to make sure to optimize it to mobile quick on settings and shoes. The phone size in Mobile Siles All right, so if you go to desktop, it won't change it. So let's go and changed sighs on choose just playing and testing and see what feats and what she's looking good, so I'll go with all right. This one will make it say, smaller and all. Change, of course, the size over this one. Great and then click save, and we will come back soon, too. And another one thing. The email integration. So now we need to create a thank you page where we give the access due to file. Name it, Thank you and create followed step again. You can choose one of those, but I'm going to create it from scratch, so I'll get there. Link one. I'm going to get rid of this and for a step, go and changed him. Color. Once again. Let's see. All right, these in my color again. I'm going to add full wide. One column. It will be in my logo. So let's said the logo. Change the size, and now we need to say thank you. So it's ed headline. Change the color. It's make it big. The bigger the better and some say, and no, we need to tell them what to do. It's duplicated. Make it smaller like this, and at the bottom changed size and color and call to action and I'll add only the like on will make it bigger first. Like this, right? No, when you say the action, so you have two options. We are going to cover one of them. The first option is to simply give them access to file inside your drive. So if you have a Google drive or any other kind of drive, A simply put your link right here, or you can go and delete this is bottom and send them to file with your email automation, which I will cover in a different video. So for now we are going to use the drive option. What is the file inside my drive? If you're using Gmail, you have the drive. So click here and share copy link. Make sure they only can view this and the ladies and put the link again. Feeling all this information, I won't do it right now, and that's it. Let's make it optimized for mobile click save and we are done again. You can add Miller, another section. We've all the legal stuff and click Save It's preview and we're done. So whenever I click on it, it will read Direct me in due to file, and now I can click and download a file, right? But so we've created the opening page to thank you Page, and now we need to create an integration with our auto responder, right? So let's go back to click funnels to the main page and go to your profile on the right and click on integrations. Now click on Add new integration and choose the Want it you're using. I'm using active campaign. I'm going to I I'll go to active campaign. I'll go to settings, go to developer and then you'll have your euro and key, right? Simply copy does and paste them inside the A P I key in a p I your l Give it a name and click on Add integration. Right? So next step will be to go to your active campaign or you're email service and click on lists. Now we need to create, at least so add new. Least give it a name. Put the euro off the funnel right here and, as they ask, tell the customer, How did you get into your in the list and click create list? Then go back to the funnel added page on the opening page, and now we need to set an integration. So go to settings integrations. You need to refresh this one. So if the integration ultras active campaign select the action, I want to add everyone who sign up to my least at your list and then choose your least right. So I'll choose, for example, this one and click save. Now again. Make sure to set action to submit for him. And now what? Three caf We create all of those we created the least we do the integration. We're connected. The auto responder to our following just now. The buttons are set with the right actions, and now it's time to test everything. All right, so we can preview. I'll take it into incognito window. All right, so I'll enter my name. My email. I'll click on Get access. That's it. No, I have the option to download a file on Click and down on the file download. Here is the file, and now you'll see in the time that I've just joined my email list and Miriam All right, right, guys, I'm going to share review the exact and finally, you can simply change the image the logo on the text. Make it Jurors offer something else. Of course. Change the real magnet connected to your own list. And have fun if you have any problems like me. No, inside a group. I will do my best to help you and I'll see you in the next video. 9. Step #8: E-com Funnel: Hey, guys, in this video, I'm going to share with you my e commerce funnel. I'm going to show you how to use it in your own business. We're going to change the photos, change the text, trade the product details. So whenever someone buys the product, click phones will know all much to charge. Next, we need to create email automation. So right after the sale, the customer will get email with the order confirmation and last, we need to connect a payment. Get away so you will be able to charge their card. The first page will be the first offer. Then we have free audio's audio stands for one time offer in the last pages, the thank you page with the order summary. So this is the first page. This is the second page, the first audio. Then we have on the lower audio in the last audio. And then we have a thank you page. So the system is built with a thing called value leather. We need to start with an irresistible offer that will make the visitor think that if he doesn't take the action right now, it will never get this off for Once again, we need to give the best offer we can on our front end, which is the first page. The goal here is to make them by on the first page, and the real profit will be on the audio pages, so the value other starts with the load you get offer, for example, $20 T shirt and free shipping On the next audio, we need to offer more from the same, which is more from what they've just bought because we know they like it. If they just body, the second audio needs to be another low ticket product is well in the last. Odio will be the high ticket with high margins. Let's say that the cost of the product it's stand Alors and I spend $5 to acquire a new customer. I need to earn $15 in order to be on break even. I don't lose money and I don't have profit. The goal here on the first page is to mainly cover the cost on the beckoned, which is the audio. I am going to sell more products with higher margins and making profit. Now, this is true if we pay to drive traffic with ads. But if you have a source off organic free traffic, for example, your Instagram page Pinterest pages, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, you can earn profit straight from the first page because you don't need to invest money to acquire new customers. Also, if you have an email list, you can simply send them email with a link to your funnel. Now we can start and edit the funnel, so go to the first step and click on edit page. I'm going to demonstrate it with products from society. Six. I chose around Oh, Marty's just to show you that you can use this funnel as well with your business. Isil dishes what you can still prince converses, paintings, everything. So the first offer will be this poster. So I'm going to offer the smug as the first Upsell the first audio, then the second audio. The first rodeo is this higher ticket product. Now. The reason that I offer for products with same outwork is that we already know the customer like this artwork. He bought the first offer, so there is no reason to start guessing what other heart works in life. Like if we know he likes the 1st 1 Just offer other products with the same art. All right, ill. Let's start first. I'm going to copy the name of the product. Of course, you need to come up with a name to your product, and I'm going to feeling the blank spaces. Right. So here I'm using scarcity to make them feel that if they don't grab their offer right now , they might lose the option to get it in the future. Because I offer only 100 pieces. All right. So again, right here, I'm using scarcity product name. Change it to the name of your product and again, right here once again, right here and here. We need to decide how much we want to charge. Right? So I'm going to use this one, the 15 and was 20 and I give them free shipping. I'm going to repeat it's one once again right here. And let's upload before of the product. Right now I can start and change the colors. So let's make this one blue right and going to change that color off the bottom as well. Now I want to choose always for the buttons is something bright, brighter than everything else do simply pop up and make the visitor notice this option. Right? So I'll choose. So now I want to change the words. So I'm going right here and I'm going to just change this one, right? So let's make sure I changed the reading in this for a section. The logo changed the local to your own logo and Greg to click Save. And now I want to change this stuff. So again, where do they sheep, your poster and what size do you want? I don't want to Heavy Swan. And you raised this one. No, I need to change as well. The Selig least Efird size. Let's tell them to feel in the info. And now I want to change this red color and this aero and this red line right? So if I want to change the color, I need to go somewhere where I can take any scholar will. I'm going to grab this color volume and Copia, then go to settings and costume CSS, and then you need to choose those four values the orange values and simply based there value off the color that we just copy and Now it's a little right click save right, moving on to the next section, the section you need to write all the important information. Think about questions that your potential customer called Ask and give him all the answers before he decided to leave the final without buying. If the potential customer gets all the questions answered, it will make him feel safe to buy right so right about your shipping and handling time and any other piece of information that is relevant to the customer in this section, you need to tell your story. You can put a photo of yourself, explain what stands behind the art and connect the potential customer reveal message. The last section is all about social proof. You want to make them feel safe when buying from you. They're not your first customers, so you know how to deliver the offer. All your old costume was love you. You can put photos off happy customers with your product. You can put customers review if you have in case you don't have, you can hang your work on different walls and showcase the product and give the potential customer a sense off How it will look on his wall again. Click save. Make sure to change the logo right here as well, and make sure to change your support. Email and click safe because it and we are moving to the audio Click Edit page. And now I'm going to offer the mug so I'm clicking on the image and then going to change it to tomorrow. Let's grab the name of product. Change the car off the button product name and once again, right here again. Put your logo and contact info, Of course, changed the pricing and click save. Now I'm going to do is real fast on the other Audio's right, so we've changed all the images and text. Now it's time to create the product. So whenever someone buys the product, the system will know how much to charge him. So go to products legal end product. Let's grab the name of the product and right so much you want to charge. So it's a 15 and again on time and create product. Now. We mentioned that after the sale, the client gets an email with a confirmation so we can go to fulfillment email really this one, and simply write a summary off the order. Now, if we want to offer different sizes, you can click on Let's Say at it, right Small and then mentioned the sizes. So, for example, let's see. Now we can add another product. Let's say 20 on 26 for example, Let's charge 18 and click Create. So now we can go to overview, like on this little icon Neary's or a first page filling my info Click on Send Me Disposed her now and now we have the option to choose which one they want, small or medium. All right, Now, if I want to create different sizes inside odio, I need to. It's another bottom, so I'll show you. That's am charging $12 on the 1st 1 and another product that's a $15 and I'm taking $15 for this one 15 and one time and create product. So now I need to go back to the overview. At its page. Duplicate is Barton and mentioned the size off the product. Now go to set action and 1st 1 in Tuesday product. I'm going to raise this one duplicated change. Size 2 15 changed the price. Go to set action and select. The 50 knows. Now the customer can choose which size he wants to by Click Save, and we are done. Basically, I'm not going to create products on the other. Audios do simply save your time. Now. The last thing that we need to do is to connect the payment gateway so we can charge money . So go to your profile. Jews bearing getaways, a new payment get away and just the one that you want to work with. So stripe is considered as the best one. I'm working. We have less now because I'm from Israel and I can talk. We've stripe for now and do your research. Find the best one for you and that's it. If you have any questions, let me know in the group, and I'll do my best to help you and see you on the next video. 10. Step #9: Email Marketing: Hey, guys. In this video, we will cover free topics how to create an email list, how to create a more automation in how to broadcast your list. So first, let's create. At least right now I'm inside my active campaign user. Go to list, click on and your list. Give it a name. Put your website your l and remind them how they got into released. So now that we have a least, make sure to integrate it to your quick funds accounts, as I've showed you in the final creation video. Now we are moving to the second topic, which is creating an automation. So whenever someone joins our least, he gets into this email sequence automatically. So go to animations, click on new automation and choose start from scratch. We need to choose which action will trigger the automation, so choose subscribed to a list and continue so like the least and click on it's Start Jews Sand email. So right after they sign up to get the lead Marinette, they'll get it into their inbox and create new email. No need to give them your name and click create Next. You need to choose the design off the email. Make sure to choose built from scratch once again, because most of the time templates tend to be more spammy for the email services. And so they moved the email right into the spam folder. We want to get into the in box, so keep it clean and simple. Choose text only the name of the sender, which is you, and the email address that you are going to use for sending the emails and last writer Imo subject. They know they're about to get the lead magnet to their email, so just tell them that it's here and ready for him. You can make it more personal and insert their name. Now write the email. Keep it simple on the top, right? You can attach the file off the lead magnet, and when you're done, click next. No, you have a summary. So go and check that everything is right and make sure to bust this palm check and then click finish. Now you can continue with the information. They will get the first team right after the register, and you need to choose. When do you want to send the next email? I recommend to send an email every two days. So let's tell the automation how many days toe. Wait until it sends the next email. So we choose to wait two days, and now we need to create the next chemo, so you need to create as many meals as possible. As we said before on the first Frito Five emails, you need to tell your story, devalue and build a relationship with the least until they trust you. After those emails, you can start an offer different products. What I love to do is to send free, valuable emails, and in the four female I'll try to sell a product right. We are done with the automation, and now we are moving to broadcasting. Let's say you want to launch a new product or you want to find new clients for art commissions. You can go on, broadcast your email list and offer your service. So that's your click on campaigns. New campaign Jews standard and give it a name. Choose your email east and again choose the template. I'll go from scratch and right the offer. If you have a new product, you can add any image of the product and put a link to the funnel. Click next and go over the summary and make sure everything is right. And now you can schedule the campaign for later to a specific date in time. Or you can just send it now and we are done. So we covered our takrit animal list out to create an email automation and now to broadcast . Let me know if you have any questions in a group, and I'll do my best to help you and see you in the next video.