E-Commerce for Artists: How To Build Your Online Store | Yaniv Hadar | Skillshare

E-Commerce for Artists: How To Build Your Online Store

Yaniv Hadar, Founder of the Selling Art Masterclass

E-Commerce for Artists: How To Build Your Online Store

Yaniv Hadar, Founder of the Selling Art Masterclass

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12 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Store Creation

    • 3. Theme and Design

    • 4. Recommended Apps

    • 5. Printful

    • 6. Pillow Profit

    • 7. Shipping Rates

    • 8. Uploading A Product

    • 9. Digital Products

    • 10. Mockups

    • 11. Important Pages

    • 12. The Pre-Order Model

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About This Class

Want to learn how to sell your art online?

This course will show you 

How to build your online store and sell your art
 How to sell your original art
 The Print-On-Demand service that I work with (They print my art on products and whenever I sell something, they create the product and ship it to the customer)
The apps I use in order to optimize website performance
How to sell your art as a digital product
My SECRET business model

Let's GO!


Shopify - Sign up to get 14-day free trial

Printful - Sign up to Printful for free

Email Marketing - Start your Active Campaign 14-day free trial

Out Of The Sandbox Themes - Click here

Creative Market Mockups - Click Here

Have fun with this process and I am here to answer any questions!

Feel Free to join The Selling Art Secrets Facebook Group

Mucho love,

Yaniv H.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yaniv Hadar

Founder of the Selling Art Masterclass


Welcome! My name is Yaniv Hadar and I'm the founder of the Selling Art Masterclass, a program full of tutorials for artists who want to learn how to sell their art online!

I've got into the online marketing world in 2015 while looking for a way to sell my art online.

Since that time, I have been helping small businesses grow with social media marketing, but not only that, I have my own brand, selling my own artworks ColorBlackColor, 

Now it's your time to shine! I want to give back to the community and help as many artists as possible. So let's make a simple deal: as long as you follow me and watch my content, I'll create new tutorials and help you learn how to sell your art online with online marketing :) 


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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, if you want to learn how to sell your art online with no prayer knowledge, I'm going to show you how to build your on my store, how to sell your original art, the to print on demand supplies that I work riv. They print my art on products, and whenever I sell something, they created products and shape it to the customers. The after I use in order to optimize the sales are to sell. Your art is a digital product, so there is zero Coast and you keep old prophet and last you'll get my secret business model to maximize the profit a little bit about me. And my name is Ian. Even four years ago, I've started in my own land journey and tried to sell my art. And to be honest, it was a completely disaster. I knew nothing about sales and marketing, and so I decided to master those skills. Today I have my own online marketing agency that helps small businesses get new clients. But not only that, I have my own brand where I sell my art a drill stuff, bring Tinto merch and sell it. And to be honest, that's what makes me happy. You might know websites like society seeks where you can apple, you're ours and their in their owns 10% out of the sails. With your own store, you can earn around 30% and more depends on your prices. So who is this for? Everyone who creates something doesn't matter What kind of archer in June, it can be painting. Traditional classics derail the tools. Digital art illustrations, photography. You name it really everything. So grab a cup of coffee, mutual phone and let's start building your online business. 2. Store Creation: Hey, guys, In the next video, we are going to build a Shopify store from a to Z. I will show you out to set everything up. I'm going to break it down to small steps to make sure we cover everything. So to start, click on the green bottom below this video and it will open Shopify. An important thing to remember is that you'll get 14 days free trial so you'll have a lot of time to finish old tasks and launch the store in time. So let's go enter your email and click on Get started at a password and choose your store name. Don't worry about the store name too much. No one really sees it. The real name would be the domain that you'll get later on. Next, you'll need to enter in for about yourself in your business and down. Alright guys. So we have a store. Now we need to start changing the settings. Keep in mind that when you finished and want to launch the story, you need to go and select a plan. Right now we are in the home page. On the left side, you can see the bar with all the options. You have the order page where you can see the orders that you get product page to IT products and edit your collections. We won't use the product page because we're going to add products by using the print on demand services. They have their own APS, and that gives us the option to add products next these customers to see in four off your customers. Next, these analytics to get data and learn what is going inside our store and discounts where you can create promise codes. Next, you'll have the APP store, which I will cover later on, and sheriff you the most important AP state I use and the absolute I recommend for you to use Onley stories where you added some of the settings, added the theme and design off the store. Let's go back to store dash bird and moved to the domains. You have the domain of the store that you get when you register, but it won't slow professional to keep using it so you can buy a new domain with Shopify on the right side. Or, if you already have a domain, you can connect it on the left side. I recommend buying the domain on named Chip because you get a customized email address for your email. So instead of every in a Gmail account, you'll have a business Gmail account. We've your business name is the host, for example, the any of the 30 and you father that come and not any of it, Jim. A lot come next. Go to Preferences. This is where we're going to add our on the title and description. So when someone searched for your story on Google or being Rio, this is what is going to see. Next, we can add our Google Analytics code and Facebook pixel cold. I will show you how to do that in the marketing video section, the stories still locked with a password. So when you choose a plan, it will be opened. Let's move to settings and general here is very of the accounting for a county mill is your personal email, which you used to log in? The customer email is the address that you used to give support for your customers. You can change it anytime you go back to settings and move to payment. If you are from the U s Air Canada. I think also Australia, you'll have the option to use Shopify payments or strike. I'm from Israel. So I'm using PayPal is the payment gateway. It's recommended to add people, even if you have other payment getaways. Just because people feel safe when they see that they can pay with PayPal, which is known for being a secure check out again. To do it, you need to activate your account by choosing a plan so you can go and finish all the other tasks. And once you finish just activated, moving to the check out settings disabled customer account, you don't need to make everyone who wants to buy something to create an account. It will damage your conversion customer contact Jews email form options require full name companies. Hidden address line two is optional, and phone number is required in case we have a problem with the delivery, and we need to contact the customer on the email marketing. You wants to check the pre select the sign up option. This way, everyone who gets into the Checker process will be added automatically to your email list. Next, we move to the legal stuff, which no one likes, so you can click on create from templates and Shopify will create it for you. But we are going to use the print on demand services. Some of them allow return and some not. You need to go and check out your policies and write some of the rules. Here. You can read my polices on my website to see our to get a print on demand policies and write it for myself. I will put a link below this video moving to the last thing shipping. We're not actually gonna write or shipping rules because the print on Demand services has their own shipping time. So we just need to configure our store with their app. So when someone buys from us, it will automatically calculate shipping cost off the print on demand service. We will cover it later on in the shipping video. That's it for this video. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will see you in the next video 3. Theme and Design: Hey guys, in this video, we are going to design the store, so go and lick Onley store and then shoot themes. Now you have two options. You can go with free theme and pay themes. You can go and visit the theme store. I'm using a theme called Tour both theme, which is yes, it's expensive, but in the long run you'll need to use a theme that has all the features that you look for . And it will save you money because you'll need to use some maps and pay them on a monthly basis. And some of the things have the same features inside them. So you pay one time and you get the same features, and you don't need to use the APS the same. We've tuba theme so you can go and check it out. And this is all the options that you get that you won't get if you use a free theme, right? So let's say that we are going with free theme. Click on Explorer three themes, and I'll use a minimal vintage. Click on at Minimal and you'll get the minimal on top of the list, right click and customize. No you can see on the left side you'll get the sections bar and then theme settings, right so you can go in Hyde sections or delayed. Um, or you can go and add sections. Right? Let's go to themes, settings. You can change the layout, change the colors. So let's change it to black. It's pretty self explanatory, right? Guys? Just go and play with it. You can change the table. Let's see which one I choose, right? Don't go with this one. Fabric alone is the little icon that you see in the browser whenever you bro's right. So there is the tub and there is the name of the website and there is all the little icon you need to choose the icon that you want to choose. Let's see if I have mine ear. Right. So is this one. Let's move to social media so you can see all right. You right. If I won't have the links, I won't have the icons. Right. So I need to write my instagram and my Facebook. And so whenever someone clicks on there Icahn, it will open my social media website. Right. It's click on save. Check out all right. We will come to check a place around. Let's move to sections slideshow and let's Jews this image remove 2nd 3rd 1 So have on Lee this image. Heather. Let's use my Lo Bill. No changes to to make it now. I don't want this news, so I'll click and remove section. Remove everything. Also the future product, right? So now I want to add, like what I have on the store. I'll try to do exactly the same with the free theme. So I have the featured collection. Let's go featured collection. Think Ed Select Collection and I'll choose everything, which is a collection that I've created before. All right, I'll change there May corn color to white. I see it now. I want to it the images off the influences. So it's gallery and I need five images licked. 1st 1 2nd 1 right so I can have on Lee for images can take five. So it's a good example what you can do. We pay theme or free thing. Also, I can't make them closer, which looks better, in my opinion, but that's what we have now. I want to add the pre order section so it's text. All right, so just coffee, all right, and let's go created about me, - right ? Then I can go and add some button. So let's all right. And then I need to put a link to my about me page yo and choose about me. And now I have the bottom right Click Save. Now I need to add the instagram section. So again I don't have this option on free theme. You can go and add an app that will do it for you. Last I'll need to create is newsletter section. All right, so just copy. Die too I and again, I don't have any option to design it. Only become color. Now let's go to the foot and I want to remove this one. Saw it on TV. Tear, That's it. And your menu. Here you can changed their menu. So, like the menu that you want, we've old, different pages and basically we are done. We can known something. So let's announce why not? Let's say that I'm giving free shipping, all right? And then you can add a link. Let's say that you choose telling them to specific election. All right. So, again, everything click Save. Now I want to show you how you can control the menu, right? So go back to Shopify and go to navigation. Here you can add a new menu. So let's say I want to add a new menu. Let's call it test, right? And then I need to name. So let's call it show link collections and then I'll choose everything. - Click See and I can go back to the header change menu and choose the best. Now you can see that I have different menu, right? So if you want to have this drop down, you need to go and simply take it and move it under the one that you want. Click save. Just test again. Now you can see in that we have a drop down right? Teachers again Main menu? No, you can go to product pages and starts to play with the product page and eat its open a product page, for example. You can see I have deception we trade don't have and uh, no more. And this is a bug because I'm using a script also, if size guide, which I don't have any option to show here, right, so again. We can control everything you need to play with it and see what are you like. Let's go toe check out so I'll click on my product. Right? So now we can control the design process. So you add the logo I and a logo with a secure BEJ to give it more sense off. Secure. Check out to make their buyer feel safe. You can change the background, but I prefer to keep it clean. The only thing that I will do is to change the colors to Mega Tim. Match colors on the website. Quick save and that's it. Guys, we have a website that we can go and browse, right? It was very simple. Just go this stuff Try different themes until you find the one that you love and let me know if you have any question, I will do my best to help you rights you in the next video 4. Recommended Apps: Hey guys. In this video, I will share review the least of the abs that I recommend you to use the abstract are marked with green. I consider those as must have. The others will help you to sell much more, but it depends on how much he wants to invest. So let's start 1st 1 is image optimizer image. Optimizer takes all the images on the store and compress them. It will help your website load faster so people don't like slow websites and so they live. This app will take care of it. The next up is advanced shipping rules. This app will help us to connect the shipping rates off the print on demand services that we are going to use. We must use it unless you want to give free shipping over all of your items and included the shipping cost inside the price of the product so you can sell, for example, a print for $30.5 dollars shipping. Or you can sell the print itself for $35 free shipping, which is basically the same. Next we have Ricard. So when someone is visiting our store and add a product to his cart and suddenly he lives. Now we have a no bundled cart. What's next? We have three systems to bring him back and protest the product. Ricard is one of the systems. When someone lives an item and exit, the store regard will send him a message inside Facebook Messenger and remind him about the product. Facebook Messenger Marketing have are on 90% open rate, which is crazy compared to email marketing with Onley, 20% open rate. That means nine out of 10 people will open the message and maybe click and buy it. Now. If you had this app to your store, you need to contact the support him and ask them to project the box that allows you to send automated messages to the visitors. I want to show you what we mean, right. So right now we are in my store and you can see that under the add to cart, you have this box which is project. If I uncheck it, it won't send me the the end to my messenger. But if you want to make it pre checked, you need to ask the support to do that for you. It usually takes two weeks or three weeks, but they will do that for you. There is no problem. Next is active campaign or mail chimp choose whichever you want. I prefer active campaign. It is a must every mill automation that we are going to use in the email marketing section . We will build in a little nations based on what are visitors are doing and will send promotions with our new products and sales and whatever we want to promote. One of those omissions would be the second system to bring back visitors, which is the abandoned carts. So whenever someone abandons their cart, we will send them email serious, reminding them about the product they just left. Next one is retarget Up is the third system to bring back old visitors. It's much cheaper to bring all visitors, then bring new visitors. Also, they already know who you are and familiar with your personal brand, so we target up will run as on Facebook and Instagram, target old visitors and make them come and buy. The next one is print full, which is our main print on the months. Every says they have fast shipping and big variety of high quality products. Simply go and check the website. Learn about it. Read everything because print full is going to be your new best friend, and it's also a free service. Next one is Bill Profits, which is also a print on demand service. It has a monthly free, but it's worth it because they have a unique product with great prices. For example, you can see that I sell boots and slip ons. It's all from pillar profits. Painful doesn't sell shoes yet, so they also have an option to use the A jail delivery for fast shipping for only seven or $8. So we don't have to worry about shipping time, right, guys, so the next one is lead Dino. Building an affiliate program is one of the best ways to start your online business and Dr Free Traffic. Basically, you offer your affiliates a commission from every sale they bring, and they promote your products for you. So, for example, if you want to run a T shirt store, you can go to affection related bloggers, instagram influencers, YouTube influencers offer them to promote your products, and they will get a commission from every sale they bring. That's a win win situation. Next one is bold capsule when someone had the product to the Ricard or they just bought something from you. You know, they like your products, right, so there is no reason to stop there. You can offer them related products with discounts to make them by more and more. That's absolutely basically, and that's what this up doing for you next. One is Pope sales. So Pop cell is a free app that add a little Popes in the side of the screen, telling the visitor that someone just bought around. Um, I'll show you. It looks someone from a random city just bought a random product, right? So I've used this up in some of my stores, and it's definitely adding a social proof. The next app is private Previ. I don't know. Anyway, you've probably seen it before when you go to a website and the second you wants to live. Or maybe you just browsing the website. There is a pop up that stops you and offer a discount in exchange for your email address. That's what private you. I don't use it anymore because I have a similar built in option inside. Mature. Both theme. But if you go with free themes that doesn't have it included as built in option, private is the solution for you. Yeah, and the last one is looks, looks. Will a sandal demotic emails asking from your customers for a review and upload a photo with it. When they submit a review, they will get a discount to make them come and buy again. The review can be displayed on any page of your store. It can be on the home page or it can be on the product page. It also can be on Google, and it will help you to build a social proof and trust with your new potential customers. Right? That's it, guys, if I'll have more in the future, I will post it in the group and I'll see you in the next video. 5. Printful: Hey, guys, in this video, we are going to upload a product with brimful. So go to the apse and click on print, Phil, and it will take you to this page and simply click on any products. Now you need to choose which product you want to upload. I will go. We have a framed posters, and I choose this one. And then I need to choose the file that I want to upload. Choose this one. And right here you can see that the size of the file is not big enough to fit all of the different sizes off the prince. So it's my choice if I want to upload a bigger size or just go and elated in this case, I'll just delete. So now I'll click on procedure mock ups, and I'll choose the one that I want. Let's ate it. I'll stick with this one, and I'll go with this one again. This is where I need to write the title so I will call, eat, shining, move the things that I don't want at dogs if you want. So, for example, print in order to keep your store organized and proceeded to pricing Now you can change each one of them or you can set the percentage that you want to earn. Was Gil this one? Choose the collection and submit to store. Very simple right guys. So we have the product inside our Shopify store. We can view the product inside the store. So this is my store and we can edit the product inside. Shopify Jane Jiffy wants detail description. Changed the images. Pricing etcetera. Right, Let's move. Juden Second product lets it T shirt. I'll go with Bill a canvas and I'll choose to file. You can move that fire with the arrows. Where? The back again? I'm moving with the arrows and that's it. Now I always add an inside level. You don't have this option right here, so I will show. You ought to do that really soon. Let's finish with this one procedure. More cops choose the one that you love. I don't use the more cups from print filled. You can use them. There's no problem if you like them. I bought something that I prefer. So let's get over this one, which is pretty similar to the one that I use Proceeded description again. Righted the description that you want. We'll move all the things that I don't want. Give it a name and you can have a size guide. It touched to your description again in a Doug and proceed to pricing again. Change to deprives that you want rip percentage or each one of them. Let's say that I sell them for 21 and I'll show you how to actually a much more profit in the next video. Choose the collection and submit to store. Right. Okay, so I want to show you now out to it and inside label. Basically, you need to find the product right here and click on edit. Right here. You have the option to edit the inside label, so let's quickly, and now you need to choose a new file and upload it. I'll give you a link out. Put it below where you can download the templates or more cups for this type of inside label. Yes, they charge more money to edit, but I think it's forfeit for the branding. Another thing that I want to tell you ease. Remember that if you edit a small T shirt, put a small label. If you're it. Imagine T shirt. Put a medium label right makes sense, so don't makes it. You don't want to get errors and get into words situations. Now I want to tell you one thing before we finished. For every product that you want to upload, go to print fool and look for the product product guidance so you can see that you have tutorials and you can download more cops. This creep Shan kizzie that you can download outside label, front print, back print. Let's say that I want to add the inside lay bill, so I wanted a template, right? So right here I see the templates and again in se label downloaded. Use it Very simple. It's how I created my label. So for every product that you want to upload doesn't matter. If it's a mug refits, dish it. If it's a print, go make sure that you create the right size so you can sell it and that's it. Guys, I'll see you in the next video where we will talk about people. Profits 6. Pillow Profit: All right, guys, in this video, we are going to upload a product. We've pillow profits now. I'm already inside people profits, app, and I'm inside the express line. I only used express line because I think people like to get the products fast and they prefer to pay $10 on $9 0 whatever you ask them for. And they don't like to wait for the product over a month and two months, right? Think for yourself. What do you prefer? So let's end product. It's real simple again, like print fool. You wants to make sure that you get the templates so everything will be very simple. I'll show you. I sell a lot off sleep owns, So let's click and at a sleep on I'll choose the white one. Go eat. Just just and I'll upload the right out drug left, right lift and that's it. You can download the template right here. That's it. Review and published the design again like print Fool, you can change the title. You can change the description. You already have size chart inside the description. Choose a collection it Doug, and just the pricing. Don't forget, so I sell it for 55. And that's my artwork. The TV guys published product. Now I want to show you one less thing right click to view the product in Shopify. And that's it. We have the product now. I hate this image off the person that stands like that, you can go to people profits website and just download the mo cups. The normal more cops does and delete this one I'll show you. I was Looks like so. Allah just used this one. Have this one. And then I flipped it inside photo shop. So I will have the same one with the different site. Very simple. Do you guess? I don't know. Remain itch to upload the product. Something like that? Yeah, we're done. So I'll see you in the next video. Feel free to ask me any question inside their group If you need help. We've uploading the products 7. Shipping Rates: Alright, guys. So in this video we are going to set the shipping rates so go and at the best chipping rate app and it will open for every service that you add. You need to create a different shipping growth to create a print full I will ever link below. That will show you exactly the steps that that you need to take in order to add the integration. But for people profits, they don't have an integration. So we need to create the rules. So click on and product group. Oh, call it below profit to and selected products. For this example, I will select on me that was free and safe. Product group. Right? So now we have the group now click on add rates so and shipping rates to Canada. Buy items Next ideo I call it secured shipping and link a copy. So first product, I'll take 1995 and the 2nd 1 will be 7 95 Click on save and I'll move on to the rest of doors. My items secure. Chipping that handling 9 19 57 95 Yes, Rates Quick, save right. So now you need to go to settings, and if you only starting out, it's better for you to enable test mode and run some tests. Order tests with this name Bumbry, and make sure to go to settings she pings, and this is what you should have. If you don't have it. You did something wrong so you can go great. It yourself edit and it choose the advance shipping rules, but it should happened automatically. No reason why not. And that's it, guys, If you add another product, you need Ugo and add it to the product group. So if it's on print fel, it will happen automatically about if it's on a different a product service that is not integrated automatically. You need to go and do it manually at the product to the product group so it will get the same shipping rules. That's it, guys. See you in the next video 8. Uploading A Product: Hey, guys, in this video, we are going to add a product manually. I guess we can call it without using any app, for example, print on demand APS or digital products. So it is good if you want to sell your original artworks. So let's dive in. Simply click on products after we go to products. Yeah, click on and product named the product. So in this again used test, there's always and right anything that you want. Alright, simply add day photo. Now you want to make sure that the product is described as much as you can tell right the size, right? How much is the way it wants to describe everything so you won't have any chance off making mistakes and the product will arrive at the costume error and then you will start to asking questions because he didn't realize what is actually are going to get. So if it's framed right down, it's framed. It is just a painting without framing right down, right, so right. Everything that you can next, the price quantity. If you have only one one shipping. If it's a physical product, we need to market is a physical product just to let shop if I know that it needs to pay something for the shipping. But because we use integrations with print on demand services, you'll need to create another folder in the shipping app. And at this product is a product that needs to be paid a specific amount off money, which is the cost of the shipping. Now what I suggest to do is to uncheck it so it will be free shipping, but it won't really be in free shipping. So, for example, if you charge 300 for the print, take another 20 for the shipping, right? Simply right, $320 for everything and if shipping will be free, right? So if you want to go to the APP and add another folder for these physical products, you can do it if you want. Give it free shipping. People always love to get free shipping and need to will encourage them to buy the physical product right, so quantity free shipping? Well, Finland always manual. It's dog you can write if you want something like collections. Choose that collection that you want. I'll go with monks and then make sure that everything is right and safe product. Right? So now we can beauty product and that's in the guys. Right, guys? See you in the next video. 9. Digital Products: Hey, guys, in this video, we are going to talk about selling our art as a digital product. Why should we do it? Because we keep everything except the fees. So people we takes on fees. But all the profit goes to ask because there is no cost for sending someone a link to download our work. So every time someone buys a product, he gets an instant link that gives him the file and any prints the product himself. So, for example, you can cell phone wallpapers. Desktop wallpapers? Yes, it will be cheap. You can sell it for free dollars. $5. You consent. It has a package, but you will keep most of it for yourself. So this is why it's so powerful. If you're a photograph for and you have light from presets, you can sell them. It won't be free dollars. It would be $25.50 dollars. It depends on you and your quality. Another example is selling. Your prince is ah, digital product. You don't have to print the product yourself. So whenever someone buys a print, he will get a link to an instant download that will give him the file off the print. So how do we do that? This is the app that we are going to use. Simply click on, add the APP, and then we don't go to Shopify and we will open the app, right? So first thing is to get the product. So we need to create a new product and I'll call it test download and then I'll upload on Lee and picture. So let's say that I want to sell these as bring for $10. Right? Can write a description. I'll just try test based many times. No guys make sure to uncheck this option because this is not a physical product. It's a digital product, which means it gets free shipping, right. We already. Then we need to go to more actions, click on at digital attachment and upload to file. Once again, make sure that the settings are right, so make sure to check this one. So whenever they buy the product, they automatically will get an email with the download and in the check out page, they will get the option to download it automatically. Right, guys, thank you so much for watching this and see you in the next video. 10. Mockups: Hey, guys, this is a short video for those of you who need help on creating photos for the website for ads for the product. So in case that you don't have good digital camera, that you can take photos off the product or that you feel that the photos are coming like bet photos and you prefer something more professional or commercial, this is my solution for you. But it will on Lee work if you have a digital file off the outwork. So what I'm going to show you is where to buy great more cops. So right now we are in creative market, which is a Crate website. Forget creative people like us. They sell a lot off stuff that we can use on our blog's website, Eastern Ground Marketing. Like anything that we want. So simply go and let's say that I am looking to boy, let's say mug, I woke up so you can see that you have a lot of options. So more commercial. Yeah, and some you can use for your instagram and for your store slide shows inside your store website give you another example. Let's say that we sell converses right so So you can see again. I'm getting well. It's right. Well over two more cops and this is what I was looking for. Like just to give the customer some example off how your work will look like on their wall . So you get the idea of what you can do. Another thing that I bought Let's see if I can find it is shirt. I woke up Waas. See if Ikhwan it's this one, this one here I bought the whole one, which includes really everything that you need in order to start selling any kind off. Apparel includes different brands, as you can see Unveil Guild in and I use Bella canvas for the T shirts. Was guild in or the hoodies? You basically get file a PSD file. We have the instructions off how to use it, how to put your art and make it look real. And that's these guys. It's really great. It will make your website look much more professional, and I hope you'll find good years with it. So you in the next video 11. Important Pages: Alright, guys, let's talk about several pages that you must have inside your store. It will make it more legit and trustworthy. So when you get into a new website and you known know nothing about it, why do you want to see? You want to see that the people behind it are real people. You want to trust them. And most importantly, if you want to buy something, you want to feel safe. You don't want to feel like they're going to steal your money and go. So the pages that I want to talk about are the about me page the Contact US page, if accuse frequently asked questions, shipping info returns and refund privacy policy in terms and services. The about me page. Now in this page, you have the option to tell your story, tell where you are and why you do what you do. People love to connect two stories you need to create your story. Why did you start to create art? What stands behind your art? Explain yourself. Tell them where you are now. You can go to my about page and all the different pages and read what I wrote. Take it as an example as an inspiration. Don't copy because you are not me. Basically, we are not the same. So after creating that about me, the next page is the contact. Us people want to feel safe, right? So if you show them that you're giving from the start the option to ask you questions about the delivery about the products, everything they will feel more safe to buy from me next one is the f accuse. This page is so important. You basically save time on answering questions off people that just contact you. If someone wants to know something is going right into the a thick use on Lee. If he doesn't get the answer, he will contact you. So you need to sit down and answer all the questions that you think that peoples are going to ask you about. How are things going? Tell them everything they need to know. So you'll basically have more time to work on the important stuff. And don't spends time on helping people make it easy for both of you. Right. Next is the return and refund policy again, you can go and read what I use. You can copy you can change, tweak a little bit. Don't copy, because you see that I have my brands name and you need to go over all of it and change the links. Brands. Name everything. So when you create a return and reform policy, make sure to go to print ful to pillow profits, read their return and refund policy because you depends on them. You don't really ever return and reform policy they have, and you use the return and referent policy they use because when someone returns a product , you returned the product to the print on demand service. So make sure to go over all of the rules and write their rules that you want inside your store. Next one is a privacy policy and the terms off service. I used the generated stuff that Shopify generates. I don't see any needs to change it. And if I'll have any legal stuff that I want to add, I'll basically at it. So you must have those two pages because you want to use Facebook ads and instagram EDS and Edwards Google Edwards, and you want to be able to use it, all of them if you don't have those two pages. Right, guys, this is it. Those are the main pages that you must have feel free to go and check my pages again. Don't copy. Create your own. Take it as inspiration and that's it. Syrian The next video. 12. The Pre-Order Model: right guys in this video, we are going to talk about the pre sale or preorder model. And this is basically how high earn most of my money with T shirts. So in, I think it was in the print full. Yeah, in the print. Full video. I showed you that I sell my products, my dishes for $21. And if you look closely, you'll see that I'm losing money. But it's not really what is happening. Yes, all those free prints cost me 21 for denying dollars, and I sell it for $21. So how do I make my money? I'll show you. Basically, I tell my customers, Listen, I create my products, especially for you. Once a month in the middle of the month, I'm going to ship it out. So if you buy in the start of the month, I'm going to ship it in the middle off the month. If you buy after this extent off the month, you are going to get it in the next month. Now, people don't really care because I'm a small brand. They can't get my products from anywhere else, and they don't really care Sometimes when they see something special and unique, they want to get it. And to be honest, ah, lot of big brands like Antisocial Social Club. You might heard of it. They have crazy shipping times, like three months, and people hate him. So if a ship it after one month, it's okay. And most of the time people buy in the start of the month because they wait for me to send them an email telling them, Listen, the preorder is open. You can order now and they go and they buy so they get the products on time. So how it works. So if I click on the order and I'll choose screen printing orders, I need to have a product. Now. You can't do it on every product, but again, you need to understand that into prints in the Converse is in the shoes you get. Nice profit, the T shirts. This is where the problem is. So if you want to have a big brand and sell like make them feel that they belong to your they're part of real brand, you want to sell Brendan Fisher's. It includes back print, front print and inside label right. If he wants to sell a cheap T shirt, you can do it and it will be all right. No problem. But if you want to sell, it is a Brendan. This is what I do. So again, I'll choose T shirt. I'll go with better canvas and I'll choose this one. Go with right and I'll choose my files now because I avoided all of the month and I get, let's say, 100 day orders that are waiting for me to create them and shoot them out. I can go and create a bulk order. So let's say I'm selling 10 then then 50. Now we need to pay $1300. Now let's do the math. I'm selling it for $21 100. That's 2000 and $100 in sales. I'll take it. And now that's leaves me with $700 in profit, almost $800 in profit, right? So let's take the stuff and divided by 100 which is the dish it's that I just sold and I earn almost $8 for each T shirt that I sell. If you have more than one t shirt. This is where you get the option to earn a lot. People usually don't buy only one dish it. They buy two T shirts, free dishes. Some of them will buy Tissot and another product. This is where the real money's. Let's do an example. Let's say that I don't have I have a product. Believe on Lee. Front paint, right? And I sell the same stuff. You see what just happened? So again, I'm selling it for $21. This is what I got for the revenue. This is what I am paying print ful. And now I have $1000 profit. Alright, guys, that's it. I hope that you understand the potential and see how it works and I'll see you in the next video.