Dynamic Color - Blending Modes and Gradient Meshes

Lindsay Marsh, Teacher & Freelance Designer 13+ Years ✅

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5 Videos (32m)
    • Class Preview

    • Gradient Meshes

    • Blending Modes

    • Shapes

    • Two-tone


About This Class


Create Dynamic Color

Do you want to create dynamic color using blending modes and gradient meshes?  It is amazing how simple it is to create contemporary art, photo manipulations and fun colorful graphic pieces using Adobe Illustrator. 

In this class we will master gradient meshes and blending modes using a wide variety of shapes, color and layouts to create something truly unique and fun. 

So. Let’s learn together! 

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Fantastic class from Lindsay! I learned so much about gradient color and blending modes. A big takeaway for me is to look for the interplay of overlapping blend modes. Thanks, Lindsay!
Jessica Sanders

Artist, Instructor, Designer

I love the fresh look of this technique and the brevity of the class! Lindsay also does a great job of vocalizing her thought process as she experiments with different blend modes---it makes me feel comfortable experimenting. Thanks!
Ether Ling

Curious. Awkward at times.

A quick and easy tutorial on how to use the gradients and the gradient mesh to create really cool effects. Short and sweet, but with a lot of info packed into it.
Melissa Taylor

Designer, Illustrator & Beekeeper





Lindsay Marsh

Teacher & Freelance Designer 13+ Years ✅