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Dusk Moon Reflections

Rod Moore, Artist & Art Teacher

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About This Class

Dusk Moon Reflections

This is a terrific little painting for the beginner to intermediate artist. It can be completed in either oils or acrylic paints.

The subject is an abstract river setting at dusk with a rising moon reflecting in the water. It is a great painting to learn how to do reflections in the water. You will also learn how to blend colours in the sky creating a dramatic dusk effect.

A good painting project that is easy to do yet the effect is quite dramatic.

Have fun with this one.





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Rod Moore

Artist & Art Teacher

Rod Moore is the founder of Moore Art School and the creator of the Moore Method of Painting. He has taught hundreds of students to paint in his one day workshops and more then 20,000 globally through his online courses on learning to paint.

Living in Noosa, Queensland Rod draws his inspiration from the natural beauty of the amazing coast and beaches he is surrounded by, and the breathtaking beauty of the hinterland region.

Rod is the creator and star of two TV shows, Plein...

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