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8 Videos (1h 24m)
    • Introduction

    • Dungeon Layout

    • Drawing Styles

    • Inking Your Dungeon

    • Furnishing the Place

    • Colouring

    • Labels

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Do you want to improve your dungeon maps to make sure they fit your adventures perfectly? In this 1h24m class we are going to explore how to use the basic tools of Adobe Photoshop to draw a dungeon map from scratch!

I'll assume that you know your way around the basics of Adobe Photoshop and you can follow along with most of the tools without in depth explanations of how they work. Are you not comfortable enough with Adobe Photoshop yet? There's a lot of classes on Skillshare that'll help you familiarize yourself with the program!

What Will You Learn?

  • Layout: We'll start by talking about the layout of you dungeon, and my process of creating that layout in Photoshop.
  • Drawing Styles: In the next lesson we're going to explore three different styles of drawing the most important part of your dungeon: the walls! 
  • Inking: Now that we've discussed how to draw your walls we'll get back to the map and start inking over the layout that we just did. At this point we'll start drawing more details. This is also a good point to make any final changes to the layout of you dungeon.
  • Furnishing the Place: In this lesson we'll start drawing the interior of your dungeon. It's useful to have at least a basic idea of what each room is for.
  • Colouring: With the inking done and furniture in place it time to add colour to the dungeon. We'll go over the process of laying out the flat colours, shading and lighting the map, and well as some effects.
  • Adding Labels: Finally it's time to label the map. I'll go over the process of marking each room and creating a title and key for the map. 

Whether you are an illustrator or simply want to create a dungeon for your own campaigns, this class will get you ready to pick up your idea and turn it into something great!





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Daniel Hasenbos

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