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Dry Skin Natural Superstar Ingredients

teacher avatar Deanna Russell, Clinical Aromatherapist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Meet Deanna

    • 2. Let's begin

    • 3. Essential Oils for dry skin

    • 4. Carrier Oils for dry skin

    • 5. Dry skin protocol

    • 6. Class project: facial oil

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About This Class

Do you have dry skin?

The following are indicators that you do:

  • Small pores
    Dry to touch, feels tight
    Skin flakes easily
    Fine lines are visible early
    Fine textured, delicate, thin, wrinkles easily
    Prone to broken veins

In this class you will discover what natural ingredients to look for when purchasing skin care products- or making your own:

  • Best essential oils for dry skin (printable included)

  • Best carrier oils for dry skin (printable included)

  • Beauty protocol for dry skin



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deanna Russell

Clinical Aromatherapist


Personal note:

In recent years I have been much more aware of how having and using certain skills is very, VERY useful. Knowing how to create my own things using sustainably sourced ingredients is empowering!

Things I enjoy doing for myself and my family include: growing our own vegetables and then canning and processing them for future use, making my own cold processed soap, making my own tea blends and making my own skin care items. These are very tangible ways to look after family and friends.

My class plans include bringing you more life skills so that you can have these useful skills, too.

Professional work:

Deanna Russell is a clinical aromatherapist, registered aromatherapist (RA®), and essential oil therapist (EOT®) She is also ... See full profile

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1. Meet Deanna: My name is Diana Russell and iron up clinical aromatherapy missed reddish aroma therapists and essential oil therapist. I'm so grateful that I get to do what I love. As you get to know me, you'll discover that I'm a bit of a nerd. And I don't apologize for that a bit. I have a passion for teaching and educating people on how to use essential oils safely and effectively every day. All of the classes and courses are practical hands-on learning. Another fun part of my job is creating blends for my clients and customers. I also formulate natural skincare products from my Canadian company, nature notes. To learn more, visit my website neutrinos dot ca. 2. Let's begin: welcome to natural skin superstar ingredients. In this class, we're going to discover what natural ingredients are best for dry skin. Let's begin with a quick skin assessment. Some indicators that you might have dry skin include having small pores skin that is dry to the touch. It feels tight, and it may flake easily. Other signs that you have dry skin are that you have fine lines that are visible earlier than other people your age. Find textures, skin, delicate skin and thin skin. When you have dry skin, you wrinkle more easily and may be prone to broken veins. In this class, we deal specifically with the best essential oils and the best carrier oils for dry skin as well. We have a look at the beauty protocol that you should use if you have dry skin, and the fun part of this class will be to do the project, which is to make a facial oil. Don't forget to download your principles that are available with his class 3. Essential Oils for dry skin: Let's break this down a little bit and have a look at the best essential oils that you can use if you have dry skin. One remarkable thing about lavender is that you can use it to deal with any multitude of skin issues. Better yet, it's suitable for all skin types. So if you're only going to get wine, essential oil for dry skin, this would be the one to get carrot seed. Essential oil is also on the list. Please note that it is not the same thing as carrot tissue oil. That's an infused herbal oil and a carrier oil. One note that I would like to make a boat carrot seed is that you should avoid it during pregnancy. Next, we have sandalwood. There are a few different varieties of sandalwood available. One is from Australia, one is from India, and there's another one from Hawaii. The one from India happens to be the most expensive one. However, it is an endangered species, so please consider using an alternate sandalwood instead. Using any of the camel miles for dry skin would be a good choice. There are a few different types available. Cape German, Roman and Moroccan, which is also known as Blue tansy. If I was to select a camomile for using on dry skin, I would recommend going with the German one. When it comes to dry skin fry consensus a real powerhouse essential oil You can see here that there are four most common types of frankincense. Generally, the Ferrand, a type is the one that's recommended for dry skin. One of my favorite essential oils to use for dry skin is no Rowley essential oil. This is a special oil from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. However, no really happens to be a very expensive oil, and the reason for this is that it takes £1000 of blossoms to make £1 of essential oil. Geranium is another good choice for dry skin, as it actually is balancing to skin type, so if you have dry skin, it can help to balance that out. Next up, we're going to cover top carrier oils for dry skin, so stay tuned 4. Carrier Oils for dry skin: Let's take a closer look at some of the best carrier oils that you can use if you have dry skin. One of the most versatile ones on my list is HoJo ba, and while Hope A is technically a liquid wax, I'm including it here as a carrier. Oil hope is special in that it has a molecular structure that is similar to that of human skin, and it makes it very easy to use as a skin conditioner. You can purchase hope a few different ways. You can get it clear, golden or deodorized. I personally would pick the golden one myself. That's just the one that I like. I like to use sweet almond oil in a lot of my skin. Preparations for dry skin The only thing is that if you have a nut allergy, be careful using this. And if you're allergic to almonds, certainly don't use this one. Here's a little pro tip for you. You can use sweet almond oil for treating dark circles under the eyes for treating dry skin . You really almost can't beat avocado oil. It's a heavier oil, so you probably don't want to use it at 100% but definitely use it in a blend. Safflower oil is another go to oil for me for dry skin. In fact, one of my favorite ways to use safflower oil is in a cleansing balm. Apricot kernel is delightful to use. If you have dry skin, you can use it on your face. Or you can even include it in a massage base. Oil for your whole body. And finally, one of the other ones that I like to use for dry skin is sesame seed oil, and I have an important pro tip for you here. Be sure to purchase sesame seed oil from a reputable supplier and not from the grocery store. The one from the grocery store is processed differently, and it smells very different also with sesame seed oil. Some people like to use it straight up all over the whole body, and other people just like to use it as part of their blend. Other way is fine, and it's totally up to you coming up next Dry skin protocol 5. Dry skin protocol: Let's put some things together for dry skin. If you have dry skin and you want to choose your cleanser, mask, toner and moisturizer, then we're going to cover that next. When it comes to choosing your cleanser for dry skin, really, the best choice you have is to get one that is either oil based or cream based. And actually, you can see that this particular product is formulated for dry skin. It contains sweet almond oil, safflower oil and frankincense, rosewood and dreamy. Um, you only need about a coin sized amount of this product to do a complete facial cleanse. I like to do a little mini massages while during this it feels fantastic. When it comes to applying a mask for dry skin, you want to look for hydrating masks. Some good options include masks that are made using honey, oatmeal or a gentle clay. Incidentally, the best types of clay that you could use for dry skin include a rose or pink clay or kalen clay. Sometimes this is known as a white clay or also could be called China Klay. When you're choosing a toner, be sure to select one that's designed for dry skin. You also don't have to use a toner. You could also use a hydro Saul. Harder solves are safe, gentle and very effective as toners. Some of my most favorite ingredients that I would look for when choosing a toner include rose, frankincense or roast uranium. In case you're curious, Hydra Saul's are a by product of the steam distillation process. To learn more about this, you can take my aromatherapy foundational concepts course when selecting your moisturizer for dry skin, you're gonna want to find a moisturizer that is a little bit heavier. Duty. Your moisturizer will probably contain a heavier oil that will make it more emollient. Also, it could contain Talavera, which will increase the effectiveness of the other ingredients fourfold. If you have dry skin, you probably want to consider something that I call hydration. Layering, layering Hydration is going to involve a couple of extra steps in your routine, but that's probably OK. I would consider a facial oil or even an ampoule for very dry skin or a serum. The goal for dry skin is to choose hydrating products for each step of your routine, so that they all can work together to create an overall, more hydrated skin 6. Class project: facial oil: when it comes to West arising, there's lots of options you have you can do. The cream based moisturizer is probably the very most common one. But if you're interested in doing a facial oil or official storm, I'm just gonna walk you through how I do that right now. So I have just decided to use some really simple ingredients today. I'm gonna be using rice friend Jericho Oil and if he's carrying oil and as well, my infused rules trouble oil that has made already. So if you want to learn about how to make him use for oil, I refer you to the video vegetables. You have to do that. It's not hard. And you can, as you can see, these herbal infused oils you can use in many, many ways. So I'm gonna go with how's my blend is gonna be one thing that the rice bran oil So you get a hetero my 30 mils because my total amount is gonna be 60 miles. So that's 13 else. Then I'm going to just do just to keep it simple. 10 mils of each of the other ones. So 10 mils of night. If you carried oil, 10 mils McSherry, Colonel and 10 miles. Now, at this point, you would add if you're using vitamin E to extend the life of your carrier while you do that at this point, I would suggest one or two capsules off 400 Y. I'm not gonna worry about that right now because I've been eating this up pretty quick. Then I'm going to put in my essential oils. So two drops of lavender. I got roast Radian here. I'm gonna put it's gonna go very nicely with my girls. Two drops of frankincense and frankincense is mature. Woman's very best friend. No, I really like chopstick gently. Just Ertl in, except it's all in there now cap on. Don't forget to label your creation. That's how you make facial oil.