Drupal 8 module development + useful tips

Gleb Redko, Full-stack web developer

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10 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Drupal module development: welcome

    • 2. Drupal 8 module development intro

    • 3. Setting up Drupal 8: MAMP & Composer

    • 4. Configuring our instance, setting dev environment

    • 5. Module specification

    • 6. Module development: defining a library and bringing components together

    • 7. Adding block, controller and routing

    • 8. Routing and dependency libs

    • 9. Making our module configurable

    • 10. Useful tips


About This Class

This course is right for you if you’d like to learn the basic principles of module development for Drupal 8. In this course, I’m creating a module that takes data from RESTful API as an input and builds an interactive map of railway stations in France. We go through important stages of module development like

  • defining a library
  • creating block
  • controller
  • routing
  • making our module configurable

In the end, I’m gonna share some useful tips (that I use daily on my projects) on how to set up your Drupal 8 instance for smooth and painless development if you plan to continue exploring and developing on Drupal 8.

For the map source code mentioned in the 5th video, Module specification, get it from:


All the code we add during the course is also available on this GitHub repo:


Let's go!

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