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Drumming Made Easy: From Beginner to World Champion

teacher avatar Callum Nelson, Pipe Band Snare Drummer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Introduction to drumming

    • 2. Equipment

    • 3. Holding the Sticks

    • 4. Playing the Sticks

    • 5. Music Notation

    • 6. Basic Rudiments

    • 7. Further Rudiments

    • 8. Buzzes and the 5 Stroke Roll

    • 9. 9 Stroke Roll

    • 10. Scotland the Brave Breakdown Part 1

    • 11. Scotland the Brave Breakdown Part 2

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About This Class


In this class you will learn everything you need to know about the basics  playing snare drum, how to read snare drum music and how to play a famous tune (Scotland the Brave).

1-We will learn how to hold the sticks, how to play with them and how to read basic music.

2- We will learn how to play some basic tap rudiments and how to read them.

3- We will learn how to play buzzes and rolls and what they look like on a sheet of music.

4- We will go through a complete breakdown of a famous tune in Scotland which is called Scotland the Brave. This is a very famous tune that most pipers and drummers learn when they are just starting out. It's probably the equivalent of 'smoke on the water' for guitar.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Callum Nelson

Pipe Band Snare Drummer


Hi there,

I am Callum, I have won the World Pipe Band Championships twice and am now sharing my knowledge of snare drumming with you.

I'm working on a series of Skillshare classes where I help others learn how to play the snare drum, and perhaps even some classes about how I made these classes all by myself.

Email me at [email protected] 


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1. Introduction to drumming: Hi. I'm callin Nelson and I'm a double world champion. I'm going to show to you Are you jingle from just picking up the stakes to learn it? You It is known all over the world. I have taught young kids all the way up the others. Best means I know all the tips and tricks to get you to the point of being a world class drummer as fast as possible. Thank you. 2. Equipment: firstly may be wondering what equipment that you might meet. The only equipment that you need to start off would be like this or rubber that quench. You just be on the table and please. But with have like this, you will understand that that house hard ages that means that you can put on your luck simply. She don't have to be in a table and you can play it or other. You also need a pair of sticks. Steps that time recommend Bojinka Patrick's KP Tuesday six Thesis in Kabul vast selection of colors so you choose anything you would want. 3. Holding the Sticks: Hello. I know you're going to learn toe Hold this sex Firstly, the right hand for the right hand. What you want to do is pensions. Stick with these two fingers and please two fingers here and the thinking I was here or here I was crying out one more time Pinches stacked with these two fingers with these two fingers here at NPR Goes here are here whoever feels more natural? No for the life Don't the lifetime what you want to do Hold her hand like this You will notice there is a groove in your heart You have to place the stick in the group please Two fingers of off two fingers below the stick on and place your thumb facing darkness Take over the top So let's try that one will take Hold your finger like that Notice the Griff put a stake in two fingers above two fingers full and then have the thumb on top facing dynasty Let's try them both for the same time The right one Hold these two fingers in the pinky goes here, here on the left Well, they got goes in the groove to thinking about two things This below Ghost. I'm never going to move on to what is called the playing position for the playing position . You always got to make sure that the path is a waste. Hate some things that may be helpful. Have a cushion on that year if you're extremely small or you also got to do is pick up this sex. Now that statement, you pick up mistakes we're going to concentrate on on your whole arms, not district fingers. Firstly, what you got to make sure off is that your Pao is elf. Your lifetime is facing your re hunt. You also have to make sure off. Is that your right hand? It's just an extension of your forum rates, that which is an extension of your four. Also, always make sure that your breasts are never do Tates. They always have to be quite loose and relaxed. 4. Playing the Sticks: I know that you have mastered Hold six playing position. Never going to move on. How you actually Okay, What you want to do is always focus on please If your fingers in your breasts that your arms firstly the last let's stick what you want to do is push up with your arm. But go of these four fingers here, drop it down with your thumb machine. The only thing keeping control the sec it's about due to gravity. Then you capture these four fingers after its head the pat. Let's try that one more time. No, We want to move on to the rate at for the right hand. What you want to do? Hold it. Use these two fingers here. Who is that came to your arrest as you pill This that kept your rest. You will notice Step on this end. Of course. Don't as it is higher we want to do is and then pull up using your rest on these two fingers here where you have corrupted. Let's try that couple times in the air looks like this. No, let's try bull sticks at one time trying them like this firstly the rate and then try to practice us. You will become more confident and it will feel more natural 5. Music Notation: no the little toe Hold sex on how to believe we're going to move on to music notation Music notation is basically how you meet a note or a sheet of music and that can translate and do you clean it? Definite tapes of notes are sandy brief. I just feel note a minimum which is half a moot a crotch it which is 1/4 newt quiver What? Just one Edith of a Newt se me quiver which is 1/16 of a lute. On the day me Sammy quiver just 1 32nd of a note. Each ute also has its relevant raced arrest is basically when you stop, please for a certain remote off that is that amount of pain is judged by no tongue of the rest. For example, if the rest waas our crotches rest and you would stop playing bet all the Jews were rested for 1/4 of a beach. Different types of rests are I say me brief. What? Jace Philby Rest a minimum. What should be 1/2 beat? Rest a crochet? What should be 1/4 beat? Rest quiver What should be one Ethan beat rest Sammy Weaver, which is one sex deep that beat rest on a day. Me, Sammy Weaver, which is 1 32nd of a rest. No, we're going to move on to 10 signatures. Pain signature is basically a symbol at the start of each piece of music or pain change, which basically tells you how many peaks there are and each bar on how much each one of those beats is worth. For example, after there's a 44 time signature, that would mean that they're 4/4 notes and each bar the most Coleman pains Images are 24 What would be to crotches and each bar? The 34 What you Be? Three Projects and Eat Bar 44 What should be four projects and eats car sex? Eat what should be sex quivers in each bar. Name eight, which is name quivers in each bar on 12 it just to have quivers in each. For there's also to to which is also to minimums, and each bar 6. Basic Rudiments: No, we're going to move on. Is called Mommy. Daddy, Mommy, Daddy is one of the base Lord drumming rudiments and is used all the wrote paid banks near drowning essentials before Mommy, Daddy s is basically one notes on one hand and then that seem not on the seafront, for example, or we're not going to play moment. That is not a time signature before four. That means we're going to buy four crop jets in each. Let's try this now the music for playing less to be displayed on the screen. Let's try about one more thing. Let's try that one more thing. It also may be helpful to tap your foot after hours, four beats and each bar and your plea four paps and each bar. That means that each tap is on a beach. Dr. Think about this when you're please, no, we're going to do this and say me quivers Best means there's no going to be eat. It's an each bar that's being that is going to be double speak. So you just played So in ST of a big crop jets. When there's four notes, there's no eat. Best thing when you're tapping your foot. You should tap your foot on the first mommy Daddy to safety, right? We talking for the first rate or if it was in the last few, top your foot from the first leg. That that's this is also in a 44 time signature. The sheet music should be no displayed on this group last time. Let's try it. One more tape one more time. When you're doing this, always make sure to use your fingers on your right hand on your thumb on your lifetime to plea. Try Avoid the habit off using your rest. Although it might seem easier at this stage as you progress along, it will just make everything a lot more difficult for. You know, we're going to move on to doing it in Sami Quivers. This is gonna be doubled the speed again off when we did that in Quivers. It's also going to be in a 44 time signature lessons that they're still going to be four beats in each bar, and each is also going to be worth 1/4. If you're playing in a 16 note, that means we're going to have to play for tops for every beach. That means we're going to have to please two different Mommy. Daddy's for effort. Single beeped. No, we're going to try it. She maybe try right and the top. I just played there on the one at the very start. That is. No, the beat. Let's try it. You may find this a little bit tricky. Let's try a couple more times. Try another. Hopefully, you're doing okay. You may not be able to play at that speed just yet, but it's OK. You can always try and work on it. So let's try a couple more times and hopefully you can try and get us when playing this exercise. Always remember that a project is half the speech off a quiver on the same quiver is double this Pete off quickly. That means the distance between crotch it on a Sammy Weaver is four things. Always remember this may want to move on to what is called a power. That paradise is also one of the most well known drumming rudiments. There are power diddle consistent or firstly, we're going to try encroach. It's s things that is going to be relatively slow and there will be four in each bar. The sheet music should be displayed on the screen. Not going to play. Let's try that. One more thing. I have one more for good luck cleaners. That means it's going to be double speak that strike. No, let's try that one more time. No, we're going to try it. And Sammy Quivers? That's going to be double speak again. The sheet music should also leaves displayed on the school. 7. Further Rudiments: No, we were going to move on to what is called daughter Kat. My daughter cut rhythm is basically a long note, and they're short much so something with doctor cocked daughter Kat. Be long, short, short. An easy way to think about this would be seeing home take down. When you see this, you could hear the hum is long. Tatum is shot. This, I thought, that daughter cup looks like a piece of music. No, we're going to try and put Mommy Daddy's but with a dot concoct with and will notice that the first note is held for 50% extra. For what it's worth, that's the doctor's note, and the cops shoot is held for 50% less. What is what? No, we're going to try a simple Dalton cop. Eight Exercise. Here we will be using the previously learned pirate videos and combining with daughter cops . The first tap off the paradigm you hold as adopt Second, who will use a cut or content will be short. If you would like that other great and then for the lifetime, let's try that one more. Take returns on the left hand. No, I was trying t 86 ice. I was trying exercise One more thing. Try just one more thing for the boat. No, you were going to try both partidos on and on. My daddy's daughter coach is going to go like this great power to do with Don't come on the first stop Life power to do Dr Cooked in the first half. And then Mommy, that Mommy Daddy brought to the phrase of hope, didn't they? Don't never going to be packed. So ready. - Let's try that one more thing. No, we're going to move on. What is called an accent on accent is when you get the relevant loader and all the other ones server ending it, that's gonna be sure by a side agrees Triangle without the beast fought over. Looks like this are great accent compared to a normal rent top. Sudden like that. The real accidents right, top go. And then also for the left, the left accent like that's in the left top. So let's try that. One more tape. The right accent in the right top, the lifetime sent in the lift up. Let's try that one more time and play a low mystic great accents great top life back since I left. No, what we're going to do is used accents in conveying of parroted ALS. When we're doing this, we're going to put emphasis just for the accent does when the first note, every power. So for a rate power to do it was something like this. As you can see, the first note of the power that is on the ranch on the rate has an accent or no everyone into to see the left. No, let's try a rate accented parted on the left. Actually power that together. Let's try that again and you play along. No, what we're going to do is your Pete this couple times. Let's try that one more time when doing accent for the rape and what you want to be able to do is left hand up and Baines arrest the steak comes higher and force it would normally be so. See if this step was going to be like that's normal. The top of it is the best lady normal. When you're doing an accent, you should Teoh at here. I'm saving for the lifetime. If you normally plea a left stuck like this, then the accent up like here. No, What we're going to do is using playing accented power. Dentals. But less time were no only going to play accent on the first top of each power to do. What we're going to do is we want to play in the first for the right hand, first for the left hand, and I'm gonna clear in the second top for the right time in the second top for the left and in the third top for the right time and in the third life done and the fourth stop for the right time in the four stop the left. It should look something like this. No, that's trying to say is complete. Try that one more tape. The next thing you ever want to play it, try it a little bit faster. No, what are going to do? Having, talking, caught Pirated? Whose with an accent? How this is going to work is we're going to have accent when the first tap off the parodic does but also have doctor cut and you're doing this as it is not a cut and may be helpful to see out, don't they? As you're seeing it to keep yourself and paying the doctor cut straightness. Let's try that one more time, but make it a little bit slower so you can play along. No. Try that again. I know what we're going to move on to doing is playing the accent on each different part of the narrative, just like we did previously without adopting Cut. But this time we're going to do it with the doctor cuts issue, starting something like this. No, I'm going to try a lot of that's floor you should play along. 8. Buzzes and the 5 Stroke Roll: No, we're going to move on To buzzes and fools. Rules is basically a collection off buzzes. What a buzz is is basically when you play a top at bones is But when you play a rule, it doesn't bones. So basically, what you have to do is press stepped down after you had after hit the pad and that she burns. So try that a couple of games Dr Practicing. Right? And then I left us right legs. Right, right, right. Trying playable Help. Right, Right. Wait, wait. A neighbor When it is buzz buzz tap for That's what Rajoy rate bows and life buzz right top gonna go like this. No strike. Let's try that one. Never gonna try and do try the same thing but started on the left This is what a symbol for a buzz looks like It works the same way off a rate bus being above telling on the life bus being below Really What we're never going to were born to play It's playing city for five secs Buzzes all together the top the end of it When you're playing this each bus should be off core vow That means that each bunch should a last see link. It should be very consistent. The wrote Strike three buzzes. And in that time, - No , let's try that one more time. What, after I do this play right post post post tap in the right hand and they go for the left post post Post op on the left and and try and Ultimate last time, make sure you're playing and that you understand what we're doing. No, we're going to win four bodies here, please. No, let's try. No, let's try that again. Martin. Best make sure playing on. No, we tried seem thing on the left out on the left arm and may be hard to keep control and set . Michael everywhere always makes you your thumb, and these fingers are in control of the stick. So let's try that again in the left. No, we're going to be able to play five brothers. Stay again on the right that you're sex buzzes and each little under attack. That's there for the Reagans. - No one is sure. Sex partners in the top for the left. Make sure you're playing along what is called a five stroke who high school room. It's basically two buzzes in one tap the sheet music for five Strong rule looks like this. You also get what is called on Open Road, an open book. It's where you please and perhaps the equivalent off what would be in buzzes. So that opened. Five. Rule some things like this. It's doubling the rate double on the left. Top looks like this. This is because they're taking that it takes to play thes tops. It takes the same thing to play one book. So, firstly, try playing best to get attaining and know what you're going to want to cling is And it should have this scene painting is no. Let's try. Let's try for the right hand. No and try it, No straight. One more thing. No, let's try it on the left. Don't life and it's basically the same, just the complete opposite. So how is on the right? That's great, because life in the right for the lifetime this late radios on left. No, let's try that one more. What we're not going to play is a five show with the top end of it. Next to a moment, Daddy. Top end of it. These should both last the same time. If they hate niggly, both of the scene about should be like this. Let's try it. When we daddy tap on the rate after brought up on the rates and they do the same thing for the left. That's right. You cannot play Mommy Daddy fast enough. They don't just load a mommy Daddy as a mommy. Daddy is off. The same value is the rules. We have to slow both of them. They seem speak. 9. 9 Stroke Roll: No, you are going to move on. Daughters called, um name, stroke room. A name store room. It's where because whereas in a fine should go, you play as in Asia through a double buses. An open name should rule. Could either sounds like this or that's where the taps are getting replaced by the buzz is what we're not going to try is rape names drug rocks on the right and so they start unfinished in the right times. One more time. No, What we're going to do is move on to play the life name stroke room. This also starts and finishes on the left one more time. No, what we're going to do is try a little exercise in this exercise who could be combining power that goes on and on a truck. Good luck with that. What is done here? I'm like a great and ensure room finishing on the road and then tap the end of the names. Will Room is the first stop in the great power I have done. The right party I'm doing are left in the room and the pap and the end of the left claims the role on the left is the first top in the late part of them, as you could have seen that it twice. That is what the sheet music for that exercise just done there, as you'll see on the stroke room, is a rule, but it has the real lanes in it. So let's try not exercise on another table and make so clear together strike again. 10. Scotland the Brave Breakdown Part 1: Hello. Know what we're going to do? Is moving to play our first chin. S u is called Scotland the Brief. This is a very famous true and there's no road school went as one of the came to national anthems is long. Along with Flower of Scotland, that student is in a 44 time signature. That means there's four crocheting beats in each bar. There's four bars and each lane, and this whole jin has four lanes all together. That means there's 16 bars. We want to play that gin bar by bar on the sheet. Music further back to the airplane should always be displayed on the screen. What we're going to do is move on to, firstly, the first bar, and the first lady goes like this top on the rate hunt, which is accented as you'll see by the triangle above, uh, on, then finds to go on the left, identified for ruin the right. Let's just try that. Then we get after that is a four singles legal, so let's just try that. Let's try that, Okay? Make sure you're playing alone again. One more thing. Make sure you're playing really realistic for this first learned. What we do is we repeat this first bar we're playing at three times, so that means the first far is it seen as a second bar on third bar and then for the fourth bar. That changes as it's a different ending. So what we're not going to do is move on, please. Yes, frieze three times. And that will mean we complete the 1st 3 bars and late one. So let's try it out. Let's try that again. Make sure you're playing alone. Strike that one more time. Try one more time. Make sure you're playing everything perfectly. No, what we're going to do is moving to the ending. This is the fourth bar in Lane one. The fourth bar 91 was like this from the end off Barfly. I remain recalls, So we're gonna play from that break top sickles attack. There's a mainstream rule, and then what there is is a daughter caught parallel. So that goes. So let's try that together. What we know Oakley is a doctor. Got it. And then there's a left accent. But you just start with the second, so let's try that baked. Acting on the rate which which it starts on and ending on a big accident on the left. Try again. Do your thing. All right. Game. You know what? We're going todo Is anyone to blame whole? Firstly, as you remember what we do, you play way three times name. We're just going to play the ending that we just played the whole sheet music for the whole frost line should be displayed in. Try that one more time. Make sure you're playing alone. Try one more time Make sure thing all perfectly No, when we wanted. Secondly, secondly is very similar to the first lady for the 1st 3 bars and secondly is seen is the first to be bars and first line but it is on a different house. So we're as first lady goes talking the rate on then a fight room on the left the safety line goes taco in the last financial grow on the right So firstly, angles a second Lingle's so they were trying to do was played sake. If lane the first far. So let's try it out. - No , as you can remember from firstly weekly first bar the retains. So it's gonna be a C for the second gonna play this spar. The retains then will have done the 1st 3 bars. And secondly, she music should all be displayed on this week. Let's try that again. Meet you Euros playing along when to game again. Sorry. One more time. Make sure you're playing it perfectly. No, what are you going to do? Is move on to play in the ending. In the second line. This is fourth bar of the secondly fourth bar, but secondly is kind of similar to the first line. Except you do not have the daughter caught power diddle instead you have a rest. So it goes like this. That's obviously the left accent top from the end off that bar goes on. Name should go on. The right hand goes raced. So right now, rest again. Rest again. Okay. Whenever I'm doing this old meat you're playing? No. What we're going to do is moving to play those the the bars and then the ending that was just brought us there. So remember, with the three bars is just I I just three times in the end, So I was trying that raced. So let's try it again. Make sure. One to rest. Okay, One to forest again. First for again. Okay, let's try it. One more thing. Just hopefully you can play it very well. No, what we're going to do is move on to the third. Like for the startling. It's a little bit different to the previous two have been circling. It goes, Is this accent on the right top? Just a brick top. And then there's a fight for life in the high court ruling the rate as the war in the first line. Same thing best. Instead of what? You're going to believe this to power videos. The top at the end off the Final Five room is the first time off the power to do so. It goes like this, So let's just try that a couple times, - right ? One more thing. Make sure you can try and play. That startling is also similar to the previous two, and we have for the 1st 3 bars is just the first bar repeated three times. So what we're going to do is repeating favorite ease that we just played there three times . It's going to be Oh, as you'll see, they're similar to the previous two months. So that's where that again make sure you're playing along. Let's try that again. Try again again. Try again. Make sure you complete. No, What we want to do is move on to the end. Ending the third leg is exactly is ending the 1st 1 in the way it goes. A big top on the right hand, as it is actually did name Showroom. So there's a dot in court and the A's going on to the fourth league with a top on the left arm. It was like this. It started again. Okay, Okay. My game way. We're going to do and move on to play the whole thing. So the hope startling goes, like repeated three times and nuclear ending off. So let's try that. Okay, let's try a game. It started again. Again. Try it one more time. Make sure you get old fall asleep 11. Scotland the Brave Breakdown Part 2: No, What we're going to do live on to the fourth floor, fourthly, is very similar to the 3rd 1 But like the 2nd 1 is, the scene is a circling, but just on the opposite house. So eyes for the third laden it goes tap on the rate and then on the left and in the rates. The fourth thing go talk in the last 10 starting on the right and the left. So I was trying first bar and the 4th 1 But I guess so. The power that those are also on the opposite house. Whether on the circling that went right, that's close. So I played the trust bar in the fourth Link. Get it closely like the whole where Suggestion. There's four bars on each leg and three of them, I always say, often ending on endeavors in India For the final bar, four flame is no different. So what we have to do? You have to play this thing three times. So let's try playing that three tapes. Let's try it again. We always make sure that playing alone okay again Okay. Okay. Okay. Let's try it again. Make sure you get close. Wait to the last bar, which is 84 ending. Fourthly, it's the exact scene. Is the ending of a second in the way it goes? Attack on the late on the try that rest, huh? Rest one more. No, what we're going to do Newmont playing whole fourth place. The whole fourth floor consist off playing there. Three things in the ending that you just covered. So let's try that. I started again and make sure thing. Okay? Okay. Again, again. Right. One more time. And what was the best time to go to play floors? It's not. What we're going to do is move on to play the whole job. Just a lot of remainder. The first link, as about the frost to be bars the sec Yngling. As so, it's just the opposite off. Firstly, circling Case and four flying is just opposite. So it's also endings for lanes one and three are, and the other endings feelings to four are should be able to understand that by reading music which will be displayed on the screen. So we're going to try the whole gym 12 So we're gonna try this again all the time when I'm playing this meat. Sure, you're always playing along one to Okay , - Hopefully you're getting better at this. So I was trying again. So let's try that again. There's no room to try this last time. Hope for the best thing We floors rest . - Hopefully you can likely first you and you be able to play it very well. Congratulations.