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Drummer's Quick-Start: Counting, Notation, and The Backbeat

Lutz Academy, Online Music Lessons

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3 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Counting & Notation

    • 2. Your Foundation Beat

    • 3. Kick & Snare Variations


About This Class

Clay will take you through the fundamental skills you need to master. Plus, he'll get you playing right off the bat so you can start drumming along with your favorite songs! 

What's Covered?

  • Counting (whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes)
  • Basics of timing and notation
  • Using a metronome
  • Playing on time
  • The backbeat
  • Variations of the backbeat

Follow Along

Every lesson has on-screen notation to help you follow along. Even if you don't know how to read notation yet, Clay's quick overview of counting in the first lesson and the simple on-screen notes will help you learn as you go along. After all, the best way to learn is by doing.





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