Drum Sequencing 101: The Basics of Hip Hop Drum Sequencing

Joseph Evans, Make Better Music Now: Follow Me

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5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Elements of a beat

    • 2. The two ways to record beats in any software program

    • 3. The Key to Making Bangers

    • 4. Drum Sequencing Theory

    • 5. Quantization basics


About This Class

This class will give you a solid understanding of the fundamentals of creating drum patterns. The best thing about the information is that it can be applied to any DAW! 

  • Be able to pick the necessary sounds to make a solid beat
  • Learn about recording using MIDI so you can FULLY control your sound
  • Learn the theory of sequencing drums so your patterns are more polished and professional
  • Learn 1 secret that most producers fail to keep in mind when making beats

Let's get started!