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Drum Programming for AFRO-CUBAN style Beats in Ableton Live

MASLIN JE, Music Producer

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17 Lessons (51m)

    • 2. BEAT 1

    • 3. Beat 2

    • 4. BEAT 3

    • 5. BEAT 4

    • 6. BEAT 5

    • 7. BEAT 6

    • 8. BEAT 7

    • 9. BEAT 8

    • 10. BEAT 9

    • 11. BREAK 1

    • 12. BREAK 2

    • 13. BREAK 3

    • 14. BREAK 4

    • 15. BREAK 5

    • 16. BREAK 6

    • 17. PROJECT


About This Class

Hey guys,

               In this course of Drum Programming for AFRO-CUBAN style Beats in Ableton Live we will be taking a in-depth approach in learning programming drums using patterns in piano roll .This course will show you how to use your piano roll to its potential to program drums for afro-cuban style beats effectively .

This course consists of two sections ,

1.BEATS - 9 beats

2.BREAKS - 6 breaks

BREAKS can also be called as fills or fill ins .these patterns are crafted for you to learn and understand the bounce of the drum programming patterns .you will not require any finger styling techniques in this method.

This course comes with an amazing sample pack provided in resources section as well.the drum patterns can also be downloaded from the resources section .

see you all in the course


1. INTRODUCTION: Hey guys are Muslims. Am a music producer, composer and the keyboardist. In this course, I'm going to show you guys how to program Afro Cuban drums, be a piano roll and I'm going to show you guys Ni inversions off after Cuban drums. And also six fillings are breaks, however you want to call it and nine versions off them as well. So let me show you a small example. The first beat goes like this. It's again good seven. I have added the sample pack that is used to make these drums. As for less the other resources that are needed for you to program these Trump's in the resources section in this course as well to join me in this course, and let's make some Afro Cuban drums. 2. BEAT 1: Hey, guys, welcome to this first video in after Cuban drum programming, the first step to ah program after Cuban traumas to check your temple and keep it between 1 32 1 50 I think that would be a better place to start Andi. Then you are time signature to be into four or 44 until over. You like it. So the next thing that I want you guys to do as to download the sample pack called Afro Cuban from the resources section, um, in the project area and you can add them to your browser window right here you can give add folder and you can add after group in terms. Says Well, and after that created drum brag. All right, so, Creator, drum back. Are you going to do this uncertainly track? We'll take 2 to 3 seconds and then voter jump back on, drag it in And no, the next step is to go to Africa. Cuba. Are you going to do is to select one press shift and Crestor top sump and everything will be selected. Click and drag on this. Drop it in the drum bus. I mean, not drum bass, drum black. Yeah, but now you have all the clubs high hats on and Tom kicks and everything. Right here. The next sister purpose to create of one bar Mehdi Clip control. Shift em. All right. So what you gotta do is Alvin meisters create a one bar Mt. Midi clip unrolled shift em its creator Medically, Pok, you know what we go are going to do us double click right here. It will open this piano road. So this windows called piano roll. So we are going to work here. Change the fixed. Agreed to 1 16 So when you changed the great 2116 a. So you can see you will have 16 divisions in the one bar with the tempo off 1 40 on with time signature. Being four for the first word we're going to do is we're going to draw in the kicks so far after Cuban drums. The kicks, usually our range with a valid difference off in 1/2 times, but in kind of her different sync pattern. Ah, well, we are programming the drums. You will understand how how it works. So we're going to program the kicks first. I'm gonna put a kick in the first beat of the first to bar on. Then I'm gonna go toe, uh, that year right here. Andi, actually, right here. Let's play this. Okay. As you can see, we have a melodious Well, that's playing right in the background. Next, we are going to program of the rim shots. So we have room short straight year. So let's program the rim shots. Oh, that's Andi. Yeah, I hate you. Let's play this sounds good. Right? So we got the basic rhythm mode, OK? In African drums. If you just use the kick under him short or kick on the sneer. If you programme the base lemon soffit, then you will have, uh, rhythm going. And next, you have to add the other aspects off the program. Okay, so now what? We are going to artists high hats. So we have to Hyatte's this end this If it is not auditioning the sones, turn this on it too large in the sounds. If you're going to use this, I had I had one, 234 Now let's listen to this way. Have first to beat in our hands guys, what you're going to raise we are going to duplicate this selector Medical ip unroll d Control the control d No, even we can consulted this Control rescue control and select one day one and you have all the clips selected. Press control J It will consolidate Eclipse Festival Let's play this. You may hear some audio glitches because if the, um ritual audio interface that I'm using to record the mic inputs But if you are using your own audio interface, you might not hear those. Beauty is OK, guys, that's it for the first beat. I'll see you guys in the next video. 3. Beat 2: Hey, guys, Welcome to this new video in this video, we're going to program another African Cuban drum. So that's get started. Uh, I hope that you have. Ah, your drum rack, along with the samples already selected in the what you're going to do is to create a one bar made a loop. I love it. Control. Shifty M Oregon desk. Click on. I know, right? Like you will get your menu, and then you can click on insert money clips. Now you have your one bar loop. But I think that this is one by 32. Let's send you to 1 16 Fixed a Great. Okay. So know what we're going to do if you're going to add our kicks first. Go right here. On what? Your, uh right here. Okay. So, yeah, you have to get the basically them first. Let's play this way. Got the basic rhythm. The next thing we're going to use this toe, add the high heads because it will give us ah, basic understanding and also help us to put the toms in this beat because we're going to use sometimes. Hear Tom Low, Tom and hi, Tom. Right. You might have start in the first beat that we made. Like, Are we gonna use the storms? Are they just gonna be hanging around there? We're going to use the storms. So you're just hanging there were going at the Hyatt first, just like last time. First high heart and leave one and three And then, uh, one here. One Here. Let's, please. Okay, so let's add the room short. Um, that I'm gonna add this. Okay? Awfully. All right. It's please. Yeah. Okay. So next what? We're going to our this. Ah, hi, Tom. We're gonna add the height, um, Loadem as Phyllis, uh, harm Atom's. So you're gonna the Lord Tom eight here in this, It in the last kick. Okay, so we're still or Tom. Okay, You're gonna that. And one more thing to notice that if you don't have your audition but and turned on, turn it on because I don't have to. I understand where which, um, which? Which Midi, lepidus? Triggering on which sounded is triggering other way. Sometimes you may get you made get last in which sound you're actually triggering, So, yeah, just donor darkness. Well, next we're gonna meet Tom. Um, I'm gonna your Let's play this. That's an amazing The Nets feel next. Two years ago, I had, uh, item gonna add it aside, Tom. Yeah. One more thing that I forgot to say. Iss, um, you can arrange your, uh are accessible like this. Sample charges were like the kick to be in the lower lower C one, and then you can have indeed, test will, but I just dragged in. Okay, so we're gonna have the Hi Tom. Mm. I shear. It's plated. Yeah. Next word, we're going to do this, you know, select this control we control really controlled. It has duplicated on Let's elect asshole or bars. I mean, okay, that's lived. They're going to sit like this. 1st 4 bars on, we're going to consolidated with control. She or what you can do is rightly cancel a consolidate on board of time works. Okay, Now let's play this. What about Yeah, that's it. Guys, for this video, I'll see you guys in the next to beat, making 4. BEAT 3: Hey, guys, Welcome to this new video in this video, we're going to make the third beat in after Cuban drums. So the first thing obviously have to do is to create a drum rack on Dad, the sambal star in the African sample pack. You just gotta selectively thing and dragged in. I suppose that humor have done that by looking at the other two videos. So the first thing to do is to create one bar loop. Andi. Yeah. Insert medic, Leper control. Shift em. But now you'll get this amazing, awesome piano roll. Um, the first thing to do has to change cigarette 2116. And if you don't have the Spencer selected, I'll go to do is to the crowd shell, get a pencil. The next thing to check out a stew. Check this. I mean, to check this, um, little burden called headset, but and right here they're simple. Yeah, because it will help you to audition the south where you're playing. Well, your programming off writing in this funeral, so first would be organized. This you're going to have the kicks. They're gonna have the kicks in the first on the night. Let's play this. Okay, so that's gonna go. It's like the halftime. Like, um, for house beats. You will be using four under floor like the four beats will come on every first. Ah, beat off every But for this bead we're gonna use on every first and full next word we're going at this, you're gonna, uh, hi, Heads. So, yeah, we are going to use a little trick you're gonna on the first try. Hide. Just like, oh, village in the previous beats. But we're gonna add a little bit off, like a role. Not a role, but kind off road. I'm gonna leave right here and here. Do you have ah, flavor? You understand what I'm saying? OK, let's listen to this. Did you hear that kind of a bones? Yeah. The next four year going charities. When are the high made on the load? On? First we're gonna add the Lord Tom. You're going at it, right? Your first rodeo, and then we're gonna add Ah, mid, um on Even added. And Christa I told Okay, let's listen to this. Okay, That's it, guys. Now let's like this to replicate it on now. Controlled? Say, are you correctly can select. Consulted? No, let's listen to this beat. That's it for this video. Guys. I hope you enjoyed this beat making session on. I will see you guys in the next. 5. BEAT 4: Hey, guys, Welcome to this fourth beat making session in Africa. Been drums. Andi. Yeah, Let's get started. The first foremost thing to do is to have a drum rack with examples in it. And the next step is to create a one bar loop and at a empty money clip to it on we're gonna do that on the next step is to check whether you have this drama auditioning, Um, knob turned on and the writing tool to be selected next, turning into endure 1 16 turned the grid 2116. And the first thing now we are going to do is to add the kicks. But it's a kick. It's right here. You're gonna do the same halftime kick style. And next you're going are the hi hats, just like Harvey did last time. And tonight, here on, you're gonna give that small bones or the role. Yes, yes, yes. Okay, so now we have this, um, kick and the high hat. Let's listen to this. Okay? So next you're gonna add very important, Uh, but to this beat, which is going to give a lot of more bones, that is room shot. So we going at the rim. Shots in the fort. Andi. Right about this kick right before, Right, Andrea ignited. Rate your on. Let's listen to it and okay. And yeah, that's it. That's it for this. So that's it, guys, for this beat on now, what we have to do is to duplicate this control de Andi. Then look, shift on. If you click the 1st 1 it will like the whole draw. And then Chris control Jr. Right? Click and consolidate. Now let's listen to this beat. Yeah, that's it. Guys, for this video, we hope you enjoy the speed making session on See you guys in the next video. 6. BEAT 5: Hey, guys. Welcome to this new video in Africa. Band Drum programming On in this 50 beat, we are going to do a something different. The first thing you gotta do is to select your drum rack and had the drum samples that are from the Afro Cuban drum sample back that I have attached to this post. And then I don't do your browser window as well. So first thing to do us to check your temple to take your time signature and then theater one barred moody loop. Oh, selected Andi, right? Click and select control shift. Emma do. Okay, now, the next thing to do is to change your great 2116. When this beat, we're going to do something different. That is, we are going to do the four on the floor are something that we do in how strong programming . So you're going out of the first, 1st 1st first beat on every every individual bar off this ah post about that has been split it. So Okay, so the next thing we gotta do us, we're going to add high hats. But we're not going to do the same. High had pattern that we did before. We're gonna add them in different places. 87. Right here, Andre, Your Andre Tieu. Oh, it goes like this, right? The next what we're gonna do is insert off Rim short. We're gonna use sneers. Where is the sneer? Yeah, you're so in this bead. We're gonna use some sneers. So we're gonna have this news right here. Right here on your right. You Let's listen to this. Okay? Next thing What we going? Are this You're going to the Lord Tom, but it's slowed down. Yeah, I forgot to mention if you don't have this button turned down, turn it down because it will give you opportunity to, you know, audition yourselves for the long term. You're going ahead in the last or, ah, bars in the 16 1 day 16. Great. It will give you a nice fall in the end. So next we're gonna, uh, item. So for the high Tom, um, it cannot address, but it's Hey, Tom. And another thing that I would advice you guys is to, um you know, our intimidating, like if you have your kick right here in the bottom and if you have other things arranged it will help you guys to, you know, program even better. Um, yeah. Let's let's get on with this. Um, I'm not going to use to hide down for this beat. I'm going to use Toe Mitt Dumb. Okay, So very are going to use timber, Thomas I ana, then right, don't you? That's here to listen to this guy. Next. We're going to do if you're going to duplicate this when a select all now not working Andi , if it's click and drag and sell it left him on Just was controlled. She and consolidating toe lip on. Now let's play this. Yeah, that's it for this video. Guys, you have about 50. Be tasteful. And I hope you enjoyed this beat making session of Seo guys in another video. 7. BEAT 6: Hey, guys, welcome to the six to beat. Making video in after a Cuban drum beats the initial steps. As you might know, if you have followed through this video course you have to add your drum rack on. Then you have to ideo samples to the drum records fell. So if you have done these two steps, then make sure that you have your temple set and your, um, time signature at the proper time signature as well. On the next thing to do is to create your MT. Midi clip, insert money clip, or you can directly can do this. Or you can use the shortcuts. I'm going to select this and now we had No, you're getting out. Awesome piano roll. So what we're going to do is change 2116 and we're going to start this from here. Oh, the two things that you have to check right in this piano roll is your, um, auditioning sounds but and turned on on this, uh, writing told Toby turned on No, no, let's get on with it. First thing to program, Mr Kicks. So we're gonna have the kicks right in the first to beat off every bar. Let's listen to this. Yeah, we did the same in the four previous video, right? The next few Huguenard. Uh, carbons. He didn't use Goebbels in the previous beats, but here, we're gonna use that. Kobal. As you can see, there's a pattern. One there is Ah ah! Break on den to three. There's a break again wonders a break. Yeah, And we're gonna layer this with dream shots. We were a team Que Let's play this. Yeah. So if you have dishneau, the next thing we are going to do is start the hi hats. You're going to add the high it's in. Thank you. Let's say this. You know what? If you guys want to congest, you know are a little bit of aviation, you know? Let's listen to this, Okay? No, I do. Let's take this out now. It's really simple to obligated. Select all control g and do everything by shot. Kurds already can just, you know, like Teoh tried flick on. You go and do things as well. Okay, so, no, Let's listen to this. Beat it. Yeah, that's it. Guys, for this video. I hope this has helped you to learn and understand after Cuban Trump programming a little bit. And see you guys in the next to me 8. BEAT 7: a guy spoke up to this new video in Africa. Been drum programming. You're gonna make our seven to beat. So as you might know, what are the prerequisites is to download the African Drum Sam attack, create a new drum rack and assembles into it on Check your B p m. Your time signature. Now, let's get on with the video. First bid your medical if one bar, turn it into a one by 16. Great size. And the next thing you got to do is to idea kick. So in this beat, we're not gonna do the You know, this thing we're gonna do Ah, little bit different. We're gonna have the first pick in the first beat, Andi, we're gonna have the other kicks, but your cure on it's gonna go like Okay, so the next thing they're gonna have this I had. But you're going to do I That's a little bit differently this time. You guys remember how we did this? He added a bone street. Yeah, we're going to do the same thing, But this time you're gonna add two times it. So we're gonna do this. 10. Oh, now, let's listen to this Pete. Okay, No. Next word. You're gonna this We're gonna add Mitt Tom's. We're not going to use any load times because I think this be just needs somewhere in midtown, So let's have him. Oh, okay. Next we're gonna add a rim shot, because this first part of the section eagles are a little bit dry. Okay, When I did him short, right? Something is missing. Look, it's beat once again. Yeah, the Lord Tom, We're gonna have a lot on thank you. Yeah, I do. And if that's it, guys, though, the next thing to do is might know you obligated the first. Okay, well, holding shift, uh, click. The 1st 1 everything will be selected and controlled. I mean, you don't even have to select, you know, keep your hands on your most just can't do it all in the keys. He would, and so did Yeah. So that's this into this beat. As you can see, if you don't add this room short, it will be pretty dry. And also, if you re donor this Tom, it will be vet throughout this second half of the section because you don't have the nullified bass sound of the on this Lord, I'm just nullifies everything and it gets Makes a B to get ready for the next bar at the next section of the beat. Yeah, that's it, guys, for this video. Others You guys in the next beat making video. 9. BEAT 8: Hey, guys, Welcome to this eighth installment off after Cuban beat making videos. And in this video, we are going to look at ah, very different approach to programming terms for Afro Cuban beats as well. So if you have, you know, going through the previous videos, you might know what? That the prerequisites to do. Your temple You are Well, time signature samples. Drum rock on everything. Okay, let's get started. Created one by loop instead. Money clip and changed a great 2116. So these are the first things to do. And now let's get started in this beat up, you're not going to do like the previous one where we added on the last invaded beat. This time you're gonna add it in every 1st 1 first bar after next your going out the hi hats. Okay, the next world we're going to do is we're gonna add the sneers. So where are we going? Are the snares Um Andi Finally? Okay, let's listen to this. Now. There are two things remaining. Awareness high. Tom's on another illness. Make Tom, we're not going to use any lower times here of your guard. The DMZ. Um, not Yeah. Yeah, And then you're gone. I'd hate Tom's Meritus. Okay, Okay, let's listen to this bead. Yes, guys, that's it for this video when you are programming or writing, Um, you know, in piano roll, just make sure that you have this turn down on this turn down because it will give you is your approach to work on writing patterns in piano roll. Okay, now let's duplicate it, and they're gonna breast shift on. Then click on the 1st 1 Everything gets selected than control, J. It will get consolidated. You can use control. J from here s fell the next. Let's listen to this bead. Yeah, decimated spring and flow to it, right? Yeah, that's it. Guys, for this video appearance are the eighth installment off, you know, 80 video in ah, piano, piano roll pattern for Africa Been Trump's and see you guys in the next video. 10. BEAT 9: Hey, guys, Welcome to this. Nine to beat making video in African drums on Let's get started with it. So the first thing, as you might know, is toe get your samples, create your drum rack And are those things secure? B p m your time signature and everything. And then let's get off one bar, Padilla and I mean Midi clip eight. So you're gonna click it a clip and you're gonna change your great 2116. And now let's get started. So in this be we're going to do something different. What we're going to do is you're going to use the kick ass violist Koba Peritus. Yeah, if you're going to use tone board, but we're gonna lay out both after. Uh, not. Okay, so now we have them layered. Let's listen to this. It is a bit of heavy and punches next. We're gonna the lost their hats on Right here is for we have over Hyatte's ex on and our cobbles. Next word, your guard is over snares. Oh, they're gonna have the sneer, right? Yeah, I don't Uh huh. On a little invested. But first, let's listen to this beat and you know your company to be. Oh, Okay, so then vehicle right here. Oh, yeah, I guess now let's listen to this. Yeah, that's it, guys. So next what we're gonna do is we're gonna the high end made Tom's We're not going to use to load down. We might use it in the end. Maybe. You know what? Other than that we're going to use the high end the victims. I'm gonna dominate your on, then. I'm good. Adam. Tom, Insurance will. And I'm good idea, Tom. Uh, this But you listen to this beat. Yeah, that's it. Guys, for this video, it's fairly simple. I just gotta know the different patterns are the basics off. You know, the where the kicks will go on and how you can layer the kicks. And I had patents. If you know the kick high head on the Cobell burdens, you can just play around with the toms and everything and play according to have you like them to be and where you want them to be. The now, let's duplicate this while holding shift. Crestor Get the first and that's it. Get everything selected control G consolidated. Or you can do through right clicking and doing everything. And now let's listen to the beat. Yeah, that's it, guys for this video. But this nine to beat making video in after Cuban drums. Andi, I was you guys in the next video. 11. BREAK 1: Hey, guys, Welcome to this new video. And after Cuban trumpet and programming. So in this video are we're going to look at this breaks our fill ins, whatever you win, you may wanna call it, you know? Oh, yeah, let's get started. So the first thing to do is to audio sample back on Dad, your drum rack. And let's also check out your Oh, you know, temple and your I'm signature. Trespass off US Creator. Uh, first medical ip inside Reddicliffe injured 2116 create for one borough. Right. So next what we're gonna do is we're good at the kick drum, and then we're gonna use the cobell for this. We're gonna later. The first beat the next. Next, next, next. Now it goes like this. Okay, so next we are going to use to snare, but it's a sneer. Okay, If you're going to use to sneer Teoh, let's listen to this. Okay? So next we're gonna use toe Tom on the road. But for the mid term, this gonna add one year, Gautam will be at the end. It gets kind of starting point. Okay, Now, let's listen to this beat. I mean, the break so it can be used in the, you know, end or in the filling sections. But even you can use it for you know, they're in there. Section off a beat, for example, for 1/4 are from build up or something. Yeah. So that's guys for this first break. Andi, are those you guys in the next video? 12. BREAK 2: Hey, guys, Welcome to this new video in Afro Cuban from programming on in this video, we're going to program the next break. This is the second break in Ah, for Cuban trump programming. So the first thing to do is to create a new medical up, as you might have going through the other sections, like Goto, um, at the temple, the time signature and adding the sample pack on the drum rack and adding the samples into the drum rock. Everything as well. The next thing to know about this your, um this button auditioning sounds and your, uh, pencil Marco as well. So create a medical for one bar on. Then let's get started. So first thing to do is to add a a stretcher, and you're gonna order I have for the first beat. Adjust for the first, Pete. The next word we're gonna do is we're gonna add the sneer that this so next, um one. You know, let's listen to this. Okay. Next four we're gonna do is we're gonna make Tom. Are dumb. Atomic. Yeah, that's it. Now let's listen to this. Next we're gonna do is we're gonna add the Lord Tom the Lord right in between on webinar trade before the snare. Uh, let's listen to this. Okay? It's this Ah, brake drum break and be used to in front, off in front, off, You know, build up or something just to give a variation. So that's it on. Let's duplicate it and no, let's listen to it How it sounds. So that's it for this, uh, video guys. And you can consult it with controls here. Um, yeah. I see you guys in the next video. 13. BREAK 3: Hey, guys, Welcome to this new video in, uh, Trump programming for Afro Cuban drums in piano roll to us, you might know how to are the samples. And I would sit every other settings, like your temple and your I'm signature. Let's get on with the video. The first Creator Empty MIDI clip of the insert medical up option control shift em. And for one bar next changed a great toe won by 16. And the next thing that I want you to check out this your auditioning clip This struggled on on dure pencil toe to be selected the 1st 1 you're gonna do us to add snares. So I had a sneer right here on right here. So let's listen to this. Oh, after dad, we're gonna add some Addams. It is. I treat you andan. You're gonna need some high tops. Okay, Next organized floor. Toms, this ah, drum brake is based on you know, the storm. So this will be like it's kind of a transition drum brake click. You can use the previous trump breaks and use. It is in between two, you know, target through other he and devotions off your drums is Yeah. So, no, let's implicated in. Let's listen how it sounds. Yeah, Sounds good. That's it, Guys, for this video over the CIA guys in the next one. 14. BREAK 4: Hey, guys, in this video, we're going to look at the four to drum break in after Cuban drum pattern programming in and a roll. Well, as you might know how to ideo are you know, um, samples and your trump brags and all those other things. Let's get on with the video. So the first thing to do is to create a one, but maybe loop Andi, insert Amidi Angel 2116 on. And make sure you toggle this two things on your moderator as well as your, you know, auditioning, clip function. So first, we're gonna not gonna use any kicks here in this. We are going to use cold, very school, so we're gonna have the cold base right here. Right? You're right. You so it sounds like, though next year going at the McDonough, that is just Andi. Then we're gonna have a height down. I would advise you guys to arrange the samples because if you have the kick in right place and make Tom Lord time everything one by one next right next to them, it will be easier for you guys to program extra height on it. Let's listen to this. Something Yeah, The low Tom gonna enter that creature. Go Slate. Yeah, that's it, Guys, for this drum break, let's replicated Let's listen it along with the beat. That's it, guys, for this video of this. You guys in the next one. 15. BREAK 5: Hey, guys. Welcome to this drum brake in Africa. Been trump programming. So the first few things traduced the idea Drum back and your drum samples from the Afro Cuban Trump's and attack that is available in the most resources section. And, you know, Adam, toe your drum rockets fell on nexus to check your temple as well as your, um, time signature on. Then select the first bar off the beat. And I had a empty medical ip on. Then change the great 2116. These are the first few things to do, and in this drum break, we're gonna use call. But Mr Koba the Veranda Coble, right? You're right. You're eight year. Next. You're gonna Lord Thomas fell, You're And next year when I had some sneers. Now let's listen to this. Okay? So the next thing to do is to add some MK doms is we have a low comes and you got out of our homes. Okay, Next thing we're going to, somehow it would Adam in every No, let's listen to this. Okay. Next word we're gonna do us. Uh, yeah, I think that's it. The game? Yeah. I started for this drum brake on. And, uh, that's duplicated the Lord. Time just gives a bit of energy boost to it. Okay, That's it, guys, How this you guys in the next video? 16. BREAK 6: Hey, guys, In this last video off drum breaks in piano roll drum programming pattern for after Cuban drums. What we're going to do is we're gonna create a left last, uh, me. I can't speak last drum breakers. So the first thing you're going to do is to create a new movie clip. I mean, yeah, I know. Money clip for one bar. We're going to change their good toe. 1 16 Now you're gonna add to make dumps first. This is based on Tom's when I don't dumps. Hey, you on going toward the high Tom's? Are you okay on? Then? We're gonna diss nears before the snares. No, let's listen to it before we are as should come around you into it. Okay, this misses one guy a little. Let's listen to this. Okay, that's it for this video. Guys, we have, ah, six to drum breakers. Wells liked all of term until j of it consolidator. Now let's listen to it. That's it for this video. Guys. I hope you understood their boat to drum programming patterns for piano roll in able turned for, uh, Afro Cuban Trump's. Yeah, that's a long, long name. Yes. So I hope you guys learn something are understood Something from this video house. You guys in the next one 17. PROJECT: you guys. I have, ah, small project for you. I have added the drum programming patterns as well as the sample back in the resources section. I want you guys to download it on. Then what? What I want you guys to do is to, uh, do the projects because, uh, projects help you toe get a basic understanding off how toe, you know, manually do things yourself. You know, it is good to look at the video and say like, Okay, that's our program things. But unless and until you open the piano roll on program in the drums, type in the drums, it's just, you know, if you don't do that, it's just hard to know practice on, get good at drum programming. So the first thing that I want you guys to do is to download the sample pack as violist. Ah, um, the other programming patent PDFs. Well, after you have both of them, um, once you go through this video, you don't have to come back gain because you can use those both resources on you can actually, uh, program all these nine beats as well as thes six drumbeats. I hope you guys enjoyed this nine beads as a list of six drum brakes that we did in this video on. But be sure to summit the project, to be sure to make some drum beats with the drum patterns and some of them in the ah project section. I would love to take a look at it and I'll give you some feedback. I swear. So, yeah, put it just on your side as well. Like if you can make some crazy drums that dissemble back this summer, Demas fell out of love to do get it, I'll see you guys in another court.