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Drum Programming Basics (Module 3) - Live Beat Making Examples

teacher avatar Joseph Evans, Make Better Music Now: Follow Me

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Intro to Live Beat Making Videos

    • 2. Live Beat Making Example 1

    • 3. Live Beat Making Example 2

    • 4. Live Beat Making Example 3

    • 5. Live Beat Making Example 4

    • 6. Live Beat Making Examples 5

    • 7. Arranging The Beat

    • 8. Arranging The Beat Live Demo 1

    • 9. Arranging The Beat Live Demo 2

    • 10. Arranging The Beat Live Demo 3

    • 11. Thank you

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About This Class

Would like to learn how to 

  • Make better beats in 2017? 
  • Create drum patterns and loops like a pro?
  • Develop your own unique drum patterns and sound?

Then enroll in this course!

The content was created with the beginner to intermediate level producer or beat maker in mind. So everything is easy to understand and simple to apply to your beat making process!

This last module is specifically designed to help you learn from several "real life examples" on creating banging beats!


You must enroll in module 1 & 2 before enrolling to get the complete training and fully understand whats going on.

Module 1: http://skl.sh/2kBqVEy

Module 2: http://skl.sh/2lb6v1W

Module 3: http://skl.sh/2kBBwj5



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Joseph Evans

Make Better Music Now: Follow Me



Hey what's up!

Welcome to my SkillShare course page.

If you are new to Music Production... then this is the perfect place to start!!


I have taught over 20,000 producers and hobbyist around the world in over 100 countries how to: 

Get started making beats Produce music in Logic Pro X and GarageBand Understand Music Theory & Drum Programming Copyright and license your music And more....

All of my courses are designed to help BEGINNERS quickly and effectively learn music production.

Students say:


Image what you will now be able to do after improving your music production skills and learning how to operate and make beats in GarageBand and Logic Pro X!!

- Produce P... See full profile

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1. Intro to Live Beat Making Videos: be making basis. Welcome to this live beat making section where you're gonna basically see some live examples of what I'm doing to create dope beats. We're gonna be using all of the principles that we already talked. And this is really fellows people who if you're the type of person that just likes toe, listen and watch what people are actually doing, you don't want unnecessary Have someone teach your showing you step by step or teaching. You just want to be a look at it and say, OK, let me see what you're doing. And that's what this section is all about. So I'm going through the process. I'm not really sharing a lot of information at all. I'm actually showing you. Okay, you're going to see the behind the scenes type of thing. I'm not gonna, you know, explain why I'm doing this or relying doing that. That was already done in the beginning of the course. You're going to see me live, actually. Do it now. I want a preface, that one thing before we actually jump into it. This is just more so a tip. Okay. We already created a dope pattern, right? Usually you know, especially the beginning producer. Once you create one pattern, you just loop it and its played throughout the whole song. Right? But if you really want to create dynamic drum patterns, the main thing she wanted to keep in mind is you have to give listeners an element of surprise. And so what you're gonna see me doing in the first few videos is creating a brand new drum pattern. Okay, We already have a let melody laid down. I'm gonna take I'm a copy and paste the melody out and I'm gonna lay down a new drum pattern. And what you're going to see me do throughout the course of these beat meat making videos is basically switch between the two drum patterns. Okay, so it's gonna carry, Make the beat more dynamic is gonna make the beat more interesting to listen to compared to if you just have one pattern that keeps all going through, even if it's a dough pattern that keeps on going is going to get boring after a while. That's what it's all about when it comes to creating dope patterns. You'll hear this in today's music. This Turner radio on you hear how the drum had switched up from time to time. Different instruments come in, different missions go out. And so that's what you're gonna see me doing A live demonstration, live creation process of doing that. Okay. And I also have another goody in this section as well I'm gonna do in a bonus where I'm gonna actually arranged the music into song format. OK, so you're going to see me, actually, not only create the music, but then lay it out and make it flow as a song. So let's go ahead and jump right into it. Peace. 2. Live Beat Making Example 1: be making basis, You 3. Live Beat Making Example 2: be making basis. 4. Live Beat Making Example 3: be making basis. 5. Live Beat Making Example 4: be making basis. 6. Live Beat Making Examples 5: be making basis. 7. Arranging The Beat: be making basis. All right. One of the breakup of the monotony for a second here and explain what I'm gonna be doing in the next few videos. Okay, so we've already created to beat The beat is already solid. Now it's time to take that beat and arrange it as the actual song. OK, now, I'm not gonna go into so much detail into it. I really just give you a live demonstration, but I'm gonna give you some basics here. Okay? The first section of the song is going to be the intro for the eight bars. And the purpose of it is to draw the lister in. You're going to see me go to the process of creating a beat that's building over time. Even the intro is gonna build us to start our basic and it's gonna build and then, boom, we're gonna jump right into the hook. Okay? The hook is there to be catchy is there is where the artists or rapper is going to sing a rap over it and is the most catchy part of the song is most remember herbal part of the song. OK, so you're gonna see me bring certain instruments in during the hook and take turn. Take those instruments completely out. You know, during the verses. Okay. They're only gonna be there during the hook. You see me do it live. Now the versus tell a story. So diverse. Diverse is shipbuilders. Well, and you'll see me do that. You're going to see step by step, how I'm building to beat and then third. Okay, we have a altro after you create the hook and a couple of verses. The AL shows this to end a song. You're going to see me? How to see me show you how to do that as well. Now I want to preface this. I'm using logic pro 10. Okay, but you can use any program you used. Rise man. Fl Studio Able sing whatever you're using. UV used that to do this because these principles are universal. You know, saying when you see me copy and paste the loop and move it all the way out. You could do that in any program. You see me take out certain instruments that the lead him or mute him out. You could do that in any program. When you see me cut certain parts and you could do that in any software programs. I wanted the preference that several times. Just so you understand that that that these principles are universal and you could do it in any software program. But I'm using logic. So anyway, let's go ahead. Jump right back into the process here. Thanks for watching piece. 8. Arranging The Beat Live Demo 1: be making basis. 9. Arranging The Beat Live Demo 2: be making basis. 10. Arranging The Beat Live Demo 3: be making basis. 11. Thank you: be making basis. All right, so I just wanted to thank you for watching the course all the way through. Thank you for investing in yourself in your future again. The reason one of the reasons main reason why I do this is to help the next generation of creators go to the next level fast and improve their sound. I want to see the music of tomorrow better than the music of today, and that's why I'm creating these courses and you're a part of that. So I want to thank you for watching the course. Now, if you have any questions again, Phil, Frito, ask me anything. Email me or posted in the course, all right, and please make sure you also complete the assignments that I put out there. I put these assignments on in the course for a reason. It's going to really help you take your beats to the next level or your production to the next level, and that's why there's those assignments are in there. So make sure you do the assignments, makes you post your results. In the course we want to see it, you know I want to see it. Other students want to see it, post your questions in the course to if you can or email me and I'm saying so let's go ahead and I guess take over the world, right Peace.