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Drone Video & Photo | How To Shoot Professional Content

teacher avatar Denis Shcheglov, Content Maker, Drone Pilot, Videographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (3h 8m)
    • 1. Drone Video & Photo | How To Shoot Professional Content

    • 2. How to Edit Photo on a Computer? | Photoshop, Lightroom

    • 3. How to Edit Video on a Computer?

    • 4. How to Edit Photo on a Phone?

    • 5. How to Edit Video on a Phone?

    • 6. How to Choose a Suitable Drone, Comparison and Purchase

    • 7. How to Get a Flight Certificate?

    • 8. Kit Review, First Power-Up, Connect With the Phone and Activate

    • 9. Preparing the Drone For Take-Off, First Take-Off, Control Analysis

    • 10. Types of Take-Off and Landing

    • 11. Important tips before take-off

    • 12. Interface Training

    • 13. Basic Drone Settings

    • 14. Camera Settings for Photo and Video

    • 15. Joystick Sensitivity

    • 16. Gimbal Sensitivity (Camera)

    • 17. Camera and Interface Settings for Video. BEST VIDEO SETTINGS

    • 18. Cinematic Mode

    • 19. Auto Shooting Modes, Quick Shots, Active Track

    • 20. 10 Cinematic Flight Techniques. How to Get a Cinematic Video

    • 21. BONUS: How to Better Shoot with a Drone. Three Simple Settings

    • 22. Hyperlapse (Timelapse)

    • 23. Photo and Menu Settings

    • 24. Best Settings of Interface for Photo

    • 25. Golden Triangle (Composition) Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO

    • 26. What is White Balance?

    • 27. What is HDR?

    • 28. What is RAW?

    • 29. What is Rule of Thirds?

    • 30. Why Time of Day Matters?

    • 31. How to Take Night Photos with a Drone?

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About This Class

Hi! My name is Denis. I'm a professional drone pilot, and this is my author’s video course that will help you to become a professional pilot, photographer and videographer with a drone!

I'm cameraman, blogger, and content maker. I'm a person, who will teach you how to shoot with a drone!

For more than 7 years, I have been traveling around the world and making content.

And during this time, I have gained a lot of skills and experience working with a drone. I've seen all the possible situations that can only happen in the air.

In this video course, I will share with you all my knowledge and experience that I have gained in practice. At the end of this course, you can easily take professional photos and cinematic videos.

And now, I will show you which photos and videos you can take after passing this course.

Let's begin!

I made this with my own hand, something was captured while traveling, and something was captured just within 3 minutes from my home.

For taking good photos and videos with a drone, you don't have to live near a big city or ocean. This course will change your vision on creating this kind of content. No matter where you live.

I designed this course with graphics, screen shooting, and many of my drone flight examples, to get you involved, and having a permanent understanding during the whole time.

Therefore, all you have to do is relax and immerse yourself in the world of aerial shooting.

I can say with absolute certainty that this video course is the best on the market, and now, I will explain why:

  1. First: In this video course, I collected all the possible topics, both for the beginner and for the professional.

  2. Second: No senseless and boring theory, only practice.

  3. Third: There will be a lot of visual information in this course, and each of my words will be proven with a good example.

  4. Fourth: We will talk using a simple language, everything is going to be simple and understandable for you.

  5. Fifth: Everyone will be able to communicate with me and ask any question that they have.

This video course is suitable for anyone, both for the one, who just thinks over buying a drone, and for the professional, who wants to get more knowledge and experience in aerial shooting.

This course will also be suitable for anyone, who wants to capture personal trips, or to develop social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

And for someone, who wants to earn money using this kind of activity, shooting buildings, architecture, or nature.

Here is a list of items you will get acquainted yourself in this course:

  • How to choose the right drone.

  • How to get a flight certificate.

  • Control analysis and first take-off.

  • How to fly with safety.

  • How to prevent breaking the drone.

  • How to fly above the water.

  • What you need to do, if the signal is lost.

  • Emergency landing.

  • Acquaintance with an interface, important settings, camera settings for photo and video shooting.

  • Sensitivity adjustment.

  • Analysis of all flight functions.

  • Flight techniques.

  • How to take night photos.

  • How to shoot using time lapse.

  • We will also talk about such functions as SHUTTER SPEED, ISO, DIAPHRAGM, WHITE BALANCE, HDR, RAW.

  • And more...

At the end of this course, I will teach you how to edit photos easily and professionally, and also edit videos either on your computer or on your phone.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my Instagram and you won’t miss new videos.

Once you are ready to dive into the aerial world, I'll be waiting for you.

This course has been translated and dubbed from Russian into English.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Denis Shcheglov

Content Maker, Drone Pilot, Videographer


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1. Drone Video & Photo | How To Shoot Professional Content: Hi. My name is Dennis and professional room pilot and Kamerman, blogger and content maker on the person who teach you how to start withdrawing. For more than 70 years I have been traveling around the world and making content and during this time I am getting a lot of skills and experience working. Visit Iran. I hirsen also possible situations that can only happen in the air. In this with occurs, I will fairies all my knowledge and experience that I have gannet in practice at the end of this girls, you can easily take professional photos and cinematic videos. And now I also wished artist and video second take after persons This chorus Let's begin images with my own hand. Something was captured while traveling and something was Get your just business remains from my home for taking good photos and videos Who is the door you didn't have? The linear a big city ocean This personal chance Your reason Creative this kindof content no matter where you live. I designed this course with graphics screen certain and many off my dance like examples to get you involved and having a permanent understanding during the whole time. Therefore All I have to do is relax and immerse herself in the world off. Aerial suiting. I can say with absolute certainty that this page occurs is the best on the market. And now I will explain Why is that tourist in this read occurs, I collected all the possible topics both for the beginner and for the professional is their second. No sensors and boring theory. Onley practice is this served a lot of useful information in this occurs and each of my words will be prone. It is a good example the Force little trick. Using a simple language, Arison is gonna be a simple and understandable for you. Is there foods Everyone will be able to communicate with me and ask any questions that only has business with yakuza suitable for anyone. Boss was the one who just thinks over Buying a drone and for the professional who wants to get more knowledge and experience in aerial shooting is this. Girls will also be suitable for anyone who wants to get your personal trips, what, to develop social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or you tube. And for someone who wants to earn money using this kind of activity shooting buildings, architecture, a nature. There is a list of items he'll get acquainted to yourself in this curse how to choose the right drone. How to get the flight certificates control analysis and first take off how to fly this safety How to prevent breaking the drone How to fly about the water, What you need to do if the signal is lost. Emergency London Acquainted with an interface important sentence camera settings for photo and video Shouldn't sensitivity adjustment Analysis off all flight funks is fly techniques how to take NYTPhotos How to sit using time lapse. We will also talk about such functions and shutter speed I saw die a frame white balance HDR, andro and more exams of this curse Elder to help waited for just easily and professionally and also edit leaders Is there on your computer on your phone? Don't forget to subscribe to my instagram. Anyone miss new readers and want to be ready to dive into the air a world I will be waiting for you 2. How to Edit Photo on a Computer? | Photoshop, Lightroom: Hi guys. Today in this video, we will talk with you about editing for Fatah taken a VCR drawn. In this video, we will edit this photo together and we will change this water to another. In addition, we add such an effect of depths. We won't check about a number of tools. We will talk about the functions that I would like to use. To begin with, I delete the objects. I don't like in CSF photo. You can delete them with this tool. I often use it when a delete some undesirable objects, people, or some kind of garbage in the photo. Right? And let's open the item filter in our menu and select this one settings, but we're not gonna edit it now so much in the future. Who edits if OTA uses a light room? Here, we'll make elementary initial settings. They will slightly increase the brightness, contrast, luminosity in z frame and slightly change the temperature. And the most important task here is to chance Eichler frozen water. Since we want to make the color of Zomato blue two occurs and with the help of this, sliders will not try to do this. Okay. And here we are trying to change the water. Certainly they didn't do this was the final result. You're trying to change the state from green to blue, sky blue feature in Lightroom, which ends this blue. One, is if we want to get in Zandt, is it the breach ends up boards or changing the color? That's all we will do in Photoshop loop. We put a new layer of photos, which we have already edited on the old one. And from the upper layer we will just removes a bridge and we will have is enrichments, yellow layer, also Fatah, and thereby again the nutshell calories at it head. Let's begin. To begin with using this tool. We need to highlight the bridge entirely. Do it very carefully if you want to gain the perfect results. This is how's a breach is highlighted. We do it carefully. Zen regions the first and the last points and press Delete. Thereby as a bridge from the edited layer is removed and the lower layer appears. Because that's how we saw it. Now, if you take a few steps back, you can see the changes. Now, here's the next step, and it does the same thing with the same tool only visit bridge cables. Now we choose the layer which has started editing, opens the filter. And we slightly change the sentence that are responsible for the color in the brain. They can see how it changed their green color and the picture is getting better. Let's have this value here. And it will slide of the aqua color and make it more pleased. Even at this stage of editing, water can be edited quite beautifully, even result use in Lightroom. The next thing we need to do is to change the marks that is behind the boat, that water does not look nature of. What we need to do. We highlight this water, opens a sentence and smooth out the edges to make it look more natural. Then re-open the seconds and slightly increase the brightness and contrast. Now, our water looks real and materials that it looked before. And we save it. Zahn, the exports of photon interbank format and moving towards the light wrote. After open as a progress, they often offered Victoria about the edit. Now, they are doing the same thing as we did in phlogiston. We do everything once again through improves the final result for the photo. Let's adjust the white balance items of brightness, contrast, luminosity, shades, and saturation can sub-frame. Now let's adjust. One has the main points. This is HCl color. This menu item is responsible for changing the color in the fertile, for the saturation of the scholar is a fertile and for the brightness or the scholar and the photons in this state. And I spend the most time editing support us because it seems to be the most important. Let's look how I do it. Now let's use this blip down inset in vitro Z here because I do want to seek enlight sections of flutter and choose the saturation of this here. For now, let's add some sharpness. Is amend scene, isn't it to go to refer and do it within reasonable limits and add a little bit here, or the same as the main scene instead to go to phi, just do it quiet a little bit. But in the end is a menu item camera calibration. We will make a small adjustment. Tourist visit plus 15 seconds. We said plus 15 answered. We said minus 15. You can see is as the photo has changed for the better. Let's look at the result that we have. Again, it uses a light room. Basically the photo is ready, but now I want to show you the effect of the EPS can make a photo to look like this. Oses. Let's begin. If they're hearing saves a photo from the lateral and replaced it. Does a Photoshop recreate two layers. Regular photon each be edited and it big children's lives difference. Then removes a layer with the depth difference upward. This is necessary to make the bridge to return to it the regional state. When we applied the depth difference filter internalized room, our underside of the bridge became dark and this dark side of the bridge became light. We need to highlight the entire bridge again and press delete the recessive reach color. Here we fix the light and dark sections of liberation and separated it from the ocean. Now, we need to do the same as a breach cables. And it is this yellow supports. Once we get it done because a picture will derived it. Excellent. That's all. As a result, this is the ultimate picture. I wouldn't say there's a picture is better than our first version, a version without depths, but Emerson visits depth also takes in place. And let's compare three versions of our fascia. As a first version is original. I mean, taking the VCR drum is the second version is edited one. And the third version is one, is the addition of an EPS effect. 3. How to Edit Video on a Computer?: Hi guys. I'm glad to see you here. Today. I will tell you how to edit the video. I have already prepared the files from which I will edit the video. I classified Zim Zaha because oceans, Justin sets videos with a bike, widows with sunset, Django, and there is an ocean with surfing. And today, using all the species, we will be editing Zubaida. Let's begin. One of the most important tasks is to choose the right music for Z video you will be editing. This is the key to success. I mean, music must match the mood of the video ends the dynamics of the video. S For me, it takes a long time to find this music. Now, we need to listen to this music and cut it at the right moment. According to this, we will begin to build our tour Construction Set. Let's start editing a video. You need to start with such opening shots in order to introduce the viewer immediately and immerse into atmosphere where he will stay during this time. The need to find some shots for making a beautiful introduction to this window. I can see that it S1 of the frame. So they can use for this introduction. Zara only two main buttons in the video editing. They see button, let's say opens a cursors that will crop Zui Duo NCBI buttons at, let's say, open irregular cursor till Mozi video. Using these buttons, you will put all the parts together by survey. There is a very important scene in the editing. You always need to adjust the video to music. If you already do heats the beat of the music, This is atleast the key to success, and the video should turn out to be rhythmic and beautiful. There is such a problem due to Ziff exit. I record my skin and edit Zubaida as the same time because the computer hardware can it copies its desk entirely xn. That is the reason why Adobe Premier Pro runs slow Zaha for its bit at to be patient. Now the heritage is as following. They have to put all the parts together focusing on some music. I need to look at the music scales that we will see on the timeline and tried to put savage correctly to make zip picture change, heeds the beat. And no, we need to sort out the video on the timeline. I mean, in the beginning, Windsor music, jazz accelerates. They will make small teasers to interest the viewer. And Zan, we'll put the videos in the right order. I mean, we put all the videos visa by an ocean one after another. In this case, we pretty Wednesday videos for some incomprehensible, chaotic other. Let's does it follow by virtue of the fact that my computer is running slow and it's where an account for double towards the video editing. Now, I will quickly show you how I did it. I will tell you some highlights. Some who want to immerse themselves as much as possible in the process of editing and see all the details of editing this video, I will insert a full recording, the end of the video you're watching right now. Some who are interested. My watch it once again. The third scene we need to do is to choose the right music. As the second scene we need to do is to cut the music in order to point out that beginning ends a nd. As assert scene we need to do is to take the already sorted out video from below or folder and simply try many times to put Z. We do have is your audio track. If you want to make a widow at 16 by nine resolution, you need to put the frame in the center. Now, let's check out what we have. Why? Now, let's take a look how I was editing this EDA. Okay. Yeah. Okay. 4. How to Edit Photo on a Phone?: Hi guys. Today I'm gonna be showing you how I edit Ziff Auto staking, visit Rome on my phone. Let's go to photos. Luke was a photo. You want to add it and open it with the Lightroom obligation. If you don't have it here, like me, you can get out of here, go to the Lightroom and opens as photo Kinsey obligation. In the beginning, if it's necessary, we have to grow up it. You can do like 16 by 94, by 31 by one, and so on. Let's not screw up it. We believe it's in the original. V will slightly increase it manually to make it easier for editing. You can say that outer Satan and the application will ultimately gonna edit zip oughta ins away. It seemed needs. But as a rule, it's not gonna work. I do not advise you to do this because advisor to edit the photo by yourself. Let's begin. First of all, let's go to the lag section and change the exposure and contrast receives is afforded, turned out to be quite dark and sudden didn't have the right sentence. But right now we will fix Emerson here. We have to increase x Bowser. Let set somewhere evolved 0.25. and let's increase the contrast Elliot Toby ins. But you have to remember is that your suit didn't go too far. If you go too far because a fungi can turn out to be quite nature. Oh, let's continue editing x_ photo. Now, go to the Color section and edit. So I'd valence x_N, we have vibrancy and saturation. No, let's go to one of the most important sentence. According to my opinion, this is color editing, color mix, check how it works. In reverse scale, you tends a colour. In the second scale, you add saturation to this color. Start scale, you add brightness, does this color? Let's begin. No, let's go. Does a section for a fats and Chen, Some said don't zap. And we have something like this. If you take this photo for your Instagram or for some social networks and wanted to grow up. It's LE, told me it's, I mean took guts, it's using templates. I recently normally they got some subtle Xist. Saves this picture. That's all friendly speaking, it's quite easy to edit the picture on your phone taken withdrawn. After savings there, Fatah, if I put it to my Instagram, I sometimes add some effects forums or VSCO application. This is one of the most popular filter applications for your photos. Here I have filter favorites and now let's see what we can choose. For example, I like N9 and let's use it, but not very much. Somewhere around seven. Press OK. And saves this Fatah. And now let's compare our serif photos. Because I picture before, zed, picture after. All right, here we added the Zapata using zeolite wrong. But here we ended VSCO filter. This is quite a simple way. You can edit your photos. S2, You guys see you next time. Goodbye. 5. How to Edit Video on a Phone? : What's up guys? Today, I will tell you how to edit just taken Vizio drone video on your phone. Let's go. To begin with, we need to open the DJI go for application. In this application, as there is an editor button below. And there is a built-in reader editor where you can edit your video quite easily and quickly. Let's begin. Here you have two options. You can edit Zubaida only in a manual mode, but also you can edit the video using automatic mode and the earphone visa help OCD jag of application edits x2y2 completely by itself. Let's try to edit the video in outer modes. I have already moved a video on my phone that I want to edit and know you need to choose a widow. You want to add to your timeline. Here, I have four videos that I want to add and press Create. To be honest, this result is not going to work for me. Make us everything here is bad, ugly, and absolutely Teslas. But in general, if you are a beginner and you didn't care how VR video looks like. Then here you can choose the mood. Let's choose, for example, is this kinds of moods. The Permian toaster. Now I can choose an epic mode. As you can see, it adds even transition elements, so you can click complete and renders the leader. But as this is not our case, we will be editing a video by ourselves completely in manual mode. Let's begin. In this item, we also need to choose a material for putting it on the timeline. We choose this for videos that I have already moved to my phone. And you can see what webcast was on the child's. What did I do first? To begin with, I need to cut every video in the right place. I mean, to make the beginning and to make the end of this video. You can also click on Zomato. And you get a minuss setting where you can change the widow speed, plays the video back to front. I mean the reverse change brightness contrast, and many others. Since this video will continue for seven seconds, let's may exist we do to continue for seven seconds as well. Let's move this window and also change its length. So let's change the music right away because the music which played before is the Rayleigh disgust. Tim. Let's take Sarah commended for this Guido. And till now, let's be exist music. Let's replace this cert. Let's try to do here are some sunlight exists. Well, this is Sampson legs is we can also make transitions from one object to another. We have some possibilities for transitions. Lots of several transitions are not going to work well. That's why I don't like to use them. You can also add some effects to each tweet. But I wouldn't advise to do it. Is there you can also put any text on xA v dot. I just realized is that it's better here to add some contrasts and a little bit saturation to our picture. As this is a simple way, you can edit a video on your phone today into K twenties. It has become quite easy and seriousness and difficult hair, though saves a video. We helped her breast complete, and zeta will start to be created. After zed, as a video will be saved in your gallery and you can easily upload it to your social networks. For doing this, you didn't need a computer or some auxiliary do isis, you only need Edgar on your phone, NCD J gopher application. I hope that you realize is that it's very easy to edit the video and this can even be done using a phone. Of course, I recommend doing it with the computer. But in general, was F1, if it wanted to edit some cynic wiggly and upload it to your social networks immediately. It's very convenient and very simple. Saying gear so much. I will be glad to see you next time. Good luck. 6. How to Choose a Suitable Drone, Comparison and Purchase: What's up, guys? Look at this person office. This video, of course, today in this video we're going to talk about to Senator Lindsey Graham is for stopping at where to start which characteristics are or Spain and ancient to. And probably you must realize which is all you need. And now I'm gonna help you. You still don't have it as wrong, and you're sinking and breaking here had always a subject We just gonna book for buying Market is original is a remark air McMeen e d. J two broke and age ageism In my time, I have spent long enough in choosing and spent quite a lot of time online without even after a visit on to choose of them as it was by difficult for me. That's why today I'll tell on which characteristics it's worse, just our bed, where it's were span attention to on Like what d. J writes toe have a good marketing ploy is this widow I will help you to save temperament. Purchase must get off on an expensive their own that well, like just at your home. They will be scary to launch it because it will cost around $2000. Today, Intricate wanted to have a huge number of drones, such as seen in mandarins, drones, fourth seeds, a gram, endurance and rescued runs. Even before took a 15 by an bedroom was quite encourages decision because there was no automatic equipment inside the drone, and according to this, it was difficult to control it because they look like huge dimensional boxes or cases that somehow went up in the air. It was such unknown category drums aboard only by movie makers, some video capers, rescue workers and frequently by companies off state level because it was expensive, inconvenient and very difficult. And in addition to this, you should have especially trained Pilot and so on. Well, never have took eight watches. Everything got easier. Just control got much simpler, less, and quality is better and higher. There are quite a huge number off the runs in different industries, but for today, in this video we will talk about the G I. This company is the best German. A picture is America because they managed the mag drones like Merrick, the company is famous for producing film equipment has been working in the same the money in the Street for a long time. It has a lot of several lasers, and after stabilizes the company began to descend. Quite captures terribly, namely, quite captures perfuming at the beginning. Deserve a quick captures without camera is it? Just flew around. Was ahead toe at fish three. Xs tabular is there the stabilizer had to have a go pro and on the Senate would be able to feel soon Drones get cameras, and the company got it up all over the world in despair. All drones with cameras for leader in the industry. Quad copters because to be honest, betters and say nobody does Hadow and this little drone they managed to pull just a 1,000,000 functions and Sarette ical e It can take off by itself to feel what I need and sit down without my attention. Of course I will put to it. Is this sentence before they cannot? But now everything is completely automatic. They have secured loans as much as possible by agent here. A lot of parking sensors that allows um being crashed supper functions are also added. One of them is to come back home well, and so we'll talk about that in detail. in the next video lessons where I basically ever since with this necessary to know Ambrose's room and reach drones and G I offer store us well, let's probably start from the best room and get down gradually. Below and below Merrick Chipper is considered as the best in the lineup. Deejay its press $1600. The next one gonna be Magic Chisholm, who is searching 50 for it is this sort mispriced nine wanted. All of us is my heir, and the last one, I mean it is the press up. It is $400. Yeah, for kind of It's not so expensive rhythm. But later you know why it's one of the bedrooms into D. J. Merrick lineup. So let's talk about the drum First in $1600 is this is marked across The purpose of the drawing is gonna be commercial fisherman, but it's also gonna move for commercial video clips, carcinoma everything. Where's the quality of the picture is really important. It makes a professional picture. This is wrong, was acquitted this hassle. But Cameron it This camera and this room make a critical night picture. It means that we don't make in a few minutes or what a Phil Miller at night will be made lenses. Room is the best of all. The answer is simple. All expensive drones. Clothes here too much well, makes quite nice pictures in my lifetime today. I mean both photos. Pahlavi does I wanna be good and wannabe Bad is the reason is one also has a Dorantes did not satisfy our demands. It's impossible to shoot at night as the picture crashes, all in big cells, all in granularity. It's simply unreal, his next steps in its magnetism and expressed not 1600 but certain 50. Why is this so different in price? And look, it's important to understand that marked Ipra and Marxism, there absolutely is the same, except for a camera camera uprooted Merrick. Super. It's Hasselblad camera. Maverick Chisholm was taken from the first moment, but in this camera manufacturer editor. Possibility of Zuman camera and zoom in this force, but it can get closer. Offers a picture in real time. Of course, in the violet prism loses pros. That was a list on the whole is exactly the same. Drum dances, rawness. Nice difference is only one in the camera, so if you're leaning a picture in medical Teoh Teik Perversion, however absolute, is the same help consumers except one as a camera. Merola. When I was chosen between broad, handsome Hi choose problem this hope that it will be cool to film it Violet during sunset. I can tell that it's filming critical, but certainly it's filming better. So if I have or Zimmer's for myself, I would probably be, Avery said, that I couldn't film sunsets. The sunsets that I got here is to fill in proportion. Wouldn't be able t o because it was quite dark. But some option. I think I wouldn't have something better taking everything. Intercon This is wrong. It's practical with a bunch of sensors from collisions. And basically, if you want to get a picture beans, um, during their flights in real time, please direct ism should be years drones on how many differences. It's pretty difficult to get them distinguished except a suspension. This company even offers an additional suspension. It certainly doesn't recommend and even forbids changing it at home for the day on sale. Instead of hassled by suspension, a confines, um, suspension and somehow it can be changed like has sobered suspension instead of one and automatically is the application on your phone. There is an opportunity. It is, um, a picture. That's why drones. It's a story that drones are dating as maximum as possible, but it's only a case of a camera. So the next one we will talk about its mark hair with the price. $120. In general, it's a very cold run, which can film even in pocket quality. But after its release, Mark Mahaney, I want advise to buy because it's like a transition version for me to pro one and or paying 500 for four K Picture looks at Bear to hear the drum spells so good it has its own audience. There are people who prefer to use only Malik Air because it's important for them to have a picture in four K. Quality is they don't want to pay 1600 though his areas certain 50%. Also in general, there is actually a difference for 400 bucks and indifference in my work, meaning now I want to talk about the most interesting thing about the news down in the lineup. Merrick, This mark, meaning its price. 400 bucks, of course, for this price that can buy for a Cellmark minute. It is what it looks like personally, but only my subjective opinion. I consider it as the bus down in the line off the roads Merrick, because if they compare its price, its abilities and survey, it makes a leader. This is awesome. Listen, but this price, you can get quite tickled on this white time. 30 minutes and fly distance around some kilometers, the little me I am on my own run didn't succeed the rich at distance or wasn't kilometers Xavi a few moments, but in overall it's not necessary. It's not the functions of people. Get the use to help. Is this drop by approx of my distance stated for seven kilometers? Literally. Everything depends bonds area where you launch it into the city or somewhere else, alerted in Bali and the maximum distance, which I reached according to my opinion of Wasco kilometer. Believe me, even in Bali, where civilization is almost absent, this is done after tune for kilometers distance begin to lose the signal, but it's stated as seven kilometers maximum. Merola. There is no drones that can achieve a state of distance. Of course it can fly off, but the picture will be awful. And that will be practical and our signal. And most likely, you have to return it by using automatic mode because they will get lost. That connection. Always talk more in detail about my meaning, why it's worth buying and why I rise to buy, especially for beginners, experienced or even guys who just want to make videos for social networks. Are you, too, because make many courts with this task just want literally features given in Mark Mahaney . Absolutely no, that's my meaning, differ from Merck Air Mark and has spoken faulted. But my queen, he hasn't That is the main difference. Off John spoke equality. The picture made bite mark. Meaning is two points of in my air. A picture has spoke. Equality was, it's worse over paying 500 bucks for four K. If I have two points and probably know where or if you're a beginner and you have never headed run, this option is the best food. Trust me to find seven absolutely enough and even more again dependent on what goes you have. But frequently nobody tries to make a video in four K called him for rarely. I shoot info que infrequently when you have to capture an image acero. All people use now, then 80 and even 2.7. You can change the 10 80 heavens this quality. It will be exactly enough for all for you two for social matters, even just for a home collection. I did not device to change your for Kate picture because now 90 or 95% users and get all content from the Internet through mobile devices. I mean fruitful. Listen, no one turns the focus video on the form, but if they turn, it'll they didn't know what is the difference between 10 84 k Since screen on the phone is quite small. That's why I wouldn't advice the chase for okay, though at the person love. Okay, I like heaven, said a good picture on the monitors, lad, herbs or innocently elsewhere. I can enjoy this school resolution globally for social media for today. It's not necessary, you know, in a what is this video now in 10 80 because that went from doesn't support four K resolution is that it's an answer. Deejay produces the drunk with the way 249 grams. Thus awaits most states. Flight certificate lows and drones is a great lesson. 200 foot and grams can fly results This certificate. There was this advice to get you know, the laws of the country where you're gonna launch it because there are places where it's absolutely forbidding. You can be penalized for doing it. Actually, Jamie is considered s a toy, but believe me, it doesn't look like it because it makes a great media. But there are also disadvantages, and one of them is the size of this room about compactness. It's kind of for clues, but when you take it off while s from a win, especially around loses disability. According to the manufacturer statement is the flight distance for my community is four kilometers, but believe me, you don't have to pay much attention to it. I do not believe that make me will be able to reach four kilometers distance without any problems, and it's necessary to divided by two by three, or by four once again dependent on the place where you're gonna fly. But overall, it's a great comfort options that feeds for transportation and terrible. I would really want to have Sister because there is a psychological barrier. For example, I would say I sort of one cool picture where I have to fly very low there some rocks or between threes. Psychologically, it's quite difficult to launch a drone with the full set for $2000. Just trust me. When you help had run for $400 on subconscious level, it's easier somehow for you to treaded, and perhaps a friend will come out even better. And don't forget with manic minute. It's very easy to feel a good quality picture. That is why you don't have to sing about the rumors that after buying Mark, meaning a picture will be different from Mary to prove. No, it's wrong. If you prefer to fly doing today into a light, then, of course, picture the different. But believe me, if it's topic about social networks, YouTube or just indifferent, you won't feel a difference. It's not just a story, it's 1/3 was great abilities. And in the right hands, it's glad a professional instrument for filming for for Ireland's human. Next, we'll talk about gonna be details Creatures Off Deejay, which boasts about on its own website. Now I want to talk about money to You have to understand that my victor is in the same time I wake Tipper and my autism. They're just divided into two sub categories. Doris Maverick Brought and Cyrus Merrick Zoom. But normal. Is this a smoke, too? My super and magnetism make every day in the same way. They have only one difference. A camera, but in general, by the picture of race, equality is a hair almost the same day. Boss can hair and make in four K resolution info. Okay, you can feel maximum at 30 frames per seconds here if you turn 2.78 confirm at six difference per second. If it don't then 80 you can feel at 101 difference brought. Second, I think. Very Sloper. Slow motion. It's 240 but I think if I'm not mistaken, it's 7 20 Brief answers. Appoint was a risk, an option in slow motion, and it's possible that the picture is awful, but it's possible. Keep talking, especially about five. The jays picketed the wrong filling with us by I can say constantly. It's a life because I maximum attitude for postal. Five kilometers and the picture. American rivers close inequality. But it was simply impossible to keep flying hours lying and blind spent hands in saying he needs okay. The time limit applied is 31 minutes. It looks like a deus, but again, this is the time in ideal conditions. It's true, doesn't cases. There is no way, a little if you'll find not fast if you're filming in low quality and someone. But in general, this figure is close to the truth, and my reaches somewhere around 25 27 39 means so yes, certain one minute. Apply this theoretical a true D. J. Brexit's a second Russian of Myrick Pro got a bunch of sensors that's also through those sensors. Send me around five times from collisions with rocks, threes and some other obstacles. So if to be more in detail to parking sensors, we have in front two behind, one from a bow, one from below and two more on each side and secretly. It's very safe, I remind, has ever about five situations when I could break it, but it didn't happen. It's parking sensors always saved me. If you begin to talk about automatic modes such as tech to track, the only move most often get crushed in our romantic modes. Also sets work in automatic most, but they should have lead zones. And if we take statistics of large systems, most of them were damaged or even crashed. Just when pilots used some automatic punks. Is theoretically is there as a main differences in the first version from as a drones drones with sensors and equipped with automatic devices existed. Drones. MK two brought Americanism. How eight gigabytes Building memory. So if you could but doesn't have the memory card you always have built in memory. When I heard that information, I started just America template that it's unnecessary and unreasonable. But I can say is that they send me around 10 times because when you upload materials on your laptop, you can often forget to put a member card beckons, and on the same day you might go somewhere to fight. Then this is a gigabytes, quite often saving. That's why I advise if you comes, this idea bites in the reserve of the reserve. I'm in additional which is inside the term. I always advise to keep it clean. There is a human factor. It's very easy to forget a memory card, so this is a gigabytes can always help you out. Mark Air is an excellent I want to talk about this price. 120 bucks. Here is something you and what D. J boasts. It has got suited to megapixel panorama that you see now on your screen. Company also boasts that it's very portable and runs health. Three. Exes, Gimble I'm in suspension, which can feel in okay today about the version spark. There was no sense to talk about. Yes, this is an important correction. We are talking about two versions of this line about magic program and my ex park. There is a reason I find Park as the childish life in principle. It's users because of release Mark Air and my meaning. America first version is also census, and we are only talking about actual grounds for Took it once Just wanted. First they stayed that Mark Air hasn't absence to be controlled by hands. It means it can just put their hand up when drawing pictures. Some of your sense of gestures and reacts to, according to this gets teachers and, for example, get okay there off. We want to make a picture with your friends, putting your hand up, and in the next three seconds it makes a border or you're so a comment like home or it's off. It lends down. You can find this function on the site where you can get acquainted with. But to be honest, I consider it a senseless what it's about the maximum of five Prime of Mark, where it stated at 21 means. And to be honest, it's not enough thinkers on breakfast is gonna be somewhere about 15 18 minutes. I doubt that helps three better. It's also I have many friends for losers. 21 minutes. It's really not enough. It makes a bit rate 100 megabits enough. Okay, makes a motion video age. Therefore, basically, it says, Sandel said, and there is nothing special about it. And now I want to talk about the newest and most interest in Rome, Marik many. Why do I think it's one of the best rooms within surprising quality? Because they were able to fit in the surprise for 100 bucks. Incredible number, all after features, advantages. An incredible number of abilities which are available in marked Oprah. Of course, not all, it's clear. It's obvious they could visit physical as they could, but in the way of marketing seems very unlikely. By doesn't Mark Air, it's worth and Magnini, because men, if I set a meanness and air 21 even s meaning it costs 400 bucks and Airline 20. Yeah, mike 1,000,000 doesn't have okay picture, but I want size that this is important for folk. A picture you over pay 500 bucks? I did enough. I'm not sure, by the way. Manic meaning weights 249 grams, which allows it to away the low score. More states Onley over 250 grams You have to buy and hair and run license. In addition, if you have under 249 grams, it's the same s a type. It means because it's fine. And don't forget that my uniforms and good World 2.7 cave This quality is fine. And for it it's very easy to make a team a picture you can take a quietly. It's easy it's like this. It can set it up, take off and make echo picture of him on social media anywhere. It gives us any task. Supply distance, former community, stated a spa kilometers. This is equality TJ boast about. It's difficult to believe because once again I said I don't achieve sick around four kilometres and a picture almost post apart at the distance around three kilometers. I begin tell us a signal from that camera in control panel and the picture also part. It's disgusting. They also both that does is run. They put an application on the Airfone with which you can immediately hated it, hated photos and videos and immediately uploaded to your social levels. Go into Sam. This is an information and it to know about systems. Let's sum up if you want a cool picture. Perfect quality if we have commercial projects. If you make Phillips movies and a categorical care about a cool quality of your picture. If you film at night, definitely it's necessary to take my big to pro if you don't hold such a professional camera. But you won't ever seen a bedroom. Well, you will find a bunch of sand Selves that help you to prevent breaking it or take my activism. This is also a good drunk, makes a cool picture equipped with a lot of features and as a drunk. It's very cool in honest Razouk and certainly Mark I wouldn't advise to buy because the price is 150 bucks and four K picture. Well, I don't know. I'm not sure. I think I don't find it as the best option because of the options with D. J is currently offering. If you have never had bedroom and if you need further on in order to upload candidate to social media, you can really take Merrick. Meaning. Listen, we have to understand the social networks, absolutely all social networks, God's equality, really minute. And even if a picture gets filled with Tipper Russian after uploading it on the YouTube or some other social networks, will be absolutely shirt because there's a quality which gets cut after applauding if he opens and missile for him on the your computer and open every day after uploading it to the Internet. And you asked before, Why is this happening? It's quite small. It makes 2.7 K videos it has almost those of features that almost pose as interns help. Yes, it doesn't feel in four K, and it's not such stable in windy weather. But trust me as to the person who is experienced. This is Ron works well. This is a perfect room for a beginner. This is a perfect don't by a man who wants to make a beautiful video because Israel is really coping. Is this task Most people buy their own sportsline, enjoying and fuming at the same time? Perhaps after what your uploaded to social networks. In addition for this task, Mark Mahaney is gonna work. I do not advise tasting Marik Tipper because, well, I serious, it's expensive and Mike Munich and also the Alza tasks at the same time, Elena was there as the red runs. In addition, your heavy trees, if you want professional quality, willing to sacrifice, actually mentions big money has then by magic Tipper. If you don't want mark to prop, But anyway, you have enough money for E. Take my picture. Zoom if you don't want marriage, super but you still care about four K quality. Take mark air, but if you don't care about for cake picture and you don't want to over by a lot. Take my community and you won't be disappointed. I hope this will help you. Quite a. I hope you will make the right choice and buys a ride drawn for yourself. See you in the next two adolescence. 7. How to Get a Flight Certificate?: Hi, everyone. Today we will talk about what is. I don't certificates how to get it and why it's necessary. Certificates. It's a kind of permission for flying on an unmanned aerial week. In the beginning, you must familiarize yourself with the legislation off your country or any country where you're gonna lunch your girl. Moreover, he should know that there are zones were strictly forbidden dental on Children and find sometimes exceed $5000 such as signable, Dubai or other Arab countries. If you get caught, it's likely to be issued a huge find and you will lose your room. But maybe you will be like it. You will get an aura warning and go home busy order in. At best. It will just be asked to remove just film material from your drunk and never launch it there anymore. There are also airport zones where physically you won't be able to learn Children because there are many Jimmer surround. There are elementary safety message and you should knows it. However, there are also zones where you will be hello torch, but only once a confirmed in the DJ ago for application that you understand that we are launching a drone in a dangerous zone and you take full responsibility. The application will ask you to share your phone number and make an electronic signature care by confirming that you agree with the DJ I policy. After that, you can launch. In addition, many countries do not require flight certificates, so you need to familiarize yourself. Is this loss very carefully? If you have more like many, then I congratulate you. It can fly without a certificate. Nevertheless, why? Because it weighs 200 foot in and grams according to the laws of most Congress, the registration off the drill is necessary. If the wait begins from 250 grams and over that this Y d J has for evaded the loss of many states. Now let's figure out what is applied certificates and how to get it. It's an example we will take the United States of America is the fact is that Americans don't even know the rules off life and the police to and only a good study was this question and knowledge was the loves. A low Sisto lunch it safely and make friends in front of the police. First, we'll talk about things which more or less everybody knows in the United States before the flights, you need to register your drunk on the drums own website. It's a state website. Well, you can register your drone Murrow. Here you will find two options. Option number one part 107 an option Number two, Selection 300 statistics. Which option to choose and what is the difference here? But 107 commercial use and hubby selection through 100 statistics on the whole be and not as a way around 107. Is this the registration I love? Sit alone is the drones, and it's considerate, as I hope it. But the other way around doesn't selections. 100 statistics. It's like a right to drive. It means you register a license for yourself and can launch any drum and change it every day. The Manson is to stick the sticker on Children because it's kind of that license plate. In addition, part 107 it's the registration for a specific drone, like a registration card for a car. If you want to tend to run in the future, you will need to get this permission again, it means part 107 registers a specific room, and selection 336 registers a person part 107. It's much better because this registration gives permission for both commercial objectives and Herbie, it's convenient. More OA selections were handed. Statistics loc to get a number and stick it toe any off your drugs. In addition, Selection 336 doesn't order to figure out the drone I d. That's why it looks more anonymous after you registered the drone and got the number it needs to be stuck. They're at the options as well. You can easily stick it by a sticky tape or check it on Amazon and by drone I D sticker. Its price is about 10 bucks. At the same time, you can stick your phone number on it. If anyone finds here drone. It's quite possible that this person will call and return it to you. So we figure out a question about the dorm registration. I think you realize for what is there about 100 sarin and selections were handed. Statistics make the right choice. Now let's take a look at the frequently asked questions. Can I fly around 400 feet about hide? Yes, you can. You cannot excellent fly 400 feet about that. The point of the highest obstacle on the ground. It means if there is a skyscraper nearby, 1000 feet high, you can find at 1400 feet. Hide is it's legal in Canada, by the way, instead of 400 feet. So figure is 300. So if you're from Canada, keep it plays in mind. Can I fly at night? Yes, you can. Under rules 107. You cannot fly at night, but they're also handed statistics. You can fly tomorrow. I personally called the F A A and was Still it was possible to fly under rule suit handed, sit to six and even having the registration 107. From now on, we can conclude that having any of this registrations you can launch and fly at night. And as a frequently asked question, Ken, if I Edwin over private property, yes, you can. There was one situation in the United States, followed by a trail between the airport and one farmer that are most said. I forbid the planes to fly from your airport or my private territory because it's loud. And the judge replied that it doesn't possess also space to outer space over his farm and said, Hey, possesses an air up not for wasn't 83 feet high, there was only one president. So basically, if you're flying from 100 to 400 feet high, that's legal. Following question again, If I had run near the airport, yes, you can. But all of this permission from the airport This is a very important amendment. You can, but only with permission. Because if you want Children without this, permission is wrong. One take off or just for being at high in general, only with permission you can cause that airport percent accreditation and obtain permission for doing it without permission. You cannot no way you can, because at least you create a very dangerous situation for planes taking off and landing down. But I think this is our abuse and they are not worth talking about. Okay, now let's make a conclusion about that all since we talk about in this widow. Firstly, familiarize yourself is alot. Secondly, registered isn't wrong. Certainly let's go in this video. We have analyzed the example of the United States. So we are talking about the other countries. I highly strongly Rick come in from L. A rise in yourself is a lot because it's possible to lose, said Ron. And by a big fight and remember safety, we will always be a priority. 8. Kit Review, First Power-Up, Connect With the Phone and Activate: friends. Let's quickly talk about the packaging and make any books, and shortly we have actually bedroom. It's a control panel cable for iPhone, a cable for Android. A connector per sample forms a charger. Blades many blades late, by the way, is a very important and something like a manner. Elsa is arrest, um sticks separately, forms a control panel. It's necessary to Freston's them separately to the control panel. To some extent, it's a plus because the council becomes more compact. But to some extent it's a minus because if is enough to get some list, I can see there is a complete kid fly more combo. It's worth buying because at least it has two extra batteries, and now you are not limited in fight time at certain minutes. Also does this complete set. There are additional blades, which are important because Leight's they're a kind of consumables. Tomorrow, every six months, depending on the frequency, lunch it, but in general every six months it is desirable to change. Them Also does a complete set climb or combo. Zahra Additional sticks was a cultural panel. They're important, pretty much because it's quite easy to get the most therefore, basically, I advise everyone to buy this kid because I consider it as an important addition to your drunk. Now let's talk about how to activate the drone actors a purchase inserts about. We re enter the charger and make sure that it's will the church. Make sure that the mother s is connected to the Internet can examine while device to the remote control Cancel turns the council and run on press next in the deejay golf or pop up window. Create a name for your drunk said that Joe Stick more sitting more to be said by this vote , said the buttons was a control panel for convenient to fight. This is an arboreal off the interface for LCD display in the control panel. Select a unit of measurement It's recommended to set. Beginner are inexperienced. Was it your slight? Confirm your account phone number Click Activate. Congratulations now is the drone is ready for flying sounds fortune 9. Preparing the Drone For Take-Off, First Take-Off, Control Analysis: don't know what the deejay go for. Application in the Apple Store or Google play on the your mobile device and for their more controllers collapse and attached. There are cystic. Six unfolds. A remote controllers on tennis was a cable on the left side of the remote. Controller can connect the phone with the remote controller after a second roller is connected to the phone and the mobile device is clamped to the remote controller and fold the aircraft. Arms press and hold the power button for two seconds to turn on a remote controller, and the aircraft plays the aircraft from the level grown largely Judy, I go for application under phone. Choose Mericle on the home screen. The flight status back from the top of the screen shows the aircraft and census current working condition. One's application shows ready to go. Pushpa sticks to the bottom in their corners to start the motors, then pour celestic up to take her. You can also present out to take over, but Gonzales those applications to get airborne, taking control of stick more to. As an example, celestic controls the aircraft cultivated and nose directions, while the right street controls it for run by car left and right moments. Legs it up right under one's application toe, enters a remote controller minions and change this week. Mode is the aircraft flies too far. You can check the current aircraft position on Zimmer in the bottom left corner president, Flight house, but on Wednesday, Remote controller for emergency braking and forward. There are many intelligent futures building in the intelligence life menu on the left side off the menu, which greatly simplifies flight operations. A P a s l apps are within obstacles automatically on Lou in Flint, forward and backward that returned home off press and hold that smart f th bottom from the remote controller to send the aircraft back to the take of spot. The function buttons on the right side of the obligation. Our current camera parameters that since minuto adjust shooting such as exportable shooting , most also a slide bars. It shows gimble, too, and playback button. You can also record your flight and capture stunning moments by the shirt. Can't Buttons on the remote controller, for example, is a gimbal. Dial controls the cameras too setter, but click to snap a photo record button. Press to start a stop recording the video. Till then, the aircraft pulled down the lipstick. Until you start the ground, you can also click the outer London button ins application and let the drone do the rest of the job sounds fortune. 10. Types of Take-Off and Landing: in this lesson, we launched a drunk for the first time. Then we will take about control to begin. It is we need to remove the gimbal lock if you turn on the your drone with the lock that can be overheated and then broken. That's why we have to remove the lock ends. Envy opens elex the opens in their own slags. Remember, the blaze don't have to touch the other objects. I have broken many blades in this way. Let's firstly chooser place and put it on the flat surface. For example. Here we need a controller unit opens and tennis and puts a vertical and in parallel opens the lower holder and screws. It sticks. It is a juristic. Then we need to it. That's the form Here. We have got a slot for your phone. Is there for iPhone or for hundreds? It desirable to removes a case from your phone because it's not always possible to put it in, you need to put your front Oh, the phone holder and fix well enough, then returns a controller and turn inside room. If you want to turn on your controller, you need to click twice one short and one long and wait for about two seconds. No one has absolutely is the same. It turns some Answer one long. Wait a bit. Got it Is a room is on. The controller is on now We need to open the deejay. Go for application. There is a shortcut right here opening the DJ I go for application. We have already registered and actuated the drum. How to calibrate a campus is a draw Needs always be calibrated Even if you move one kilometer away from the last flight point Doesn't matter calibrated room Because there are electromagnetic fields and interferences It needs to be calibrated permanently It will be better for its GPS and for orientation in space It's requesting to calibrate the campus. You can see it here Right now we press here and here it can calibrate the campus. It's implication doesn't request to do it Zero sticks on the right switches off light months as mote remote and t modes It came was the controller up and down for several times . Then I will open the compass calibration Open it what we need to do We capture dead syndrome horizontally sums Alexis then to rotate it vertically. That's always a collaboration is over. The campus is own. Then we have till the towns of lates gives the place a notoriety and you turn on the drum. It's pulling hard to let them out of any leads. Blades out. It will start. It'll immediately there. One bass drum, shaken. Let's figure out which is the takeoff options. We help Option number one removed two sticks down and on ourselves mother zone. And basically, is it all we can fly? You have to understand. Many take off with the first time ever since slowly, you cannot get a cast them. It is it room and disease control Laureates. Something can always go room. That's why the recent slowly for taking off breast ballistic up slowly is going up. Is the drum in the air? This is the first option for taking off. Let's lend it down now, explains that option. Number two. After London, the motors for down automatically and you don't have to do that. Take up option number two. This is an option in automatic mode. Many people do, is it? I don't use it, and I don't understand why it's for me. It's is there to take over my nearly. What do we need to do the president? A cough button on the screen and slides it take of Butel. Slide it. Zadran is on and went to annul. Did it for about one myself. Meters. Is that so? It's taking off, and you can do whatever you want. Seminal option is done. The outer option is done, and there is a certain option must. Often I use it on the beach. If you learned down a Durham on the beach, the motors are likely to be broken. It's a very bad idea, and the third option is taken off from the hands. But once again, different people launch it differently. Some people just put it on their hands, but I will share you my option. As for me, it's comfortable to take it neatly with my pen Girls from below and moved down two sticks by face. The president of sticks and the blade starts spinning, and there at the absence, you can take it off by the bottom. By cystic up, you can move up and down and into power is impressive. Stick up and go. Let's figure out how the Menil Lyndon goes, If it turns the drum they had taken off and we are in the air and it just moves the stick down and hold it. It's adrenaline's down. The sensors react were Iselin servers and lens down by itself, next to hell Injun on the hand. This is also a very important moment. When you, for example, fly under beach walking somewhere where it's difficult to learn down. It won't be easy to lend it down onto your hand. It's noticing. I recommend to doing, but do it carefully enough. Remember many drums breakdown and remember, you can cut their fingers and Brexit on at the same time. So let's take up once again, and I will show you how to do it. Suppose the rest of rocks in front of me or a surface I cannot lend on. What do we need to do? Well, our down does it kind off height. It's necessary to knows that the dam has sense of Bill O. If I put my hand under it, it will begin to assent. What am I doing in this case? I take it abruptly. Look, I took it from below and stick down the motor standoff. It's not difficult. Just be safe 11. Important tips before take-off: hi guys Today we will talk about it a bit concerning every during owner personal me. It's concerning how not to lose Sidra, how not to crash during contro What to do if you lost their own signal How to prepare at around for flight So l want rules The horse and one of the main flight arose is compass calibration is drawing Compass needs to be calibrated before each flight infuse the application doesn't ask you to calibrated run. You have better to do it every time. Every new place is this is any location the magnetic fields, interferences and different frequencies. It's quite easy to calibrate the drum How to calibrate a compass The drug needs always be calibrated. I mean, if you move one kilometer from the last flight place you have to calibrate the drum because there are many electromagnetic fields, There are many interferences and it will be better for your drone was wrong with it the GPS in general, it will be better for orientation in space. Is that this wife? It needs to be calibrated constantly. Here it's requesting me to calibrate the campus. You can see this is where repress and he you can calibrate the campus, but he was application doesn't request to do it. On the right is a rustics which switch the most of flight s moat. Be mold 20 mode. If we move three times up and down, up and down, up and down It was a campus collaboration will be available. Here we have it. What do they have to do? We need to do is to general on one excess heres something like this. Then turn it over and twist on the other exercised ways. Is that so? Collaboration is for the compass is turn the don't Arthur's a typical sound The second and most important room to check off the sentence of the room related to Herm written in sentence. There are several types of sentence that you're setting Determines what to do to drum in case of signal loss. Visitor on There are three options with the first option to hover in the air about I think it's set in every during by the world. The second option to lend on the same place where the signal was lost, added advised Digit. This is the worst option and the sort option to begin returning home. If you launch it indoors, it's better to set the option. How about in the air and in all other cases to return home? Because when Zittel begins to return home, it will sooner or later recovers a signal from your remote controller, and we will be able to keep the drunk and continue to do what you did simply landed in many elements. However, the homer turn setting has its own extra setting. You must send the altitude reaches of their own will take up to return home after the loss of signal from my remote controller, by the way, will soon be available to a word, obstacles while returning home. The elder did. Ah, home returning mode is a very important factor. For example, a drone flights or was a field and the maximum height of the object is 5 10 meters. In this case, I said so altered it off for Merton and motor about 30 meters in case of signal loss with their most controller, yoga is able to take off to the ultimate officer Tim Meters, return home on a straight tragic story and lend down on the takeoff point. And if you launch order in the city and there are a lot of high billions. I would advise citizens of flight pelted it off 50 meters higher than the highest building s. For me, it's Culmer because it did approximately and I can't be mistaken understanding exactly the height of some objects sent from about. There are still wires stretched between builders, and therefore it's better to be overcautious and said the multitude 50 meters higher than the highest object where you buy in this way, you will secure yourself and your drunk. When's the emergency? Herman is activated in case home returning. Don't can you an aurora from Jubeir somewhere about one with house meters maximum so the takeoff place needs to be choosing open enough. That is why, in case of emergency landing, your drone is able to return home without any problems. As for me, the optimal halted it was the home return and more is 101 150 meters again, according to the place where you fly, because if you fly in, curl a lump or where there are Petronas Towers, I think there will be higher than 150 meters. That's why analyze the place where you are finds the highest obstacle point and, according to it, said the altitude 50 meters higher and fly quietly. If their own signal is lost or you stop seeing everyone picture on your phone, you can always press the emergence of a gin bottle from the remote controller. Many people press it and nothing happens. It is us because it works on the principle of turning guns of their own. That this why you have to make two clicks, one short, one long. Want to wait a couple of seconds after which you hear a typical signal and the Earth run will begin to return home automatically. The circle is the battery. Aloha are human beings, and there is a human picture you can easily forget to charge the battery or to chance the better in a completely is. Therefore, please always pay attention to is a better indicator and make sure that it's fully charged . In addition into Don sentence, there is an option to set a level of better when you're drunk, begins surgeon home and went begin stolen down automatically. As for me, it looks like this at 12% is the drone offers me to turn and out of Homer turning mode and begins after. In a typical sounds. If I reject an offer at 10% around big insulin and down by itself, it means if I don't help the remote controller, the drone big insulin and without my attention is not from returning months. It's very important. So if you're at 10% and you realize says it on the spire away, be aware that the done this is his multitudes. You can control it mental by hide, gaining. I always do it, but please never bring it to 10%. It's not necessary. It's better to buy a fly Montcalm bucket, fly quietly and enjoy flying for 90 minutes before take. You know, make sure that you have turn old remote. I mean the position more, which is located in the middle of the switch. Check this carefully whether you inserted the better Well, because I know many cases when the better. It was inserted incorrectly, and it seems that you inserted it and the contracts are owned and the drum seems to be working and flying. But it said to the don't only one side, not the bus That's why there are many cases where the drone sick levels their batteries and full down like a break. You can see it here. I just inserted the battery, snapped the left side. It seems to be snapped and a recent is good. And so theoretically, there is no gap inside. Listen, please. There is also the right side, so check carefully whether you snapped the battery because it's very important. Estimate Weather conditions is the risk of strong winds at altitude of 100 meters that the wind can be stronger in around 10 times. Make sure that it doesn't rain in other, to prevent a moment when you plant a few kilometers away and it gets for it to his water. You didn't understand what was happening because there was no ran over. You always look at this guy and estimate approximately the weather forecast. The correct estimation off your battery level is false. Off important. It's not the same thing as to charge a battery. It's an important correction. Better estimation level that this well, you can follow a couple of kilometers away. You kind of have 50% of the charge left. But many people forget that you still have to return your grown back. The Romany cases like that when you're applying down seven but back, you have to return observing, and it always takes more efforts and time for your grown. Thus, many drones cannot reach begs a take off point and their owners is a simpler land. Get dressed and lost because pilots cannot correctly estimate the better charge level, how much they have left. Where's the wind blocks is a desktop into the Jago for application. Has a fight timescale about? Once you read the Yellow Zone, I advise it to return back. It would be foolish Stools had run the cost of a low charge. Don't forget about the wind tunnels on the way, as I can be. When you fly a drone, straight federal buildings or in some tunnel and similar not sin can put out in the troubles. They can be a wind gust. I mean, a conditional wind is so strong it blows it drawn down, and some obstacles hated in this case, even Lucy, our drone. It's also important to make a test of all sticks. It sounds like planes. You need to take off at three meters and check heuristic for our back who are right left and see the drop and screws reaction after you make sure it's all right is a drunken screws . Don't have any problems. You can flight men and took off once again taken into accounts. Valeria, Because I have no idea how magnetic field can affect the signal. Vizier Drum buys away zero Antoninus Powers, power plants, signal amplifiers, signal jammers and even simple latch metal constructions. You cannot imagine how they can worsen your signal. Buys between homes had injuries, as electrical wiring is open, said between buildings. Yes, wiring. It's one of the most insidious obstacles. Second encounter. Now I'm just giving an example by felon. A story from my personal experience. I flew some pounds a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where the population is about one or 2000 people and civilization is almost absent. I was flying between two rocks on the same beach, this full confidence that the Vernoff obstacles from where and in the middle of the Pacific Ocean of the small island, which wires, but not in this case. When I was flying humans, the ocean and the rocket, the rain for the island, something glimpse into the camera into centimeters from my dorm. At that moment, I simply decided to leave the let's stick up and to take off at maximum power toe flies. This obstacle over I believe I was. We're lucky if I was like, I think you know what could happen. I would drop the drone enters the water. In that case, I have to get rid of it because the water is dangerous for, like the cup equipment you should know. It is therefore, similarly, even in displaced, who has arisen of civilization even second, the electrical wiring. So always make a correction to eat and fly. The scale is better to look around many times, but once again I always look around. And at that moment I didn't say that wiring because it was but visible. It was something like how transparent on this basis be always void ful and careful. It's also has been careful of forbidden zones all their mark on the jam. It so updates the map skin time. You think that it's forbidden to fly in some barracks stadiums, strategic facilities, military facilities and airports? Don't let's forget about birds. It's not an object that this stops here, but they're unpredictable. They can unexpectedly run into a room. They can attack a room they can follow by, flocked behind your drone. They confined behind the room is that by preventing you from doing innocents, by the way, were important information based on my experience and from the story I have heard about the data of birds. They were often like to attack a drone. And when I take my oath and notice some presenters, such as Falcons Eagles, essential. Except I always learned modern down and wait until this potato flies away. I wouldn't really want a welcome to think that it was really easy prey and begin to attack ad run. It would be very unpleasant. Don't forget to be aware off any unexpected obstacles. You have to understand that surprises will chase you constantly. For example, I have already it'll about wiring birds from construction cranes, towers and something like that. So always be ready and prepared for some unexpected obstacles, even seemingly at high older, where they shouldn't lie at all. In addition, one important piece of advice that I can make your camera look forward to see which obstacles you can meet from different and instead that what often it's necessary to make afraid when the camera looks forward but the don't flies back, who are they? Don't talk about professional Lindros, which are controlled by one pilot, and the camera is controlled by another pilot. You have to control Bost. Is that Iran and the camera at the same time. So before making any my new work in the beginning, when you're a tight, I advice the turns and run around to look back to check this place for possible obstacles, then turned back around, said the friends that you wanted to capture and start moving back only after you make sure that there are no obstacles behind. Personally, I have had many such cases where I have been saved by sensors but hoping percenters, it's not the best option. It's better to check whether there are no obstacles behind and as a quite important, otherwise is the random stick movement which can shut the motors down in the middle, pose a flight and they don't can fall down like a break. But thank you know you have to bring this take down in order to turn the motors on and then you can take Oh, absolutely the same you have in flight. I didn't know it rigorously. I saw it on the Internet and I don't want to check it. In real life, people say that this witch hunt canvas which it can be turned off if you accidentally break down the sticks one to capture anyway, if you begin lending down and bring the sticks down, this is wrong. Will terms of matters off and fall down like a break? And as a very important born is this coronation in space? I know it by myself and where it open and it happens that you fly. You want to feel some cool places, you are concentrated and at some point you realize that you don't know where you are. You're simply disoriented. What in this case needs to be done coming home. It's not the best idea. It's possible to make these here the deejay go for vacation, has some it from the bottom left corner. You always say it while plying. You have the men, flights, Korean and the meme below. After opening this map, you will see a clear understandable way where you need to return this way. Well, so where you come from and where the pilot is no located. I use this function adversity to use it because it's convenient. When in charge of the drone was almost forward, it's very often cite me, and I had to come back home urgently here. I don't understand at all where I am, you opens in there. You looked at the site. You need to go back, and you place that you can also lowers the camera dome. This button is responsible for it, but I open the use the sticks. If I press it down, the drain sharp lowers the camera down by 90 degrees. After this, you understand what your complication is, and you can somehow orientate yourself. However, it's better to use them. It try to point out, Where's the drugs? Front and back? Our in flight. It looks like a square in the air. It's not always clear. Where is the front? Where was the backhoes? Potential uses especially well Control. Prevent an accidental size confusion. You want off my forward, but it flies backwards. In this case, it can be crash. Don't let's forget Where's the drone is directed personally, I do. It is that way. I always controls a cameras direction. I understand the reason drones front it has made to keep an orientation and which weight off life, in addition, is the last true know of a panic stricken in quite a recent girls run absolutely, ever since. Trust me, so always make deliberate decisions. You have better bring the sticks down and do nursing. So think ahead before doing. Samson. Every beginner after buying and run, regards it as his duty to launch it at hope. There are optimal Timo and GPS more under which you spend most of your flight time and this morning are the best off. Tomorrow is an optic opposition in more tolerant orient itself in space based on the cameras. Direction I demoed is a so called parameter more drawn records on the multitude GPS. More the drug. Use a GPS for its own position in space. So that's why you shouldn't take up at home, because when you take out at home, your route makes interferences. For the GPS connection signal, you get easer optimal, which is a picture orientation or item. Haute. Is this is unaudited orientation. If you want your drunk or in itself by GPS, it needs to catch a connection with eight satellites and only sent, it will be able to turn the GPS more on without GPS. More, it will be using result position and sensors is the risk Is there a drop or isn't the drone will drift up to three meters? That is the distance, a mistake it can fly away after taking up at home. It's likely toe like India zero because there will be no signal with GPS satellites. But the government off your drone will be shown once this display, and you will always be able to sit on display. I'd watch swine flu in federal court, eight satellites and connected to GPS more because this is an option for your don't being in the air. That's why I do not advise taking at home because one doesn't cancel GPS signal and the drunken flying into the wall. It's also necessary to estimate the breaking distance because it can be more than 20 meters . It's necessary to understand and and well that it's not necessary to get close to some object at high speed because physically, you won't be able to stop in time. You should also understand that drones get most often question of dramatic move, for example, such as active brick. Everyone hopes to be saved by sensors is the real fight, obstacle surround and everything will be fine. But in real life, it's not gonna work. Of course, active works well, but it's always necessary to keep their maca driller in your hands. I don't advice to put the controller aside and hoping that the drone is able to cope visit by itself. You should always have a controller in the your hands, just in case. If you don't have your hands on sticks, keep your finger on the emergency brake in bottom. By the way, it's a very important function. Is this bottom? It looks like a powers. You can press it at any time in the year. There will stop sharply stop another place and our in the air. The last oral always takes a look off before lunch in the organ. It was my mistake, Cesar. Sometimes I forgot. Sometimes I didn't purposely because I thought it was OK. But it turns out that the gimbal can break and after Germans a drunk on the motors get overhead and you will have to repair your gimble or even change always takes a look before turning down on. It's very important. Good. Suzanne, you should know also also have discussed previously. Yes, there are. Look, there is nothing terrible and difficult. This rules are quite understandable. If you are a responsible person, editor toe and the moment seriously, that will check Everest in many times and tried to be careful. Don't worry, I recently will be OK. 12. Interface Training: in this video ability. No all information about the main flights green and in the following video essence, we will take about a different settings, and all sevens concerns a camera. Let's start. That is, what is the main flights? Green looks like status of federal. There is soon the status of all sensors and senses of the drum, which determines the readiness on on the readiness of the drum for taking off. Where's the status of the room? It will also find a huge number off. Likens. The first icon is the status of the best connection. It's important only in one case. If you want to use the homecoming feature, satellite signals that affect the precision of the detection of here don't on location. Next isn't I can official sentence tethers, but then the signal torrents of federal control panel. Following that, I can indicate it. In what resolution is a picture distance pitted from sand run through the screen from your device as well as which frequency of the signal is transmitted. Next, a better indicators that indicates the state owes a battery. Then three points back like an assembly will get to the menu off the main sentence off the drunk, but about them, I without in the next video is a bed below indicates how much time is left over before the better is a discharge. When an indicator reaches penultimate boy, it means that the church is getting over and it's better to tunes at homecoming. Most when an indicator reaches the last boiled down will begin to lend or return back by itself. Below, there is a number of Americans related to the camera. Let's talk about them. Certainly I saw settings. Shutter speed lens, aperture exposure. The balance off white selected parameters was a video capture and remaining record in time takeoff battle in the studio. I sent a live one dude, but if you want to take off, get this leads to the right and the drone will take off to a height of 120 centimeters is a homecoming button is the same as on your control panel flight mud minute item. But the Gulf either displays a position of the camera on the Y axis switch in baton between photography and filming, under which markets can be determined by the better billow. If it's white is in its photography in a Fred. Then it's filming. The bottom is the sliders, which is below, well, the answer us to the Edwards supporter and medios settings. By the way, we will talk about the sentence instead alone, Middle essence rectangle wizardry and go inside. It's a story more, which means a gallery, Macon Wash. Photos and videos created some days ago. In the lower left corner, there is a minimum. If you want to open it, you need to click it on, and it will open a full member, and a picture from the Children will stay in the lower left corner. If you want to return a view from the camera, click the image in the lower left corner. In addition, you can switch this map the campus mode. It indicates where the drug is directed. The letter and means nurse. The data below shows the distance from you. Height, a result out of vertical speed and a distance of the drum from the takeoff point with their we conclude our euros. A male flight scream in the face of the joy I go for application. I hope this will help you alert. See you in the next week. Adolescence 13. Basic Drone Settings: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the new video lesson in this widow lesson A lot about the all settings that General has and hidden behind this route points. But there are only seven items here. Each item has a number of different threatens. I will tell you about them today. Let's start with the very first menu item. Is this our basic control? Certain So this are the basic sentence. Hear him? Hotpoint sentence is the first item on the menu. Puts it down on the platform where if something happens, it should return colleagues. A bottle was an arrow. And in the just off window you will ask whether you want to save the sport, in which case your donor turns back here just in case. If you activate automatic camera turning Mort his neck back and has absolutely the same only leans abs A return for into the remote controller General purpose not on sister take her place But once a pilot and guns location where the controller is located In the following menu item you can disable the position more sports and report more. You can set their own multitude billow Put this will It was the highest object that just near you was the place where you're going off life. People return into you. The real estimates. A required altitude. As for me, I said it about 100 meters. You can turn the beginner more below, in which it's possible to fly within a radius of 30 meters so as not to fly accidentally away and lose a drunk. Furthermore, you consent the maximal during started it and distance it can fly away from you below. You can open the advance seconds designed for experienced pilots. There was a list I will tell you about them shortly. The first reports. I love you too. Edges, endurance, infertility and reaction. Facist ICS. How do justice? I will tell you in the pollen videos in the sense of settings you can monitor that don't send her status. Green means everything is excellent yellow, which is good bread that you may need to calibrate the drum also in the item billow in cinematic mode, this is my favorite moment. You can set the breaking sightings and said the senses to understand the minimal distance desert obstacle in the item below. You can choose houses and will reactors that state laws. The Russell options here general will begin return home will begin lending down or a just hours in the air. I advice to set the home returning option and then sent the landing down because the signal gets lost and so don't begin stolen down into place or as a signal loss lost. It's not clear where which way there is nothing good about there. In the next item, you can enable or disable lead run indicators, however, is I quite useful Due to them, you will be able to see your drunk at night. In the last item, you can choose the emergency engine start mode. This all information about the cultural sentence Let's move. It was the second item usual navigation sentence in the first item, you can disable the result centers. However, I always recommend it turns them on. They prevent aggression. This next item is responsible, plus a visual display of the so called parking sensors you can see. How does the object dislocated from your drone? It's convenient. I always turns them on. They're advancements of certain is below. I believe it's no surgeons among as they do. Their job is a pro impression It's stupid quite enough to disables him. There was a list. If you want to disable sensors, you can do it right here and all they get disabled at the same time, we're done talking about whistle filters. Let's get to the sort item to the remote control sentence. The first item is responsible for the remote control of celebration. However this can be done with syndrome. Is her answer. Controller is not connected to Sidran Hiroshima. In the second item, they can choose the most I could into a registered Don't wreck statistics in one or another way. More Number two. It's sent by default. I do not advise to speech. There was a minute item that shows everything in the Dale is this. Green is the record estimated here, and thus you can understand the indicators and understand their destination. According to my mind, we have a very, very convenient more phone charging more. For example, if your client and your phone is getting to this church, if you activate this morning is the controller begins to charges upon that's for me. It's very convenient, but it's a way you can choose an adjustment for this bottoms so one answer to when new presidents, Because the camera drops by 90 degrees and legs don't lifting the camera and intestines a camera parameters. If the flight configuration is activated, a new president bottom see to you will opens the window for camera Satan's. You can publish it some sightings and continue your flight here. Here's the stick sightings. You can find them on the controller. Personally, I don't use it, but you can suggested that any movement up, down, right, left responsible for any function. Everything here is quite clear. Zelimkhan Remote controller Bottom is designed for buying in your new controller. Consider on a memory card. It's a certain on one side of the room, and there is a small bottle answer as a side by President Lincoln, remote controller and friends, and a small button was a drunk. You link your new device to your controller. Let's talk about the next minute item, namely image transmission video. In the first new, you can choose the frequency of little transmission. It's either 2.4 years or 5.6 hairs. Automatic mode. It's enabled by the fault I'm interphone for helps Zagreb. Sherman's stability of the signal is sent below. The next point is gonna be the batteries. You can check the better estate temperature capacity and change some parameters. For example, Chancellor William, whereby other butter church will be considered as critical after assurances Wailua so don't begin stolen down automatically sets a value by by your drinkability knows that the charge is slow. Next, you can disable or activate the smart home. Return an option. What does it mean when they returned home? Is the doughnut by Ellen exactly the same trajectory by which you have flown before, therefore by not in Safeway the duration of the current? Quite it said below. But I am not flying right now. Here's a more advanced sentence whereby you can shows the world ish on cement by its green change the time when the better is get discharged by themselves. Check the state appear but three. However, you can check the state office about the risk all sensors and remote controller faster by clicking off aircraft status on the main screen. Let's talk about the gimbal Satan's the person. You can change its pictures as a gimbal. Follow more or gimbal f b B More. What is the difference while filming Gimble column or has a small picture Gimble f give you more? It's camera get, speaks and gives a first person sent off flight. It's the Durham Tillstrom. Terrence is a picture with the deal as well. It's an interesting experience, especially if you purchased the JAG growth glasses. Cosmo. You have Advanced settings Bill that the responsible for the gimbal since duty. I believe that this is one of the most important game boss settings and how to adjust it correctly. I will tell about it in the next video lessons. You can set the horizon sentence correctly. The hair gimble out of celebration as well. Okay, excellent. Gimble is collaborated. Now let's talk about the last one. I mean about seconds. A contrast, The measurement unit, imperial or metric is the next one is gonna be a selection. Applied broadcast platforms such as Facebook or YouTube through minute will be held according to the picture we get to your home in real time. Next, we can calibrate summer, but it's only necessary for China mainland. There is no sense to do it. You can choose is education once again for just save it. If you prefer to fly in the same place. Is that why you can catch the myth in the background and your phone will not download em? And then we have three items that dedicated to the video occasion you consent the maximal video cash capacity for saving video cash on your device. Enable automatic cash room wealth meant to gigabytes limit is our Activate the outer catcher cord below connected. Those a remote controller clear with your cash is that his last minute items are the name of your device. Quantity off fingers you need for turning a full screen mode. I mean one all information about the learned this our updates for their own controller Map application. Serial numbers off your drone and camera is It's all we're done with the drums Main sentence. I hope this will help you eloped. Sounds for watching. See you later 14. Camera Settings for Photo and Video: What's up, guys? Welcome to this video. Listen, in this video, I want to talk about the camera sentence colleagues. A baton responsible was the camera. Statins is a film in Brattleboro. Care hails from many items with the first item. It's responsible for camera saddens. The second item is responsible for video firmer and the search item is responsible for additional sentence. Now we'll talk about everything in the beginning Gallery set also camera seconds in order to show how to do and to help a mobile is on picture. Let's begin with the camera parameters. The first point is the automatic settings. Your device will there ever since instead of you you can only adjust a level off exposition in the second point A. They have a power over the ones die affair. You still like the diaphragm? You want to take a picture. And although the sections get adjusted to the Dia friends, his next point is the sudden priority item. You can set the shutter speed here and in a similar way polls as the parameters get adjusted automatically In the first item in the item menu you control. I saw you control. I saw die off room and shutter speed entirely recent can be adjusted manually. Let's talk about the video sentence and the resolutions. In the first item, you can select the resolution and frame frequency corrupt couple version. The next topic is gonna be a video performance you can choose either before or over the four month. Basically, there is no difference. I'm of the Ismael used by the owners of MAG Book on before it's more used by the owners off windows. In general, this are absolutely identical permits. You can open them all the windows are open and before on Mac book, and why sources doesn't matter is the next week. Hell, white balance. You can choose up the medic sentence present for this time shine. How did they artificial light limbs and fluorescent lamps. It can also select the castle mood, and each of this happens manually after Matic. More words badly. I diversity justice stations pain, really, because in this way you will be able to achieve a perfect results the next. I want to talk about a style. What is it's function? You can adjust sharpness. Contrast consideration you consume exist on that sentence. Zero. It's a beautiful you can select the presets for landscape and pled picture. I have a custom mood. Sharpness is set plus one contrast minus one and said the race from minus one. Why did I do that? Another to get a surprise and better picture them. In consequence, I will be able to edit colors and color correction because this sentence given an opportunity to do it the next topic. This color. There is nothing we can choose until the journal Collective 60. What is aged 65. Codec just innovated to 64 but it has a more detailed picture, a clear and sharper picture that's making it better. Now, after having activated Kartik edge to 65 we come back to the item color. What is this? This a color? Profiles. If you're not gonna edit the color off your picture and color it later, use the former normal. But if you're gonna have the most professional result, colors a picture and make echo color correction off your video here after Astra Little Command taking a picture in do lock em color profile This profile Really Hello, city calorie or picture perfectly change colors and makes them more please. And This is also the only one color for file that records video in 10 bit rates. It increases the cool it and capacity of information in every day and thus Pelosis to make a color correction. Better then, we have the last minute items in the sight of this is a picture permit. I mean, support a permit that you're done has the Raw and Dipak Forman's how as a different file for raw former needs more memory capacity because it contains more information. You're a former is gonna have a better for professional photography if you're gonna princess it due to their apartment, where you can change colors, you can darken light areas and you can bright in dark areas. I recommend Turn and Dipak classroom and differently. You won't be mistaken if you're one. You can process it if what, you can take a photo in Japan. So let's move those last item to the additional settings. Same original panorama. I mean how it works when you take upon the room of its aerodrome. Visit Drone takes a picture by itself. There was a list you can do mentally if you activate this feature. Italo secure after to make this panorama by yourself safe. Original hyper lips. It's almost the same Espana room and looked exactly in the same way. If you don't like, have your drawer handles hyper laps, you can go to this folder later. If you only enable this feature takes this original files and make hyper lives by yourself does then we have a history. Graham How to work with the History room from We'll talk about in the following videos. The next setting is headlights off the turn off. Every sin here is quite clear. The second lets you turn no diets at night, just in case. If you take photos or videos, the following second is gonna be a lot. Give Belvin capture existed and elicited pigs a gimbal into the to prevent any possible problems in your picture. What's the weight due to dysfunction? Stabilizer will prevent the drone from shaken and block any unnecessary movements. Next, we have enabled have similar this feature closer to disabled after focus during video recorded, I mean you have sense of purpose, turns a recording and in type of recording their focused want more from point to point. The next is going to be overexposed this picture of a Latino when your picture it's over exposed. If, for example, they take a picture with have eminence, reception shows that a rare since the picture where's eliminates is high. If you want to prevent reasons a frame, you're taken advice that the turn on this feature and it will help you to find a recent picture where the luminant is high. For the next, we will take about his out of synchronisation agency photo. If you take a photo of the year drunk in terms is richer. This water will be automatically saved to your home if the deck apes and Istante it means that in the future in the foul on your PC, you will be able to refuse the coordinates you followed. Check recorded more insurgents See which sends us at that moment worked and basically view also that when you took a video. Next, we have hyper looks with your frame function. Look. When you take a picture by hyper lips, the picture gets up too much of a corrupt. But on the screen, the picture is always wider dysfunction. In this month, we'll show you special limits. According to them, you will be able to understand what is going to be in your picture next to have great I considered decision. It's important enough because it helps to make correct exposure in the frame. It can turn it up. You can turn on greed, any concern in grief plus diagonal lines. Next, you can choose the CenterPoint option, which will determine the center of your screen and change scholar as well the next until flicker item tell me many times to await flickering under artificial. Lighting it up right now, as we have minor recording mode, I recommended turning out a moment. You can also choose file index more below. This is ISA continuous after permitted a complete rested, and you need to begin everything all over again. I adversity tone continues, because Britain Recep, you may get such a problem that many upload materials from your computer. It will ask such files already exist and suggest replacements. And if you're one of proven any problems, adversity term continues. You can also turn picking special below, which identifies the objects being in focus until exist sensitivity. You can still like the storage location below. As a guard for internal storage, you conform it as dick our internal storage and you can reset for camera settings more in detail, which most hours taking a picture and which functions It's better to use. I'll tell you next time. Thanks for watching. 15. Joystick Sensitivity: Hi, guys. Welcome to this window menu. In this video, we will take about most video film in l tell you how to adjust sticks instituted properly in order to get a smooth drones. Reaction mystics and prevent ruin and afraid. This city is really important because abrupt fix the reaction is often a reason off four frames. That's why today a little hard to make the reactions most, and that you with results many control a drum. It doesn't have to know every aptly you need to do all the accents. Where is mostly? I want to say that the message Logistics Institute adjustment is absolutely the same for older jade. Rinse on the numerals are different flavors values in order to achieve your best sentence. So let's go. Let's firstly opens the General Satan's select the person I can scroll down and find the advanced settings, Then open XP E XP is the sticks setting and direction to your actions? The smaller Really. It's said that this was a reaction to your comments. Isabella is high Direction is gonna be in front trainers when he opens a set in and switch modes. Well, just get usually changed. Eso me they don't change. As I said, the same sensitivity for almost no matter as a hell position. More passport. It's really comfortable. If I move the stickers all right, we'll see a yellow corn show insensitivity and smoothness to the sticks. Reaction. We can change that by movements at scale, busier finger or by writing Zarella figures. Bill. Hopefully, your allies. If they said the figures, high visibility direct quite aggressively. And if this is the figures lover well at us Misdirection statistic. 0.40 in just a perfect failure for me. But you have to understand that everything is absolutely individual, and for you it can be completely different in this lesson and just have about my sentence, explain how to change them and just share my experience. Now I will tell you quickly, What does this items mean? Throttle up and down your drone gains unaltered it and lens down about the right and left. Your drone moves around its excess. It begins to make a circle to the left, under the right, forward, right forward. Let your drone fly sideways, moves like a corrupt and move sideways. So let's open the next item sensibility this item is in addition to our privacy XP item here, here's three points. The first added it. It's responsible for agent borders. The motors forward and backward is a smaller this parameter. This misery or start the highest perimeter is a more aggressive and Crestor. It will be moving past. Most women Unit said the well approximately home 22. 50 s With me, it's weapon set around from 70 to 100. I make the pictures most in another way, not by supplying power. It is a motors. His next item break is responsible Positron stop in reaction venue logistic And how fast will the other and stuff Isabelle is set from 10 to 100. The breaking distance is gonna be about from 1 to 3 meters. It's indicator is set from 1 50 to 200. Reagan is gonna be instant. You have to remember if your son's available of 50 the breaking distance is gonna be much longer. If there is an obstacle ahead, you may simply not have an attempt to stop and break your doom. That's why advice Setting over 50 last item. It's your moment limit. This is address moment. Spit around its axis. Its Avella said lover is a trans small, slower if developed, It said higher the dance moves faster, advice it to set a minimal value because most often it's trajectory spoils the frame. You seem to be Flint's Muslim. Nothing seems to make trouble and accidentally hit the stick to one side, and it's over the picture journal awful, and you have to film everything again. That's why advice settings a minimal way. Leo is an exciting with hair is game. What does it mean is this is the engine power setting you can now discover from 100% of 80% increase power from 100% to 1 20%. I wouldn't advise tensions a surgeon, because this sentence is not necessary if you really need change the setting. But it concerns on the super professionals. If you're not a professional and the adult needs is sitting and device it to keep it by default and chance nothing over there is it. So we discussed how to just stick sensitivity. Most mostly, this will help you about this future. Small Spillman, because it's Moses up your picture will depend on the stick sensitivity. If you set them up correctly your foot, that will turn out more professional sense for watching 16. Gimbal Sensitivity (Camera): Hi. I'm glad to see your address. Federalism? In this case, we'll talk about smokes. Willman. I will tell you how to adjust their gimble, how to make your pictures mostly on how to make professional frames. So let's go for the beginning. Unit open, general surgeons clicks reports next clicks again, but I can hands an open, advanced settings. You got gimble sensitivity. Satan's the couple little points here, but despite that, quantity is quite necessary. If you just incorrectly, then they will get an excellent sticks reaction. And we will be able to adjust your gimble for making professional photography and filming. Look here. I also be right now I reset all the settings that you understand what is certain is responsible for setting this marks Gimble Beach spirit. It's responsible for the camera sensitivity when it most up and down. That's how it looks by pipe is said here. I just want to make a picture as most s only possible and Bruins and unnecessary moment If I press a stick Abrupt lit. Was this said more or less Moose's this moment. If, for example, I said beautiful and present stick abruptly. You can see how sharp is the picture is moving. If it said from 5 to 10 the picture will dismiss enough, but not completely. You can see it's islands a stick. The camera stops instantly. Luke a breast and lift breast and lift. What did they have to do next? For this, we have the following sentence. Gimble pH. Some looseness look at its purpose. It's responsible for this. Moose nous will begin to move and stop in September, it said. Zero. Your commerce stops instantly, but if they said, for example 20 I just pressed and left breast and left. But now is the camera begins and ends its moments, lower their vice Moses a picture and making sure that you won't make any sudden moments. Luv, I press maximum and left breast and left even with this press, and it doesn't make any sharp movements. As for me, the pictures business is important because I really should excellent leaders most often some landscapes. That's why I don't need high sensitivity. A recent here is absolutely individual, and Harrison hair has to be adjusted for your needs. As for me, for example, from 5 to 10 is perfect, but for you, the perfect well, you can be around wanted. That's why I try to play with values personally, my well as a set from pipe to 10. Okay, let's set them the second Satan. Let here be 15. Look, I pressed on left, certainly pressed and left us. The picture becomes smooth. Let's set it up around 18 and we get a bread. A good result. Gimbal. Which smoothness has only one disadvantage. If you said Everly, over 15 you have to make everything in advance and make a correction that when you stop this controller, your camera will continue to move. Let me someone's example care. I lover the camera. I lifted it up, up and up, released and the camera still moves. I have just get used to having this instituted, and I know when I need to release this controller for having a good picture, but did not over a plea. It happens most often that they lift up your camera, release the controller when he needs, and forget that your camera will continue its moment. Ellen A given tragic ter. So it's not to make any unnecessary shaking the ruins the frame. So sink ahead experiment and look for your perfect combinations for the first item, advice it in 10. And for the second item advice Sittin Savella from 16 to 20. Justice you like it is for me, for example. I said, No, 10 and 18 is this. Combinations are really good. Accordance ism. You can have its most picture and let's talk about the last item. It's not important, but many people use it. This item is responsible for support when the camera will or won't be able to lift about the horizon. Blue, when I turned it off, was a maximum lift in point. Now it has to stop and stopped. Now I turned it down. The camera will believed in upsetting degrees higher from the horizon. This feature has an advantage. You can make a beautiful frame feel beautiful sky clouds are even a balloon. However, this speech has the disadvantage as well. When you fly at high speed forward and raise the camera about the horizon, your drones blades can get into your frame. That's why you need to understand how it works and whether you need to turn on this feature or adjusting the camera with the horizon. I use this little stick I press for the first time. Two lovers, the camera down and I pressed was the second time to live the camera up. Now it has got a perfectly flat level off the horizon. I'm sure that this it is unnecessary because I rule is trying to achieve is the smoothest film picture. Many people don't get it because this thing is that after buying a drone is they're able to take off and find something professional. But in practice, no, in the beginning was the drug needs to be adjusted and insisted adolescence. I explain you how to do it. Hopefully you will find your ideal combinations and we'll be able to get a professional result sense for watching. See you next time. Bye bye. 17. Camera and Interface Settings for Video. BEST VIDEO SETTINGS: Hi guys. I'm always lead to see at maybe domain ill In this widow. I will tell you how to adjust your camera and interface bullshit in some footage One important correction. They have to understand that there was one similar video where I took about the sentence for camera and interface. But this widow is different in this case, I will tell you about the seconds I like to use. I will also tell you about the perfect sentence was a perfect picture and about the additional functions in your interface so that you can shoot some footage. So let's presents three strips located under the recording button and see what we have here . Luke directed absence I like to use when I just fly around and don't know what exactly I want to feel. I feel absolutely every sin was this I use outta mode You here to understand when your flight any changes in location or light in turning Edra in toward the sun again the sun it leads to the changes in your picture. If you turned mental mode, this sentence are good. But if you use this option and you absolutely a recent and suddenly turn to the other direction. The seconds will be unchanged. They will be adjusted. Does in the exposer location in new picture if you just lie around and film. Absolutely. Harrison result in specific purpose. Head West, Itu's Outer Modes and by this controller slightly to change the exposure level. This book is not the best, but it will help you to save the frame and it just to the place where you're about to feel . If you know exactly what you want to feel and then get the best results, I strongly recommend humility is activated, mental more, this more alot sitter just I saw and shatter mentally, I mean by itself. Which sentence will be four years? The best. Let's take me. It's an example and the place where I am right now for making everything clear. Use the picture is dark enough as I have now. The percentage is to open the diagram the diaphragm, using the message of opening and closing l, also controlling the light clicking on the image sensor. Isabella's off the DIA from a higher. It will close it so it gets closed. Let's likely lake on the image sensor and the picture will be darker. But if you open the diaphragm, more light will lick on the image sensor. Then the picture will be lighter. The DIA firms opening and closing Satan never cancer picture quality. I cannot say the same about I saw Eser. Device has its on limit. When you get the limits, our the picture becomes. The factor is the limit for my Merrick. Chopra is set for 100. When it's over, you get granularity lives by way of example, makes a picture darker and said I so higher. Developer I saw is set No. 1600. But the picture is darker. You can see now it's almost the same as it was before. Unfortunately, the Risa granularity this friend became defective. Always just I saw very carefully name a close the diaphragm and never said the maximum value for I saw. The picture is not corporal Eminence, but when you check this footage on your PC, you realize that the whole picture is defective with granularity full of pixels and simply disgusted. Luke, seriously, we have to adjust the diaphragm. Just that the diaphragm we begin blend with ice. So this more is that I saw earlier the better picture help because the smaller failure is the less noise and granularity. Having your picture always pay attention to it that isil value should always be minimal. The last item is shutter speed. It's easy enough to be adjusted. There is something like a template. You take the number of frame Sufi, Um, and multiply by two. Now I'm filming at 1 to 5 frames per second. I said The value 1 50 I mean multiplied Savella by two. If I field at 60 frames per second, I would said the well, a 120. If I feel at 30 frames per second, I would send the value of 60. A recent here is quite simple and understandable. That's why I always suggest who happens a template and always multiplies. The shutter well is by two based on the number of frame. Sophie. Um now I will show the woman on what it's more professional and copes with the tasks better such a friend we have in manual mode. If it's reached out too much, you can see the results personally. Once again, mineral once again, outer. Of course, By your stick, you can make it a bit darker. It won't be so different from seminal moment now as a list is a mental set, and it's more correct. Any professional suiting its made in mental mort. Nobody uses outer moat, but once again it's important to understand. If you just wait around and feel absolutely a recent differently, you can get echo frame using out too much. You got to understand that if you just that's a perfect picture in mineral mode and then turn the other on Iran for about 20 degrees, the picture will be changed. You will either down closer to the sun or turn away from the sun. That's why they will be less or more light in your image sensor. The picture will be different if you just feel we said the after moat. It's been Or what do you want to feel the music? Clear frames, musically address, motion trajectory and this sincere about todo advice. Women in manual mode. Okay, keep going. His next point is the technical video adjustment is the first point. Is the resolution and frame pregnancy on human in pok H G right now. So the picture is gonna be corrupt pork. A fool looks something like that. But usually I feel in 2.7 K resolution at Sirti or 60 frames per second. If you feel in action movie and then want to slow down the video, it's better to fill in 60 frames. Is this hello city? Slow down your video more qualitatively, but if you are not gonna feel something active and whom on landscapes, advice, sentence of difference, The difference per second takes less memory space, most often him in 2.7 K resolution as the road nobody uses. Okay, if you want hereafter to crop your picture and increase it almost four times. Of course, I recommend using four K. So let's talk about the sentence that will help you to make the picture quality. Perfect. This is white balance. I didn't recommend to using out too much it cups. Not bad, but you can see it becomes yellow and even orange. If they said cast a moot the white balance we can orient on the table. And if we set from five K to 5.5, Kate with the white balance is gonna be good. We also have here percent on a sunny day on a Mr Day and with artificial lighting. But in general advice isn't customer and sudden Zarella somewhere about from Fife Kato? Quite born five k but that I held in my case. No. Okay. Hip movement. The next item style. I told you about it before. I have a customer right now. Sharpness plus one contrast. Minus one and saturation minus one sharpness. It helped me to make my picture sharper contrast and saturation Help me to make my pictures most sir, so it can be better. Protest in the future is next item will help discover there are several modes here. There is normal modes and there is the log mode. It lets you pay into your picture. The look is now activated. If you came in the look here you have such a function about ends us. You can turn it on in the original color and see how it looks like in the original. But drawn will continue to film exactly in the color you see right now. But we have hybrid version as well. It sums and it's been normal and dialogue if you didn't know how it to paint a picture, but only learn adversity. Use a hybrid version I mostly use is their normal or D. Look if I want to paint a picture if you're human, something unnecessary and don't want to paint a picture, then you have better to use normal mode and don't start imagining. So keep going further. And that is the Codec in with the camera. It's Wilman. I strongly advise it to set Codec to 65 because it's an updated to 64. It better transmit details and has more information. In the video. The picture becomes more professional and better. Let's open the next menu item. Now. I won't talk about all settings, but only about the sentence that I use and they helped to make a little better than the 1st 1 is gonna be a history. Graham. How to use a history. Graham Luke. You have a scale on the scale. You can see shadows from the left and light from the right. You can hurry into yourself on the scale to the equal bones off light and settles in the picture. If I make the picture a bit brighter right now, this graph moves a little to the right. If I make the picture darker. The graph move a little to the left, it's not necessary, and a recent hair is quite in the widow. A history graham. It's used to achieve a balance of shadows and light. When this graph moves towards the center, that's gonna be the perfect setting. But right now I'm filming at my own discretion, and it's not necessary for me. Is the next function I suggested to turn on its over exposed dysfunction shows that over exposed heiress Look, let's pay attention to the poultry, and I will make the picture a bit brighter. And when I journals its function over exposed areas, get America with a black and white color. You can see that there are many over exposed arrest in your brain. It's were important because over exposed is always bad and this is an effective footage if you want to. It would over lighted areas they always turn on, were exposed and the switcher will help you to make the picture better. OK, keep going and we will tell him. Greet Great, isn't it that L O City understand properly is exposure structure we can active. It is agreed, are great, plus diagnose if you're flying around an object and want to keep it in a love square. This is good. Help City did nothing special. It's a kind of auxiliary elements of Mexico. Human is there. It helps it to comply with the artificial limits by which you will be able to keep the object in one or another place and make the picture better. Let's go further and the next setting is speaking threshold. What does it mean? Look, this picture aloe Citrus is a place where your camera is focused on you. Consider that it's focused on me on the case and a bit on the background. On the one hand, it's useful comics. Um, you see how you adjusted here? A progress, but ones as a hand. When you fly Donald it from 20 to 30 meters. Almost every sin is brought into focus, and it's not necessary. But in general I devices to set some minimal moat. That's all for today. I should all the sentence I use, which helped me to feel and sense to them. I have a professional footage. I hope this will help to you a lot. You figure it out. How to adjust the interface and camera correctly for making a perfect quality picture sends fortune. See you next time. Bye bye. 18. Cinematic Mode: the next. We have a very important moment. This is my favorite, Mort. I always use it, regardless of the fact that there a sport action pictures are smooth cinematic flight. Thanks to the small. It will have explosives on the possible picture, as stable as on the possible camera, without shaking and abrupt moments that exactly the same everyone wants. You want you some pictures in your editing. Very endurance stops abruptly or the camera starts to which so you just abrupt maneuver. It's very unlikely you will use it most often. Don't violets Professor use frames from smooth, beautiful and slow fights. The picture should be a cinematic as another possible. That's why it's a romantic mood. Is gonna book was a cinematic production spear. Of course, sport more is better for dynamics, but he won't be able to take many friends with smoke in the final editing, because a recent little bit reaching the camera won't be stable and will be moving abruptly . I believe the key to success for a beautiful picture is endurance. Moose Nous is the camera smoothness and no every moments and the sticks Most nous. I have already talked about them and it will give smooth. Go without a bra Moment six Reaction when you have a good adjusted run, when you have a small camera, when you're sticks are adjusted to work and smoothly it will allow you to make a gentle, beautiful picture without jerkin, and you will be able to use almost every friend in the final editing. This month. Represents ever since that you want for interim cinematic mode has one advantage. If you release cystic will make some abrupt movement, it won't stop abruptly. It will continue to fly along the Seine trajectory of flu before this, and we have this camera sticks and Rome turn into cinematic mode and lowers the camera down to solve the difference. We have activated usual position and mode right now and what we need to do when we get a monument in the center of the frame. I will release a stick here with life, life, life, life, life, life, flight and released just here, you see, whereas the monument is now and you see how quickly is a drone stopped, reeled is the same in cinematic more. I praise the stick up, they're flying, and when I get a monument in the center. I will release the stick released, You may notice House Most. It stops smooth and result abrupt Jerrick in Let's Try to do the same. No, just a little bit. On another example. The flight. In cinematic moments, I released the stick that don't started breaking but very smooth. That's making the picture more pleasing. Result heartbreaking. Now listen. We're doing backwards and happens all the same, the dance steps where it's mostly smooth in the picture. Now let's the activate cinematic moat and activate normal position in mode. I start flying, released my steak and the done stops almost instantly. The same agent backwards. Release the steak and the don't stops instantly. I think you understand. The difference is this is gonna be ical multiple video filming for any desk. Anyway, everyone tries to get a smoke picture, and this month has it 19. Auto Shooting Modes, Quick Shots, Active Track: Now we will activate the drone and talk about quick sort frolicsome. What is this, like a quick shirt? And let's check what the hell we have. Lunch is 345 and six. We have six months. They love you to make a pre programmed flight trajectory, 99.9% that they can make an excellent circle around some object. Or you cannot make a spiral around some object. Digital care off that and made months that allows you to do it automatically. It's very useful, especially for people who want to film themselves the open use this month in Bali. It's convenient. Let's take the first morning this is there any more. A recent can be done, even minority by D. J O President. All optimistically, let's see how it works. Let's choose me as an object 321 and the drone begins to fly away on the right. Under the recording battles, you have an indicator showing the percentage that you have already feeling. You should also understand when a human is over, the dawn goes back by itself. Now let's talk about another, more more. Number two. It's called Circle. This month, Loc to fly alone. Perfect list. Most trajectory. Arons object You choose just Luke. Let's, for example, choose me as an object. It's pointing at me and starts making a full circle around the object you made. It's necessary to understand that the drugs quite often break down being in outer Mort. When people hopeful automatic devices, they hope that it will fight all the obstacles over which are that is the reason why they don't get in broken fresh into something objects, obstacles. And I did find it a reasonable hell export. It's a spiral. More properly speaking, it's making circles their own to you and flying away at the same time. Let's try to make it once again. Choose me. It's an object there. Is it? Iran on here to the drone is flying its wine in Serie tragic stories, its line up around the circle and by way and sense to it. You can make a cool frame, opens the panoramas it has become to you and beautifully shows a place where you are. The next is going to be rocket more. What does this more do? It rises. Simple fentanyl slip up from you and simple Daniel slate lovers. The camera down on the year it's giving you in the center of the frame and at the same time President is going up by itself is that that's what it looks like this much. It's not bad. I don't think you can do men only as an ex model. Help is gonna be boomer and more. Let's test it as well here I choose myself this month doesn't need to be explained. Everything is clear conditionally. It's like someone's a boomerang tragic three, and the returns does the same place as well. It's flying in the same weight around you by changing a circle a little bit, and the left is gonna be a steroid mode. This month is more likely to be used for social networks. You want to use it in some edited videos because this moat makes a quite crop square picture. This month makes a sphere because this is the spherical mode. Can secretly you get such a small planet where you are. How does it work now? Explain away from me at this moment at an altitude of 50 meters, it's taken a panorama off everything around you and then with the help of software creates a little planet where you are. Next, let me show you, um, article active drink. This is one of my favorite moments, and I will explain why Luke just an object breast to film and it's completely following the object. It's very convenient. And crew. We have made a lot of cool footage in Bali, and besides that, it's following you. You can order it to fly around you at the same time and said the speed for it, that's how it works, lets it 2030%. It's gonna be tracking me to watch me completely and to fly around me at the same time. All around they can set the maximum speed, and it's gonna be moving quite quickly. 20. 10 Cinematic Flight Techniques. How to Get a Cinematic Video: Hi. I'm glad to see you here, and today we'll continue taking about a drone. Previously I talked about How is the minimal It forced you can improve the footage made on your drone. Now I will continue to do this and talk about the flight technique. I will tell your bulbs of light freaks together with various camera movements. Then, using a culture, you will be able to get even more mesmerizing. The results. Any flying during this camera, by analogy with a movie camera has its own basic movements. This I take off and landing down, turn instilled right into the left, move forward and back or shoots does right into the left until a camera down or up The actions I used at the same time, the more difficult it is to control the capture. For example, a clear mental plan on the ascended spiral holding an object in the center of the frame well, immediately the men from the moments in all available dimensions. This is especially difficult in the windy weather. Excellent. The best for this year. Help is created from only some dimensions off movement. Movement is just technical skill and apart up a beautiful picture, forgetting beautiful cinematic frames. You need to know what the composition is and how to treat it properly. Now I will tell you the basic and quite impressive light techniques. Let's start. Let's start with a group of introductory claims that I usually used at the beginning of the video. You didn't show everything all at once. You, Grady away, involves that you were in your story. This creates attention in this group of techniques. The indirection was the foreground. Middle ground on background is quite visible, this great and impressive depths of space. Such frames can often listen in the cinema. For the first wait, you fly forward, find an object in the foreground or middle ground, for example, at building or a tree griddle again in multitude and slightly lover and the camera down. Revealing the beauty was this magnificent view. The second way you fly back from the object in the foreground middle ground, for example, a building gaining altered it and slightly lower in the camera down. Real interview you about the show has a certain way your flight forward with the camera pointing strictly down and smoothly lifting the camera up. Your reveal a large scale view. During this technique, you can also get altered it a little bit. The main scene is, too, ever since mostly, and the persuade how it works. You fly back and great deal of opening a view on the selected by your objects. This is gonna be istan wayto involves of your since initially your doesn't see anything is a frame. But every second your star team more flying close to the object of human is most effective . The main thing has been careful and always controls the multitudes. Because my sculptors don't have obstacle centers behind, that's why. Be careful. Let's talk about the next group of techniques. A group of techniques from a birth flight multitudes. This technique is well known to everyone. I just want to tell you some ways that make your friend being more cinematic the first way having lovebirds the camera down by 90 degrees, taken a beautiful parent begin to rise up there, ideally, earth agents of their own. Slowly, this we won't only reveals the space around you, but also you like dynamics in the frame. The second way flies mostly Ellen. Any lines of textures such as the roads, streets, rivers, look for geometry and find a variety of composite solutions. The main scene, when he uses technique, always moves mostly and never being hurry. A certain way is good for human people, as most light takes place from a small halted it, for example, from working ally in person through clear up at 90 degrees, thereby revealing the area where your hero is located. Now let's take a look at the technique. Point off. Interest in this group includes techniques that allow you to summer effectively your chosen object. The first technique. It's using the intelligent, cursed luck mart when if it was an object off any size holding the object in the center of the frame, you need to sit here than flight. Predatory in advance. You can quickly controls the height, rotation and inclination of the camera. In other words, you great ally sliders that the captain does not get off and focus on the more important actions. The second way is this is an imitation of the camera movement being set on the slider. I mean a flying sideways. Unlike the brewers way, all control here is carried out in a manual. More portions of Parallax Effect try to move closer to the foreground and for greater efficiency. Additionally, it can gain cultivate while moving the third way is using the point. Intelligent Mort went off. Interest in recent here is quite simple. If you don't support this feature, select a beautiful object is a beautiful You said the options was a mode and launch your drone. If necessary, you can inches the trajectory of moment. Let's take a look at the next group of flight techniques, called a camera crane. This group includes techniques is that they resemble a grain cinema moment. Only result. It's physical restrictions. The first way the features that you can fly high is not the only way you need to do Imitation was a camera crane. Movement is quite strong and beautiful technique. You take off your drone and lowers the camera down at the same time, holding the object within the frame, and you can move forward and backward the second way. The cranes closing moment is often used in the final frames. Such a video reveals the whole scene starting from the details and brings the final line in the place and on the stage. You just defined with the final frame and select the object from each of Starkman backwards and sly for me, diagonally back and up at about an angle of 45 degrees. Grady solitude in the camera down and holding the object of human in the frame. Now let's talk about a group of flight techniques for moving objects. I mean, the techniques most suitable for moving objects such as cars and bikes is the first way look, holding. It's get to use it close to stand in our moving objects, especially with correctly adjusted composition in the frame, the camera begins to fly behind the object. Analyze the object in the direction off moment away as a human eyes are directed. This room immerses us in the place where the object is directed or moving. You can fly underside or about the person for making it better. You can start moon in such way that the train will begin to open gradually, for example, starts in the filming for Melo Point and gradual. A rising to the top of the landscape is open, and more and more the second way is the object. Reckon it can be made in intelligent and automatic mode, and in my normal as well, you can feel from the front from behind from one side at 1945 degrees and from about. And all this can be done at workers multitudes. It's always necessary to sink about an angle direction and altered it in it. To help in the frame is a certain way, and to face. It's often used in car Spillman or in first moon objects. It means when the object most on here and you fly best in the opposite direction. The secret is that you need to fly as close. It's only possible nears. The object ended to break a drum. That's why you need to prepare very carefully. It was this way off human. The post way enters the frame. If you use it properly. This is an amazing way. The secret is that they are human, some empty space being emotion. For example, an empty road moving Ellen at the right angle for you and after a few moments is the moment object burst into the frame pressers and you. For such a frame, it's important to select the camera angle in advance, just a composition and select the moment for object. Now let's talk about a group of flight techniques for obstacles is the first way, as this is gonna be a flight from obstacle vertically, horizontally or flying away from the obstacle with openings. The target for you that you want to show moving from foreground to background. Grant some deaths in space. The following technique is on the church is this is every spectacular flight. This happens when you begin to film from a lower height relative to the obstacle, and after reaching the obstacle, you fly extremely close to its edge. For example, Irv's opening a beautiful view. The next way is flying along the obstacle. For example, walls, buildings, rocks it can before work up side by side with open interview you in Moves of your legs is, as he subconsciously wants to know. What happens next. Let's talk about some flight techniques a bit more, and the first way is crying alone. This is a quite simple moment, but no less beautiful. This ends up it Is that you just why Elon's unnecessary for your objects Alan skyscrapers, the cursed zero roads or something, Miles and just using only one dimension for moment. The next way is tunnel slight. This is a flight through narrow places. Is this way will require patients and a good skill of control in the drum, also sometimes to take a risk. But sometimes this rooms are worse. It the next step is off the earth is this is an extremely low altitude flight. It's cool to use it, especially in empty spaces. Uses the foreground and background. It looks beautiful, boss. A simple flight forward or backward and a flight sideways is the next step is planning, in fact, is this is a simple turn of the culture to the right or left. It's more interesting to use this technique not only on aesthetic culture but an easy forward back who are a sideways moment. All the techniques is this is a collective experience of different pilots. They entered the lows just on the recommendations. You can combine about describe ways or create your own, which will be more convenient for you. But remember the main seen to get the most cinematic frames, you need to fly very smoothly here. We talked about the most popular flight techniques. I hope they will be useful for you you will be training and then you will get a very beautiful frames. Thank you so much for watching Bye bye. 21. BONUS: How to Better Shoot with a Drone. Three Simple Settings: What's up, guys in this video a little bit about the plight techniques in this widow, there will be only three techniques that will be suitable for beginners. For example, you bought a drone made first and look at the food issue Hadfield and realized that it's not interesting. And do you want to film something better? Something more interesting and more effective. The kids a successful movement to make the frame look more interesting, you need to control the camera and two Mousa during correctly in cooperation with the camera and run. You can get a very beautiful footage. And today in this video, I'll tell you about so remain flight techniques, which will be suitable for beginners. No, just for beginners. And I use them and many as a good pilots use them. Did I call myself a good violet? Well, okay, so let's go check out the remote controller before functions of drone. There is a very important controller from behind. We just responsible for the camera control, delivering down and lifting up. Previously, I have already told you how to change the controller sensitivity in the stations for making the picture comfortable, smooth and make it the cream being cinematic, the recent, it said, according to the standards, from both defector and from them in the picture, his grammar is going to be abrupt. The same applies to see speaks there, quite abrupt by default and need to be adjusted. And all this I have already told you before, if you haven't seen them yet, it's not good, but open and check out. Let me talk about the first way. It's quite creamy, too. It's a simple flying forwards, but at the same time, with this most lumbering down off your camera. If you feel some object, you approximately sent the object in the center of the frame. Fly forward and smoothly. Lovren's a camera down just a little bit, holding the object in the center of the frame. They're poor. They can keep. The object is a tilt up to 90 degrees down, and the friend is gonna be interesting. But you don't have to lovers the camera down up to 90 degrees. You can also lovers a camera down smoothly until it looks beautiful. If you fly back, you can lovers. The camera don't fly back and at the same time lifting off the cameras. Mostly, the drug will fly back. Who are the camera will be left in and you get a very beautiful view, which is behind the object. It turns out quite good and beautiful, and this is just by means of moving syndrome forward or back work and simply love it. It don't and lifting it up the next way. It's lines that run forward or backward and gaining. Insulted it in the same time. For example, you feel some object, you begin to move back, you gain annulled it and you get a beautiful background. What is behind the object of filming? After all, the food is really awesome is this can be achieved by autistics? It's a thick foreign multitude and a stick back. What motion? After all, your drug will fly away from you somewhere at an angle of 45 degrees. It's also possible to do the opposite. When you have a gentle an escape, you lift it up. Your drone in the air flew back, and your flight is an object of filming. For example, to the person. The search technique is that you moved to sticks, is it to one side or to the opposite. For example, you feel some object and the Donegal five arrests, mostly thereby opening the depths of the frame and making the picture deeper. This technique is wonderful. This frames are some of the best, even because to get the depths in the frame, you reveal the abject. It reveals a picture, and you had some kind of dynamics to defray. The your is very interested in scene because it looks very beautiful and the main seen it looks cinematic. Let's see an example. Acropolis bacon. You fly around an object, a big trajectory by shootings, elastic. You turn it around its axis and by sitting right stick you just like, for example, to the right, thereby getting an interesting frame. And this is a cool way to shows that your health three dimensional space some dips appears in the frame, and the time comes to life. That's all in this shot lesson. I took about several techniques for beginners. If you just bought a drone, I suggested to begin with this fight techniques, discover new techniques for yourself, learned to fly and do it carefully. Practice and practice and you will succeed. Sound so fortune. See you next time. Bye bye 22. Hyperlapse (Timelapse): how to use hyper lips. Mort. When you plan to film something, don't fight close to the foreground objects. Otherwise, the video will be unstable. Medic to Hess for new modes of filming free hyper lips Waypoints hyper lips curse Lock hyper lips circle hyper laps, each more intense to use a different trajectory to remedial creative needs and difference. 10 arrows. After setting a composition, click the icon on the left. Intelligent flight moments, then hyper lips free. Hyper lips. Breast re hyper lips said the frame interval and the video duration and the drum will automatically calculate the time required for filming. Press go to start filming in free Mort, you can control the culture and the camera Stilt circle. Hyper lips circle hyper Libs. Ellos a drone to fly around an object while fuming after selecting the smoke, said the shooting in terrible video lengths and direction of the circle. Then so, like the object breast go and sort of you automatically calculate, blends a flight road and begin filming. You can see the center and the flight wrote on the map curse look hyper lips, car slog, hyper lips. In this mode is a drunk vilifies the trajectory and the camera will look at the selected object after purpose in the frame for object. Regardless of the camera direction, Mike will fly in the indicated direction and follows the prime object. After selecting curse like hyper lips, select the frame interval and with Dolan's, then sets off light direction and select the target press. Go to begin filming tomorrow you will fly in a straight line and fume hyper lapse video. After selecting the flight direction, you don't need to select an object. Just press go for fuming in a straight line. You can see the flight distance alone there in line so that your offline and will be safe, playful and type of lips. Film him filming in this mode with a drunken automatic, a lithium and fly along a preset road for making a more dynamic video. In the hyper Libs menu. Select waypoint hyper Libs, said the Human Interval and We Dolan's Click Next and fly your drone toes Designated point . You can change the camera and go toe, make different frames, press go to start hyper lips, filming When a human is over, my worktable automatically greater video. You can watch this widow. You can also add it and shares this video of his DJ ago. For now, you know how to use those amazing modes of hyper lips. 23. Photo and Menu Settings: hi s years old. I'm glad to see you in this case. I will tell you about the possibilities of photos made from the capture. I will tell you about the almost you can meet with. Let's Go, Let's firstly opens the Satan's that are under the filming bottom operating a photo essence . The video a recent here is absolutely the same. We can choose an outer moat. We can take a priority for diaphragm. We can choose a priority for shutter speed and we can choose a mineral moat about the purpose off. I saw diaphragm and shutter speed. I will tell the next time. Now we will take about the sentence and opportunities of photos made from the drone. Let's go right to the second point and go to the Fota moats. We have a single shot. This is a single for tomorrow. Then there is HDR mode. What is age dear? I will tell the next time. Then there is the night filming more. There is a mode for multiple photos. One more moment for multiple photos. Then we have a time it shot and we have a panorama mode you can make is a sphere ago I mean , full 3 61 80 degrees horizontally vertical and a large horizontal panorama is the next setting is the photo size more? You can choose easier three by two or 16 by nine. You have to understand that when you choose 16 by nine month, the photo is gonna be corrupt a little bit. As you can see, the photo is increased. It needs something to compensate this increase. That's why the metrics is getting cropped when they choose options through by two. Then you take the photo on the full medics. After all, the photo size will be greater and so forth will be better. OK, keep going. Next. There are options for saving your photos. You can select row. You can select chip bag for depict plus a role water throw. I will also tell the next time but running ahead. Address it to choose the last option. I'm in Japan. Platero. You will be able to process zero quite well as the photo contains more material. Japan contains less material, but this is the most popular photo size. If you are going to process the photos, then I recommend set in Japan classroom in the future, you can choose to sage Ipek or to cetera former, just in case, if your foot is good and you want to process and improve it. That's why I recommend put in Japan. Pastora. Well, keep going. Then we house the white balance. Absolutely the same essence video you consider the out adjustment. You can also choose presets on a sunny day on the Mr Day and with artificial lighting, I recommend sitting a custom adjustment and put in somewhere from 4800 to 5200. Okay, moon. After the white balance, we have a style. It's all the same essence. A video you can set a standard option. You can set a landscape option. You can set a soft option and a custom apps. Um, I device, it is said, either standard or custom. Then we have a color, and here we can change innocents. Let's opens the photo. Satan's here. Actually, Harrison is the same essence of Italy, and I have already talked about all the settings. If you're interested in all information that this related to the Satan's, I advise you to look it out in my last winter's. That's all. Actually, we quickly check this topic and there is nothing complicated here. Next time we'll talk with you about I saw about diaphragm, about exposure, how to use a recent correctly. And also next time I will tell you how to take a picture properly. How to make a cool photo and the sentence which I needed for this. Thank you so much for Borchin. I will be glad to see you next time. Bye bye. 24. Best Settings of Interface for Photo: Hello, guys. In this video, I will tell you about additional and support features that you can adjust to make the photos better. Okay, let's go to start. Let's firstly opens a sentence we knew, and first of all, the extra weight is agreed. The Hill three options here. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal. I device it to turn horizontal. With this great, you can follow the rule off. Certs, about the rule asserts. I will tell the next time. Next advice it to turn a haste a gram. It's here. It helps to understand the number off luminant and shadows in the frame it helps To keep a balance on the left is the history. Graham shows the number of their careers in the frame, and on the right is the number off luminous T. Ideally, the history. Graham should look like this off course. Everything is individual, and you don't always need to rely on it. In general, it helps to see the frame better. I consider it as an auxiliary features. It helps it to read the frame better. The next feature, I recommend you to turn on its center points here. You can choose many different options I always choose Cross this. Centrepoint will help you to see the frame much better, and you can adjust the composition correctly. Well, keep going. The next minute item, I device that to turn on its called over exposed. It shows the or related areas in the frame. Just look if now, for example, I had just a picture where brightly this function will show me which area was. The frame is over lighted, I mean defective. Sometimes taken simply miss it or forget, and you will get highly eminence in the frame. This function highlights illuminates off such a zebra color. I believe it's convenient and everyone should have it on. And the last feature I recommend you to turn on its called Pickens Threshold Weaken Special shows the objects on which the camera is currently focused. Here in the Satan, you can select the sensitivity of the speaking, and you will understand which objects and are focused in the frame. I don't set such a big peaking. I said it a little lower to make a frame of pleasing, and it doesn't jump to the ice if I really need it, then even with such sensitivity, I can understand whether the focus is on or off. That's all. In this short video, I tried to tell you about the whole auxiliary settings that I use and explain their important syndrome. Filming sense were watching it. I will see you next time by 25. Golden Triangle (Composition) Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO: hi. Today's topic is going to be about the most basic sense about shutter speed, diaphragm and ice. So and we will begin with the notion off what exposure is. Exposure is amount of flight that falls on the your metrics. The Matrix is a sensitive element, according to register creation. Off a photo takes a place theoretical Speaking in metrics, is a film replacement. The exposure depends on all these three scenes shutter speed, diaphragm and I saw, and the first parameter is the shutter speed shutter speed is amount of time, and our metrics is open it. When you press the shutter button, we have such a mechanical process. The center opens light falls on the matrix, and the lover shutter closes like Olis. Shortly speaking, Everything here is quite simple. The shutter is measured in time. The classical Wailers of the Shutter, usual in which we take the most photos, are measured in fractions of seconds. With this launch shutter speeds, you can get go and beautiful effects and take pictures at night. It's clear that in this case the camera is placed on the tripods, but if you feel from your drum, you need to activate try put more so that's it Done is gonna be more balanced and stable. Diaphragm. This is a house. It is not in the camera, but a little further. Rather in lands and the most obvious example. It's like a regular people. The diaphragm is responsible for the amount of flight that falls on the metrics, but also the Dia Frampton blurs the background. The DIA firm is responsible for the blurring we get in the background. Zim was a day from its open. It is this throwing is the background will be alert. When's the dia firmest? Only closed? The background is not blurring, and the loss parameters that is responsible for the exposure is I. So the I saw does not affect the amount of flight that false on the metrics, but rather f. Example. If vacation off the signal. For example, if we increase the Isola Bella from 1 to 200 then the picture will be two times brighter. That's why you have to understand Zemo. I saw well, you said the boards, the picture quality you will help. But there are certain frameworks and limits. Each device has its own under which is the picture looks more or less normal. Ideally, you should said the minimal I saw. I mean, this is edge of the camera for making the picture but looking and heavens a minimal I saw earlier at the same time, I mean toe open was a diaphragm. What's that? Let's shatter spit value, but always said that I saw at the minimal Value holster parameters have an influence on exposure, and together it's called an exposure triangle. All they depend on one another. For example, if a rise, the ice or twice the picture will become twice brighter to return the picture to its previous position, we can correct the diaphragm or shutter speed pulls this functions of the triangle depend on one another, having the right Satan's you achieves the perfect results. To control all these parameters, you have to activate manual mode for your camera off course. In the beginning, it's were difficult to control all this, but my practice any will succeed. Hopefully, I helped you to in the sense exposition and how to adjust it properly. See you next time. Goodbye 26. What is White Balance?: Hi. At this time I want to talk about the wide ballons. This is a certain that has a great effect on our picture. We can say that the white balance is responsible for the color in the photo, for example, we hear one incandescent about china and yellow. When's the clouds? Come out A recent turns blue and only when we have a free state some then our colors pursuit as normal white. But it's not the best time of the day for filming. Next time I will tell you why. For example, if you take a white sheet of paper at any time of the day, we will see it s white. Unfortunately, the camera cannot do that in a single reason. Incandescent lamp. Our sheet will be yellow in the cinema sky and clouds. We will have a blue shit. Your task, together with the task of the camera is too may exist. Blue and yellow sit on white in the white balance. We have all this, Moz, This artificial light lamps, cloudy weather and so one. I advise you to set them in a remote and just the sensitivity by yourself. It's used on average with indicators from 45 to 5500. And this parameter is measured in Kelvin's and under all this white balance mode, there is a color temperature and one off your priorities is the learner to understand. But to set this parameter correctly so that the white shit is gonna be wet and cloudy weather doing sunset and sunrise. I have done it in this short video I tried to explain to use the white balance. I hope I did it sent fortunate goodbye. 27. What is HDR?: Hi today. I want to talk about HDR. Probably. We need to explain it. Aged here is a high dynamic range. This is an extending function off the so called dynamic range. It's responsible for the decorated on transmission off the scene been filmed namely, whether is a camera able to reproduce this colors from the lightest to the darkest. I'm sure you have seen the pictures where there is a lack of brighter stones. I mean, you won't be able to see the details to some clouds, sky and white clothes. It's gonna be the same with the dark places in the photo. They will be in protest and you won't be able to see many details. Each device has different age. Are some camera shoots reframes in succession? Some camera should eight frames. Let's take an example off through frames to make you easier to understand. Listen, in this mode is the camera captures through frames. In succession, we stand that exposure. We said bright exposure and with the dark exposure then combined still frames together there by your friend has got more information and more memory. Later, when the editor photo because the photon is my memory and contains more information. You can darken the light areas or lightens the dark areas without losing quality. Initially, you have many photos, and together they help each other in Attila's equality. But to make the photo protesting more professional. As a result, you have one shot with great detail and and color rendering. Well, listen, let's take an example. When you wanted to take a photo of his intensive white color or snow, it's obvious it's gonna be bright. Dark areas will be dark, since the photo is focused on white color, A Jr will help. The captures is dark areas as well, and to make light areas less light. If you take some dark for tas and there is a lack of flight, if you should, as usual, then you will get a sailor. It's if you feel in HD remote presented grabs the right areas that get light dark areas won't be just a seal. It they will be, was better the tailing. As a result, the telling will be better was for light areas and dark areas. In general, the photo will be better. Briefly speaking, using the azure function, you get an image with optimal elimination and detailing. Subsequently, you are still able to edit it. Natural enough, it's quite appropriate to use the smart in brighter or darker scenes. As for me, I often use this function. It's just the best because it's doing its job greatly and making the photo better, saying care so much goodbye. 28. What is RAW?: Hello. I'm glad to see you here today. I'm going to talk about the photo for months, especially about 04 months. Muslim drones. You have a choice between Jim Back and Reform, its or an option to use both of them simultaneously. Let's compare to photos taken in different formats. Honestly, the difference is almost invisible. However, The difference is quite significant. Let's talk more in detail. Gee, peg. It's a format that saves the photos by using the compression. The information from Simi tricks in your camera is processed through a built in processor where it's processed, so the necessary state today, Jim Pick is the most popular for to form it. Why do you need? There are four months. The rosters are photos from the metrics immediately. This is a row and UN protest for months. What you got on the metrics you start. The information in this format is not compressed. This form that avoids a number of problems you confined in Japan qformat after compression . This is especially important in large format printing or some commercial projects. Where quality is the most important purpose is the camera itself does not protest raw data . This gives US possibilities in Porto processing. Instead of being edited by the camera and compressed to some required standards, you can edit the photo by yourself, obviously, a photo in the reform. It requires much more memory. Place in the raw form what you're able to adjust exposure result losing quality off course . There are certain limitations, but the dynamic range in this format is much fighter. Thanks to the reform int, you can change the white balance without missing loss of quality. In addition, the reform it gives the best result in color and tartness. The compression possibilities of your computer, where you will edit the photo are not comparable to the potential off the camera processor . Naturally, I'm talking about the fact that the per sister in the camera it's much weaker and person on the Europe, asi there as the serious advantages of this form. It's OK. What is the girl for Dipak for months for just need less memory and this former transmits the files to remember card faster, injured back. You can upload this file. Does the Internet print it or do anything? Whatever you want. This is the most popular format for today. You are not able to do something with zero file. You have to edit it on your PC and then change. And seven to jetpack. Former. It's gonna be edited by you and not so compressed later, it will look better than the usual. Dipak, just look. Subsequently you don't want donated the photo. You took it with the drunk, then uploaded to the phone off social networks. Okay, this is gonna work to do this. You can use Dipak if you want to make a professional photo. If you want to edit it efficiently in the nearest future. If you want to have it more memory space to make it large, professional and beautiful. In this case, you have better to use Roll option. Those who don't want to Rest of the time on editing advice. Susan. Gym bag. Those who want to rest of the time on editing and photo stomachs and professional. Of course, you have better to use the role. Thank you so much. See you next time. Bye. 29. What is Rule of Thirds?: What's up, guys? Today we're gonna be talking museum about the composition in the frame we will talk about. The role of sorts is this is probably one of the most important rules. Existing reasons. A Composition zero asserts is almost the most famous camera, all in zero. So composition is Israel has been used for more than 100 years. It's used in verse, photographs and paintings. First, let's go to horizontal and vertical lines on the screen. So we divided our frame into nine identical rectangles. S was America lineup. You can displaces great intersections. Value masters. The composition this great will remind you off. This rule, a several asserts, is based on the fact that the center off the image. It's not the most important point being pursued by the human eye. Vile building, a frame We don't based on the center, but on this four points. Let's take a look at the image built on this lines by attention objects like is there on the lines or at their intersections. I mean, the horizon is located on the lower horizontal line, and the object is located on the line to the right, just between two intersection points. Now let's see what happens if we change the frame, forgetting their object located right in the center. You can see that the image was the depths. It became symmetrical. And the I doesn't look on the background after chicken houses frames you will understand, the general asserts is a natural and common waiter built a frame. In time, you'll begin to use it automatically. Soro The composition is divided into two types, symmetrical and non symmetrical frames. Zero asserts its resident about symmetry frames. This is gonna be a great 13 position for building a frame. Thanks to this URL, you will stop building a composition based on the center. This is undoubtedly one off the minerals off composition Onley after him and learns the rules by heart. You will be able to break them. Thanks for watching it. We'll talk next time. Bye bye. 30. Why Time of Day Matters?: Hello Today we'll talk about the daytime that is best suited for shooting. Visit Drone. Most surgeons wizard run nature of the take place on the street and most likely in sunlight . Certainly all we're interested in getting the most beautiful frames, both for photos and videos. Today, I will tell you about the use off sunlight for getting the most beautiful frames. We will analyze two basic rules. Is this your through? You need to shoot in before sunset hours. I mean, if it can choose the time for photography in any media filming. Undoubtedly the best option for wonderful frames is going to be some before sunset hours, alternatively, the last hour before sunset. To begin with, let's talk about the daytime shooting, which is not the best option. Firstly, from 10 to 6, the sun is high. Sunlight hardly hits a rice. It's usually covered by Breaux's. As a result, if you should a person there, a deep shadows in the area of the eyes, if you should a landscape. The frame looks so much fled and little, not normal Personally. Sometimes I had the feeling that I shot with some bad sentence, and then I get I was sitting in front sunlight. That is the reason why too much light falls in. There's a camera metrics. This is an excess of flight, and the picture turns out not good. There is a huge difference between delighted parts and are parts of the frame. This is gold anima cringe. It makes a camera to reinstate will in darker and lighter colors in the same frame. But unfortunately, the camera doesn't work as a human I if we just the camera to the dark area, then the light areas get too much light and become a related and vice versa. If he just a camera, does the light areas in the dark areas become like a black spot in before sunset time the sun, the sense to the horizon moving far away from us, The light makes a greater distance through the atmosphere. That is the reason why the shadows become softer and more transparent and look better in the frame. At this daytime delightful diagonally, it falls on the objects of shit in much better afternoon, Delight falls from a bow, and Harrison looks quite a bit during sunset, some that gets a worm yellow and the radio shade. This light also has a sternal emotionality toe our frames. Who the shooting time has a drawback. Since it's limited at best, there will be two Earths to Should Arison you're up to or dependent on the weather to straight the shooting for several days or weeks. But the shots will be worse it, by the way, many cinema and professional friends are often shot at sunset. It's also convenient to shoot include the razor, because in this case, you can shoot almost at any time since after light passes through the clouds. And the friend looks very good. Personally, I would like to shoot at sunset since and clothing reserve colors get lost and the picture gets worse. In general. This is better than shooting in Santa Rosa in the afternoon, when the sun is high. If Zika loudness is dense enough, then in this case you elucidates. But if you loose eights, evil is a frame and the picture of a look. What flit and the second rule advice. You always try to arrange the drunk and build the composition to make the angle somewhere from suited to 60 degrees to the sunset. Obviously, there are many great shots that you can shoot with the drawing right opposite to the sunset and the sense it will be in the center of the frame. In general, If you shoot from the site of sunset, the picture turns out to be more pleasant. I mean, the sunset should be behind you. The light should beautiful fall on the object of shooting, which is gonna be in your frame sense disease. The picture will be perfect in general lighting. It's a large interest in and reach topic. You have to understand that in any more or less professional shooting, there is a group of people who are engaged on the enlighten. Do those defense that we're talking now about the Deron, unfortunately, is a lighting adjustment is not available for us. That's why we have to look for some options that will help us to make the frame better this time. I tried to tell you about this student absence. Hopefully, you will take my advice. Thank you for your attention. Goodbye 31. How to Take Night Photos with a Drone?: Hi, everyone. Today I will tell you how to take NYTPhotos withdrawn. Let's go. One of the most important rules off night photography I want to talk about is that you shouldn't exit the ice away loose somewhere Mosen 300 Because the frame gets granularity, noise and distortion, we get a defective frame. That's why I recommend set in the ice away low around one or 200 not hire. Let me tell you how to take a picture at night, as the next scene I recommend is to turn off all the obstacle avoidance sensors. Since at night the will is there a disconnect automatically? Is there a new D J models was I want or correctly and the drone may stock direct, Not adequately. The next, which is the former which will be photography in this is easily DeBerg Oro. I advise a long time and many times repeated set in Japan, plus wrong. After all, you can see if the father is gonna work for you and you don't want to edit it anymore. Then you can take a photo in Japan. If you understand when you edit it, it will be more pleasing in General. If you want to edit it, of course, it held better use the reformer, which I have already talked about previously. Then, which is the shooting mode? The absence. You can choose single shot when you press one photo is taken. I mean, like a usual camera. The new presses button by 1/2 as a drunk focuses when impressive fully that don't takes a picture. If you have any drone on my big Cipro, you can choose the night for two months. Personally, I would like to use my no more for making the picture as bright as possible. It's important to open the DIA from prison maximum value. The next is the most important Satan. This is shutter speed. This is the time when the metrics opens to absorb as much light. It's only possible there after making the photo brighter, if you should. With the usual camera, the camera should be set on a tripod. What do they have to do with the drum? The enable type of more. It makes the drawing a stable as possible, and when there are gusts of wind, it will try to keep itself in one place without defecting. F OTA, listen, you have to understand this Dungarees said. The shutters bit setting, the longer your metrics is gonna be, open it. There are advantages and disadvantages. Advantages longer symmetric is open. It is Emma luminosity, it observes. The picture looks brighter. Disadvantages. Zemmouri opens the matrix, the stronger blue. New help from the slightest camera moment. If you use, elicit a camera on the tripod and practical. Don't move. You can set the shutter speed even for a few hours and photograph some studies sky. It looks very beautiful. You can set a strong shutter speed on a drone, since a drone, even in a new indie razor, cannot react like a camera on the tripod. In any case, it will move in the wrench off 5 10 centimeters. That's why the stronger said. The shatter speed is a blurred the photo. Zero. How, however, I advise you to experiment because it can have different conditions, different weather, different wind and different luminous city in the frame. Therefore, sometimes even half second shutter speed will be enough for you, but sometimes even five seconds won't be enough. Everything depends ones illuminates in supreme advice. It teaches from half a second to three seconds. You need to set shutter speed through a trial and mistakes and look at your results, depending on the result. Change the settings slightly. It's important to take photos with the shutter speed of one second, five photos with the shutter speed of two seconds and three seconds. After all, some of the photos can be clear because they've been August between the wrong will react most heavily and the foot of you better. If you have any picture to be defective, you always have confidence that the helm of photos and most likely some of them won't be defective. Is that the one that you liked? That's all for today? Thank you very much for your attention. Don't forget how to protest the photo. Boston's a phone and owns a busy. I will tell you next time. Thank you for watching it. Goodbye