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Drone Flying Class 8: Aerial Photography & Mobile Device Post-production

teacher avatar Rafał Galiński

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Preparations

    • 3. Safety Settings

    • 4. Camera Settings

    • 5. First Aerial Photo Session

    • 6. Second Aerial Photo Session

    • 7. Photo Selection and Backup

    • 8. Introduction to Snapseed Mobile Application

    • 9. Postproduction Case Study 01

    • 10. Postproduction Case Study 02

    • 11. Publication an Class Recap

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About This Class

Are you total beginner to drones? Do you want to start an aerial journey but you do not know how?

Not sure if spending +1000 USD or more for drone equipment is the right choice?

Save time, money and energy following Marta on her journey from total beginner to drone owner and confident operator. Find the answers to your questions or ask the actors your own.

Seventh step-by-step Class refers to the process of Instagram Photos - from concept to publication. We cover flight preparations, two real-life aerial photos sessions and postproduction using great and free mobile app: Snapseed.  

Meet Your Teacher

Hello! My name is Rafal Galinski, professionally I've been involved in Engineering last 20 years.

I'm passionate about helping other people develop the potential through different aspects of their lives.

Hobbies: outdoor sports, filmmaking, drone flying UAVO MTOM to 25 kg,

In my classes, I share experiences gained during the years of my professional career and fulfilment of passion. I am convinced that my courses will help you in gaining your personal and professional plans and passions. I keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for reading the profile and I wish you a successful journey to self-development!

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1. Class Introduction: Hello. My name is Raphael. As you probably remember today in the morning we are going toe approach the drone Photographic for Instagram We are having golden hour right now and I came to the countryside to photograph Very nice castle. So stay with me and I'm going to guide you for the process from the very beginning preparation process up to the final effect. And we're gonna take great Instagram pictures today. So let's jump into the action plan. We are going to cover some in points. The 1st 1 is the preparations. The purple preparations are essential and I would say they are even more important. There are crucial, more important than flight itself. Some guys are performing flies without any preparations and then the butter is run out and we have no time, no spur timeto set and have a great take a great pictures. So we're gonna cover the preparations and spend a pretty descent time with them. Then we're gonna go to drawn settings which are the essential for camera settings as well as the safety Waas. The first point is a flight itself. It's really nice if you are well prepared. Everything is ready and you know exactly what you're gonna do. Then you can optimize the flight and the result. The effect. It's really crucial and amazing. Post production is also the key point, because the final effect depends mainly on post production. And then we have the key point. Very pleasant and very important. One publication. This is their final step, and this is actually the Rick up off our production. So let's jump into the content right now on. Have a good time. 2. Preparations: Okay, guys. So when it comes to the preparations, there are some very important points to consider. The 1st 1 is off course. The safety safety is the most crucial, most important one, and you need to be aware what's going on on the particulary area. If this is, for example, if this is maybe a military zone or prohibited zone, all restricted area, so you need to check out the sport and you need to find out if the if the drone flying is a good idea, the particular spot In some places, you can just call for permission, and probably you can get the permission. In some places, like a national parks. It's is very difficult, and I wouldn't say it's possible to get permission in national parks for some. Maybe you can have some agreement like are you? Give them the pictures and they give you the perm some permit, but it's not easy, Believe me when you make sure that the Ari eyes safe and you can fly, then you should consider the logistic what time is the best, what time you should come over to the sport and what time it shoots. Ah, take off so you can consider the position off son and the time off sunrise. Time off sunsets as well. Then you can. You can estimate the position off son is pretty crucial to know what ISS the direction off sun Sun lights some. Sometimes when you have winter time or autumn than the sun is pretty low. So it's It's really very important. Position off, son. Talking about the timing. Also, what time is the golden hour? So let's 1/2 an hour after the sunrise and half an hour before sunset. It all depends on the particular area. Okay, so you're expecting to have a photo only on your particular subject, like, let's say, casa or big tree or mountains or rock or some church. But then you need to consider the surroundings. Maybe not from all the directions. The ceramics is pretty attractive, so we need to find a time when the sun is s well as the surroundings. They are located each other on the best optimal way for your pictures. It's not easy. It's some kind off strategic planning, but you can do it. You can use the Google mops you can use, uh, the tools for whether you can find out what is the time off Sunset sunrise and toward is the location and so surroundings that that's why it's pretty important the point, because the quality off your pictures all depends on timing and location as well. Even if you are prepared. Well, surprises calm over and you can do Oh, nothing, for example, and many, many people coming to the place. Or there is some some event or something particular happening at the your time, and then you unfortunately, you have to a post phone. But post Ponyo is shooting session. Theo. Last part of preparation is your system set up? I mean, drawn on and all the stuff you need all the accessories. Maybe you need this spur camera, the second camera. Maybe you need more batteries. You can consider where to charge your batteries. You can consider how maney butter it's actually you need and what filters to take. What is the position off, son? What is the weather forecast? And it all have some impact for your system to take with you. Maybe you need some charger, some ah power bunk with you or some ah, car charger. Then you need to consider and prepare before you're living. Teoh, replace to your sport. So, as you see, we have considered three more Main Point s. You remember the safety. It was very important than the location and timing. I would say, Yeah, I would join those two and then the system set up. And if you are prepared, well, then the shooting is really very easy. Is buy a piece of cake, actually. 3. Safety Settings : Let's consider the drone settings. Remember the also two parts. The main part is a safety part off settings, so you need to set the return home attitude because this is crucial, then the maximum maximum attitude. In some area there is only 90 meters in some Maria's 400 feet. I mean 120 meters. So all depends on the location is, we said in the first point. One off important settings is low battery warning. When you flying close pretty close to your, you can set the low battery warning at 20%. Let's say if you are flying a little bit far away, then you need to set a low battery warning for 30% so such a difference is the maximum distance. It's pretty crucial. So all together, it's pretty important to be aware how far you can go and how high you can go and how you gonna come back to the takeoff spot. 4. Camera Settings: Okay, guys, talking about the settings you need to consider camera settings and the safety ones. We already spoken about the safety ones, and now let's focus on camera settings. It is. It has a straight impact into the O final effect and the quality off your pictures you cannot produce. So at the preparation stage, you need to decide which futures to take with you what, whether it's gonna be. Also the white balance is pretty important if there is, ah, sunny or cloudy. White balance is pretty crucial because you can gain totally different final effect with the changes in the style off your picture, like saturation or brightness or contrast you can choose, says some automatic pro defying profiles. Oh, you can choose your own because the custom profile and you can set your own values ist well , then the color profile. It's pretty important if you use is flat profiles, flat colors and then you great afterwards, post production stage. Oh, you need to have some pretty find ready call or with some natural natural close, it's well, the shutter speed is pretty important when you photograph something. When what moves, The shutter speed has a crucial impact because when you have something move moving very fast can achieve the blurring effect. If you have a short shutter speed, then you can catch and get frozen. The subject gets frozen on your pictures, so shutter speed is pretty important to, ah, to control and to have on the know ledge how to use the proper shadow spirits. Well, dander For a type of photo, you can stitch a couple off photos in one ah, panoramic, one panoramic frame. Or you can choose the single photo or edge the R A B. We're gonna cover a little bit later on. So those are pretty important camera settings, and it's it's really crucial to know what to choose. That's why you should be prepared before you start your session. So let's Rick up for this particular sample flights. We used such a safety settings ridden home attitude 70 meters the mark's attitude. 100 and 20 meters, then the flight distance 5000 meters low Battery warning was a 30% for the camera settings . We used the and if eater and the eight with polarizer and the photo HDR we throw and jpg a moat out or than the white balance was sunny. I saw 100 the shutter spent 1 50 feet off the second. It was their best possible settings for the time off course. We used the out or the moat because off the conditions, usually when I record the firm's I used a manual mode, that's all let's jump into their flight itself. 5. First Aerial Photo Session: Okay, guys. So now we are going to take off for very first flight today, and I'm going to show you enter comment a little bit. How do I find the perfect or the optimum framing and optimum place location for our shooting? So keep in touch, so stay with us. Or if you are not interested in you can jump straight in tow into the post production. Now the motors are on, and I'm going to take off for around 50 after 200 meters way are heading to the castle right now. I should go a little bit a little bit high, because otherwise we are going to disturb the people. So let's go for the police. 50 meters. Yeah, and then I need the change will be the settings because I don't want to have the overexposure warning. Yeah, Now he's okay. Fine. Let's see. We're shooting for K 40 frames per second. ASU, remember, we're going to take the pictures, so let's go for picture settings. And now we are going. We are heading through the So we should go a little bit, Teoh, right? And then probably a little bit higher. I would like to have the Truecar cells on my picture, and I would like to have some maybe nice autumn. Uh, call us. Let's do this direction. Maybe a bit higher. Yes, Like this. Maybe some rocks. This Well, Okay, so we are going right. Take the first pictures. Uh, let's go for the settings. I own this. Ah, shirt in edged Thea High Dynamic range. I want to go a little bit closer. Hi. Oh, maybe. Yeah, the first picture is like this. Okay, now we are going a little bit to the right, and then they will be down. And then I would like to have some rocks, took ourselves and to rocks and sama rocks my picture because this is not usual picture. So let's go to the right side. It's not easy to find a nice flame. Probably this one with being beneficial. Yeah. Then I would like to go a little bit to the right side and forward. Then I can find ah, frame. We fought any other buildings. Just, um, took ourselves and some rocks. It's not easy, but it's doable. Yeah, probably like this one. This one is great. Well, I know. And now bitch, Lower Yeah, this flame is great. So say it's a big difference between between the pictures and video. Yeah, I like the framing, but right now and we're gonna do the difference are different angles. This is my frame for today. Gonna approach the castle a little bit, Then go to the right and now is the matter. What are the proportions of the sky and rest? So I can take some of various pictures and little bit open to the right side. Okay. And now I'm going to a little bit try. I'm going. Teoh Experience the height. The difference in differences in height attitude. Now we are orbit higher like 60 ser 70 meters. It's fine, It's really fine. And let's morph even for 100 meters Now we have in 93. It is great. It's great, actually. Let's go get back wars. No bitch to the right side. It's a fantastic picture. It's really great and no, even more even higher. Yeah, I think that's enough 100 meters. So now in to unveil a bit of sky and we need to find a greatest framing. But it'll be it's backwards. That's great. And I would like to have some more surrounding for for us because because the colors are so great. Yeah, I think this one. I'm happy we framing now Let's go! No bitch down. So now you can observe how the perspective changes with changes off attitude. Now we have 80 meters, 70 meters and let's try another frame to the right and then a Luneville bit forest. I could. That's great. I like the framing and dumb. 60 meters also very nice. No, but compact for Instagram. You need to remember there is a square. So let's check out if what proportions that we have. Because we need a 43 Okay, that's great. Let me check. That's great White balance. Let's go for Sunny and enough. Thanks. Forward. It seems really nice. Okay? So we can come back a more unless we having We're having actually exactly what we want it. Okay, so let's recap. As you see, I've bean flying around 50 up to 70 meter. Sometimes I've been looking for the best framing. I mean, the the height, the angle, the surroundings also the composition and the settings as well. I haven't used history, Graham, in this in this particular flight and Sometimes I use also the manual settings. This time I have been using just how to settings because off the edge the are I mean behind enemy dynamic ranch photographic. And now we are going for the 2nd 1 second flight with a little bit different direction and with a little bit different son Sun Rays direction as well, so let's jump into the next spot. 6. Second Aerial Photo Session: So now we're going to start for the second approach. We have 65% of butter and let's go for around 10 meter of 10 minutes for not so much Justin off. It's important to not hit three this place in a little bit tricky. Yeah, and we need to go a little bit up. So little bits sideways to see and to approach. Nice view. I think this way. It's really great because nobody has such a pictures. Yeah, I need to approach the Big castle like this and blow, but should right? Not too high not to know Just a bull above their trace. That's all what I need. Now I need to switch into the HDR high dynamic ranch and unveil a little bit of the sky and to approach the castle more. This is one of my favorite. Yeah, this is absolutely favorite. We need to find a nice frame. And to remember, this is the framing for video recording. And now I'm going to switch into their picture because today we are taking the pictures for interest. A gram, as you probably noticed since remember? Okay, so let's try with the 1st 1 The framing is just right in the middle of the frame. Because this is the picture of your instagram. I need to go a little bit to the side. It's no bit overexposed from you in the left side. It's a trickier on. We need to go back a little bit to avoid overexposure. Yeah, is better to under exposed the picture. Done over. No, we have the castle wife, uh, with the song That's great, what they want to do right now. I want Teoh go higher and find a nice framing for this one for the next picture. Thank you. This one is great. This one is great. Children's let's go higher. That's great, by the way. Yeah, we have on these 36% of batteries, I think. Ah, that's what way wanted to have. Let's go a little bit higher and then take the picture from only above. Okay, we're going to take last pictures and we go home. We're coming home. - SD card is full. Okay, way done. Now we can land. That's that's all. That's exactly what I want. Todo I can select many pictures. They are really great for my purpose today way having home right now. Then we can go to another step off Instagram pictures. I'm in post production. That's great. Thank you very much. OK, guys. So let's Rick up the second flight. What I wanted to Georgia just they change their location. And then we had the sun in a little bit sideways, a little bit in front of us, a swell. So I had to find some optimal framing for such situations, and I had to off Andi. I had to also find ah, proper and optimal height altitude, and then I could try and experiment with pictures. It's important to change the with the location to the sideways. It's also important to remember, and the Instagram pictures are a little bit square shape. So the framing is no with different than for classic landscape photos. And now we can jump straight into the post production of face 7. Photo Selection and Backup: Okay, guys. So as soon as we finish shooting session now we are ready to back up the pictures. So let's go to the deejay. Go four and then the play button here we can see not from internal stolid but storage, but from as the cause. We have cup off really great pictures. Let's select the best ones because I've taken around 30 pictures. So I would like to have some from bigger point of view. Maybe does three. And then it seems to be really great. Then little bit from higher point. Then we can select. Maybe Jichuan. It's really great. And then from another point of view, we can select those shoe pictures and then from above, maybe this one. It depends because I see it. They are little bit overexposed. Maybe we can find some way to edit them a little bit later on. That's all. And now we don't downloads all the pictures into our mobile device. It takes a while so we can shut catch for it. Back up. It's almost done. We are waiting a while. Yeah, you can see the green check marks. It means that the pictures are so now we we can jump into the photos or our photos. Yes, this one. And we can see and review hold all the pictures and choose the best ones from them. This one is definitely great. It's one tool less. Ah, let's choose five pictures. I think that's that's enough. It's one that's well, and one off. Yeah, this one is top. Probably it's one also, because we have the bigger perspective. They are really great. So I'm gonna select a little bit more than five pictures. That's a something around. Turn off them and then we can decide what's gonna and then we can start to edit Low bitch the pictures into the next part. So let's Rick up the picture selection and back up. Remember to do it as soon as possible. If you do it later, you you lose your feelings, your exceptional sense off selection, and you don't remember exactly what have you been feeling during the session? So it's important to back up and to edit as soon as possible. If you have possibilities, do it immediately, then the impression is very fresh, and then you can select the best shooting and you have the feeling along the time. If you want to choose one of the do one picture on Lee, then you need to select a to least five up to 10 pictures. Then after addition, you can choose the proper Onley one picture. 8. Introduction to Snapseed Mobile Application: We have done a lot off work, a tone off work, actually during the preparations and during the shooting session and a flight execution. Now is the time for very nice and very effective part. I mean, a picture post production. We're gonna use the snap seat. This is the free application from Google and it's very effective. You can change and adity off very fast using simple tools and some filters we can to you on and we can give them special effects off our pictures. We can also add it on adjust the white balance Kohler curves and you can We can even edited the row for us. The snaps it has all together around 29 tours, filters and face is so we can we have the Tian image. We can adjust the color and exposure we can do. It's manually all automatically. We have very good control over our picture. We can crop the picture we can rotate to a little bit with it can change the perspective. We can adjust the colors and white balance. We can brush a little bit to retouch the exposure. Separation brightness lead off tools. But for today we are going to use that June image. Then we can use HDR escape and we can use also the cropping edge the escape. It is great because it brings a stunning look off your image off our image way can create effect off multiply exposures. So we already have been shooting in Hydro Dynamic Ranch so we can gain really great effect . Let's jump now into the first example. 9. Postproduction Case Study 01: Okay, so now let's open one picture, for example. Maybe we can shoes. Yeah, this one, because it's it's little bit dark, and here we can implement a lot of Joe's. First off all. I would like to crop the picture a little bit. So let let me crop to avoid those buildings on the left and a little bit here. Maybe we can do some particular shape like squash You. Okay, so we have chosen square and this is our framing. That's that's great. Now we would like to go to the brightness and also the shadows and highlights. Let's go to the tours to your own image. And here we have a lot of curves, a lot off parameters. Teoh Adjust not too bright. Probably around plus 50 10. 10 up to 15. That slave it's 15. Then go Children. Shadows. No, we can try to equality, albeit the shadows. Yes, now the right on down part is visible. That's great. Let's go to the next to this is HDR scrape. And here we can got to the nature. But this future is little bit too strong for me, so I wanna make it a little bit down to lower up to maybe 25 something around, maybe 30. Yeah, that's great. I would like to dream a little bit more So let's go to the cropping. And then I want a train to gain such Ah effect. That's great. So we have already obtained quite nice picture. Let's go on. Go back for your own image. Now let's check out the situation. What is going on with we boost bitch plus Chan the saturation and then they can trust a little bit more like 20%. That's great. Would have no sky here about anyway. The ambiance is great. So you see now the shadow is almost unbeatable in it's not such a dark like before on a previous picture waken warm it like Plus 10 12. That's great. And we have obtained. We have now the great effect. I think we can leave it. This is great for for Instagram. Let's export a copy and now we can camper. In a moment we can compare the previous version and the present one 10. Postproduction Case Study 02: and now we're gonna edit the second picture. We are open pretty nice, one with White Castle and very dramatic sky. So let's go straight into the drama. I wonder what's gonna happen when we use drama directly. It looks a little bit too dramatic for me. That's let's go with the futility on the town, probably for for for 5 40%. 40. Let's go for 40. Yes, like this. And then we can adjust some tea on image. I would like to show a just first off all the ambience because we have the sky. Him this kind of out of very nice. We can boast a little bit like 40. No, that's great. We can crop the picture. Maybe this time we can select for three. The proportions are great. What? I need to find out. Yes, I wanna have. The castle will be done, but maybe the here on the right side, it would be nice idea. Now I have the castle in the centre so I can extend. They'll be the picture avoiding because in the center like this one, that's great. Let's go to the John image and then we can boast the situation a bit like Let's go for the 10%. That's great. We're going back to cheer image And now the contrast A bit small. That's great. And what we need we need. Teoh changed the relation between the white. So let's go to HDR Square like this one. It's a little bit too strong. Again, I would Noah toe probably 40 this way. It looks really great right now. I think we can leave this picture. It looks really crates. So we're gonna export right now and then we can camper before and after. 11. Publication an Class Recap: Okay, guys. So now you can see the final effect. I have maybe know the biggest Ah, the instagram page profile. But anyway, the picture we have edited during the class it's actually the most popular I've ever produced. I have some really nice aerial pictures, but one I've prepared for the class. It's really fantastic. And I have more than 70 likes after a couple of days and people really comment very well with some heart. So I wish you the same. After publication, Yushu issued Boost your profile Instagram profile profile Really a lot. So keep fingers crossed, guys. And thank you very much for watching the class. I wish you good luck. Bye bye.