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Drone Flying Class 7: DJI GO 4 Workshop

teacher avatar Rafał Galiński

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Class Intro

    • 2. Installation

    • 3. General Settings

    • 4. Main Controller Settings

    • 5. Gimbal Settings

    • 6. Remote Controller Settings

    • 7. Image Transmission, Gimbal, Battery, Vision Settings

    • 8. Visual Navigation Settings

    • 9. Camera View

    • 10. Palm Control Feature

    • 11. APAS Field Excercises

    • 12. Compass Calibration

    • 13. Bonus Video: User Manual

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About This Class

This DJI GO 4 workshop covers the variety of functions and  settings within the DJI GO 4  App for drone operation which can be used as a remote controller itself for the DJI Spark and Mavic AiR or Mavic Pro or in connection with a Remote Controller for the DJI Phantom 4 Series, Inspire 2, Spark and Mavic AiR, Mavic 2 or Mavic Pro.

Overall, the application DJI GO is the gateway to your drone’s settings, so it’s essential to understand what the settings do and how do they work.

Please note that this DJI GO 4 workshop is based on the Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic, Spark, and Inspire 2.

Due to various functions of the drone, some of the screenshots of DJI GO 4 show settings that are available to specific aircraft only.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello! My name is Rafal Galinski, professionally I've been involved in Engineering last 20 years.

I'm passionate about helping other people develop the potential through different aspects of their lives.

Hobbies: outdoor sports, filmmaking, drone flying UAVO MTOM to 25 kg,

In my classes, I share experiences gained during the years of my professional career and fulfilment of passion. I am convinced that my courses will help you in gaining your personal and professional plans and passions. I keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for reading the profile and I wish you a successful journey to self-development!

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1. Class Intro: Hello and welcome to my new class today. We are having DJ I go for application workshop. This is part of one. Actually, I prepared also, the part of you is gonna be released soon. In the first part, I'm gonna cover some main features off the application. And I hope you benefit from the work ship. And it is pretty difficult to operate the drone for very first time and then to learn the application. It has a lot off secret and hidden features, and I'm gonna unrevealed until I'm going to show you and explain you step by step. So I hope you're gonna have a good time and benefit as much as possible from the class. So let's jump into the class right now. 2. Installation: Now let's go to the installation. This is pretty important. Teoh. Check out before you're going to install. If your mobile devices suitable for digital, I go for how you can check it out. You can check it out on the main and d j dot com a page. Then you go to the product page and downstairs you scroll down. You can find the the list off suitable equipment for both IOS and Android devices or systems. And then, if you are unsure your devices, only least you can try to install from the appstore off from Google Play Shop. Sometimes I found in my old Ah, I bought Mini. I couldn't unfortunately install on the up. Probably my iPod is just a little bit too old, so it's crucial to make sure if your mobile devices suitable, you can find also their list off your application off your mobile devices suitable in appstore. In the description, off application probably is the same way for Go go shop. Then we can try and you can read the description of the up and the version off current version because there are many updates both off the up and also off the few more off your aircraft, depending on the R version off application, then it's possible or not to in start, the few more update so you can see on the list. There are so many updates of the implications. Many times you and the up just prompts toe update, and it's pretty. Sometimes it gives us a hard time, especially when you have no WiFi, Ah, feared or you have no WiFi connection. All right, so that's small s about the installations installation and let's go forward. 3. General Settings: let me show you now a little bit about the general settings from the camera view. When you top the right off the top right corner, then we go directly to general set things. And what can we adjust right here from the top measurement units you can. It shows above metric all imperial ones. So you have meters per second so kilometers per hour or mice per hour. Now we have the fit and we have them. My spur, our depending what we can dough. If we have gimbal control than in the long press, you can move the gimbal. If you set into the four course, then your long press and green box comes up showing the focus on the composition. So you see, this is their long action and focus on the next settings is selecting the life broked broadcast platform we can stream online. You have Teoh just look into the Facebook or another social media platform like YouTube, and this is more or less what can we do? So this is the life action and here we have the mop settings. We can show them up. We can calibrate the map coordinates if we are living in China. Mainline. Oh, you can catch them D map in the background. It means that week Don't Don't have to go down. No develop. Each time we look into the did he go up? Then we have the cash video cash s so we can just start the video on our mobile device and then we have cash off capacity. How much it is then we can clear the video. A capacity. The video cash on. Uh, we can also set the automatic creaming off the off the cash, a memory. And then we have some warnings. We can see the warnings and what happened then in each particular timed. And we can send the device name. And we can also said there full screen action if we don't wanna see the villa metrics And the last it's about the version off DJ. I go into a few murder and software 4. Main Controller Settings: And now let's go for main controller settings, the first setting is the home point. Here you can set the home point off the take off a sport all the current controller position and we can change between them. Next. Wanna return home attitude? It is great if you have high value higher than the highest obstacle right here. I personally used around 70 meters. Then you have the beginning remote. If you are starting with the drone after activation, it ihsaa default than later. You can deactivate it. It sets some limits to the distance, height and speed. Beginner Smart. This is a great way off starting to getting familiar with controls and we were safety away . And when you will feel a little bit better, more comfortable, you can just switch this one off. Advanced controller settings. Here we have the exponential curve. This is pretty through the tricky one. It shows exactly what is their feedback off the aircraft. The X access. This is how much control is being off the stick off the joystick pushed. But why access the amount off responding of the aircraft? So how much the aircraft response to the value next is the sensitivity you can have ah, attitude right here. ISS how much the drone reacts for for your moves off the joystick than the break. How fast the drone breaks in. Ah, GPS moat and then the yellow. It controls the speed off the rotation up left, right, clockwise all counterclockwise, the higher value. It means the aircraft goes faster. Then the next setting is the gain you have pitch row your on vertical and it is not recommended to change those they are controlling. So how fast the aircraft ghost or reacts to the external forces, for example, the wind. I would not recommend toe change those values a swell. Let's leave 100 and that is small less what can widow right now? Another very important features. For example, the face save Prasidh during advanced settings. So the aircraft, after losing the signal, is going to return home or land or hover in one place Depends on the environment and the conditions you have on site. You can turn on and off the headlamps had leads. Then if you use the propeller cage, you can also set at them. Your aircraft is flying with propeller occasion for Ma pick and we don't have to. Professional cage. You can have them methods off stopping the motor. So combinations. The comment you can use for emergency only. What, Then you can see the status off. I am all. If there is a need of collaboration, you can have the status of Joseph Cop. That's Ah, pretty great. And we can also set some maximum flight distances and maximum altitude and also enable maximum distance. If you want to use the sport more than you can set sport more, the multiple apply flight. Morse. You can talk on this settings that it's more or less about the main controller settings, Thank you very much. 5. Gimbal Settings: And now let's go to gimble settings From the top we have gimble mode and you can choose between four and f PV. The follow motor is when the camera remains stable and maintains the horizon f b I mean first person view it Corrientes the gimbal movement off the drawn s So when your turn or go down, the camera goes down This way. So you change the orientation of the drone and the camera is going with this. Ah yes. Well, then we have centering the camera. When we top this one, the gimbal goes exactly in the center off the view of the horizon all goes down. It depends. How many times do we talk and then we have the function adjust Gamboa row. It means we can adjust the toot off the gamble If the horizon is not straight, if it is misaligned and we can do it during the flight and we don't have to come back and fix it down downwards weaken, do it during our flight and then we have drawn out of calibration. The drone must be down on the level and pretty surface straight. Good surfers and then the drone automatically try. So present the game ball on. Uh, it's calibrates itself. What we have next. There's some advanced settings like Gimble pits, Pete Gimble pH Spirit controls the actually the velocity, the speed at which gimble tills. The higher value means faster. The lower volume is the gimbal are also a little bit slower, and it's recommended to just make some trail trials and try and adjust. Try and adjust again, and then you can find the proper one for you. The next function is unable upwards to gimble. Tilt limit up to 30 degrees. Turning this function on will allow the camera to kill it up beyond 30 degrees, but you'll be able to see the prosperous and probably on your screen, and they appear sometimes unless you can just avoid this effect flying backwards. Next one is gimble. Pitch smoothness is controls how quickly the game Bo is going to stop after you move it. So this is some kind of inertia in a lower volume. It's a quick stop and higher value, May said. It stops with inertia, so it slows down very, very gently, and the last function is enable synchronized give open follow, enabling this make the camera moving with the caustic. It hurts a little bit the video to be smooth hair when you move the Yao stick, left or right, and they are mine. Gimbels settings. That's all for now. Thank you, and let's go further. 6. Remote Controller Settings: OK, and now let's go Teoh the settings off. Remote controller. The 1st 1 from from the top is remote controller couple calibration. We can proceed the calibration on Lee when remote controller is turned off on. You can calibrate here in the sticks as well. A struggle wheels and remember just to follow the instructions on the screen. It's pretty simple, nothing really special. Then we can choose the stick mode in some drones, but mainly we use the moat. Number two. If you want a quest, customize your remote control tohave other functions defined to some particular sticks than you can decide on your own. You can choose between mode number 12 or three or custom. Then afterwards you we can go and set the fixed wing mode. Then the drone behaves like a really aero plane. When you go down, the notes of the drone goes down. When you push this left, stick up the drone and nose goes up. It needs some certain speed, and afterwards it enters to their fixed wing mode. Then we have remote controller LCDs. Chris Crane instruction it on. Lee goes with Magik Print Magic Chou because they have the remote control screen. Ah, the other drawn drones. Unfortunately, they don't have this cranium. Then we have button customization. We can set the sea ones Sichuan or just see or function bottles. Then we can custom customize and, uh, just said some particular functions for them, like for the second, for example, out of explosion locks. Or give Bo Center or some different, like gimble follow, or if people ftv a mode or something else. So the next function is just linking the remote controller toe to your aircraft, and sometimes you can link more than one remote controller toe. Have some function like master and slave. If you have two operators, for example, one is responsible for the camera and 2nd 1 for the drone operation. Then you can set and you can link touring out controller. As far as I remember, you can do it with magic to Magic Bro and saying Spire, that's pretty smart function and that that is small, less about remote controller calibration and remote control all settings thank you ever imagined. Let's go further 7. Image Transmission, Gimbal, Battery, Vision Settings: Okay, let me tell you a little bit of body image transmission settings. This controls the signal between the aircraft on the remote controller. The signal CA can be search outer moat or much manual mode. We can also choose the transmission mode for streaming to mobile device. And then we have options like Smooth No, ma and HD. I would like to recommend to the normal moat 7 20 p 30 frames per second. I think it's the best for image transmission. Of course, for magic tools is probably is gonna be a little bit better. But this is the best setting. The using small, smooth malt and age demote will increase some band wave. I needed to send the transmissions cranes. It's gonna radios will be the arrange off wireless. That's why it is not possible to record for K when using age demote. Oh, you cannot record folk a or 2.7 in in a small for malls and now a few words about the butter level. It shows the battery statues. You can adjust the level off, create go but early warning on. You can also adjust the low battery warning level, depending if you are flying close toe home point a little bit far away. For example, I am choosing 20% for low battery warning when I'm flying close to the home point and 30% if I'm flying little bit federal smart returned home. It is obvious, Dear Craft returns when the battery is low and then, ah, what can we see right here? We can see the temperature the voltage. We can also show the voltage on the main screen off camera of you, then the time to discharge. We can set from one upto 10 days. I think 10 days it's best settings and then some details, like current status times. How many times it's being a charged and sorry serial number off the battery and the production date. And now we have that gimbal settings, and we can. We have two choices off. Follow our first person view FPD. The follow in this more. The camera remains stable and so maintain the horizon's FTV. It's orientate its the game by with more movement off the throne. So when you change the orientation of the drone, the camera is going with on moves with it. The center. If you topped the center. The camera is going to move to the central place horizontally. Oh, straight down, Adjust gimble role. Then you can adjust the Thiel's and ah, the gimbal. If it is not aligned, you can a little bit just the horizontal line. Given out of calibration. The drawn is automatically tries tow center the game ball. It must be done when drawn is on this right ah, level surface and some advanced settings like Gimble Pitch Spirit. This controls the speed which the gimbals goes up and down. It means pills Higher value means faster. It goes faster and lower value tilting slower, enable upwards game. Both still trim it, depending on the drone in the camera. Some cameras can tooth up for 30 additional 30 degrees, but it is a little bit tricky because you can see it in and the prepares in a framing. Oh, you conduce it when flying backwards. But anyway, in it is possible in melodic, prog Gabo pitch smoothness. It controls how quickly a gimbal will come to a complete stop after you move it. So for some settings, when you choose the lower value, it means very quick stop in the one place and higher value. It means it's it stops is slowly. Then the option enables synchronized Jimbo Pan follow. It is also not in the all cameras, not all the game balls, but it unable to make some very small moves off ya Stick. This helps video become a little bit small for and that is small less about those settings . Thank you very much. 8. Visual Navigation Settings: And now let me tell you a little bit about the visual navigation settings Talking in easy way the all the sand source around young aircraft saw the visual sensors as well as ultrasonic sensors, and it is recommended that all the sensors are kept on all the time. But there are some small exceptions. For example, when you have the flight over the water very low over the water, I would estimate it's better. Teoh keep send source off. But anyway, talking about the first option enable obstacle avoidance. It's this settings. The aircraft goes no bit slower than usually because it goes 10 meters per second, so it has a time to break if it senses some obstacle. If you have the low light conditions, it is not always working. So keep in mind, Lord and 300 looks, it is not sometimes good. So I would estimate seven. I would estimate that 70% off efficiency form obstacle avoidance systems. Also, the small obstacles like power lines, branches, single branches, they are not detectives all the time. The next option all enable horizontal obstacle avoidance in top fly. If this function is activated, the aircraft flies around the obstacle in this this particular mode when you enable to be quiet flying depending on the sensors. Marika has the rear sensor, so you are more or less safe with this option. But some aircraft like Magic Pro Day. I don't have a real sensors. That's why the function ist is present, especially inactive truck obstacle avoidance. Inactive after truck. It's pretty crucial, So I would also have theme sensors on all the time. The rather chart ihsaa the in the middle of the screen. This is exactly the colorful chart with ah, the distance to the obstacle on this plate enable visual positioning system. There are some advanced settings, So if we have this on the aircraft keeps hovering one place together with GPS and barometer and share a scope it it keeps the aircraft hovering in one place. When the when the VPs is off, we can account on the on GPS system, and sometimes when GPS goes a week on the aircraft drifts a little bit. So it's pretty important to have the sensors on lending protection If you have the aircraft checks. If the landing area the landing surface is suitable for landing before it goes down. Precision landing. This is some kind of option. The deer craft. It takes some. I would say pictures at the takeoff and then try the lending. Try splint. Exactly the same place. It is important to take off vertically. Fall. I would estimate 10 meters. At least 10 meters. Yep. And then a return to harm. Obstacle check. If dysfunction is enabled to the aircraft is going go a little bit higher toe ascent in order to avoid the obstacles. Yeah. Not all the aircrafts. What Mavica Half. Ah, now a little bit different function. I mean, Papa's. But anyway, did those are more or less about the settings? You should know right now. What's going on with the settings and the recommendation is to keep all the sensors on all the time. Don't count on them fully. Thank you very much. And see you later. 9. Camera View: Okay, guys, let me tell you a few words about the camera view. Water functions. And what do we see on the front page? First of all, here in the top left corner, we have the back. Okay yesterday. Okay, guys, let me tell you a little bit about the camera. If you're this is exactly what we see on the screen off our mobile device When we flying. Ah, on the on the top left corner, we have the back s so we can go back to the main page Main. Many here is the system statues indicator. We can have the different colors, like green, red and orange. And and it indicates, Ah, aircraft flight startles like in flight all vision Onley rt mode. So, depending on the satellites connection and the status and some warning and some Ahlers A to this place here, what is also more interesting? The color represents the same on this is the same color as status lamp at the rear off your aircraft. Here we have the flight. More GPS. Ah, it is the current flight moat, some so many satellites, 19 satellites lets you fly in Tapia's ah moat. And here we have the satellites. A signal strength askew. See, we have the 19 satellites, so it's pretty Pretty good. It's really great the next. The next icon is Ah, visual positioning system or three D sensing systems starters. Ah, depending. What issue? Uh, if this is enabled or disabled Ah, it is provided by three D systems starters. So So sensing system started. So you see it. All the sensors are correct. The next one is so wifi settings on. If you top, you can go directly toe WiFi settings. Then you have the buttery level indicator. Here we have 93% off battery and on the top, right corner, we can go to general settings. Many ah, next throw. Here we have the battery level indicator. This long bar represents the estimation off time flight flight time. Here we have Ah, 15 minutes and 24 seconds. And the grain, it means everything is okay. Here we have the tres court for hump for return home and some margin for returning home and then critical level off battery. So, depending where were you flying? Be careful and keep in mind on the grain is great and then yellow if you have the yellow one. This? Yeah. It is recommended to come back home immediately. The next Ah, the settings. Okay, so here here we have the settings. This is the I so always keep as low as possible. Here's a I saw 100 is great. The shutter speed one of 50 for the second. It is great if the shutter speed corresponds with frame right. I'm going to tell you soon. Here is the exposure value. It's low bit more than the zero, but it is correct and one wide balance depending on the weather. Off the light in the light, you can set up to sunny, cloudy or different values. Here we have the resolution off recording and capacity off card. Here is the eight minutes and 55 seconds and the frame rate 24 frames per second is pretty good and cinematic frame right. And ah, it correspond the Earth. It correspondents with the the shutter speed. When you have 24 frames per second, the shutter speeds should be doubled small less. That's the greatest. All the few makers use those settings. To achieve this one, you should use the futures and that is the greatest way off. Off settings, the frame rate and the shutter speed on Dhere. We have their settings off Here we have the end indicator off video off shooting the film here is the stop and start recording and taking pictures. And here we have the the next one is ah, settings off. Ah, off the video. Yeah, if you wanna Ah, If you top this one, you can go in. Ah, you can go directly to the settings. Here we have the playback. You top Teoh. See, the photos are videos Onda And then what we have sheer is the telemetry. So you see the distance they hide the present distance the height on the horizontal speech 22 kilometers per hour and then we have the vertical spirit is two meters per second and his the distance from the remote controller or home point. This is 307 meters. Right now here we can have the them up or we can have the special rod er it shows the position off the aircraft inclination and here's the activation off a pass advanced pilot assistance system. This is the icon tree off intelligent flight a moat. Here's the icon off. Return home and hear the icon off. Take off and landing out to take off and landing. This is the overview Off off camera off year. What you see during the flight? Of course you can have some more. I can't like history, Graham. Ah, depending on your settings, I'm going to show you the next screen. Here. We have also the rudder off obstacle avoidance system. You can see the front and rear obstacle avoidance system. And on this view, you can see also the map. The position off controller. Sometimes it's also in the home point here and the position off. Ah, aircraft. Yeah. The home point is yellow. The blue one is position off controller. And the red one is the aircraft. This is depending on the yeah. Here. Year CD is not GPS Flight Mountain. This is a pass and two different levels and different settings as well as your C No feet, no filters here. So the shutter speed is very, very fast. So and the white black balance is different. It is a cloudy in this day. So this is the overview off camera fee off. Thank you for much for watching 10. Palm Control Feature: Okay, guys. And now let me tell you a few words about the palm control. It is a great feature off magic and it allows you to control to Omega's to take some selfies, some recording and control the aircraft just by your palm. Ah, or your gestures How to do it. Just You can do it in two ways to activate the bomb control first ISS you can launch it just from the application. The G a go. Then you go. The select smiled. Capture and your press twice there or you can press twice. Just function button. I mean, this is the same as status lamp. Then you can experience the front light that lights become. They are becoming solid yellow Enter. You can start controlling the gesture or palm control lets you control the aircraft upto seven meters on. You can start automatically. Take off the aircraft. You can control the position. You can just control the flight. You can control the distance by two Hands up Teoh six meters and also the aircraft can follow fly tourists sheer 10 meters from you. It can also follow you take some self fears and sometimes it is possible to make up even groups surface record videos. And then you can just switch the controlled by putting the palm on down, and then the lead great blinks green. So you can also land by gestures a gesture. And this is small less about the possibilities. This is really great feature. It makes a really great impression for people observing you for your up service. So I wish you a good fun what is important to put on the propeller guards and to fly on the open and empty areas without any obstacles or too many people or note people at all? Because you can Yeah, you cannot control the aircraft the same way as with remote control. Or you have some off course. You have, uh, you have saw some weaker control, but anyway, this is really worth a try and great fun. So I wish you find a way of the bomb control guys. There you go. Ankle moment. 321 321 11. APAS Field Excercises: OK guys, now a few words about a pass. This is advanced. The pilot assistant system it is introduced with magic are on the market, so it's pretty brand new system. It allows. The drone scans the surroundings in front off and the drone bypassed the obstacles. It's pretty tricky one. In order to see how it works, we have made some some exercises field exercises. So to activate a pass You Oprah, you tap the icon in DJ I for But what? This important? First off all you needs to take off before activating the A. Plus. Now we are off. The drone is off into the upper cysts activated and we are going to make some threat Trials , some fields exercises. We are going directly into the cows. So justice, The first try. Ah, it was pretty like from five meters approaching from almost five meters, I was pretty low, like 0.5 meters. And now in a increases the attitude automatically and bypass from above the car. It climbs up to 2.5 meters almost and would know we are coming back. And this is the second trail. A little bit different angle. Now we are almost, uh, heading the head and now is the same. It increases the attitude and bypasses the Dickau upto 2.6 meters approximately two point 5/2 2.5 meters. Now we are changed, changing the directions to give the drone chance. Teoh bypass by the side sideways. I need to go with backwards. Yes, Now it's 5.5 to the cow and we are trying to increase the speed. Babic. Yeah, but it increases the attitudes immediately. Each time it behaves the same, it climbs up to 2.5 meters. Now is the next. Next try another fly. We are going backwards to see if it works. Flying backwards. We are seven meters, six meters from the cow and it increases. Yeah, it climbs upto two meters. Now let's change a little bit. The angle? Yes, and we try again. It's census. Ah, the obstacle and it slows down and stops. Now it's a little bit more difficult. Task something if it's over, This is the site. Ah, a little bit different, Uncle and we are climbing. Yes, It climbs gradually up to 1.7 meters. So we see is exactly it is exactly the same. So we're gonna make some different different things. Now we're going to approach the small tree. It's on its own. Let's see if it's gonna bypass bythe side. Oh, up upwards. No, it senses the obstacle and bypass from the left side. Yeah, now we are behind on. Now we are behind the tree and the same doing the same. And now it stops and hovers and doesn't know what to do. Just reverse in one place and let's try another time increases the attitudes, but it stops and hovers, So the behavior is not defined in 11 way it's it behaves Ah, in some ways, but mainly by pass by above or by this site. Okay, that's small less about the A plus. Thank you very much for watching 12. Compass Calibration: Hello, everybody In this section, we gonna talk a little bit about the compass. The campus is pretty important because it dictates it indicates the direction off the aircraft. So if you have the compass Felcher, you can just experience to fly away or unprofitable for heading. I would say so right now, let's focus. Went to calibrate the compass. First of all, when you update the software or film, wear off aircraft on your mobile phone, then after the update it is it is really recommended. Teoh calibrate the combat The second option. The second reason when you fly when you have ah, long break with flying When you're not flying a long time, then you want to come back to your aircraft and ah, then is great reason Teoh calibrate the compass as well. The further reason why when you had some crash when the aircraft heard Ah, the accident then is needed. Teoh Calibrate the compass. Another. When you move to the location, it is not defined. How long? How far do you move? But let's say when you go to a travel couple off hours. I know it's a little bit tricky, but when you travel somewhere for the new place. It iss off course recommended Teoh calibrate the compass and the the last But not least when the up indicates that the compass is calibration is needed. And now how to calibrate the compass? There are two ways. First of all, you just go to the deejay, go for up and then you press s. You see, the here is the yellow status bar ready to go vision and then you have the compass and calibrate. Then you just press the calibrate and you top calibrated on and you have calibration. Start the second option, how to how to start the calibration. You just switching between the flight motor sport and GPS and normal more a couple of times . Then you have the yellow lie status lump and and it says it is ready to calibrate. Then you take you hold your aircraft on the straight arm and your rotates every 160 degrees . Iran's you until the light changes the color from yellow to green. Yeah, And when it changes the color, you just heading them the nose down and do it again until the lump changes the color. And that small s Okay. You can also have some comments, like compass calibration complete. And then you already Teoh fly. Thank you very much for attention and see you later. 13. Bonus Video: User Manual: And now I'm I want to show you how to find out either manual and how to read it and what is also important. So we are going toe downloads from DJ ICOM. We're going to downloads and then you we use we find the pdf Magic, our user manual and after a few seconds, you should be able to open D pdf file. Then we can analyze waters inside and what is pretty important? Remember, it is not always on Leigh read, but the crucial is to understand the content. Here we have some basic basic knowledge and basic points like searching, navigation, printing and here it's ah, what? We have also available what documentation it's like in the box user manual. Ah, quick start guide to this claim on intelligent flight battery safety guidelines. You can also find some a video tutorials. They are pretty good on ya. They are pretty short putts. Pretty guidance. I like them very much. You can download if you haven't done it before. Even download. Did you? I go for up for your mobile device and what is crucial for for your PC or Mark, you can download digital assistant from the link is shown here. This is the content off easier manual on. But I would say what is pretty important before the first flight, the product profile and preparation 40 for the first flight, then the flight modes Air Clan A craft it's not returned home is pretty important, of course, and vision system because they have you, they give you the highlights. How to understand, Return to home. Ah and, ah, other pretty important features. Let's see some, let's say, return home. When you click, you go directly to the point, and here we have ah, smart return home a low battery and fail safe smart when you press the button on the controller low battery, when the the particular level is rich and felt safer when you when you lose the communication, you have exactly explanation. You have any explanation how how it works and what what is possible to dio and what is happening during the return home. This is one off the points, so let's come back. Teoh the contents, and it's pretty important to read a couple of times, especially when you are a first time user off magic. Then it's it's nice to read some points than practice in the field and come back to the explanations one day. Explain nation wanting once again and then you should have a full understanding of the topic. It's not. It's not easy for the first time Ah, operators or pilots, but in time you are getting used to with system until with the user manual a swell, it takes some time. It's like with with driving the car. But after some weeks, you should be re confident and the user manual is pretty important. Teoh help in the way to help you with a safe and confident flying. Okay, that's that's the overview off G user manual and thank you very much.