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Drone Flying Class 6: Discover Potential of DJI Mavic AIR

teacher avatar Rafał Galiński

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

29 Lessons (1h 49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Welcome to The Class

    • 3. Five Incredible Things To Do With Your Drone

    • 4. Let's Start!

    • 5. Afer the Course

    • 6. Building the knowledge and experience

    • 7. Top Five Crucial Settings

    • 8. Floating Kit

    • 9. Purchase

    • 10. Best price for Mavic Air

    • 11. Unboxing

    • 12. User Manual

    • 13. Aircraft

    • 14. Preparations of Remote Controller

    • 15. Mavic AIR Operations

    • 16. Safety Regulations

    • 17. Accesories

    • 18. Preflight Checklist

    • 19. Compass Calibration

    • 20. Find a Good Place for Practice

    • 21. Palm Control

    • 22. APAS field Excercise

    • 23. Our Favorite Flight Mode: Point Of Interest

    • 24. Our Favorite Quick Shot: Asteroid

    • 25. Easy Way of Zoom Dolly

    • 26. Smart Capture

    • 27. When To Mount Propeller Guards

    • 28. Promo Drone Flying

    • 29. Congratulations and How to Celebrate?

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About This Class

Are you total beginner to drones? Do you want to start an aerial journey but you do not know how?

Not sure if spending +1000 USD or more for drone equipment is the right choice?

Save time, money and energy following Marta on her journey from total beginner to drone owner and confident operator. Find the answers to your questions or ask the actors your own.

This Class refers to owning DJI Mavic AIR Drone. 

DJI Mavic AIR is one of the optimal options for the very first drone.

Save time, money and energy following Rafal and become a more confident operator.

Find the answers to your questions or ask the instructor your own.

You can join me whenever you want to.

Organize your activities, learn and practice from basic exercises to more advanced lectures.

Do not worry, I'll guide you and you can follow me step by step.

The class is interactive. You can simply follow the real-life examples and get out the most from the course for yourself.

Here is what you will learn on this class

This class will improve your drone skills, knowledge and experience to the upper level, so make your decision, jump right the class now and get fantastic outcome fast!

Meet Your Teacher

Hello! My name is Rafal Galinski, professionally I've been involved in Engineering last 20 years.

I'm passionate about helping other people develop the potential through different aspects of their lives.

Hobbies: outdoor sports, filmmaking, drone flying UAVO MTOM to 25 kg,

In my classes, I share experiences gained during the years of my professional career and fulfilment of passion. I am convinced that my courses will help you in gaining your personal and professional plans and passions. I keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for reading the profile and I wish you a successful journey to self-development!

See full profile

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1. Introduction: If you ever fought learning to fly, your first drone was hard. Think again. Do you want to learn to capture the landscapes and impressive countrysides that will immerse people on the ground? Or maybe you just want to fly. You're drawn for very first time with confidence in a safe and proper way. Do you want to shoot beautiful videos, fantastic panoramas and great photos. I am roughen Galinsky, professional drone operator and filmmaker. My Mavica courses here to teach you to discover and fly the small Chinese, but great, drawn in a safe and confidence way to create epic videos, photos and panoramas. You're gonna learn how to choose the configuration off magic. How to buy the best option, how to set it up, prepare toe first take off and then practice flying on your own with in depth training, you're gonna learn how to fly your drone while whether you are completely beginner. Oh, you have some drone experience. I'd take you for the Bay bones basics off the filming to advance flying principles. You're gonna learn on your own pace anywhere on your own device. So what you waiting for? Join us right now and let's get started 2. Welcome to The Class: Okay, guys, So down many drones on the market and why I have chosen magic. When the magic kind into the market when it was released almost one year ago, Nobody treated to their drawn is in a serious way. Why? Because it's time. It's really small drone. And you know, in some countries, 400 grams drawn is true. This toy, it's perceive it not as a serious tool, but in fact it is really serious toe and I've on a lot of money during the last year by this drawn mainly for the workshop for YouTube, for real estate and for some inspections when it's stuff to fly, what are the main advantages and to what I'm going to share with you? First of all, this very easy to set up and very easy to fly this tiny drone. It has a lot off sensors on the great system, off stability and the protection like a pus or the fronts and source. Really. Sansores down sent a swell as a complex drawn. It's really so high tech sparked in a small, tiny body. That's why I love this drone off off course. Some people say this is a very tiny machine. The flight time is maybe not perfect. Of course it is not. You should not expect miracles from this one. But there are There is a magic in this tiny anyway, what I'm going to share with you today. First of all, how to operate a drone, how to purchase in an optimal way Then how to get used still how to proceed the first flights, Dan, I can tell you how to operate the drawn with VG eye goggles. Then I can share with you the story how to water land with the jury. There are so many possibilities to use and to make money, money as well. If you are not interested, if you are not focused on making money, this is also the way This is also the great passion and it's fantastic hub. You can spend time along or with your father, family, friends or re Latics. So it's definitely Worf off in your interest, and you can benefit a lot from this time Tiny drawn. So let's jump to the course and let's go ahead 3. Five Incredible Things To Do With Your Drone: okay Fo. So I know the drones are super cool. But why? Why air they super quiet. They're so awesome. Why is everyone so excited about owning a drone using a drone? What are some fun things that we can do with our drone? Because using the drone operating the drone, you can change the perspective from close up to the panorama in couple of seconds. There are some great and incredible FX you can achieve if you're drawn. For example, the panorama. You can achieve the part of great Panorama not only in the mountains or in some open spaces . You just need to leave to your camera a little bit like 2040 meters. And then you can plan a great view around your city or your district or some area wonderful . So we can do wonderful panoramic shots. Oh, are shooting clips? Okay, way. We can off course. We can select some panoramas. You have some basic ones, like vertical from five pictures. Let's say 3 to 5 pictures and then you can stitch even 21 pictures. Then you have really great feud of you. Wow, that's only sometimes you have even 360 degrees Panorama sounds very super. So we can either do a vertical or a spy fear panorama, so they look really cool. Okay, what else can we do with some special effects used in fields like Hitchcock? In 1958 he started the technique called Zoom Dolly. This is some magic technique. The camera eyes moving in one direction and then you can do oppose it. Zoom in or out. So if you are moving the camera, the backwards you zoom in When you going with your camera, forward the newsom out. And when you stitch, when you combine those two factors, you reach fantastic effects. This is really incredible. And this is mind blowing. Definitely. Okay, Super. What else can we see? Some blurry pictures very hard to achieve. If you fly next to your car, for example next to your car, then all the foreground and background. This is pretty difficult to achieve. For my sessions. I water is recommended. A three upto 5% is successful off my pictures. So from 100 on only two or three grades, but it's definitely something to try. Yeah, this is worked off. Try worth trying, but it's hard and the final effect. It's really great because for grant is blood on the bed, the background this well on the main subject, like your car or someone someone on her hoverboard or someone on poster board is crispy sharp. It's like frozen, so everything is bad. So this is really fantastic And this quiet ritual by the drone Wonderful. Okay, what are the things we can? Can we do? As I mentioned before beginning the asteroid, this is like a combination off. This is some kind of animation you first you start from, let's say selfie and then you suddenly rise up and then you make some distance. You have 360. Picture the great picture and you combine a cel animation and it really creates mind blowing affect. Definitely, definitely. So it's like an asteroid was falling. That's where I get it now. Very, very cool. Okay. And one more sample. I would say the 100 124 frames per second combined with point off interest flight mode and the point of interest is some kind of rotation. This is the drone orbits around you, for example, because you are the point of interest of the drone and you can adjust the speed so we just very slow, like one meter per second. Then we combine slow motion with some it It is really it creates the magical one. It's like cinematic woman without any additional equipment you just need is a small drone having 100 and 20 frames per second. There are five unique and incredible things to achieve with your simple and free nice drone . Looking like a toy s super so five incredible things we can do with our Joan. Thank you so much. Well, you definitely try each one of them And just have fun with their drone. Super. Thank you. 4. Let's Start!: Hello and welcome to my new course. I'm very proud having you here. During the course, we're gonna cover whole spectrum referring to magic, magic, magic from total beginning from the purchase process up to advanced flying malls. We're gonna spend the time together. So I'm very excited, and I'm going to guide you through whore story during their cars were going to cover justifications, some basic exercises, challengers, information, essential information. And after the course, you're gonna be kind off a small expert. So let's start the journey to go. 5. Afer the Course: after completing the course. There gonna be some small expert You're gonna have exercises, some challenges. Tillery, some safety regulations. I'm going to share with you knowledge about the essential access stories and shooting techniques, a swell tapes and my experiences as well. So just simply follow my activities, do the progress and gradually step by step. And we're gonna build them knowledge and experience together. After the course, you're gonna be more experienced, operator or pilot, and then we can fly on your own, depending. If this is your first drone or another one that I'm experiences the heart, some plenty off information is to gain if you have any remarks or if you have a request, just press B and then you can comment the the lecture and sharing the information with me and the other students. Have a good time together. And I wish you good luck 6. Building the knowledge and experience : So when I bought my fares drone, I had no idea had nothing to do with drones before, So I had no clue what to do with the drawn. Then gradually, I bought some some knowledge in some experienced and I practice a lot of my own. Also, I participated in some courses. Onda I made also the national certificate for for the professional pilot so I can operate the drone us upto 25 kilograms right now. But I think they experience is the most important. You can buy even the very expensive, drawn, like inspired Teoh. But then you can crash or you cannot use four potential off the drone. This tiny one. It's really great because this is small drone, but it it hides some great potential in inside inside the small and tiny body. Maybe someday you're gonna you're gonna find it magic areas, not enough. So then you can switch into the phantom pro off inspire. But for today, it's pretty good toe have on the topic on way are going to discover whole potential together. And I would like to also congratulate if you already purchased the wrong If not, let's jump into the purchase section 7. Top Five Crucial Settings: So no matter now of a few words about the crucial settings that the essential five settings and I think we can discuss a little bit about Yeah, the least off. 10 or 55 Top five top five settings that are most important when flying are drunk. Yeah. Do you remember? Why are we practicing? During our practice, we found some crucial points. Yes. Yes. So we'll just highlight them again. Yeah, make them seem okay. So the first thing that would like to talk about is what returned to calm attitude. I think this is the most important. Sometimes you can find a bigger obstacles or the feel even. Yes, on. If we lose the signal, the contact withdrawn, then the fire safe Presidio starts and one off the trusted, your one off The option is returned home. Yes, I remember, um, And there are 33 options that we can choose in this return to home. Mode first is returned home, actually, to our home point. The second, um, option that it could weaken, say, have is it hovers in the same spot or the 3rd 1 is it just lands. Yeah. Depends concerning return form. That attitude. It's pretty crucial when you have, for example, the hell and you're going a little bit behind the here on. When you said the return toe written home attitude to now, then it it can hit some obstacle. So we have to keep that always in mind what altitude is said. So the choose the proper one. You just have to look for the highest tallest constructions or objects around us. Yeah, and then way said that the attitude a little bit higher, for example, 50 70 meters is pretty good. OK, but what about if we're moving? Yeah, when we are moving, it's no different. Then we such the dynamic home point, then the drone. It doesn't return to to the base home point. It's updates the home point. Everyone say 50 meters, No, every some period of time or every distance, some particular distance. Then if you are in the boat or in the car and we are pretty traveling like a couple of 100 meters, they don't doesn't have to come back so long. It's only hovers in, let's say 50 meters from us. It's pretty good. So it follows yes and taken control. Okay. What about? I wanna ask you what about frames per second? You remember we mentioned some frames per second and shows Pete's ratio. Yes. So from what I remember, the frames per second is 24 frames per second, which was probably found the standard one and the shutter speed then would be 1 48th So this is some kind of operation, like double? Yes. So it Z doubles of the share speed has to be double our dreams. That's great toe have really cinematic settings and cinematic load off our video way. Need toe follow the ratio shutter speed too. Ah, frame right. That's it. Yes, Times to Okay, all right. And what would we also mentioned talking about important settings? I would recommend some sensitivity or gimbal speed that pretty crucial because when you watch the wrong footage, it's really important to have gentle and smooth footage. Not not a gyroscopic, you know, most like jumping all jittery. Yes, it's it's difficult to watch. Yeah, sort of films. Seven. Sensitivity. That's why we can sex gimble role toe have, ah, very gentle move smoke one and then the sensitivity off our menu. Where's like going back? Yeah, terms oh, starts. It's like attitude. Oh, how the drone reacts from breaking this war. Okay, if it goes a little which follow small just stops in one place, it's pretty important. So we can we can set all the the racial off order everything the up superstar sensitive. If so, everything goes smoothly, OK? And the gimbal role this is again with along with the senses. Yeah, it's really connected because for it to also move smoothly. OK, get Victor's okay on Duh. Last last at least. Yes. Yes, batter. Yeah. Yes. You remember? Sometimes we fly pretty pretty close to us not far away, like, you know, and we are just practicing maneuvering. And then the low battery warning goes at 30%. This is the factory settings, but we wanna practice up to down to 20% so we can change the settings off. Low battery warning from 30. It's part of factory sitting from two down to 20% 20. Then we don't have toe. We don't have to be annoying. And our battery doesn't have to keep beeping letter Every so often it takes about five minutes, so it can be very annoying. Okay for us and for people in our surrounding. So too may be sure in this time of a meeting of this warning, we can We can have it at 20. Said said it a 20%. Yeah. We also have to remember that we set it at 20%. Yeah, of course. Because sometimes when you go a little bit further on you are you are coming back against the strong winds. The 20%. It's not. Not enough. Okay, so yeah. So we have to remember. But it is an option. Important object that we can we can just right. So that small about the favorite off course there are many. There are plenty off important settings, of course, but these are the ones that you think are are the most important for you, in your opinion. That's right. Thank you very much. Thank you. 8. Floating Kit: And now let me tell you about my fate. One off my favorite accessories for Mavica. This is a water landing kid. It contains actually to pass the one party its landing gear itself. This is a kind of extension off the present existing legs. And then we have four form balls for water landing, and the kit is available at Ali Express. The prices around 10 up to $15 depending on the time. And when I ordered And when I opened the package, I was a little bit worried if my drone is not going to land in the water and submerge by the accident And then I realized one YouTube video when some guy actually did it and the drone ah was a little bit afterwards, the drone was a little baby wet. Onda, uh, I realize we need I had to push the phone balls as much as possible to lower the position off the magic. That's why the D balance is much better and you can. You just need to push as much as possible. It's pretty hard because this is a tough My theory on the form doesn't is not so flexible, but anyway if I did it. And afterwards, I've bean landing and taking off from the water without any problem. So for the previous time, I've been a little bit worried. But later on, I've been lending with confidence. And the search is really great because you can fly over the water over the surf. Ace off water, very low. But, Danny, you need to turn off the VPs Visual positioning system sensors. Otherwise, you can have some interference because the waves are bouncing from the water. That's why it's better to just turn it off. And then you can rely on your barometer and you can see just and you can fly just for Theo . 50 centimeters over the water. Okay. Thank you very much. That was my some experiences with water landing kids, So thank you very much. - Yeah . 9. Purchase: it all depends. What? What is your reason? War this year? Why? If you want to just have fun with your family or friends, are you gonna get professional footage and this and sell the footage so the commercial use , depending on your result we can. It can adopt the purchase process, but the simplest one is just to purchase the drone itself with one battery and the controller. There is also a case. There is a charging cable propeller guards, Basic union for $799 off course, the differences between the country. So in Europe, probably it's much more expensive, but it's well. You confined cheaper ways off purchasing the drawn I personally both did my thick in one of the Chinese websites. And, ah, they have this store in Netherlands, actually. So I could They could ship me the product from Netherlands, and after a couple of days I obtained the drone, but then the invoices still from China. So if the case off warranty I know I have to pay for warranty costs or send it back to to China anyway, some guys are also buying the second hand drawn, and I must say it is not the bed idea because many guys just buying the drone on day put put it on the shelf and fly, maybe occasionally, like five times area. Then, after some years, they realized they lost a lot of money and they want Teoh sell the product, the drone anyway, So in this case, it's it's good to look for this second hand. One. Why not? The Mavica for many people, is not so expensive. Depending on your financial situation, you can find it very expensive or you can find it very cheap and you can treat it equally so there is no one universal rule, but anyway, we are going to chew some ways. So the 1st 1 is just to buy the drawn itself for $799. This is the price for United States on the official on DJ I website for flamer combo. You can pay your gonna pay about $1000 then you have two more batteries and then you have some case bag and charging hub adapter for USB for charging Yama by phone. In my case, I didn't find the fly more combover attractive, so I I both. I just ordered two additional batteries on Ali Express and they waited maybe three weeks, four ship shipment. And that's all. I don't need any extra bag. Oh, charging hub because I am patient. I have a lot of time, so I can charge one by one, and that's that's fine. If I have a recommendation, probably the futures. I'm going to cover the accessories in next chapter. But what I would recommend, ofcourse, the batteries for propellers and then filters and the futures with polarizer. That's more or less about the purchase process. Off course. If you have any questions, please hit B and to ask me some questions or some recommendation, I found the cheapest new magic for now. Now it's August 2008 18 for $769 probably in China, we can find something cheaper, but we are unfortunately not in China right now. So let's jump into the accessories 10. Best price for Mavic Air: Hello, everybody. And they in this section we're gonna check out how to buy how to purchase the digital Maverick. Depending on the year expectation you can order directly from the star off the G I we're gonna see the prices soon. Now we can see the front page and we are going straight to buy now said for the shopping page, Let's start from United States. It should be the best price here. Yeah, the basic set is it costs now. $799. What about the fly? More convo. Fly more calm, boys around $1000. Actually, it's 999 depending on what you want. Once you expect. Here you have the bag. You have the charging hub so we can charge more batteries. And here we have also there three batteries, additional parts like propellers. That's well so this is definitely the much better said, comparing to the basic set Sheer. We have only the one battery, no bag and eight propellers here we had Ah, it's a more for more, probably on to more, and they're charging hard. Eso The price difference is $200. Let's check out what happens in Great Britain? Yes, sir. So the price is really high. £950. And for fly, more combo for the basic one is seven hundreds and £69. So it's pretty pretty high now. You know exactly what are the price ranges? Let's see the Germany or France. Let's see the friend of France how the price looks in France. The basic set up is 850 year old and fly more combos 1050. So it's pretty high concerning Ah, the drone is almost one year old. Maybe not one year, but 10 months. And we had maverick to right now. Because this is the September 2000 and 18 we can focus on some cheaper options If you buy directly on your continent. Remember, DJ has local warranty. So if you buy for example in China, then you have to apply for warranty rights in directly in China is pretty complex process. I'm gonna tell a little bit more about this one, but let's focus on the best possible opportunity. I'm gonna find some Chinese. Let's search some Chinese websites like top Tom Pretty cheap website magic. Uh, I believe we can buy for $750. It's not easy to find. Yeah, sure is $770 a magic. The basic unit. I think this is a pretty good propose are because then we can just buying the charging harp and two batteries. And this is almost the same because the bag isn't and not so special, I would say for 200 additional dollars is pretty, pretty high. But actually, what can we do right now? We can check out if the Ali Express has some proposals. Onda number off orders. This is the right way off searching here. We have the magic for 999. Let's check out this one because there are some options. This is the set off limo combo, and this is the Yeah, we have toe find a source. Looks let's search a little bit more so concerning those. So we need to find ah, number off orders Pretty decent. Let's try this one. And depending on the place off the stock, the prices of our E from time to time. Yeah, this one is probably the cheapest one knife found. $750 after 10 minutes off searching. So I I would say this is one off the praying, comparing to a price in United States, not every time. It is better for you to search on Chinese because this is only $50. But if you have four front from example from Europe, then the price is totally different. Let's Ah, check out the Australia, for example. Then we have here for the basic sad is 1003 100 on dollars and for calm boys dozen and 600 . So, you see, we have found the $750 on Ali Express. This is the cheapest option for today. But you see the also what is important tohave ah, shipping cost, including the shipping shipping costs that top Tom has no better Yeah, offer. And now you have to off course and see if and check out if the some taxes arm include included aged to the final price. I actually bought this one for $770. And so it was pretty pretty fast, like, let's say one or two weeks four shipment from from Netherlands and that they this is the mole is about ah drawn purchasing, funding, finding the optimal price and optimal off for today. Thank you 11. Unboxing: So we are ready to unbox Their system on boxing is great toe. Get to know the system. Get used to the system. Check all the items to see how it looks like. And I must say the very first Unboxing It's really great feeling especially if the drone is financial effort for you inside the box. You're gonna find all the items you're that. But there is also some list What is in the box? That's pretty important. And you can check and you can come compare what you already brought, what you ordered and what should be inside and what is actually inside. This is pretty easy Teoh. Compare when your source the set the drone directly from China. It would be nice if you record all the unboxing from start up to the end. Why? Because the warranty issues. If something is broken, some item is missing. Then you can have some proof off off your unboxing original unboxing. During Unboxing, you can unfold the items. You can see if how it functions, how it falls, unfolds and off course you can compare you unboxing with the one you can find in. For example, YouTube. It is essential to check. What is the battery charging status? Why? Because sometimes the drums are really lasting. They're kept a long time in a stock and battery is on. I've heard a couple of cases that bottle Eric came over and Waas debt. Unfortunately, if the this kind of battery eyes kept very long time, it's going toe discharge itself and then it's not worth toe. Use it or it is impossible to use it any longer. Then you can check if the cases are okay. There are no scratches or in a damage. Then you can unbox the drawn and you can see visually. If everything is okay, you can touch. You can just play a little bit. You can inspect if everything is OK and that is small less what you need during Unboxing. When you have all the items unpacked on box, then we can start the system set up. So let's go for this one 12. User Manual: And now I'm I want to show you how to find out in either manual and how to read it and what is also important. So we are going toe downloads from DJ ICOM. We're going to downloads, and then you we use we find the PDF Mavica user manual and after a few seconds, you should be able to open D pdf file. Then we can analyze waters inside and what is pretty important? Remember, it is not always on Leigh read, but the crucial is to understand the content. Here we have some basic basic knowledge and basic points like searching, navigation, printing. And here it's ah, what? We have also available what documentation it's like in the box user manual. Ah, quick start guide to this claim on intelligent flight battery safety guidelines. You can also find some a video tutorials. They are pretty good on ya. They are pretty short putts. Pretty guidance. I like them very much. You can download if you haven't done it before. Even download. Did you? I go for up for your mobile device and what is crucial for for your PC or Mark, you can download digital assistant from the link is shown here. This is the content off easier manual on. But I would say what is pretty important before the first flight on the product profile and preparation 40 for the first flight, then the flight modes Air Clan A craft it's not returned home is pretty important, of course, and vision system, because they have you, they give you the highlights, how to understand, return to home and, uh, other pretty important features. Let's see some, let's say, return home. When you click, you go directly to the point, and here we have ah, smart. Return home a low battery and fail safe smart when you press on the button on the controller low battery, when the the particular level is rich and face several. When you when you lose the communication, you have exactly explanation. You have any explanation how how it works and, uh, what what is possible to dio and what is happening during the return home? This is one off the points, so let's come back Teoh to the contents, and it's pretty important to read a couple of times, especially when you are a first time user off magic. Then it's It's nice to read some points than practice in the field and come back to the explanations one day. Explain nation wanting once again and then you should have a full understanding of the topic. It's nothing. It's not easy for the first time. Ah, operators or pilots, but in time you are getting used to with system until with the user manual a swell, it takes some time. It's like with with driving the car. But after some weeks, you should be re confident and the user manual is, Ah, pretty important. Teoh help in the way to help you with a safe and confident flying. Okay, that's that's the overview off G user manual and thank you very much. 13. Aircraft: Okay, let's discover the aircraft. The magic, uh, has four arms. The arms are foldable in front of the aircraft. You have vision positioning system front, more tours, front arms. This is a landing gear foldable with built in antennas Have two antennas and downstairs we have gimble with camera. You can see this Even the future is right now on the arms are affordable assigned mention before and we have also the led lamps on the arms. The lead lambs are responsible for communication with you. So they turn grain red or orange? Let's go to the back off aircraft. I have also Division Positioning System right here We have really motto surreal arms. The twisted, if you see, is a little bit different. The folding system is different than just twist in and twist out at the top. We have also ventilation so the year goes in and the front and goes out the back. Here you have the status lump. But this is also function Barton. So you can, for example, activate the smart captured right here by pressing twice Now the aircraft eastern up and you can see the slots. This is us BC, and this is memory. This is memory card slot. It's not easy, Teoh. Attach the memory card. It's easier to use a stick tape, sticky tape. And now let's go for the bottom. Here we have the battery. You press on the clamps right here, both sides until you hear the click. So this is the way off Installation and the installation off Battery, the power button Raise downstairs what is really interesting. But they they really located to the power button right here. Down downwards. Visual system is right here. So we have cameras and we have ultrasonic sense sauce the front You can see the gimbal itself. It is responsible for holding camera in one possession. On the top we have the shelf, it is possible to take it off and then you can change the color into the other one. Now I'm gonna show you how to install the propellers. You have to kind of propellers. The first kind is without any marking inside, so we choose the proper motel. If you wanna take off the prepare, you just press a little bit and done twist what it's really important to. Off the motors are rotating clockwise and two of them counterclockwise. If you'll see the propeller rotates counterclockwise and this one rotates clockwise, I'm going to show you a couple of times the installation and set up along the trying because it's crucial so you can find it in a couple of places. But ah, with my commentaries on the Waas. In some moments I'm preparing the aircraft. Now we're going to turn on the aircraft. So we pressed one and then present Halt and the aircraft is activating. You can hear the ventilation system and the study. Islam is blinking. It means it's searching for the remote controller and inthe remains year low right now. Let's turn it off. Now we can turn on the remote controller. The remote controller is on searching for the signal, and now let's turn on the aircraft. The aircraft is connected. You can see the green line so it's ready. Toe start. Thank you very much. 14. Preparations of Remote Controller: how to prepare remote controller to the operation to the first flight. First off, all we need to check out the battery statues. Battery status level. It's here. We have four rounds right here. So we need just to check by Pressing wants the power bottom. Now see, we have three. It's around 70% right now, so it needs charging. And the basic features and basically laments are the antennas Control sticks are not placed here. They return home button powers, but on mode, button function Bocian. And here at the top, we have the wheel, the game ball pitch will. And then we have the recording and photo two patterns. How to prepare on the remote control. First of all, we need to unfold the antennas from First of all, we need to enforce the antennas. And then then we need to remove the sticks from this storage slots, and now we can screw them into the control. Yeah, Right now, two sticks are in the proper place to connect remote controller with mobile device. We have two slots. First, the small slot is here. This is micro USB slot, and this is us. Be smart. I'm gonna show you how I usually proceed. This is my phone. I use longer cable, just iPhone cable. I play a place and they came over here and then I connect the phone. Onda and clams are holding the mobile device. It looks like this. Now I'm gonna show you the other type of longing. For me, it's much better. I used my device hold. Then I post the cable in. That's all this. Is the system more suitable for me? It's better. It's easier to operate and displace much higher, so it's more comfortable. So the remote controller is prepared. Now we can turn it all by pushing Waas and then pushing twice and hall the RC is looking for in a signal drama signal. Once again, how to turn it off. Just press wants and then the second time and halt. Let's do it once again, press. It's once and then second time and hope 15. Mavic AIR Operations: in this small chapter, I'm going to show you the basic operation with Mavica before the flight, so it's simply setting up. So now you can observe all the operations and you can repeat on your own before you get used to with your magic, it's it's great to just practice it home and it saves you a lot of time on field on site afterwards. So just for me, and then try to do it at home. Good luck, - okay ? 16. Safety Regulations: and now a few words about safety regulations. The safety regulations engine A. They vary from country to country, so there are only some guidelines. Universal guidelines for everybody. In some countries you have toe get the permission or licence or even if you have the permission, it is not allowed to fly drunk. Do you have to register the drone and you have to pass exams and get this certificate All that I sense for flying operating the drone? What are the general rules? First of all, the maximum distance and the altitude of the height. The distance should be not extending visual line offside in practice. This is something like 300 meters, but you cannot observe exactly what the aircraft is doing. So I would recommend 252 102 150 up to 300 meters, at least on the maximum height. All attitude this is very different in countries in some countries is 400 feet. So 100 and 20 meters in some countries, 150 meters. It's some countries, 90 meters depends, but you can you can imagine maximum distance and your maximum height the next one. This registration in some countries, you have to register your drawn and depending on the weight. If the white exceeds perception off the toy like 250 grams in some countries, 600 grams at Satara and then you have to register the drone and you have Teoh put in some countries there nameplate or indication off the owner or number off certificated as well depends if you are taking off for the commercial reasons, you should have the certification on Dan. You have to pay for the exam for the course. In some countries you have toe take the official course. In some countries, it's it's enough to prepare for the exam and passed the exam. Then you'll get a certification and the certificates, and you can fly and end the money from your flying. What is essential? A swell on the flying up Teoh close to the airport. Of course, they're they're having not only the center off airports or the borders off airport holding . The efforts have also the control zone, so we should be aware off Special Contra zone off the airport and stay away from this one. If you want to check specific regulations, then there is a Web page off International City Civil Aviation Organization. Then you can select the country, and you can easily find out local regulations. In I said, it's done. No, all the countries, but many off them. Machin. So it's essentially, if you're going for holidays that some countries, if the drones are allowed, first of all, and toward our, uh, regulations, please remember, stay away from the airports from national parks, some military zone heavy industrial prisons and many strategic strategic old I hope it helps. You will always toe consider the safety regulations in your area, stay in touch. 17. Accesories: Alright, guys. So now we are going toe cover. Hold wrench off accessories and I would like to make some small ranking for you, which are the most important and essential and which are not so important. The first, probably the most important access or is additional batteries. If you are flying for hobby as a harvest, I will to recommend the minimum number free. But for comfort and for longer trips like half day trip or whole day trip, I would like to recommend the five batteries or some car charger. A swell all probably something to charge your battery on the way on the goal. But anyway, the additional batteries are my number one. My number two are additional propellers. Please keep in mind that propellers are pretty fragile if you are flying through the obstacles. Some branches, maybe power lines on some three or birding or birds sometimes, then you need some extra propellant. I would recommend at least 11 set off extra put propellers, But for your safety under comfort, this spur to spur propeller kids would be beneficial as well. The number free in my ranking list are the futures. The futures are pretty essential to obtain descent or really good fantastic cinematic video and great pictures at swell on the great steals. You can, for example, have the better dynamic ranch, and you can not overexpose. Assam shoots some stills on nuts under expose, so the future's help you out to gain and Teoh obtain really great effects outset, outstanding FX and for some, depending where you living the darker for darker areas I would recommend for Andy four or eight with polarizer and for this better light lighting conditions. Number 16 Number 32 for tropical Iceland, even 60 for the features are not all on Lee. Great for adjusting the shutter speed. They help you to gain some special effects like blueberry background onda crispy for grant , for example during the motion and many great ideas, like longer on a time off exposure than you can. Then you can have some great softness like the water. You can have the great water softness if you extend exposure time. The number four is probably the landing part way confined many London parts. You can see the smallest I found. I would call I would call this one as a starting part because it is pretty difficult to land on this. Such a small, tiny part. But anyway, this is pretty crucial. If you are taking off from the solid, then sometimes it's very dusty than your grand. Then you can get the ventilation system pretty dirty inside. So it's nice to have some peace off material. Oh, some backpack. Probably something to start on. That's the pretty good idea. This is the smallest one I have also the bigger landing part part. This is 55 sentiment media. Very simple one when you're buying the landing. But you're gonna find also the some fixation on some extra stickers for night flying, that's all. From my experience, I would say the 75 centimeters landing parties for me there most comfortable one. If you are flying for more than fun and you're gonna share some some capture or you're gonna share the action, the screen. This is great idea through by the dry goggles for some guys. Some guys, they don't find it crucial or they don't find it attractive. I bought this one has a second hand, but the guy I bought about the goggles from his to probably here only put the goggles into the with Slavic only twice because he didn't find it comfortable for his eyes. And Dan, he he didn't find a proper amount of time for flying with goggles for me, that I really great for most off my commercial shoots. I use Google's because there is really great precision. I cannot find a such a position on a tablet screen or mobile phone phone screen, so I switched into their goggles. But remember, if you are, if you want to fly goggles with your America, then you need a USB cable and connect the Gago's with your controller remote controller. And then what is important? Disconnect the cable off the phone cable from a here. Then you can switch from phone to the Goebbels. It is not possible, like in like with magic prop to have them both Both screens Gogel on tablets. Here we have only one possibility. Another interesting option for drone enthusiasts. Its landing gear extension. Inside, we're gonna find some legs additional legs, so we just put this one to share until it clicks and then for the real Juan. And it looks more or less like this so we can extend the free passage below the magic for maybe two centimeters. Yeah, one more interesting option is rotating kids. You can see there are just some four white balls on some extension. It's well, so inside we can find some extension for the front legs. Then we can put share the ball and then the 2nd 1 Yeah, this is the kid for flying close to the water, but you have to. But you have to know these two things. First of all, look, this is a relatively high position, so the maverick are is going to flip over. I think we can just show them a little bit the distance or you cite a little bit more, and then the kit is pretty use for this is the first thing, and probably you can just cut a little bit. Adore those balls from downside. But this is pretty interesting. Such a kid for floating, and this is my ranking off top five best accessories for magic. I have you like it, So let's jump into the next session 18. Preflight Checklist: let me tell you a few words about preflight checklist before you leave home. It would be really essential if you check out some basic information and basic stuff. First off, all check if all the in the batteries, the aircraft batteries, the controller batteries and the more by phone but race are fully fully charged. This is pretty important. If you are living for a long trip and you have no power source, it would be nice if you could take some spur batteries. At least three best situation is if you have five batteries available, that makes ah pretty big comfort. In order to charge your remote controller, you can take some power bunk with you. Also check out if the Power Bank is fully charged the same concerning the mobile phone. You can charge that phone from the car off from the power bunk. The next point is to take spur prepares. If you have to spur sets off, prepares additional ones when you are going to fly in Sonny's and viral and sunny places. No, it is essential to take the futures and the futures with you. I would recommend some 8 16 and 32 for the sunset and sunrise. Number four is great. So at least three or four and the futures. Okay, One more thing is the the up Check out before you leave home. If you are, application is in the phone if it connects to the craft. And another point is if there are some updates needed because they really update the system . The filmer on software very often. So as long as you reach the WiFi connection, it is beneficial if you update the software the application, so that it's more nous everything off course. You can check out if the future and if any, damage, any physical damage. You can inspect your aircraft before you leave to the trip, but more or less that's that's all. Remember about this for about your memory cards. Remember about the spur memory cards, because sometimes, and the 1st 1 the main one, is broken out off older so that you can change into the new one. That's pretty important attached to the to this lecture. You're gonna find a pdf with your pre fly checklist. The next step is we are getting ready system set up 19. Compass Calibration: Hello, everybody In this section, we gonna talk a little bit about the compass. The campus is pretty important because it dictates it indicates the direction off the aircraft. So if you have the compass Felcher, you can just experience to fly away or unprofitable for heading. I would say so right now, let's focus. Went to calibrate the compass. First of all, when you update the software or film, wear off aircraft on your mobile phone, then after the update it is it is really recommended. Teoh calibrate the combat The second option. The second reason when you fly when you have ah, long break with flying When you're not flying a long time, then you want to come back to your aircraft and ah, then is great reason Teoh calibrate the compass as well. The further reason why when you had some crash when the aircraft heard Ah, the accident then is needed. Teoh Calibrate the compass. Another. When you move to the location, it is not defined. How long? How far do you move? But let's say when you go to a travel couple off hours. I know it's a little bit tricky, but when you travel somewhere for the new place. It iss off course recommended Teoh calibrate the compass and the the last But not least when the up indicates that the compass is calibration is needed. And now how to calibrate the compass? There are two ways. First of all, you just go to the deejay, go for up and then you press s. You see, the here is the yellow status bar ready to go vision and then you have the compass and calibrate. Then you just press the calibrate and you top calibrated on and you have calibration. Start the second option, how to how to start the calibration. You just switching between the flight motor sport and GPS and normal more a couple of times . Then you have the yellow lie status lump and and it says it is ready to calibrate. Then you take you hold your aircraft on the straight arm and your rotates every 160 degrees . Iran's you until the light changes the color from yellow to green. Yeah, And when it changes the color, you just heading them the nose down and do it again until the lump changes the color. And that small s Okay. You can also have some comments, like compass calibration complete. And then you already Teoh fly. Thank you very much for attention and see you later. 20. Find a Good Place for Practice: a few words smarter about finding the perfect spot. What did you notice here? This place is as not used. For now. The road is completely clear. It's very quiet, peaceful place. It's far from traffic. So you you don't have any disturbances. Um, on and it's It's a perfect place for you to practice maneuvering. No one is walking around. Find a road like this, a row that is not used in traffic very often. So maybe in the countryside, some some rural street? Yes, exactly. Somewhere far from the city, Definitely far from from any action. So a perfect place like this If anyone confined. Ah, nice, quiet spot like we did then it's perfect for practice. If not, then maybe some. It's a lot of grass, maybe golf field or something. Or soccer field? Yes, some kind of field, because it doesn't have to be a road. A girl parking sport early in the morning, exactly Sunday morning parking lot. Yes. So So definitely Teoh. It would be best if it were to be MTs. So definitely something. Someplace like this. Yeah, we found a wonderful place and we did a lot of practicing today. That's great. Yeah, that's that's the point. So the desert place with no people, the one point is concentration off yourself. So you are learning this is learning process. So you have to focus on Oh, definitely that right. These people appears immediately. They just you lose focus and control. Yes, Definitely. Because you just you worry about them possibly not hitting them. And they just Yeah, you can. You can trust your drone. Who can cause some accident? Yes. Concentration is very, very important. Your dog. The some essential points. Thank you, Martha Haruo. Thank you. Let's go. OK, so let's go travel some more. 21. Palm Control: Okay, guys. And now let me tell you a few words about the palm control. It is a great feature off magic and it allows you to control to Omega's to take some selfies, some recording and control the aircraft just by your palm. Ah, or your gestures How to do it. Just You can do it in two ways to activate the bomb control first ISS you can launch it just from the application. The G a go. Then you go. The select smiled. Capture and your press twice there or you can press twice. Just function button. I mean, this is the same as status lamp. Then you can experience the front light that lights become. They are becoming solid yellow Enter. You can start controlling the gesture or palm control lets you control the aircraft upto seven meters on. You can start automatically. Take off the aircraft. You can control the position. You can just control the flight. You can control the distance by two Hands up Teoh six meters and also the aircraft can follow fly tourists sheer 10 meters from you. It can also follow you take some self fears and sometimes it is possible to make up even groups surface record videos. And then you can just switch the controlled by putting the palm on down, and then the lead great blinks green. So you can also land by gestures a gesture. And this is small less about the possibilities. This is really great feature. It makes a really great impression for people observing you for your up service. So I wish you a good fun what is important to put on the propeller guards and to fly on the open and empty areas without any obstacles or too many people or note people at all? Because you can Yeah, you cannot control the aircraft the same way as with remote control. Or you have some off course. You have, uh, you have saw some weaker control, but anyway, this is really worth a try and great fun. So I wish you find a way of the bomb control guys. There you go. Ankle moment. 321 321 22. APAS field Excercise: OK guys, now a few words about a pass. This is advanced. The pilot assistant system it is introduced with magic are on the market, so it's pretty brand new system. It allows. The drone scans the surroundings in front off and the drone bypassed the obstacles. It's pretty tricky one. In order to see how it works, we have made some some exercises field exercises. So to activate a pass You Oprah, you tap the icon in DJ I for But what? This important? First off all you needs to take off before activating the A. Plus. Now we are off. The drone is off into the upper cysts activated and we are going to make some threat Trials , some fields exercises. We are going directly into the cows. So justice, The first try. Ah, it was pretty like from five meters approaching from almost five meters, I was pretty low, like 0.5 meters. And now in a increases the attitude automatically and bypass from above the car. It climbs up to 2.5 meters almost and would know we are coming back. And this is the second trail. A little bit different angle. Now we are almost, uh, heading the head and now is the same. It increases the attitude and bypasses the Dickau upto 2.6 meters approximately two point 5/2 2.5 meters. Now we are changed, changing the directions to give the drone chance. Teoh bypass by the side sideways. I need to go with backwards. Yes, Now it's 5.5 to the cow and we are trying to increase the speed. Babic. Yeah, but it increases the attitudes immediately. Each time it behaves the same, it climbs up to 2.5 meters. Now is the next. Next try another fly. We are going backwards to see if it works. Flying backwards. We are seven meters, six meters from the cow and it increases. Yeah, it climbs upto two meters. Now let's change a little bit. The angle? Yes, and we try again. It's census. Ah, the obstacle and it slows down and stops. Now it's a little bit more difficult. Task something if it's over, This is the site. Ah, a little bit different, Uncle and we are climbing. Yes, It climbs gradually up to 1.7 meters. So we see is exactly it is exactly the same. So we're gonna make some different different things. Now we're going to approach the small tree. It's on its own. Let's see if it's gonna bypass bythe side. Oh, up upwards. No, it senses the obstacle and bypass from the left side. Yeah, now we are behind on. Now we are behind the tree and the same doing the same. And now it stops and hovers and doesn't know what to do. Just reverse in one place and let's try another time increases the attitudes, but it stops and hovers, So the behavior is not defined in 11 way it's it behaves Ah, in some ways, but mainly by pass by above or by this site. Okay, that's small less about the A plus. Thank you very much for watching 23. Our Favorite Flight Mode: Point Of Interest: eso no you till it's your turn. What is your favorite intelligent flying mold and why? Well, one of my favorites is called the point of Interest, and in this mode we choose our subject and we get to rotate around it. The drone rotates around the subject, taking wonderful footage. We can either a take or record or take pictures at Snowbird recording because we're making a video. We're recording the subject itself, or we can turn the drone around and we can, uh, record the surroundings of objects. Could you give us an example of the point of interests off the subject? Well, for example, we can record our car or power or us building anything. What do we have to do in order to to get this footage that we want? We have Teoh take our drone and choose, of course, are subject, and our drone has to fly above the subject and choose more or less the middle. It's very important for it to be, are subject to be in the middle of the footage and then once we record yes, yeah, record. We can start recording when we're above the draw. Actually, we record the point of interests. Okay. Yeah, that's OK. So we recorded the point of interest when we're above and then we ah, we choose the radius, meaning that the drone goes back. This is very bad. Good said Yes. We set the Raiders. Okay, so So we're above the drone, we start recording, and then we, uh, fly back away from the subject. And we said a radius, the best would be around five meters. That's the minimum. But it would be better to have 50 100 away. I think it depends what you wanna show on the on your footage. Because sometimes you wanna have a really fantastic general overview off the place. Like 500 meters. 500 is a maximum values. OK, on many moments. Five meters. But this is little, relatively very small. Very so. So I would prefer it at least 30 meters because you can. Then you can show some perspective. 50 meters 100 meters. Depends on what you wanna show. But anyway, what is my development off boy? Yes. You are a professional. Sometimes I wanted to have a point of interest at the elevation off my let's say belly off my stomach off my hips and unfortunately I found the minimum height. Altitude is five meters above the home point, so it it means it is always from up. It is always upstairs. It is always pretty high. So I found one way to do it. And you remember my how I explain to you how to do it In a point, you have to find a flat surface, for example way we need to find some feel really? And then we go down the hill to find some pretty flat surface to start. Have her home point. Yes, And then we have home point like four meters below our actual position. We're gonna record Don't need to climb with. Then we climb ourselves like four meters up the hell. And then we can start recording and we can start on a five meter. The drone is five meters and actually this is one meter above our feet. It's really tricky. It's tricky as fun. But the explanation I'm not sure if you catch the idea about this is tricky. Is this some kind off? I probably I'm going to show you, show you some example right there on the screen cast definitely Yes. Yes. What is also fantastic? You consent said there frame rate. So you have slow motion doing poor poi point of interest. And then you can set You have some slider so you can set the rotation and you can set the direction and speed off rotation. So you can Exactly, I would say you can reach you can off. Then you know exactly what you want. The effect. This is some kind of slider effect with slow motion. Like you have the camera on this slide on. You are walking, for example. Yeah, And the camera is moving slowly as a drone, like, one meter per second. And you can also slow motion. Yeah. So it's one of my favorites Explain, but the footage is is really cool. I think it was one of the best choices. The poised Also one of my favorites. Thank you. Work for the explanation. Thank you. 24. Our Favorite Quick Shot: Asteroid: one off. My best quick shots from Maverick is definitely asteroid. This is 12th video sequence. And with want up, the Monica Iken automatically fly away. It flies up and takes it Spherical panorama deviant and it stitches together. It looks like ah, cause the world around like an astro asteroid. The quick shit mode looks very great. And it looks epic when you try this one at the beach or some lake or open field and it creates really unique and new perspective. I strongly recommend you to to create on to try asteroids. They really make a huge impression on the audience. So I wish you really great and great asteroids and great shots with these quick, quick shires. Thank you. 25. Easy Way of Zoom Dolly: Hello, everybody. In this small section in the short section, I'm going to show you the very simple way to achieve vertigo Effect or zoom Dolly Effect and known from magic to ah, using just Ma Vic. You see, I I just recall the two very, very simple clips. The magic flies a little bit away from May on the 1st 1 like 10 meters on the 2nd 1 The second short video is dissent almost the same, but ah, reverse way. So what are we going to do now? We're going to choose which one is better and let's select the place. Let's find a place where I start. Probably this one and then we do the comment break. Come on. Be so I have this thought and then I wanna back like this one. Probably. I won't have finished the second number four So we have four seconds hearing the first clip . The 2nd 1 Probably This one is Ah, beginning in and then out. Yeah, probably. This one is enough. So they are relatively but me. Cut this one. Yeah. Come on. Be so we have to relatively very short clip. The 1st 1 is 4.8 seconds on the second is free seconds. Probably the 2nd 1 is better. Yeah. Okay, so let's delete the 1st 1 Now, let's zoom a little bit more. I want to show See the clip better here. I can switch if you and what we can do now. What we should do now Just effect off Ken Burns. Yes. So we, uh here we are approaching the drone approaches me. So I need to zoom out that but bigger picture in the beginning. And a short, smaller here. Yeah, it's almost what I mentioned. Now let's see if I have the same size. I'm a little bit bigger, but not so much. Yes, I'm I'm becoming bigger. I would like to stay at the same size, get me a just ah small. And now we way we can play a little bit to achieve better rethought. Probably this way. Yeah, it's almost done. This is a matter off some time with playing. But you can see exactly the final effect off Vertical. Pretty easy, isn't it? And I've done with ah, free program my movie and magic. It is maybe not perfect, but it makes some nice impressions. Thank you for watching the short to target guys. And ah, see you later 26. Smart Capture: So now we are going to discover the smart capture. I mean a gesture control. You can use your hands toe control America. So the maverick is on and to start smart capture, we have the studies lamp and it's also button. We press it twice and then we stand around two meters from the Ma Vic way. Hold hands in front. After a few seconds, it stars, it takes off. But now two hands Guangya way are going around. It's good that's cried to the position. And now the picture One more time. One more time picture. So if this is V gesture and now a little bit closer and now go away great! And now down and it follows me Yeah, it's follows me all the time. It tracks me that's more or less And now I'm going to land calm a little bit closer to me. But landing is not so in treated. But we can try. Yeah, down, down. Um yes, on land. Very well, That's really great. Those are the basic gestures. What its importance to put on the propeller guards if you use smart capture and now my daughter is going to practice so We pressed two times to meet us, and we hold the hand a little bit higher. That's great. And now it takes off little bit backwards. I'm controlling a little bit of Swat and Gorda. Yes, to the side. Gently to the other side. And go back. That's great. Two hands close to each other and outside. Yes, it's going away. And now toe hands together first. Be careful. And now down toe hence down and show V. This is like picture. Yeah, but it was recording one more time, V Yes. And we are taking picture one more time. Yes. No. Really? Yeah. The picture is done. Two hands together that well. And go away. Yes, and I'm trying to control. I'm taking the control. Yes, we have done it. 27. When To Mount Propeller Guards: Okay, So what I learned about propeller guards is that they're very essential when we are flying near the ground. Also, when we are surrounded by Children or other obstacles, for example, trees or, um, people, it's very good to have them on your drone because no one gets hurt. The drone doesn't get hurt, and no one surrounding you gifts hurt. So it's very good to have these when we're flying glow. There's no point in having them when we're flying high, because there are no obstacles, a pie. So when we're flying low, it's good to happen. So today we're going to be flying down low and near the ground. That's why we're going to be doing different maneuvers near the ground on. And that is why we have our propeller guards on our drone for today. 28. Promo Drone Flying: If you ever fought learning to fly, your first drone was hard. Think again. Do you want to learn to capture the landscapes and impressive countrysides that will immerse people on the ground? Or maybe you just want to fly. You're drawn for very first time with confidence in a safe and proper way. Do you want to shoot beautiful videos, fantastic panoramas and great photos. I am roughen Galinsky, professional drone operator and filmmaker. My Mavica courses here to teach you to discover and fly the small Chinese, but great, drawn in a safe and confidence way to create epic videos, photos and panoramas. You're gonna learn how to choose the configuration off magic. How to buy the best option, how to set it up, prepare toe first take off and then practice flying on your own with in depth training, you're gonna learn how to fly your drone while whether you are completely beginner. Oh, you have some drone experience. I'd take you for the Bay bones basics off the filming to advance flying principles. You're gonna learn on your own pace anywhere on your own device. So what you waiting for? Join us right now and let's get started 29. Congratulations and How to Celebrate?: so much. Congratulations. You've done a fantastic job. Thank you. It was so much fun. I had a really good time practicing and learning a lot of stuff with you. So it was a wonderful experience. Yeah, and congratulations to you as well. Have you made it? You finally finished the course of us and hopefully you gained a lot of experience, a lot of practice and had a lot of fun with us. I know. I had a lot of fun making this video Meteo. That was going great. So how can we celebrate? I don't know. What can we dio? Maybe some self. Maybe we can take a selfie together. Oh, maybe you can dance. Have a coffee? Yes, our baby. Seeing like no one's listening. Yeah. Anyway, we are very glad and wear very proud. We are very proud of you for sticking with us till the end on and And what now? Now you can fly on your own. We help. You can fly with confidence. It's an independent operator to do some hobby flies and great pictures. Great for the graph here. That's what video. Exactly. And now you can show off to your friends and brag that I know how to fly a drone. I can make super Hollywood productions. Yeah, thank you very much. We are looking forward, senior on the next hour courses yet. So join us. Uh, until over next. Courses on how to do fun stuff. And Martha for years. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure to work. We feel it was a wonderful experience. Thanks so much.