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Drone Flying Class 5: How to Edit the Aerial Footage

teacher avatar Rafał Galiński

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Important Points

    • 3. BackUp and Organize Your Footage

    • 4. Watch and Evaluate Your Footage

    • 5. Challenge

    • 6. Begin To Edit

    • 7. Importing the Rest of Footage

    • 8. Adding Closeups for your video

    • 9. RAW Editing the Intro

    • 10. Trimming the First Part of the Film

    • 11. Trimming Aerial Footage - 01

    • 12. Editing Aerial Footage - 02

    • 13. Editing Final Part of the Film

    • 14. Fine Editing 01

    • 15. Adding Sounds and Music

    • 16. Matching The Colours in IMovie

    • 17. Adding the Letterbox Effect

    • 18. Fine Editing

    • 19. The Last day of the Summer - final version of class film

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About This Class

Are you total beginner to drones? Do you want to start aerial journey but you do not know how?

Not sure if spending +1000 USD or more for drone equipment is a right choice?

Save time, money and energy following Marta on her journey from total beginner to drone owner and confident operator. Find the answers to your questions or ask the actors your own.

 Class nr 5 refers to the Postproduction Process, how to edit, factors and what are the main points. 

Meet Your Teacher

Hello! My name is Rafal Galinski, professionally I've been involved in Engineering last 20 years.

I'm passionate about helping other people develop the potential through different aspects of their lives.

Hobbies: outdoor sports, filmmaking, drone flying UAVO MTOM to 25 kg,

In my classes, I share experiences gained during the years of my professional career and fulfilment of passion. I am convinced that my courses will help you in gaining your personal and professional plans and passions. I keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for reading the profile and I wish you a successful journey to self-development!

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1. Introduction: Hello, everybody. My name is awful, Galinsky. As you remember in the previous videos, I showed you step by step and the drone technology than drawn topic from the purchase face up to the first video production. And today I'm gonna show you how to edit the video. So this is the essence. This is where the magic happens. So always before I start recording, I have some vision. Some general overview how the film, how the video should look like for the introduction. I wanna have, for example, the time lapses off cloudy sky with some nice object, maybe some slow motion, all my figure walking, walking around somewhere or passing by. Then we can take some drawn shooting from the distance and pretty high a high level, high attitude dance some, maybe close up to the detail. Then maybe some competes off mop or some overview from the distance and from the altitude. Then we are coming back into the our subject. And so this is some kind of composition, and you need a lot off recording from close ups up to white white shorts. A swell. It is really crucial to have more than one camera. It could be also your phone to record, for example, your hands taking Teoh taking the card from the camera or some details to make the story more spicy, with some actually some details. So take as many cameras as you have and takes on Lance's additional to make a variety off shorts, and two have full optional off a choice on. Then you can combine afterwards, so let's start and let's take the journey together. 2. Important Points: what's always important. The position of the sun, how the sun is shining not in not directly into your lands or not to shoot against the sound on show. Also, this sound the audio is pretty crucial, So if you have the camera with audio import, it's pretty important because today, for example, we have pretty strong winds. So shotgun microphone, I wouldn't be the best idea. That's why I use level your microphone and then I'm standing backwards to wind. I hope they went is not going to ruin our recordings. If you are not satisfied with the audio recorded on this on site, you can always opposed to record for some voiceover. I know this is not exactly the same at the same story, but you can always try to do and you can try. If your previous recording failed and you are not satisfied completely with your recordings . It could be some technical problems, some wind or some noises and round geo, for example, so try to check out on site if everything is OK. If not, you can repeat all record voice over later on, but what is important on site? Try toe, take multiply, takes like up to five. Sometimes I do even turn takes the same takes because something is wrong. The sun is not right. The wind started starts to blow suddenly or someone is passing or you are in a bad shape in a particular moment. So it is pretty important. Teoh, take some Multiply. You can record as much as your memory card on battery lets you 3. BackUp and Organize Your Footage: So once you're completed your footage shooting your footage, then it's very important to back up. To copy, copy, copy all your my theory policy of fumes and pictures into the hard drive or into the Sam's A memory And I also practiced not only a copy of the footage but also divide into the folders. Some of my folders are named like the main scenes, like time lapses, some close ups or voice over. Then we have, ah, screen recordings and other categories. It is very crucial to have your footage organized. Well, because A at the addition face, you gonna really benefit from such a such a great or organization. So now you see, we have some pictures. I have a preview, and I can divide them into some folders, like a close up, for example, off my microphone right here and and at the Terra. So I'm moving the footage into the close ups folder. Then we have some bureau scenes. It is really great when you when you have explanation off some process, you can use such a footage for bureau scenes. This is also close up, or B roll. You can go with this one and here in the next one is, um, the main part talking head. And then I have main scenes right here. This this explanation and some introduction to the course so I can select the multiply fires and ah, more of them or copy them to the separate forward and then later on is beneficial. And you can really benefit from their footage as well. Here, I am not sure. So probably I'm going to delight which one on a good which are not good. The proper one. I just more for this is time lapse. Oh, I see. This is the different former M. O. V. Here is also the bureau saying, and this is some kind of process. When you finish, you should be really were organized and have all the footage divided into the specific folder. Then we can start adding the footage into their timeline. Yeah, 4. Watch and Evaluate Your Footage: So as soon as you back up your footage, then you can organize into the folders is once you have done it, you can watch your footage. You can know exactly which one which piece off footages were, and you can use it for your clip. Then off course, you can find some idea for your entire video some close ups, some moods, maybe be raw since before you are going to add some main topic or main scenes. There are some close ups. There are some starting some more, some more and energetic pieces, and some will be quiet. A swell. Then you can choose which one is the best one and what you can use for your property clip. Remember the Jews the best off the best, so the right pieces. If there is some more for you, you don't like it as much. You can always speed up a little bit. Slow down, but it's important to get family are with your content before you start really rough anything, then you are ready. Teoh for the next step 5. Challenge: Okay, guys. So now is the change for you. Just before you start everything, try to collect differences. Different angles. Some open white on goes some close ups, some drone footage or some mobile form. Some slow motion or time lapse. Try to experiment. Even sound. Single, very single movement. Some single activity could be really great. If you show this one in a special way. Only afterwards you're going to create your own style. And I wish you have a great your own style. The satisfied with your production. Thank you for watching and good luck. 6. Begin To Edit: So now you're starting to the edit in a free program. I movie. This is off course, the sample, but the idea is the same. Third off all we want to drug and import the footage we want. This is the time lapse for beginning. Then we have some beer. Oh, scenes. I wanna import myself walking into the rocks. Yes. Arriving, actually, yes. So I am arriving to the rocks. The next clip? Mm. Probably this one is. Okay, then I have the same scene, but I'm passing the cameras. So I wanna Pastika for some moment. This is more or less what they wanted to achieve. And the next one is I came over into the rocks and my story goes only so I probably gonna through the backpack. Oh, start toe unbox on back one off my some gear. And now I want to choose from before us. Some close up here. So now I'm choosing the close up some eyes. Berries, probably. Or some flowers off plants. It could be really beneficial if I find something like this. So now I am on unpacking. That's great. And the next one is to let's find the scene maybe B roll. I am on boxing close opposite. Yes. Let's find some great close up. Probably No, the microphone is not okay. So let's late. Yes, I'm I'm walking. That's great. It would be beneficial to have the walking scene between probably myself arriving and passing by then. I need to choose some more. Khloe's house, This is actually I am me with the drawn yet now I'm unpacking. And this is the very fast action to make more their Fillmore energetic. So I wanna on the box. I wanna unpack, then drawn and let let its thought they then I need some scene for drawn taking over. They're great. Yes, the drone takes over and we are going into the action. So this is the introduction face. I am arriving to the rocks. Then I'm coming Teoh spot. And the next scene is just unpacking in the first energetic way and preparing landing part off to depart for takeoff. And this is the idea off what I've done right here 7. Importing the Rest of Footage: Okay, guys. So now is the time to add some drone footage because the introduction we already have done and it's pretty good we have all the clips, foreign throw, then we can correct afterwards. And now is the time for adding them Main part. I mean footage. It's gonna give some impression General impression, how the the last days off summer looks like and then they look like and how it it is. Ah is a general. So I mean, the main might mine team off the film main mode. I would even say so. I was trying to select the biggest wants the biggest clips right here. And ah, I selects maybe one minute long or even a little bit. Yes, shorter. Like here we have 43 seconds and maybe I can choose some more for touch, probably a little bit. You know, the first footage and toward its also important. You can see the difference in in the lighting in some should some recordings already great . And here is unfortunately the skies over exposed and it's been so hard I used the futures. But anyway, it was a huge difference because of the shadows off son and the clouds. So in some sections are under exposed and some are over exposed and instead off. And even if I used the fuel indicator, it was very hard to to achieve the proper ethic. But anyway, now I'm going to a composer. It compose. Now I'm going to compose some Ah, some speed ramp because it is not that too long. The clips are simply too long. This is the impression off going away? Probably yes. And here you can have some general overview. But unfortunately, the sky in the previous ones were waas so over exposed then we can find some close up. And this is really great. The drone is around Teoh start and then land. So I want to finish the drone section with the drone landing. Unfortunately, I have the drawn just taking off, but doesn't matter. I can just reverse the clip and that's great. Then we wanna I wanna find some bureaus. Scene some nice, Beautiful. I swell. I'm not sure if they are good enough. Remember to choose just the best off the best know the average footage. So the golden idea is just to shoot as much as possible. The short clips up to one minute and then you can choose from them and the burst ones. So the story is not maybe some special I'm just coming to the rocks. Then I fly Low Beach to give impression off the last part of summer and then I land and come back home. But I think even from the simple story we can waken produce, we can create some great footage and great clip around 1 to 2 minutes. We don't need tohave. Ah, really longer clips. Ah, because the people first of all, people don't have the time. And then it is really hard job. Even the two minutes clip it takes sometimes like five upto nine hours, depending How good you wanna create Now I'm going, Teoh, try some scenes for ending like im going away going home. And then I have to Really? I have to decide which one is the best and ah, I have to also I follow. Wait, which one? I look pretty pretty good way. Yeah, And then some time lapse for the end. I'm not sure if this one is good. Probably I should approach this time lap. Ah, little bits, Elia then I have to decide if, uh if this is the ending or not. Now, we We have done some rough editing, some import off fires with We have decided which one are good, but this is that's all. Then we gonna add it a little bit more. 8. Adding Closeups for your video: And now let me show you some very smart way off adding some spice into your video. This is the way off. Adding close ups. We have this separate folder called close ups. Then we can try. You see, I've have recorded pretty much off them, and I am gonna I'm gonna use only some Does some Berries? Pretty nice. It was a very nice close up. Then I can choose some alternative and compare later on. And I need something in the middle off the clip. It's good to have at least one or two close haps, but one minute off your video, so I'm gonna select the next one. I've had some really nice bottom four lords, maybe. Yeah, the Berries in the middle. That's great. And then we can find something for the end of Let's check out what we have next. Probably somewhere around myself. Walking. This is quite good. Some some very nice close up. I'm not sure. Yeah, this one, the red one would be beneficial. Yeah, it gives it adds special callers because this time off, the we don't have so much red. And this is more or less about adding close ups it should give you some really great taste and such a close ups to give the nature off your video. It looks much better. Okay, Thank you. And let's go further. 9. RAW Editing the Intro: Okay, guys. So now we are starting with rough editing, just cutting. I use the short shortcuts common to be for cutting. And first scene is Time labs. I'm gonna find if the time lapse. It's not too long, not too short. Sound thing. Somewhere around eight seconds with being great, but it looks fine. Then the second scene is close up. I can slow a little bit because it's it's been pretty winding, so let's move into 50%. That's much, much better. So we can try to find the best moment for such a close up if focuses on if, when it's not too strong. The movement is not violent. Yeah, so we have the time lapse than the close up. Then we have the second close ups with some Berries, and I can choose later which one is better. So let's cut and let's find the first moment. I'm just as you see. I'm just cutting away trimming the clips, actually, and I need to tow put volume down a swell and glass for better. Yeah, I think that the approach is much better with Berries. That's pretty good. Then the volume down and we can crop we can zoom in a little bit with this sequence. Not in the end. Probably start. Let's find out. I need to crop just a little bit. It d and have a better zoom effect. Yeah, I think that's that's good. It's stable and shows the great way. Now we need me myself approaching the rocks. So you see, I'm preparing to the to the shot. Yeah, and this is exactly the moment. I'm starting to approach the rocks so we can cut you like it's one. And then you can find a moment. I'm just almost Ah disappeared. Yes, Like this. You see, my elbow is still visible. That's great. So we have way. Have rough cutting off the sequence. Now I'm passing by so approaching and then passing the camera and going into the rocks weaken Just a rough cut. We can cut away some not needed footage. And then I have close up bureau seen off my shoes, some strikes. So we need We need at least two up to phrase tried, and it's gonna be OK, then, that then another close up with Berries. Let's cut away some pieces we don't need, and then we can slow down. It's well because it's pretty. It's pretty close. So we need a very gentle movement. That's great. So now I'm going to play force sequence. Ah, and this is the effect off the first initial trimming. So it's not It's still not special, but we have some idea how we are two steps closer to the final version. Yes. You see, I I can estimate how it looks like, but it's still not perfect. I'm not satisfied. So we can more the bureau scenes somewhere in the middle I'm approaching. Then I'm passing and it would be but And this is exactly this is more or less what we can do it for initial cutting. Thank you very much. 10. Trimming the First Part of the Film: Okay, guys. So now we are going to train in the first part a little bit. As you remember, we came into the close up with some Berries, and then we need to add some dynamic dollar video because, uh, for introduction, it it's been great. We have some over our footage with upcoming to the rocks with some close up. And now we need toe become more specific in our film. So, as you see in the first scene, we are just rough. Everything is ah, preparation for takeoff. So I have, uh, unpacking. And I would like toa do It's very dynamic way. As you see, I have full sequence how toe off, unpacking, drawn. And I want to cut out. And so leave only the main parts with some sounds like unclip ing Undo the belt. And then I have the part with the backpack just taking off the back Bach. I need to change the scale. I will be a little bit to see the overall clip and then a little bit more specific. So this is the second sentence Second. So this is the second sequence? Yes, I'm clipping the backpack. Then I Yeah, this is unclear, Ping and only this very short, like, half off second of second. And that's enough unclip ing. This is the moment this one is got gone away and then I owner, just take my drawn and some coming right back accessories back. So yeah, this is exactly how Yes, I put up withdrawn. Yes, this is the sequence I need. So let's dream the clip right here and then I can unzip. I'm looking for unzipping The strong case didn't. Then later on, I'm gonna connect all together to stitch altogether the fast moves. And then we have very dynamic move. So let's try to Albany. Yes, this is the moment I open the case and this is the moment I can train better. That's exactly what I need. It is like 0.2 on the open, free off the second. And then I hold drone and unfold the arms, probably the next second year unfolding the arms. So I need only the specific moves like unfolding, and I need all of them stitching off them into the one particular very dynamic sequence. Then I can speed up a little bit. Oh, yeah, I think I can speed up the movement of the sequence itself. But first off, all I need to cut and dreaming a bit more. This is, uh, further arm and this one is the 4th 1 Exactly. So they're not perfect. As you see, if you shoot yourself, it's not always perfect, but bad. You can use ah, help. You can use a lot off your footage for Sichuan animation. And then I'm just taking off the camera. Protection Gone and Gimbel Guardia. So come on a cover on the gimbal. Got one, then catch a why? And let's go to gimble God, yeah, this is them off. And now it's calibrating this some kind of fix called Come on, calibration or fix. Let's cut away. That's dream the clip. And here we have exactly what we want to have. So this is pretty dynamic sequence off our activity, and it gives the video of ah, dynamic and very attractive because it directs the viewer into the specific topic. I'm in a drone from the over our clip. Thank you, and let's have a break 11. Trimming Aerial Footage - 01: So now we are coming into the main part. It's really great part. I mean, the drone footage. We're gonna cut train Melo baited the drone footage and then probably change the speed off some clips. Because we have couple off minutes. It's too much off course. Far too much. So what I want to do just shortly review the clips. I see some off the sky is overexposed. Unfortunately, here we have the two previous cleaves and I can switch them tohave. Nice feeling like approaching the rock. And I can change the direction. So I just want to reverse the clip. Do you have I have the impression off going away and this is the first part. I need a couple off second. Then we're gonna cut. Come on, Be? Yeah, this is the great first part. Of course I need some color connection. Maybe not this way. Maybe. Yeah, it's like this. And then we need him more around 14 seconds to speed up a couple of times, like two times. Do not get our view. Four not got bored too much. And we're gonna finish our clip right somewhere, probably. Let's see the caller. This is very important because we have the chance changing off exposure. Probably this way. Even I can train way more. So, as you see, from one minute, we have done something like 47 15 probably around 15 seconds. No, I can play, and I can evaluate how looks the first. How the first clip looks like it looks great. I don't know. What about the transition? Yeah, the transition is their orbits violent here, so we can arrange something different. And probably I can just card and make it a little bit faster, like four times. So this is dynamic. It starts slow, then accelerates. Oh, a little bit. And then it's faster it and slows down again. The transition is not perfect yet, but it's gonna improve soon. Let's see the second clip. I have some sideways. Yeah, the colors are knives. I need some color correction later on. But now just trimming. I need to find the overall land off clip. Which ranch? Off rocks. I can show my cliffs. Probably up here. Yeah, but it's it's very descent. Yeah, you can. You can use such a clips flying very slow, not high. Just, uh, going sideways from side to side to show the overview off something very long. And we have now we need to shorten the clay because it's still through long. So I need through get faster in the main part here we have the six seconds, probably even too much. So I could speed up the second part two times. So then we have no more two times four times and big. So this is the notable. Yeah, and then we speed up a little bit and then we slow down again. Maybe not perfect. I can dream a little bit more, but it comes with time. You know, it is not possible to do everything at one time, so it needs a lot of takes then after I should be pretty satisfied with in the final effort . But it's pretty hard work, as you see, and long, this one is over exposed. This one is over exposed. Unfortunately Ah, those off my clips on two years and you see what it's special here. We have also there in the skies, over exposed and this is the same story. So it's good to have multiply takes not the only one, but ah, a lot off them. Otherwise you can. You can come back home and you can be really disappointed with your foot it. So it's It's great to change location and wait a little bit. You said this this one main site sequence I've been recording maybe 1/2 hour later, and then the clouds came over and made a pretty good exposure conditions. But in my first attempt, unfortunately, I recalled, It's over exposed footage. So what I'm doing now, I'm just want I just want to train some parts and probably I I'm going to threw away some off them. This is also some kind of technique. This is also the technique off, making the clip shorter because you are not able to show all the clip because it's too long , unfortunately, but the equality and the clip itself is great, But if you show to your viewers too long clips, unfortunately, after May 1 made one minute they get bought. So we need to have something like 30 seconds off our and drone footage. Shoot the final land shoot around 30 seconds, probably so I need toe. Unfortunately, go away more rapidly and then cut some off them, and this is what I wanted to to achieve. Maybe I'm not still not happy with the effect, but this is the way off. Off shortening the clips. Then later on, I can find a way off better transitions from one to another because it's a little bit choppy right now. So see you later, guys, and thank you. 12. Editing Aerial Footage - 02: So in this part, it is pretty short one. I'm gonna explain you how Teoh shorten and make more interesting that drone footage because for some people, it doesn't have to be very attractive if you show them five minutes off aerial footage. So first of all, we need to add some time lapse. I found very similar time lapse to the rock I actually have in my aerial footage. So I want to join. I wanna split some some footage from time lapse with my drawn. It's a pretty tricky because if you see the color correction, it iss Ah, If you see the color correction part, it is really essential to match the colors. But we're gonna do it later. Now I'm gonna have some some pretty nice footage. Interesting and not too long. And this is exactly what I what I have achieved at the fine added addition, addition or post production stage, I'm gonna do it even better. But now I'm I need to end the footage off drone. So I have drawn starting, and now I'm gonna receive the effect as drone is landing. Actually, So I reversed the footage and now I have the drone landing. And now the polls. I need to catch the moment when it stops the propellers. Yes, like this. And we can train our little bit. And that is more or less what I want to show in a short video. Thank you. 13. Editing Final Part of the Film: So as you remember, in the previous parts, we've been a training, the introduction off the film and mine part that the drone scene. So now it's time to dream a bit and find the best footage for our ending. Ending is pretty crucial, but because it leaves their final atmosphere the final failing off the film off the short clip. So it ihsaa very important part. It doesn't have to be long. Actually, you need Teoh accent to show that we are just finished. We have done something, and in this part I'm I'm around about so show and the drone folding with remote controller . I'm folding and packing their stuff, the keel, and this is the first off this scene's first part of the sequence. Then I have something like two cases coming into the landing part, and I think this is good symbol off. Yes, off ending the the activity. So let's cut this one and let's leave on the the last cent sequence and that's great. Very short, but but great. And then we have this close up. I see. Remember I mentioned we have not so money reds in this part of the year, so This is just the close up. I can probably slow down. I'm not sure. Yeah, I can slow down a little bit like half. So then we have the gentle transmission off the focus from one a Jonah there, berry. And then I'm myself going away, just going back home. So I don't need the first part of the clip. Then I can use on Lee here. So what we can do? We can slow down a swell and some may take 50%. As I mentioned before, it has been beneficial if you shoot your footage in at least 50 frames per second. Because if you shoot in 24 frames per second and you have no possibility at post production stage to close up and then we need Teoh to slow down. I'm sorry. And then we need to someone more time lapse for ending. Probably. I'm gonna take this those two rocks as my ending time lapse. Not sure yet not decided. So I left one time lapse and then I can transfer Diatta one just to decide later. So now we are ready to fall. Fine. A fine addition. Fine. A junior and let's jump to this 14. Fine Editing 01: So now is the time for fine cutting. Fine training. We can evaluate the clips one by one, and then we can decide which one is already good, but almost perfect. And which one needs for needs some adjustment, for example, The steps, as you see from above. No, I have always transmission. And I check if let's check if the slow motion is. Okay. Well, we need a normal pace. Probably didn't normal pace. We wanna be bad. Gonna be better then. That's bag shoot Eclipse. Now we have the clip with backpack, and it needs some adjustment. I need only the section with the backpack landing on the ground. The grass. So exactly the moment with from very short, very short piece and then unclip ing. So we need to select the 1st 1 And then that's train a little bit Here. We need to change the scared to have a better overview. And then I'm moving the backpack. So let's start from here. Come on. Being then. This one is delighted. And then I'm moving the backpack. That's great. And then, like I hold your case on photonic in the case, Yes. That's pretty good. It gives us the yes, the general impression off. Very dynamic activity, even very simple activities. As you see, I put on the landing pad. If we trim the correct way, it gives us a great impression off dynamic. Yeah, this is exactly what we wanted to do. And let's dream a little bit more for the case movement. Only the final part. That's correct. And then come and be and delay to the last section. Small piece. That's great on. Now we can reveal how it looks s so far. So this is a big close up with off time line, a time lapses. Then we have closed abs toe section. Then we have the action. Yeah, Then we have to strive. That's great. Mere approaching and the dynamic action with for the Bak park, that's pretty good. This is more or less what I wanted to achieve and very dynamic unfolding. The drawn the the aircraft now is the starting and we are in the year. Yeah, this one needs a little bit. This section needs a little bit more training toe have exactly very, very good. A very fine the movement are up, but But for now it looks it looks almost perfect. It needs still some evaluation. Each time you ever light your clips, could you try to cut more dynamic way? Just a small piece. Then you get better and better results. Yeah, like, just want just the moment of taking off. That's great. This is exactly what we want to my chief. Then probably we can train to have the impression this is the same takeoff. Yeah, high. That's great. This is exactly the drone continues. Going up standing. Then we have the aerial footage on this is the next part for 15. Adding Sounds and Music: So now we're going to add some cicada effect sound. I took the secret. It sounds probably from YouTube creator Studio studio. And if you you can also record your own secret in effect, or just find on YouTube and then uses voice is the sound. I mean, then what we have here. I import the cigarettes to our timeline, but not for entire entire video just for introduction and then probably for ending I can use. It's the second time. So what's important for some time commute some pieces which are probably with strong winds or some some not pleasant voices sounds and what I'm doing right now. I'm I'm just trying to find the right space for Sikander effect. Yet this is the ending, and here we gonna use some hello wind effect for the drone footage. So, as you see, that's pretty important to have some sections like intro main part and then the ending and to use order the other totally other sound effects for them. Yes, here I own in mute some some pieces because they are not perfect. So let's amuse them. And what I wanna have just very gentle cigarettes, sound effect and That's probably what was gonna be at the Beth Denver. I can use something addition. Some additional effects probably like steps. Streit's Oh different ones here we have some music and sound effects for the video. I prefer to this one just a little bit. Only er but not all off their sounds. And not all the music ISS. It's OK. So night now I can choose the proper one. The Rising is from YouTube creator and we can use music right here. What is important to have the proper sound level? Not too, not too high, not too low, just exactly what we want to achieve. So it is the matter off trying. So I take a several takes for trying several trials and then I can Yeah, here. I'm gonna match their drone scenes with the music. So this is the ending. And then I can cut out the train, constrain the video, and that's more or less about the sound effects and music here 16. Matching The Colours in IMovie: So now I'm gonna show you how to match the colors and correct a little bit. The colors in I'm over. This is very, very simple tool. So first of all, I want to just select the clips I own a march, the color I want to correct. And then I find some frame. I like the best, and I try if the colors are okay for me, this is not maybe the professional way off matching the colors, but that it helps a little bit. And you see, I can follow frame by flames, frame some off. The new clips are oversaturated, so I'm not very satisfied with the effect. So I have to correct the caller's interviewed individually. Unfortunately, I hear I honor just select some range of clips, some of off cliffs, and then I try to match the colors with my previous close up. And now I'm just Ah, yes, tryingto Avala. Wait. If this is a good way, if not, probably I have to do it again. Yes. No, I I approved the changes. They are not perfect. So lets go further than I can have the next sequence off the scenes. This is the dynamic sequence, probably with all all sequence waved thrown. So I want much. Yeah, I So I'm just trying to select whole wrench off close ups and then matched the coil with my pattern on the previous at the beginning of the film. And so I told you before, this is pretty simple way matching the course. You can do it also by out by using out so matching or out of adjustment. But, uh, I think this yeah, this is the Internet individual way is the best one the close up ghosts Really good. I'm very happy with this. I can approve then, like there we can go and every wage more clips from the final part, Probably the drone close ups they don't need any. Here is a little bit tricky because we have so money. So many different colores and even the time lapse is completely different if the drone footage. So I need to try. I have to try Teoh much them and not to over saturate the drone footage. So let's let's find some compromise here. Probably. I have to go again and evaluate all the clips together. All the clips. Ah, it's a single 11 by one. Then I try to do it for the second part. Much decor with my Patan. But that little bit too over such arrive it I can approve. But then I have to correct a little bit. Now is the final part. As you see the some, there is a ending too much. So I select all the part and I'm matching with my final diamond ups. It is far from perfect, but it works for some clips. Thank you. 17. Adding the Letterbox Effect: Okay, guys, let me show you. Now how to add a letter box effect for your video. This is one of the final effect. So we just go to Google, derive and Dandan, you and, uh, New the comment. And then we have the Google draw and we need to switch the settings. Teoh. Different resolution. So we choose right here in 1920 to done 80 pixels. And then we drove just two shapes. The rectangles. 1st 1 and then we can copy. Then we can feel if they call our and then we copy rectangle and moved down. And then we need Teoh just export or safe as a PNG file. Remember to choose PNG fire. Then we have pretty nice on drawing off letter box. And we can save this one intruded desktop or to your folder aside. I remember I had some special further, like letterbox. I created the fold area. That's right. So I'm moving the letter box. They're drawing into timeline extending to the whole film duration. It's pretty easy. So we obtained a letter box effect right here. This is exactly what we want to top 10. Then we need to adjust some something. Some more details, like close ups. So, as you see, not all the details are in the center off screen. In order to have the great effect, you need to choose the proper pieces off your video because unfortunately cannot adjust right here. And you cannot center or crop in this functionality with a letter box. Okay, that's it for now. Thank you very much and let's go further. 18. Fine Editing: So now we are close to the ends off the story off editing the film. Now we have the fine editing. We need to find the right pace. As you see, I need to some custom, custom place, like 150% because 200 was low, but too fast. Then I cannot evaluate how the time lapses look like, and I am very had with 150%. Then we have close up off our, uh, our plant, then me approaching. That's great than this. Tries and I'm going away and some close up again. And I like this sequence is almost great because we have the sound effect. We have many, many already done the saints and too many effects. And now this is only the publishing, Uh, the final version, I would say I need to decide which one to train on. And if should I? Three, maybe slightly. You see, this is a very gentle training, and, uh, then I tried to find if this is okay, I am happy with almost all off them with majority off them. I'm happy. This I can see it's not perfect. The sound. So I'm approaching, and I then my stripes, Then I am going away. That's great. So So now I can adjust some more, and then they sound effect out your effects and transferring to the unpacking part. This is pretty dynamic one. As you're gonna see the end off the training, it's gonna give really a huge dynamic to the entire film. Now we need to train our stop to have the music or to device. I can see exactly where is the bit and probably we can dream a little bit more. Yeah, I don't need the first part. Then I can throw him when the drone takes off. I want to have the voice will extremely orbit the previous one. And now I'm going into the, uh And this is exactly what I wanted to have just yes, the more for the and time in the year. So this is not only the visual effect, but I wanna also on the doubled in the effect and go in the sound. Then we have the drone scenes. I am not very. I'm not totally happy with the drone scenes, so we need to work a little bit more with them. Let's try and let's see. What can we do now? We have the time lapses in the beginning, so I can It is little bit too much for me so we can start all right here with some zoom in on some art. Let me he Yeah, I owner. Okay, so maybe we can go ith vary the light. Very gentle planning effect. Because we have Yeah, it's exactly from from left to right. Not so fast. Just gentle one. Then I can't remember being the time lapse because it's too long. It's gonna be just Ah, short break with the drone scene. Now, I have to adjust this scale to have oppurtunity off, but, uh, editing? Yes. And this is the transition. I'm pretty happy. This one is slower off course, but it's also closer to rock than the drone footage. Then we are starting to go reverse some backwards, and this is the ending off from the drone footage. So, as you see, it's relatively very short. No, I need to short in the landing part because it's too long. I need the dynamic one. Ah, probably a, uh, This one is a little bit too fast, So let's change the speed from four times up to two times and then I need to train the clip . So let's start someone. I probably here. Yeah, and then the ending. Like probably here. Okay, so we have We have the lending. We have the folding, the arms of the drum. This is branding part folding years, and I start parking the drum. Yeah, this is into the case, and then we have them complete set and called close up. I'm very happy with this. The sequence. What we need now. We need Teoh work a little bit more with the close up because it's too long. Six seconds is too long. Something around three up to four seconds would be beneficial. So let's try and let's see if we can achieve now I need to imagine will be the colors because the each frame it, each clip is different. Sewing Teoh make them more similar. Little bit warmer. This is the temperature and this is the color slider. But then I can a little bit trained The ending It's almost done in the final version off. Yeah, is done. Thank you very much. We have down there finer tuning. What a sad 19. The Last day of the Summer - final version of class film: - this is.