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Drone Flying Class 4: Recording Aerial Footage

teacher avatar Rafał Galiński

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. SkillShare Intro

    • 2. Filming General Landscape

    • 3. Apoaching and Unveling Our Object

    • 4. Summary Landscape and Apoaching

    • 5. Showing the Object with Different Angles

    • 6. What Techniques

    • 7. Recap Flying

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About This Class

Are you total beginner to drones? Do you want to start aerial journey but you do not know how?

Not sure if spending +1000 USD or more for drone equipment is a right choice?

Save time, money and energy following Marta on her journey from total beginner to drone owner and confident operator. Find the answers to your questions or ask the actors your own.

Fourth Class refers to the first recording the Aerial Video. 

Meet Your Teacher

Hello! My name is Rafal Galinski, professionally I've been involved in Engineering last 20 years.

I'm passionate about helping other people develop the potential through different aspects of their lives.

Hobbies: outdoor sports, filmmaking, drone flying UAVO MTOM to 25 kg,

In my classes, I share experiences gained during the years of my professional career and fulfilment of passion. I am convinced that my courses will help you in gaining your personal and professional plans and passions. I keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for reading the profile and I wish you a successful journey to self-development!

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1. SkillShare Intro: Hello, everybody from Golinski here today I'm going to show you what technique to use for filming and recording such a high object like this rock. This is really spectacular Iraq and we can approach from different angles from different directions and different distance and height. Also, we can use different modes like tripod or sport more twin sport mode. When we have a certain distance and I'm going to evaluate with your during filming, we're going to spend two batteries. We're gonna fly through the two batteries and later on we can post product. I'm going to show you in the studio how to edit jeffy ums. It's the effect off our project. We're gonna obtain one minute off film at least I think even one minute is too much. Maybe something between 30 seconds and one minute with some transitions with some particular moves like sideways, back up, down unveil and many more techniques I help you gonna enjoy. And I hope you can use the techniques for your own films. It's an effect I expect you to produce similar films, so please be frayed on and use different angles. Different heights Watch the sun from which side it, It shines. So you see, I have the cop. I have the food right now. Otherwise I cannot follow my screen. So there are some ways off shooting. I'm sure you're gonna reach the great effects and keep the fingers cross. So let's jump into the recording. 2. Filming General Landscape: we have 22 minutes off recording and we are recording right now. So first of all, I want to go a little bit backwards to show you the general overview off the rocks and off the area. It is good to just start from over our view and then you can switch into Ah, some details. But first of all, I want to have some General Panorama or some general site overview. There's a weak signal in. Unfortunately, I went to 100 meters 150 and let me go a little bit to the left. Then I have pretty good self of you of the area. Yes. And from here, let's let me adjust. And Gimbel, there is a small leg, so you have to weigh. Can get usedto Now is no image transmission 100 meters and snow image transmission. Now I'm adjusting this sky for to the great for three for fun. Yes, This kind skyline let me open the outer lock off exposure. This is a strong win. Strong wind. Okay, it's fine. And now we are going t o go forward for some Mormont. And now let's go to this site. It's pretty sunny, but anyway, yeah, this is good. And then we can go a little bit backwards. So here and now I want to show the overview. So let's go backwards. Yeah, that's that's great. Let's go, little bitch to do right, and we're almost ready to show our overview. Let's go a little bit higher now. I'm at 40 meters somewhere around 80. 60 80 meters would be beneficial. We are almost ready to show the overview. And this is probably there, uh, framing Yes. From this side. From this point, I'm going to fly to do, right? So this is the second on. Let's go to the right. Now we are having the great fantastic overview of the rocks. Yeah, we need actually around 20 seconds from this shoot from this recording, but anyway, let's make 23 or four, and later on, we can just choose the proper one. So this is, let's say, the end off number one. Now we are going to the number to frame me, and I would like to this is pretty difficult because we are losing ah transmission. Unfortunately, so the ranch is horrible here, but anyway, let's ah, lock the exposure now the exposes locked and let's go back. So now I'm going to fly to the left side and little bit down from 18 meter Asai. Start from 80 meters and I wanna end up around 50 meters like this and let me see the Iraq we are actually at. Yeah, we are on the left on This is the recording. 3. Apoaching and Unveling Our Object : Oh, and now we are going to approach our rock. So let's go higher like, let's say 100 meters and then we are going forward and little bit down gradually 80 meters right now, 90 almost 100. So the first, but yeah, this is 100 meters and let me adjust the exposure. Now exposure is fine and three are approaching the rocks. So going forward and down slightly down, not so much. Gradually we can adjust. Let's go up toe for the meters. Yeah, that's really great. Fine. Next should next recording. We are going to approach the Iraq as much as possible just like this. And now the exposure. Let's look the explosion right here. And I would like to have, uh, yeah, backwards and little bits up. So let's go. But quartz and slightly up followed, say, 100 meters of distance. That's great. Okay, fine. So the next approach we are going toe. NVIDIA, let me open. The exposure now is fine. How we are going to envy in Let's go for 30 meters. So it'll be down. Maybe even 20 me to us like this, that's really great. And now the camera pointing down and we are going slowly. Let's go to tripod mode and we are going to try put moat. Yes, now is the tripod mode and we're going forward and the gim ba. So let's remain for what? And the gimbal goes gradually up for slowly up. And this is some kind off Annville. I would say this is unveiling the our subject off the Iraq 70 meters slowly approaching. I don't know if the game by was not so fast. Let's do another time. Another Yeah, another time. One more time. Let's exit to the try put world and let's approach from 80 meters like this, huh? So now I'm going Teoh, lock the exposure here because it's pretty good and we are pointing the camera down. Nothing is visible. It's a little bit too dark. So we need Teoh Open the explosion unfit! Unfortunately, okay, because we have different subjects on now we're going to try put Mart and let's go forward from 80 meters. We are going very slow and we are Yeah, this is It was so fast. Very slow with the gimbal. I hope this one is okay. I expect to be it 50 meters from the rock when we on the view. Yeah, this is what I was expecting. It's Moelis fine. And we are going to do another opposite way. Let me show you in a moment. Let's exit the tripod mode. Let's go forward. I'm approaching Iraq as much as possible. Yes. And now we are going with tripod mode, um, back backwards like this and we are going to point a gimbal down in a moment. Then we can play reverse so we can unveil in a post production. Okay, so now I have the distance it out 50 meters. So it's fry to go with gimble very slowly down. It is three kids. You need to practice a couple of times because this is the wheel is not so precise. I it would be beneficial some better tool like with ah better controllers. But anyway, after some practice, we can do it. But I can have toe hold the controller pretty strong and I barely feel my fingers. Ah, that's why this is pretty an uncomfortable. But anyway, we are, ah, going some 10 or 20 meters more and then we have four sequence off on the feeling and then we are going to land in Ah, two minutes. Probably because that's fine. It's really fine. Great. That's it. So we're right now we are coming back. Let's Ah, close, Thea perch exposure. I mean, let's exit the Tripod Mart. So this way we are going to be much faster. Aunt, we are going to land in a just minute. 4. Summary Landscape and Apoaching : So for for the very first flight, my intention was to show the overview without any details. Just a general situation. That general landscape from pretty long distance, as much as possible, like two or 300 meters and then some approaching the road, dropping with attitude and approaching the rocks. Afterwards at the post production stage, I'm going will show you how can we utilize for them to more batteries? We're gonna use some different techniques, so let's go further. 5. Showing the Object with Different Angles: Alright, guys. So we are starting with the next flight. We're going to change with the distance. Let's go, Teoh! Takeover theme Home point is recorded. We have a little bit off, son. I'm gonna show you in a moment. What? We gonna door? But let me have a goggles because we need some precise navigation right here. Yeah, this is great. So the first we are at 60 meters. So the first recording is just unveiling the rock. So let's go up on this is exactly what we are going. Todo Yeah, that's it. Fine. We don't need any more like five seconds. Now we are going Teoh, fly sideways. So let's go. Probably from maybe this one toe. Get rid off the houses and let's go very gently to the right On a very gently. Yeah, to the left. So the left stick to the left. I tried Teoh, My new her Manu Ali. Yes, that's pretty good. And remember, when you are flying low Andi are close to the object. You should be very slow. Let me show you the sport, Mort. Yeah, This is the sport more on. It's it it isn't. It is not easy to to show anything. So we are switching into the manual mode. Let's go for 15 meters to show the rock. Ah, a little bit different way and the second time. Now, actually, we can We can change over the position, approach the rock gently like this one. And now we are going Teoh. All right, and slightly it left. Stick to the left, right, Stick to the right and left sticks left, You see? Very gentle way then. You know, exactly after some maneuvering after some sessions, they're gonna feel, uh it sticks. Okay. No, no, a bit too. Right on. That's really fine. That's great. Let's approach the Iraq and let's go higher. So I wanna go. There will be a playa for the gimbal down and I want to approach the rock. No, I'm gonna show you next peak. We are over the rock and we are trying to find the best framing. I think this one this is fine. So what? We're going now? Just, uh, rising. That's all rising from 30 meters up. Teoh, maybe 100 meters now is 70 75 a team meet us 90 meters and then 100 meters. Okay, lets go of it. This direction Now we are going T o go down Moment now We are going down the camera eyes down a swell maybe with some spin Not so big that they sell you Very gentle speaking. Not this way too much. Yeah, this way. Very gentle. Spin I to meet us now we have three sticks to sticks and the wheel gimble Where? So we need to operate. Ah, one wheel and two sticks. So the first more We are going down from 70 meters. Then we are going backwards. And now we are going with being bowl. It's pretty tricky. Hopefully we can do it good and proper away like this? Yeah, I am very happy with them off. Actually, you could see me. The last one is just going with the camera down slow snow. Uh, not this direction. A little bit to the left. And now we are going forward with coming down. No, it's Noah. And this is the last what you wanted to do. I think that's enough. Of course, we could do more anymore, but this is pretty simple. Let me Yeah. This is pretty simple. Why? Simple solutions. So we are going to land in a moment. Thank you very much for this part 6. What Techniques : All right, everybody. So what techniques we are going to use today? First of all, we're gonna use some overview from certain distance from far away, like 200 meters and from pretty decent height like 100 meters. So 200 distance 100 meters height. So to see some general overview, to have a landscape, how it looks, what is the situation and this is pretty good. Then we're going to approach the particle Iraq. I mean, this one height fraud. So we are going to just sit down little bit and approach the rock. Then we can go sideways. We're gonna also under feel this rock. So going with the camera pointing down and then gradually unveiled all weaken go backwards with going camera down from up to down. Dan, we can go higher, rising, going like a rocket from above the Iraq. And afterwards we gonna just past the Iraq, pointing a camera down such a techniques, you can use many more. And remember, if you are close to the rock, try in the tripod mode because they rock. You are passing very fast When you have the distance Certain distance like 100 meters, you can actually write and have ah, great or highest Pete, I know you can produce some great and spectacular effects. What is also important? Position the sound. Now we are with this son filming with the sun This But you can also try again, son for some shoots. For some recordings, that's more or less everything. Thank you very much for watching and have a good fun. 7. Recap Flying: Okay, guys. So thank you for being with me. It's been it's been some that has been some examples off. I gave you some examples off the approaching off, showing one pretty spectacular own chicks. I hope you enjoy it. And I hope you can use some techniques on I keep the fingers crossed. So experiment. Try different moves, some different angles, different heights, different speeds and create better and better video. What is also very important to have some idea in your mind when you're approaching the rocks when you're approaching your area, you should have in Ah, you should have some general vision how the video is going to look like how long you're gonna create and what is also very painful. Sometimes you have one hour off recording and then switching into a one minute. It is really a massive work, so just record some pieces, like turn up to 20 seconds, and that's enough. When you have some longer recordings like 40 seconds, you can just you can divide into some pieces and some some sequences. You can just put a little bit faster on. On that, it's sound foster like two times faster, double speed or triple speed on four times eight times faster, Congar gradually from normal speed up to eight times and then go down. And this is also some idea. Thank you for watching and have a good creations. Bye bye.