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Drone Flying Class 2: Drone Unboxing, Set Up and Preparations for First Flights

teacher avatar Rafał Galiński

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (43m)

    • 2. UNBOXING




    • 6. DRONE SETUP




    • 10. MARTA IS READY

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About This Class

Are you total beginner to drones? Do you want to start aerial journey but you do not know how?

Not sure if spending +1000 USD or more for drone equipment is a right choice?

Save time, money and energy following Marta on her journey from total beginner to drone owner and confident operator. Find the answers to your questions or ask the actors your own.

Second Class refers to the System Setup, DJI GO 4.0 application basics and overall features of DJI drone. 

Meet Your Teacher

Hello! My name is Rafal Galinski, professionally I've been involved in Engineering last 20 years.

I'm passionate about helping other people develop the potential through different aspects of their lives.

Hobbies: outdoor sports, filmmaking, drone flying UAVO MTOM to 25 kg,

In my classes, I share experiences gained during the years of my professional career and fulfilment of passion. I am convinced that my courses will help you in gaining your personal and professional plans and passions. I keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for reading the profile and I wish you a successful journey to self-development!

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1. SETUP OVERVIEW: Okay, so now we're slowly getting ready for takeoff. But before, let's see, let's set up and let's just OEM take a overview. Take a look at all of the equipment will be needing all the parts that will be needing for this takeoff and and the whole procedure. Okay, So come with me and and let's see what we have to do next. 2. UNBOXING: Okay, guys. So we are ready to unbox this system. Unboxing is great toe. Get to know the system. Get used to the system. Check all the items to see how it looks like to touch their system for the very first time . And I must say the very first Unboxing It's really great feeling especially if the drone is financial effort for you inside the box. You're gonna find all the items you're that. But there is also some list What is in the box? That's pretty important. And you can check and you can Camper Camper, What you already bought what you are down and what should be inside and what it's actually inside. This is pretty easy Teoh. Compare when you source the set the drone directly from China. It would be nice if you record all the unboxing from start up to the end. Why? Because the warranty issues. If something is broken, some item is missing. Then you can have some proof off off your unboxing original unboxing. During Unboxing, you can unfold the items. You can see if how it functions, how it folds, unfolds and off course you can compare you unboxing with the one you can find in, for example, YouTube. It is essential to check. What is the battery charging status? Why? Because sometimes the drums are really lasting. They're kept a long time in a stock and battery is on. I've heard a couple of cases about Eric came over and Waas debt. Unfortunately, if the this kind of battery I kept very long time is going toe discharge itself and then it's not worth toe, use it or it is impossible to use it any longer. Then you can check if the cases are okay. There are no scratches or in a damage. Then you can unbox drawn and you can see visually. If everything is okay, you can touch. You can just play a little bit. You can inspect if everything is OK, and that is small, less what you need during Unboxing. When you have all the items unpacked on box, then we can start the system set up. So let's go for this one 3. READ AND UNDERSTAND THE MANUAL: Okay, guys, in this section, I'm going to tell you a little bit more about user manual. When you buy your first drawn and inside the box, you're gonna find some paper instructions, their safety regulations, some accessories, what is in the box and many more. It's pretty essential to rate all the models and exactly understand what? What is the content? Now I'm going to show your waters in Magic Pro Manual, so let's check it out. So we were here. We having ah ah, number off variant or number off update. You see, this is the December 2000 and 17. Let's go down. Actually, you can google the the Instruction Manuel and find a U EST one from time to time dollars, some updates, and it's essential to follow the latest version off money. So here we have some legends. We have the marking off warning, important important features, some tips and hints and some references. This work. Here we have what I mentioned before Quick Start guide manual, what's in the box safety guidelines and about intelligent battery and safety safety guide like like guidelines as well, and that some shortcuts toe video tittering us. They are very short video tutorials, but really great. You can also find going T o D j go for up to the newest up to download download to your mobile device here. We have also linked toe deejay assistant did your assistant. It's essential if you want a toe if you want to. For example, corroborate your visual positioning system or you want it down. Great software are feel more and here is a content off our money. Well, so we had about using money. Well, the second chapter is product profile. Then we have aircraft. Remote control are come around gimble. The trio go for up flight. It's about the flight appendix that small less the same. What is very important? I would say off course the product profile is very important on the aircraft itself. It's well, but I would say the flight is the essential Let's focus here on flight. So this is the number 50 to and they are pointing step by step war. This what, two years and what Do not not use, For example, don't years in a strong wind? Yeah, more than 10 meters per second, then snow and rain and fog. So you see the weather is essential as well open areas for especially for practicing period not so much metal structures because they cause interferences and to avoid obstacles like crowds. Stay away from people if you are practicing high voltage power lines trees. But it is, Ah, 14. Swell on the temperature is essential. And the height, the altitude above Ah, sealer lever swell. And it's important because if you're far north like polar area that there is also sound. They could be some problems with compass. And here we have some no fly zones off course, the universal. So I'm going to cover in another section, like safe, basic safety regulations. But yeah, yeah, they're indicating some playmates, like 500 meters, the distance and the maximum attitude. It depends on the country, you know, but more or less is 400 feets, about 100 and 20 meters. Then they mentioned a little bit of body ist status aircraft status indicator about the real lamp and no flying songs. This is pretty important, for example, restricted areas close to the airports, national parks or some heavy industrial military zones. So you have to keep in mind. Sometimes it's really important. Uh, important as well is preflight checklist because it it supports you to prepare better for your flight. Sometimes, as I mentioned before, sometimes we can travel. You can drive two hours and then you can forget your memory card. So the checklist, it's pretty important, especially on the end on the entry level, Then about calibrating the compass. So we have this, uh, surprise chapter here and about it taking off and landing. How tall and money. Well, and then about the test flight. Actually, someone is flying above us and some suggestions and tips. So, guys, the manual is pretty important. It's very, very important toe, and it's essential to read the demon you are, and then understand the content. If you do not understand some kind of some piece of content, please ask or Google, uh, ask me hitting that be or just you can go. Go on, go to the forum off violence. That's more or less about the manual. But remember, toe raid and to understand the content and see you in the next chapter, 4. DRONE OVERVIEW: Okay. All right. So what do we have here? Yeah, here we have the small drone. Affordable. It is called Marie Kwon. Oh, grow And what we're having here. The entire drone is pretty complex. If you can see, it has foldable arms. And it's really small. Small, definitely. Take with you somewhere for a trip off. Right? So the main future it is compact. Yes. Yes. Okay, then you have their system off protection. It is called obstacle avoidance. You have some sensors and some additional cameras. They don't allow you to hit a crash. Your drone next to the wall next to the car on the person you must keep. Remember, small obstacles like branches or power lies. They are not always so. You have to. You have to be careful, not less. But it is. It is a good a support system. Because you don't have to be completely, you know, I would say 70% off efficiency. Super wonderful. Okay, then you have four motors. So this is called also Quad Copter has formal terms. They rotate opposite ways to off them, rotate clockwise and two of them counter. Okay, So which which these are clockwise Yes, that's right. And these are counter. Okay. You can see the shapes off blades or inflated with directions. Yes. Okay. Super. And you have some marking their mark marked. Two of them are marked toe of them. Not the same with mortal. I see propeller more time. There is a market, and they operate by very fast, and they can adjust operation and the system, adjust the resolutions to keep the balance and keep it strong. Stable. Okay. All right. Next. His intelligence battery. You have the power indicator right here. Now is fully charged. Yeah. Okay, So this is intelligent battery. Why is it intelligence? Intelligent in veins? It some warning assistance. When the power is down, drops down, it returns home. Wow. So it's a smart battery. Okay. Wonderful. So, um, what doesn't know by itself? That it has to return that the battery's low? How do we know? Way? Have some indication. Like beeping 40% off, buttery. It starts beeping 10%. Let's it lands by itself. But also the signal. Morning. No battery. Okay. And I will be able to see it on my application. Yeah, you can see the delight here. This is a stunning that Islam red one. You're gonna hear the city. Okay, Pretty. All right. So for when you will flip this over have drawn belly here just to san source. Small cameras, ultrasonic sensors. They keep the distance from the ground. They support landing and takeoff. They remember position like our landing pad. Eso the drone have a precision landing. Okay. Size, land lending. Super. Super. So this is again one support system while landing. And also during takeoff? Yes, during takeoff. It takes some pictures off your humanity in part on. Then when you're to return home, it is. It is able toe to dance in the same place. Wonderful suffer. Very smart drone. The next components. Pretty important. One are they come around in the gimbal. You can see we have some gimble succession right here on the camera protection. Right here. This is Bob. We can take it off now. The camera with Kimble is free. Uh, the common eyes. Small, but pretty powerful. You could take some fantastic pictures and footage with such a small camera. Wow. Yeah, you're gonna be impressed. And then you wait Gimble give boys the some system off. I would say you keep the same position instead, Off drawing position. Gimble keeps the camera. So even though that the cameras is shaking right now, the picture will be precise. Yeah. Now the drone is also we see it is pretty Okay, but when we take off will be OK, one, we're gonna be pretty stable. Okay? Can't wait to try it out on what else we have here. The pretty important our futures futures are some sunglasses for your camera. They don't allow Teoh penetrate so too much light into the sensor so you don't over exposed the picture. So then you still have the sky blue Not over exposed and fantastic. You can adjust the futures. You can select some different futures. Like 48 16 32 64. This is depending on the light conditions. This ideal sunglasses are ideal for today, but today, which we have chosen the 16. But probably the 32 is also some. Some selection. Okay, super more or less about the drone that that's it. Of course. We have the slots for memory card for communication here. Way have slots for computer to plug into the computer and update the software and Teoh have some calibration. Swell. But this is more or less more or less. Or now how to put how to turn it on. Just press shortly what briefly wants and then present whole second, second time. Oh, you know, the system checks and calibrate a little bit. We call it fix. You can see the light now is yellow. It means it's searching for the remote control. OK, can we move it now? We can turn it off. So 11 press short than a second longer. Try my attack and I'm going to take control. One short. Yes. And they hold it longer on Dwight. Yeah, Okay. So perfect. 5. REMOTE CONTROLLER OVERVIEW: All right, so now way have the remote control right here. I turned it on the same door. One press short, and then the 2nd 1 Hold it longer. Yeah. Okay. And what we are having here wear connecting? Yes. So we have the display? Yes. Okay. Remote control way. Have some tennis. They are also foldable for them and unfold. Okay. And your position, they aren't and are facing facing a drone. Okay, Like this one, you have two steaks for controlling the mold. Right? Stick is controlling in vertical. Invent a vertical position. So former record left and right. Okay. So former Beckworth left and right and right. Worries the right. Let's stick. It's controlling the attitude. Like up, down It is called Freddo frog photo. And then you have turned right, left and turn Right. Okay. It turns it is called Yo, a strange but yes. Good. Why a double you? Yeah. Oh, yeah. This is the power button. This is a return to home when you want your drawn a return home. Just price and hope for a while, then? Yes. You hear the beeping? You heard the pulse post post process like some kind of moat. Intelligent fly You can You can house if the obstacle is love And here you can adjust the shutter speed off if it's too dark or too night here the gimbal position So you can still turn to the camera. Okay, And here's recording on taking the pictures is the connection for your phone. Now we are almost ready. Toe toe, take a take off. What? We need this application on them. Abi device. Do you have any questions or suggestions? No, I think it's pretty simple. I just have to remember that this is for the, uh, direction we're going in. Yes. And this is for the attitudes on stone and turning. Okay, I'm going t o have you? Of course, we'll try it out, and I get the hang of it real quick. Yeah. So it's simply when you use the right stick not going toe up all down. You're just moving in. One attitude on one okay. Allows you to change the altitude and direction. Okay? Everything is pretty clear. Thank you. Fine. 6. DRONE SETUP: So guys, no matter which one drawn which one you choose, there are some crucial points to do. If you're drawn, let's see the magic First of full. You need to know how to unfold the arms. So you see in a magic brought first you unfold the front arms and then the back wall. You flip over, flip up. Yes. So this is the basic thing, how to unfold and how to fall the arms, I think and try to keep as close it's possible to to the middle of the drone. Not this one, because if you can force and you can break it or lose it Hello And the 2nd 1 is how to take off the gimbal cover the gimbal and camera cover. You just press on takeoff talk this way when you wanna put it down first, try to go with those so guys and then you click back. That's very simple. Some guys are forcing and doing like this one, and this is not good because you can lose those hints and then then you have to buy the new one. The 2nd 1 is a gimbal clump. It's pretty easy. You're just take two fingers from the left side and then two fingers from the right on. And you press a little bit hot and grow up and down very easily. Yeah, until you hear some click. Yeah, that's right. That's fine. Okay, Now we can see the gimbal and camera open. They are a little bit franchise, but gone for the next thing is how to put on, uh, propellers. This is pretty easy. You have to push and turn a little bit. You have to kind of preparedness one. Ah, with marking with marking. And the second type is not mark marked. You can observe how they rotate if rotating smoothly. All off them. Yeah, if if they rotate smoothly, that's okay. So you can learn how to take it on and take it off. Easy. Push into town. Poor's. Turn the other side. Yeah, portion down. That's all. The next one is how to put the battery on off on the side of the butter. You have took lives, toe. Put it out for the dog. You just press the clips and yeah, for our you pull up. Yeah, that's the point. If you wanna attach their memory card here is the slaughter off the memory card. Then you have some switch WiFi if you wanna operated drawn straight from your mobile device and remote controller. So remember about the switch and it should it should indicate the deer amount. Controller RC, This is also linking button for, for example, for goggles for a new remote controller. And that's more or less all from the other side. You have the USB micro USB slowed for connecting to the computer drawn to the computer. Sometimes you need a DJ I assistant to update the system or to calibrate, for example, those tiny sensors. It is called vision position existed. That is more or less all about the drone itself. How to put it on. Just trust one and then twice and halt the second time you hold longer. Yeah. Now the system starts up and starts to calibrate. You hear the sound motors are checking and you hear the gimbal and camera starting toe carry bright. If you wait a while, you're gonna see the light blinking light, depending on the status on the yellow. If the RC remote controller is not connected, you're gonna find in the yellow one, and that is small less about the drone. Now I'm going to show you the remote controller 7. REMOTE CONTROLLER SETUP: What about the RC remote controller? ISP recognized. You have two antennas. You can unfold them on straight up. Then you have the holders for your mobile device. And you have the cable for connecting the mobile device. Like the phone, for example. We have two sticks. The left sticks is a frontal one frontal. And Yao So you go up, Don, you turn left, you turn right. Thank you. You have the right stick. So you go forward. Bet quartz to the right and to the left. Here is the power button. So you press toe power the system on and powered system off. It is the same idea the same way. So once and then second and hold. Yeah, that's all. Here is the five. The bottom. Very nice. You can You can program some functions up to five. Button Here is the pow's. So you can stop, For example, of the intelligent flight mode you can stop if case off danger curiously returned to harm. So you press this one when you wanna drunk, come back home immediately. Then you have the shutter speed right here. And here is the way for gimble positioning and security recording the recording and taking pictures. And here you have two bottles for program programmable bottoms. This is C one and C two. So you can, for example, focal adapter Focus. Oh, you ca re center your drone or you can put they come around down on straight down and some more features program in the application here in the middle. Off the controller, you have the screen. This is fantastic control. And we have because you have the status started off the battery off the connection of the signal off the resolution. Spin off the motors and the system shows you If it is, it is ready. You have a battery status off remote controller as well. You have them exposition value clearance s. So this is the space below you drunk. And then you have the actual height and the distance from the home point that it's more or less. Oh, and now to function with the drone, you need a deejay up the genie application. We just call it the J Go for you can find application Upstart wore in a plait place called When you have this screen from your camera, you can you can make some Moto test. I'm going to show you the motor test. We are using the combination stick comments. Two sticks together, together to the middle and then down. Hold for a second. Dan, uh, for the front door. Left, Stick down. Yeah, this is the frontal down one more times, CSC. It means combinations. Comment? Yeah. Now the motors are on. You can hear if they operate smoothly. If everything is all right, then you can just pull from your gun. Yeah. And that this more less everything. Of course, you need a memory card. So next point is the application so we can talk a little bit about the application and about the system settings. 8. DJI GO APPLICATION OVERVIEW: Okay, guys. And let me show you the DJ. I go up. We are currently in camera mode. As you can see on the top left corner, we have the bottom and the G I And here we are going to main screen. If we press the start flight, we start flight. Then we going back to come arrive You. The next one is ready to go button. It changes the caller from grain toe, yellow or red. It shows Ah, some messages. When the turns red, it means warning status. All some alarm status as well. The next one is the position. When you top the position, you goto main controller settings. It shows the main current mode off flight. We are having the GPS no turns grain and we are having also visual positioning system. The next one is Zig Nurse Trench. We have eight satellites right now. The next icon is the sensors. The next one is remote controller strength. And here we are the settings. We are having the settings off main controller. Then we have the transmission and transmission many. It's well, then the battery right at the top corner. We having three dots. We can go to directly to the many I mentioned before. Then we having the battery startles the green long line. It shows us the estimation off flight and some tres colt, some warning and critical battery level's we having here on the main screen. Also, some obstacle avoidance. Many We see the indication off obstacle and then a little bit up. We have the camera starters like I saw a shutter speed, exposure value and white balance. Then next week we are having the settings off pictures. What is the form one of the pictures, And how many pictures can we take when we switch to the video mode, we can see the resolution off the video and frames number of frames per second, and then the couple city off as the court. Then we have out of focus mano a four course, then a little bit below. We have the gimbal. We have the gimbal, uh, here on the post position, off the gimbal, we can switch this one a little bit up and down. The next one is the top between the photo and video modes. Then the red one is recording or taking photos. This is the switch. Now it's recording Now. The common I recorded is recording and then below that, there's some settings off pictures and settings off video. Okay, let's come back to them. Mine. Uh, come around here. Here, on the down the right side. We having the playback button buttons so we can see exactly what are the pictures and water ? The videos on the SD card and some flight parameters. Flight telemetry. Eso We are having the distance between the aircraft and home point than the altitude height , horizontal spirits below and then vertical speed. And we have visual positioning system. So this is the distance Joe to the ground. If the aircraft is slow enough, then we have the map. This is the just, ah view of my view. We can extent yes. Then we have intelligent flight most icon. Ah. Then we can go Teoh some particular flight modes. Then we have smart return to home button and out of take off and landing. But then we come back to the top left corner It on the wig can go to the main screen. 9. SAFETY REGULATIONS: Okay, guys. And now a few words about safety regulations with safety regulations in Jena, they vary from country to country. So there are only some guidelines universal guidelines for everybody. In some countries you have toe get the permission or licence or even if you have the permission, it is not allowed to fly it Run. In some countries, you have to register the drone and you have to pass some exams and get this certificate All sense for flying operating the drone. What are the general rules? First of all, the maximum distance and altitude, the height. The distance should be not extending visual line off site in practice. This is something like 300 meters, but you cannot observe exactly what the aircraft is doing. So I would recommend 252 102 150 up to 300 meters, at least on the maximum heart height or attitude. This is very different in countries in some countries is 400 feet, so 100 and 20 meters in some countries 150 meters. It's some countries, 90 meters depends, but you can you can imagine you have some maximum distance and your maximum height, the next one this registration. In some countries, you have to register your drawn and depending on the weight. If the white exceeds perception off the toy like 250 grams in some countries, 600 grams at Satara, then you have to register the drone, and you have Teoh. Put in some countries there. Nameplate or some indication, off the owner or number off certificated as well depends if you are going for if you are taking off for the commercial reasons, you should have the certification on Dan. You have to pay for the exam for the course. In some countries you have toe take the official course. In some countries, it's it's enough to prepare for the exam and passed the exam. Then you'll get a certification and the certificate, and you can fly and earned the money from your flying. What is essential? A swell on the flying up Teoh close to the airport. Of course, they're they're having not only the the center off airports or the borders off airport holding. The efforts have also the control zone, so we should be aware off Special Contra zone off the airport and stay away from this one. If you want to check some specific regulations, then there is a webpage off International City Civil Aviation Organization. Then you can select the country, and you can easily find out local regulations. In, I said, Is there no, all the countries, but many off them mashing. So it's essentially, if you're going for holidays, that some countries, if the drones are allowed, first of all, and toward our, uh, regulations, please remember, stay away from the airports from national parks, some military zone, some heavy industrial prisons and many strategic, strategic old I have. It helps you waste toe. Consider the safety regulations in your area. Stay in touch and see you later. 10. MARTA IS READY: Okay, so now I know a little bit more about ah, drone how it is built. What? What? Its functions are, um, what parts I need and don't need. So I think now I'm ready to start my first flight. Okay? So please keep your fingers crossed for me, okay? I think everything will be alright.