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Drone Flying Class 1: Drone Purchasing

teacher avatar Rafał Galiński

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (24m)





    • 6. What to Purchase Recap






    • 12. How to Celebrate

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About This Class

Are you total beginner to drones? Do you want to start aerial journey but you do not know how?

Not sure if spending +1000 USD or more for drone equipment is a right choice?

Save time, money and energy following Marta on her journey from total beginner to drone owner and confident operator. Find the answers to your questions or ask the actors your own.

First Class refers to the Purchase Process, what budget, factors and what are the main points. 

Meet Your Teacher

Hello! My name is Rafal Galinski, professionally I've been involved in Engineering last 20 years.

I'm passionate about helping other people develop the potential through different aspects of their lives.

Hobbies: outdoor sports, filmmaking, drone flying UAVO MTOM to 25 kg,

In my classes, I share experiences gained during the years of my professional career and fulfilment of passion. I am convinced that my courses will help you in gaining your personal and professional plans and passions. I keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for reading the profile and I wish you a successful journey to self-development!

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1. COURSE INTRO RAFAL: Hello and welcome to our course. We are very happy having you here. That was a great decision. My name is rougher and I'm going toe help you and guide you through entire course. We designed the course to be interactive. There are some parts like salary practice, field exercises, some challengers and some homework to Dio. So we expect you to follow and to do homework. A swell. But don't worry. You are not going to be alone. Marta is going to do the same journey and to the same progress as you do. So simply follow Marta, Have a good fun. Take some time, Teoh for yourself to practice and you're gonna make a huge progress from the starting point to the intermediate level. Have a good fun and we keep their fingers crossed. I would have done many trainings before some face to face training as well. A storage. We also made a lot of tutorials. Many people buying the first drone and they don't know exactly. They have no basic knowledge and skills. They don't know exactly what are the regulations. Local regulations in the country of state, they don't know exactly how to operate the drunk. What are the systems? What are the rules and then the whole entire environment Suffering the opinion off? Crazy drone pilots off operators. So we're gonna change a little bit the roles and we're gonna guys your for the process from the beginner up to the end on. Please be patient. Take the action, stay by step for Marta during the activities and try to go for the the course with her. I wish you good luck and keep fingers cross. Let's do and let's make the course together. 2. LET'S MEET MARTA: Hi, I'm Martha. And today I am here with Raffo who is going to teach me how to fly a drone? I have never flown a drone before. I've only seen them, so I'm very excited to learn. I have no idea what to expect. So it's going to be a very interesting journey right along with you. So hopefully together we will be able to learn a lot of fun things about drone flying, how to do it. As a result of this, we will be able to take some wonderful pictures and should some very cool videos and just have a lot of fun. Okay, so how told me that he will first introduce a little bit of theory. So I know what to do and get to know my drone and how it's how it's set up a little bit more. He also said we will be doing some maneuvers out in the field. Eso we can practice on actually maneuvering and controlling our drone. Fortunately, Rocco told me that there some modes that will help us with this flying so we don't have to maneuver ourselves, but our drone will actually do a lot of the work for us. We also recorded everything from the beginning from opening your drone all the way up Teoh flying it to taking pictures to maneuvering. And we took some really nice footage. We we recorded some really nice stuff for you, showing you step by step, what to do and and how to do it so you can follow us. So hopefully after this course, you and I will be able to do a lot of fun things with drones, not only fly them, but just do a lot of fun stuff. So come along with us on this journey together and let's let's fly. 3. MARTHA INTRO: Hi. I'm Martha, and I'm here today with 1/2 hour. Who is going to teach me how to fly a drone? I am complete beginner. I have never flown anything in my life. And today I'm going to learn how to fly a drone right along with you. So I have no idea what to expect. Um, I think it might be complicated a little bit, but I hope it won't be. NFL says it will only take a few hours, and I will be flying in no time. We'll see if that is true. Um, but I have faith in him, and I believe that this will be a lot of fun. And I would love for you to join me in this journey and just to have ah, lot of fun flying a drone. So fly with us, please. 4. 5 INCREDIBLE THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR DRONE: okay Fo. So I know the drones are super cool. But why? Why air they super quiet. They're so awesome. Why is everyone so excited about owning a drone using a drone? What are some fun things that we can do with our drone? Because using the drone operating the drone, you can change the perspective from close up to the panorama in couple of seconds. There are some great and incredible FX you can achieve if you're drawn. For example, the panorama. You can achieve the part of great Panorama not only in the mountains or in some open spaces . You just need to leave to your camera a little bit like 2040 meters. And then you can plan a great view around your city or your district or some area wonderful . So we can do wonderful panoramic shots. Oh, are shooting clips? Okay, way. We can off course. We can select some panoramas. You have some basic ones, like vertical from five pictures. Let's say 3 to 5 pictures and then you can stitch even 21 pictures. Then you have really great feud of you. Wow, that's only sometimes you have even 360 degrees Panorama sounds very super. So we can either do a vertical or a spy fear panorama, so they look really cool. Okay, what else can we do with some special effects used in fields like Hitchcock? In 1958 he started the technique called Zoom Dolly. This is some magic technique. The camera eyes moving in one direction and then you can do oppose it. Zoom in or out. So if you are moving the camera, the backwards you zoom in When you going with your camera, forward the newsom out. And when you stitch, when you combine those two factors, you reach fantastic effects. This is really incredible. And this is mind blowing. Definitely. Okay, Super. What else can we see? Some blurry pictures very hard to achieve. If you fly next to your car, for example next to your car, then all the foreground and background. This is pretty difficult to achieve. For my sessions. I water is recommended. A three upto 5% is successful off my pictures. So from 100 on only two or three grades, but it's definitely something to try. Yeah, this is worked off. Try worth trying, but it's hard and the final effect. It's really great because for grant is blood on the bed, the background this well on the main subject, like your car or someone someone on her hoverboard or someone on poster board is crispy sharp. It's like frozen, so everything is bad. So this is really fantastic And this quiet ritual by the drone Wonderful. Okay, what are the things we can? Can we do? As I mentioned before beginning the asteroid, this is like a combination off. This is some kind of animation you first you start from, let's say selfie and then you suddenly rise up and then you make some distance. You have 360. Picture the great picture and you combine a cel animation and it really creates mind blowing affect. Definitely, definitely. So it's like an asteroid was falling. That's where I get it now. Very, very cool. Okay. And one more sample. I would say the 100 124 frames per second combined with point off interest flight mode and the point of interest is some kind of rotation. This is the drone orbits around you, for example, because you are the point of interest of the drone and you can adjust the speed so we just very slow, like one meter per second. Then we combine slow motion with some it It is really it creates the magical one. It's like cinematic woman without any additional equipment you just need is a small drone having 100 and 20 frames per second. There are five unique and incredible things to achieve with your simple and free nice drone . Looking like a toy s super so five incredible things we can do with our Joan. Thank you so much. Well, you definitely try each one of them And just have fun with their drone. Super. Thank you. 5. BUYING FACTORS: I'm interested in buying a drone. Um, can you please help me? Uh, and you know, just tell me what to purchase. I mean, what should I look at? What? What should I take into consideration when purchasing a drone? Uh, what is available on the market place? There are several factors, depending what you want and what we want to do with your drawn. For example, if you want to travel and you are back, back better and you wanna have something compact and light and small, then you can choose, for example, the affordable. The quality is very, very good. I would say they sent you can produce fantastic, fantastic pictures and wonderful, I think. Yes, this is because I didn't tell you what I'll be needing my drone for, mostly for personal, maybe some trips, holidays, just taking pictures of my family and I, um, and just maybe some, you know, vacation photos or something just for personal purposes. So this is something that you would recommend? Yeah. If you wanna choose something for your family with your family life, leisure on some holidays, then the foldable drawn is a perfect solution. They are existing on the market only to two years. But they are really fantastic. People love them. And what are the advantages? They are very compact. You can unfold the arms and then you can just hide into to your almost pocket on your perfect Really perfect for me. OK, so is this one of the smaller models? This is the smallest model is one of the smallest concerning the descent quality. There are some factors like the price. You can spent some small amount of money like $100. But then you're the qualities. Really. If you spend, let's say seven from the 700 up to 1000 you have fantastic quality and you can use them and you can impress your family, relatives and friends. So this is pretty. I would say it is some kind of efforts financial effort, but to fully benefit from the footage Spence about OK, OK, so, um, you showed more or less the model. What else should I take into consideration when I want to purchase a drone? Want to look at? If you don't like walking too much, you can just take your car on a drive to their sport and you can fly on directly next from you can take off from next off your car. Then you can buy some bigger waas like phantom. They are not affordable, that they are bigger. But the quality, the quality's fantastic phantom prod. You can set the aperture and you can have almost professional food. Also, we can think about inspire serious. This is like inspired to you can use for commercial reasons this well but for family and through nature, I would say the small for the whole drone is fantastic and perfect solution. Okay, Super. So when I'm choosing a model, what should I look at? What other factors? Yeah, So you should look for the GPS one we've got up smartphone application on very stable that hope others in one place without any flight flyaways on the great footage. So the camera quality some piece off sample footage camera and deliver the price. And I would say the service is service is very born in your country. Yes, it's very important. Of course. Okay, so these are the things to look at. You have to look out. Okay. Super Sounds good. So now we are ready. Teoh Truth. Our drone And I wonder what Marta is going to choose. Let's check it out. Let's see. Okay, lets test 6. What to Purchase Recap: Okay, so now I think I know more or less what I can by working out what kind of drone I can purchase. I know that it has to be something light. Something small. Compact best would be a price. Range from 700 to $1000. It is best if it's stable. Um, has good GPS and a battery time of at least 20 minutes. So this is a model that I will be looking for. So also to what I've just said, um, I will probably be needing some more additional equipment, maybe some spare parts or something. But I'm sure that raffle will tell me what else I need to purchase along with my drone. 7. WHAT IS MARTA'S SELECTION : Okay, guys. So let me tell you about the Martyrs Choice. It's been really hard time, but we finally chosen the proper drawn for her. Finally, we have bean selecting between magic, pro and magic, the both great drones on Lee. There are some single features differentiating both drones. Why Marta been chosen the maverick pro because off the flight time, many 27 minutes. It's really a great flight time, and she has been chosen once per butter. So at least has something like 45 minutes off fly. So that's enough for her here. We have 20 minutes off flight time, but we can consider about 16 efficient one. It's 16 minutes, maybe 18 minutes, off flight time, so she's been a little bit worried. It's not enough. So the next one, the next main future is the ranch of the drawn here. We can potentially intel. Really. We can fly seven kilometers here, about four kilometers, but here we have OC using connection systems transmission so we can also connect to the gut goggles remotely without any cable. And then I can control the screen and remote controller, and Marta can be the observer without any wires or cables between us. So that was also essential for us. For you guys. It couldn't be such a important feature, but this drawn. Remember you need for goggles. You need a cable connection to your controller, and then you can not use in the same time controller and your mobile device and then go goes. So you have to choose between goggles and mobile device. For sure, we have the rear sensors here. We have no sensors at all. Also, if you buy on a single set, the basic set you have here, the propeller guards very hath no propeller guards in the set. So that's important feature, especially when you want a practice not not high, just close to you. Close to some obstacles. Then that's appropriate. Guards are essential. Another features we have taken into the consideration was the quality and the function off the remote controllers and the remote control off. Maverick price much better. It has a display on display. It has the way toe adjust, this shutter speed and some function buttons a swell. Here we have one function, and here we have some function, but down we can select some features and we can choose, but anyway, display It allows operating the drone, the tablet or mobile phone is broken or the battery is empty. Then we can use display to are intact to see if we are approaching all going away. We can see the height altitude. We can see the if the drone is recording, for example, some status and the battery status is where waken see exactly what is going on with our trunk. Here, unfortunately, have only a basic features like the battery status and connections that was drawn more or less is Ah, a little bit basic. Ofcourse, the fine feature and really handy is we can screw out the stakes here, unfortunately cannot. Anyway, guys, we have been chosen the magic pro, but some features we can also you can see and we can meet the later on the magic a swell. We can use it as a spare drone. It's well, I think the Marta is gonna be happy with both brands, and they are very stable. She she's gonna use for some exercise is the small oneness. Well, if you are considering choosing between between them, they're really pretty equal. Maybe the maybe the picture quality. The camera quality is better. Also, the in in case off crash, this one is much better and more much resident, more resistant. Here we have longer arms and a little bit fragile gimbal system suspension system, so you can see it is not obvious the choice between them anyway, no matter which one you choose, who you need some essential activities and training, so let's move on. 8. ACTIVITY: PURCHASING: OK, now, guys, it's your turn. We have activity for you. A little challenge we have. Ah, this this exercise for you. We're giving you $1000. And your task is to buy a small drone propellers, extra batteries and filters all in this price range. So let's see how well you will dio You confined this activity along in the lecture in this part. Okay, so it will be attached, so have fun. 9. MARTA IS READY: Okay, so now I know a little bit more about ah, drone how it is built. What? What? Its functions are, um, what parts I need and don't need. So I think now I'm ready to start my first flight. Okay? So please keep your fingers crossed for me, okay? I think everything will be alright. 10. 8 BEFORE PURCHASING: after this section, it should be able to differentiate and choose the proper drawn set up for you. You're gonna hear what you get for the price. And if the drawn it's worth spending money or no, then you can decide which one to choose. And it's much easier, and the choice should be much easier for you on. You should be fully satisfied from choosing proper one. Sometimes it's not enough to spend a lot of money. Sometimes it's much smarter toe. Spend less money and to gain more experience. So you're gonna have some experience, some basic knowledge in section. That's what some tips and Sammies full experiences off ourselves. 11. 15 PURCHASING SUMMARY: sell. Fine. Now you're ready to choose your drawn and purchase one for you. Please make sure you ordering the proper amount off propellers. That's where a spare batteries. If you have the time enough, we can just start practicing right now. We are going to unbox the set so you can follow me and Martin. 12. How to Celebrate: so much. Congratulations. You've done a fantastic job. Thank you. It was so much fun. I had a really good time practicing and learning a lot of stuff with you. So it was a wonderful experience. Yeah, and congratulations to you as well. Have you made it? You finally finished the course of us and hopefully you gained a lot of experience, a lot of practice and had a lot of fun with us. I know. I had a lot of fun making this video Meteo. That was going great. So how can we celebrate? I don't know. What can we dio? Maybe some self. Maybe we can take a selfie together. Oh, maybe you can dance. Have a coffee? Yes, our baby. Seeing like no one's listening. Yeah. Anyway, we are very glad and wear very proud. We are very proud of you for sticking with us till the end on and And what now? Now you can fly on your own. We help. You can fly with confidence. It's an independent operator to do some hobby flies and great pictures. Great for the graph here. That's what video. Exactly. And now you can show off to your friends and brag that I know how to fly a drone. I can make super Hollywood productions. Yeah, thank you very much. We are looking forward, senior on the next hour courses yet. So join us. Uh, until over next. Courses on how to do fun stuff. And Martha for years. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure to work. We feel it was a wonderful experience. Thanks so much.