Dress without pattern. Quickly and simply. Intuitive sewing. | Miloslava Krasnopolskaya | Skillshare

Dress without pattern. Quickly and simply. Intuitive sewing.

Miloslava Krasnopolskaya, No conversations, only practice ...)))

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8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introducing

    • 2. Dress Base

    • 3. Armhole additions.

    • 4. Video magazine

    • 5. Make a belt

    • 6. Make cuffs

    • 7. Make the neck

    • 8. Size table

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About This Class

  • The video course includes the following materials:
    1. Construction of a raglan sleeve without a pattern.
    2. The table of the sizes of size raglan on the sizes from XS to L.
    3. Video log models that are stitched similarly. (For inspiration))))
    4. Throat processing.
    5. Cuff with lapel.
    6. Belt with elastic band.
  • This video course is for those who want to sew beautiful clothes for themselves, but there is not enough time for this. Having mastered this technique you can literally in half an hour be able to sew a dress or a tunic.
  • This video course for what would get rid of fear of the sewing machine, in order to understand, in sewing, there may not be patterns and rules !!!
  • This video course is useful to anyone who wants to start sewing beautiful and modern things, but is afraid of patterns and never sewed at all.
  • The same video course is suitable for those who have experience in sewing.
  • Attention! There is no theory! Only practice!)))
  • In the photo you see dresses that are created by this technology.










1. Introducing: difference. Hi, my name's Mills Lava since my childhood are being done Rettenmund, gymnastics and dancing. Now I'm 36 unmarried, and I've got four Children. I go on dancing and teaching it. In such moments, I feel happy and joyful to my own surprise, I also started sewing several years ago, sewing without patterns or rules. At my workshop, women so dresses within two hours alone, but their own experience that sewing can be easy. You can also must of this method. Watching my video course, you'd better use cotton were first dressed as you can easily t of this fabric to get the parts of your dressed bodies. Sleeves and skirts are all rectangular. You can make regular sleeve at one cut, Rectangular s card is pointing and attached to the bodies. That's home. It's really easy. You can use various belts and accessories, experiment with dress lines and trimmings from the video course. You will also learn how to trim neckline, make cuffs and a comfortable belt, making your dresses from various fabrics changing the dress. Ling's no other details. You'll get different clothes for all occasions by my video course, enjoying the world of beauty, creation and harmony 2. Dress Base: de of France today I'm Sonia dress without a patent. Quickly on simply here it is without a belt. Yet this model has no possum in off the post. It is a dress with the bodies alongs, trade point, it's card and a 3/4 sleeve in the basis of all the parts of this dress is bodies skirt and squeeze. There are rectangles. Well, let's start. You take a 150 centimeters by 200 centimeters Piece of fabric and unfolded position with the 200 centimeters side horizontally and the 150 sentiment aside Vertical. Now you take the fabric by the upper Adrian poison on the temple of Unique. Then straight it till the waistline where you'd like to wear a belt for alleged bust you slide the fabric is shown on the screen and also along the waistline. Then you had 1.5 with two centimeters of length and make an incision. Now you can t of the fabric. These large rectangle is this cart of interest. You couldn't put it aside for a while. Now you take this small rectangle and ran the piece of fabric around the fullest ponds of your bust. The fabric should feed a bit loose among the length and outside 1.5 or two centimeters of length. Now you make an incision Mt of the fabric. This is the modest of your dress. We used the rest of the family to make both leaves. Always go on. You make the bodies with on the one side seeing terrorist you can't of the age of cloth. The February 2 started a little, but I still painted together straight along the side seam. This fault one be seen when the dress is ready. He also cut over the age of fabric from this leave part. Now you folded along and painted together, starting from the middle of the peace. The fabrics distorted gain, but it'll come this surplus off now, you constituent taking with the pains. There's one detail for both sleeves. You folded and caught in half. Now you fold them boat. It's part in hop to markets middle. Then you measured 10 centimetres from the center and put a mark is the neck. Now you take this, leave and attach it to the mark with seem down watts, as seen on the screen. His space left in the top is about four centimeters. It's the child. As for these diagonal line, it is the wrangling. It's lamp varies according to the bath measurements, you can find the approximate figures in their panics table for Russian size. What it to is half over the bust measurement. It makes 24 25 centimeters. So I slide this leave a little to get their wide length of their Ragland, and you cut off both the bodies and this leave. That's it. The hardest part is done. Now you just hold the bodies in heart and cut off this supply us. That's how you make the second sweep. While only does left, you're still up. This leads to the bodies. To do this. It tell Miss leave outside, put it into the bodies and pain together seem to seem Go on along the deck and a line they just may not come together. But you leave it this way and cut off the surplus Late time you continue with this second dog on a line. That's what comes out and his stitches. You put the needle down. Whether angle of the armpit is Cottle raised the press. Oh, and turned the detail. You stitch this second sleeve just the same way. Here it is. The top part of the address is ready. Now you can still up the skirt you make on wine side seam, besides seems ready. And the more the open side of the scarred with the pain, you also want the front from the back of this car. You did the same with the top part of the dress when they put the bodies inside this card and pin them together, seem to see you do the same with the opposite side and match the front and the back. Hey, you consider bodies and discard pain together on the four sides. Now you can just when discarding for eight folds in opposite directions, painting bam to the bodies. When you cut this ditch, make sure the fools go on the press on. You can use a pain to port Amanda, that's all. Your dress is ready and you can try it on, and the next to be do I'll show you how toe well, the neck and make cuffs. Let's have a short dressed bye for now, 3. Armhole additions.: girls. I'd like to share one important improvement proposed by whether my Stevens, as you remember, we got off the arm holes on their bodies and sleeve at one. Go next, before the bodies to got off the symmetrical arm hole on the other side. Now be careful. We need to make one centimeter right angle cut, then wronged online and reduce it to their own home line. Thesis the results. Were you aiming for exactly the same procedure? The sipadan on the slaves? We make it half centimeter, Kat. That's a right angle round and reduce it. Turn the sleeve inside out and plays it inside the body's arm. Pittle armpit. The house. It's much easier to Pena and see. There are whole How'd it looks? Much more beautiful in general, then peanut stage berths, please. Everything has worked out very well and I'm pleased with the result. I wish you every success. My old changes be only for the best 4. Video magazine: using a basic couldn't dress and a widow of your imagination, You can make a lot of comfortable on beautiful wolves. That's what I'm made. This dress has got labeled cuffs, and a belt with an elastic of his dress is made off this coast. The Swedes are assembled on an elastic. This motel has got single color coasts, and about this dress has got Josie coughs and a shortest card. This dress is met of artificial silk. This one is made of cotton. It has got a single column belt, distresses met of a slowing synthetic fabric. It has got a well did not. This is a flag strikes with a Josie inside on the waist and Josie coughs. This dress is made in the so called 19 sixties style lesbo is tied on the waist, a very light flowing fabrics and spawned me to attach long rebounds on the sleeves. This is an everyday of this coast dress with a low waistline. This is a flag. Stress in casual style misses the wind and grants from cost to wound fabric. This is a beach tunic. With this sweet the nexus stumbled on an elastic. This is addressed. I'm really proud off. It's made of real silk. This is a tunic with a sweet it's made of things. Synthetic fabric, distress turned into a skirt and a short both made in the same known pattern method. This is a cottage Sammies with Joe's Away pools and cops. These models become a really gold sand of rub the bodies corporate. So what? It also meant the Raglan Sweet is the basis for off the models, such as trench codes, cardigans and over cold. This model has got a belt. This is my first coat. This motor has gotta stand up color, which is also mine. A rectangle piece of cloth. I've used the remain used to make a dress for my daughter. This dress combines a rep over top with same longs trade pleaded scarred men's what Short turned out very easily, immediately inspiring. Meeting your ideas 5. Make a belt: to make belt will need a strip of cloth or any white thin lamp. You're folded lengthwise, painted together and stitch. He also stitch of the edges and both sides. Then you caught it in two. You turn it out and dying. Next, you'll need some wider wife. Stay going in color within life. Your full pages inside. Put elastic into the street and stitch it. It did about the sign job the same way your belt is ready. Here, you can see a wide about which is sewn to their last week with a fault. This belt is very comfortable. It helped lines the waste and doesn't hamper your movements at all. 6. Make cuffs: He's a stylish labeled cuff you can easily make within just 10 minutes. You take a rectangular piece of a nickels and fold it together. Van stitch. Then you cut it into halves to get two cups at once. You tell us Live on the inside on painted together seem to seem you paint together and the opposite side. This live is a bit wider than the cup, so I'm makes more faults. Now you can stitch it. Then you're all the late pope and he it is. The cuff is ready if you wish. You can fix the label with several stitches on the scene. You make Babis leave just the same way I often using this method to add chick to common things. 7. Make the neck: it's well, the neck of the dress. Now it's quite easy, and it wouldn't take much time. You mark the neckline depth or with a pin, then appoints the dress on the table and fall. The neck is shown on the screen. Now you cut out a semicircle. After that, you align the neckline, cutting all this so bliss of fabric you can align. This leaves in the same way. Now you put on a dress inside out on pain. The fabric along the bag seems if necessary, so that the neckline feats well, in case it does fit well, you can miss the step. Then there's Teacher and Cotto. This applause. Everything's okay now. Next, you take some juice it fabric, which should be our evidence and cut off a 1.5. Sentiment is trip. Then a painted around of the neck line on the outside, your pain leaders together on stitch family. Then you stitched the jerseys. Streep stepping two millimeters from the age. Next you tone it on the inside and in game painted around the neckline like this finally, just so eat up. As for me, I like the stitch with the press on edge. Remember to stretch the February and the comet Er's well, it's ready. All you need is toe on a town. 8. Size table: