Dress up a present with paper tassels and tags | Michelle G. | Skillshare

Dress up a present with paper tassels and tags

Michelle G., I love to sew, draw and make stuff!

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6 Videos (15m)
    • Dress up a present - Introduction

    • Dress up a present - paper tassels

    • Dress up a present - bottle topper

    • Dress up a present - bows

    • Dress up a present - tags

    • Dress up a present - conclusion


About This Class

Learn how to make whimsical paper tassels to decorate gifts.  I'll show you three different ways to make and use a curled paper tassel:  as a traditional hanging tassel, as a bottle topper, and as a bow. 

Use regular (20 - 24 lb.)  weight paper you've purchased or print out your own designs on regular printer paper.  You'll need a ruler, glue stick, hole punch, scissors, yarn or string.  You'll also need something round for curling up the streamers, such as a pencil, pen or skewer. 

I'll also show you how to make a hand-lettered gift tag.  I've included a printable template for you to download and print onto card stock.  Decorate them however you like using your own hand-lettering and doodles.  I'll demonstrate a couple of tags that I made...and even show you the one that ended up in the recycle bin! 

The projects in this class give you a great opportunity to use skills learned in other Skillshare classes, such as pattern design or hand-lettering. 

These are simple projects that anyone can do.  This class is for you if you enjoy simple paper crafting projects and would like to add a whimsical touch to a gift. 

If this sounds like fun to you, please enroll, and I'll see you in class! 





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Michelle G.

I love to sew, draw and make stuff!

I love to sew, draw and make stuff! 

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