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Dress For Success - Find Your Style Personality

teacher avatar Emanuela Neculai, Certified Stylist & Etiquette Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Intro - What we will learn in this course

    • 2. Course 1 - What is personal style?

    • 3. Course 2 a - Why is it important to have a clearly defined style?

    • 4. Course 2 b - Cont. of Why is it important to have a clearly defined style?

    • 5. Examples

    • 6. Course 3 - How to create your personal style

    • 7. Course 4 - ttract success through your personal style

    • 8. Course 5 - The five style personalities - Classic style

    • 9. Course 6 - Casual/Natural style

    • 10. Course 7 - Dramatic/Bold style

    • 11. Course 8 - Feminine/Romantic style

    • 12. Course 9 - Modern/Chic style

    • 13. First steps on your style journey

    • 14. Final tips

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About This Class

How to find your dressing style based on your personality and create an impact

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The easiest way to change who you are is to change the way you see yourself, and the easiest way to see yourself better is to look better.

My class helps you look like who you WANT TO BE and find the style that reflects who you CAN BE.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emanuela Neculai

Certified Stylist & Etiquette Consultant


Hi! I'm Emanuela Neculai with Emma.Fashion – Style and Etiquette Training. I'm a certified personal stylist and etiquette consultant, and I'm committed to helping women to dress for success and express their personality through clothing. I have a 30-year European background, which is now combined with the American lifestyle. My goal is to help women improve their image and look at their best both in their professional and personal life. Many people try hard to follow ever-changing fashion trends to just look good and build an image that is not really representing them. In my classes, I help women discover their personality and create a style they are comfortable with and truly represents who they are.

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1. Intro - What we will learn in this course: Hello, everyone. I'm Emma with Ahmad Activation. I'm official Stylist on Etiquette Consultant If you would like to find more information about me, please check out my website. A mother, Feitian, or so you will find interesting and very useful articles about style styling, tapes, etiquette and manners. Thank you so much for joining my class. Find your style. What will come on in this presentation? What is personal style first and most, I want you to have a clear vision about personal style. This is why this will be our for stopping. Why is important? We have a clearly defined personal style. You learned that your personality plays a major role in finding your style on. It's important to balance Europeans with your personality. I will give you some examples off people with great personal style because the best way to understand the power of style is from people. We have a distinctive style that expresses their personality. How great your personal style. You'll see that your journey finding your style starts from inside out. I present you five common style personalities that will help you find your clothing style personality, but how you can put your personal style at work for you. You have a pdf attached on feel free to download it. This will be a God line that will help you to define your style based on your personality traits. I went, of course, with some useful on very powerful final tips. This is the primo for this class on, but I hope you will enjoy. 2. Course 1 - What is personal style?: defining your style personality. A. Starts with knowing who you are on what image you want to project, giving you clarity on direction in finding your style. No, you know who you are on the what image you want. The project will help you to find your style, but what is personal style? Personal style is creating a visual picture of yourself through clothing, showing your distinctive character. When you meet people, the first thing they notice about you, it's your physical appears on the lack information about yourself. Then they may judge your character based on what they see, so your appearance creates a picture of who you are. Your clothes make up your hair style body language the way talk on carry yourself. So style is more than the clothes you just Where is the total package that should be in our money with what we see on the surface with what is inside? It's the image. It just the project on how you want to be perceived by others. But personal style is also powerful toward the express. Your moods, emotions, your passions through the clothes. You just aware when you're not happy, you are most likely to wear an outfit that operate your mood. However, when you are down, you can also choose clothes, invite colors or just a bit of high heel shoes that can leave to your speed. For example, wearing a suit for an important meeting can give you the confidence you need on a professional look. So selecting clothes that express your individuality gives you the power to choose how you want to feel on how you want to be perceived on the most important aspect of style is a distinctive off. There's this time brilliant were said. Style is originality. Be original, learned to impress your style on dressing away. That should highlight the essence of who you are your likes and wants your desires and goes your aspirations and dreams this altogether are the factors that complete your individuality. Yet original Styer. Establishing your style means to find a look that works for you, makes you feel good. Yet show your identity 3. Course 2 a - Why is it important to have a clearly defined style?: in the next topic will cover why personal style is essential on why you have to dress according to your personality. I invite you to watch the video from American's Got Talent show when someone gives a second chance toe a young lady. This video is an excellent example and shows the power off style combining with personality . Hello? What's your name? My name is Yoli Mayor. Okay. What are you gonna be doing here today? I'm going to be singing. Okay. And how long have you been doing that for? Uh, since I was two years old at How do you? I'm 21. Really? Yes. Well, isn't good luck. Thank you. I you Because you're my This isn't working the mate because this is feeling very old fashioned, you know? And with the cocktail dress and everything else, you're 21 years old. Yes. Keep it young. You have a second soul. Make it rain. Yoli. I want this to persuade us that you are a great recording artist. Okay? Yes, thank you. She's 21. It's more comfortable now in you aids. Thank you. Okay, here we go. When Sands on my way. So and hey, you know my mouth. Me go. They can be fire from the sky to revive the purest of kings. Oh, indeed. And so I know this fire brings me even So on Just saying they get we'll make it right. 4. Course 2 b - Cont. of Why is it important to have a clearly defined style?: what is the first sign that shows a mismatch? The young woman's papyrus cocktail dress, old fashioned jewelry doesn't make with her modern hair style. Second, her choice of closing doesn't show core age if we cannot assignments. Reaction on the girl said that she is 21 he said, Really third, the first song She Joe's didn't show her passion for singing. She mation that she has sending since she was two years old. You could feel that she was a natural. She was on the stage to perform on nothing else. Her appearance doesn't reveal who she's her personality, her age. On her passion. Simon has notice the discrepancy on advice her to persuade them that she's a great artist, that of banks. That action was under sport when she said to keep it young. Also, she immediately toe the jewelries and the shoes off master hair. Andi, notice what the girl said. I feel more comfortable anyways. The moment she started singing the second time, you can see that she was comfortable. I'm feeling good in her skin. Everything was in our money, appears attitude emotions. She was able to deliver the message on the feelings of the song, engaging with the audience, she composed everybody that she's a great singer. So what are the conclusion from this video? Great. The first impression you have not only toe be well dressed under Lou Polish, but also to feel comfortable on to show a side of your personality in warder to send the right message, the young woman wasn't able to send the message she wanted in her first of them. The whole appearance on the choice of song didn't match with who she is, and she couldn't deliver the message she wanted that she's a great artist with an impressive voice. But the second time after she got into her skin without heels on jewelry that empowered her on the better song choice. She impressed the judges and the audience with her performance, sending the same message that she's a great singer. To be the best version of yourself is not only focusing on what clothes and accessories to where do not there is only to impress others or to be in the theme with a song like the young woman in the video did, because the authentic style encompasses your inner beauty, what you value the most what you want to become, how you envision yourself. So trust your a states where what makes you feel comfortable on? Express yourself through what you wear, because style is an extinction off who you are. The clothes you wear reflects who you are. Your character style majors with your personality, the the clothes you choose, where has to match with your personality. Also, style reflects your passions and goals, so fund the style that tell a story about you. Style projects the real image of the person behind the close. So don't try to use close only to great ah, great appearance. Find a style that makes you feel more like yourself. The purpose of having a defined personal style is not only to emphasize the best of your body figure, but also to highlight your distinctive character. Toby Authentic 5. Examples: Children are of the examples of people with great personal style. And the winner. The editor in chief for Vogue magazine, has a distinctive appearance with her signature style, just not both hairstyle. On channel black shades, she displays a classic style with a feminine elegance. Midland races with statement necklaces. She can be easily recognized by her signature showing on authentic style Lady Gaga. He only is impresses with her striking appearance, revealing an Amati style showing confidence on the artistic side of her personality. Selena Gomez reveals the sheikh mother style with a charming look that perfectly feet hurt . But it frame. She's a trendsetter, adopting the fashion trends that suit her personality. So we have three women with different styles, and I'm winter with a classic style Lady Gaga displaying off dramatic style on Selena Gomez . A mother style. But what makes them unique? And the window, her signature style black shades showing a woman with a strong personality, Lady Gaga. Her signature style is provocation, revealing aboard character when Selena Gomez musters the street style with an effortless yet put together style on a new youthful look 6. Course 3 - How to create your personal style: building your personal style starts for me side out as we talked before, your character on the personality play a significant role in finding and creating your style. But also your personality is the one that has an impact on your life's on his legs. Why you like certain governments on these, like others the same with color, springs and designs. The best example is when you go shopping on, see a beautiful outfit on a man aching. Your friend would say right on. But you say it's not my style. You feel that no matter how beautiful is that outfit, it doesn't reflect who you are. It doesn't suit your personality. So your clothing choice, the way you dress up, reflects your style, influenced by your personality and character. A great example is the legally blond moving where Reese Witherspoon plays very well. The Elwood's character, she dresses like a Barbie door, being outfits and girlish attitude killing around her dog. The moment arrives at Harvard Law School. She looks like she doesn't fit in that environment, even though she proves that she's smart. Nobody takes her seriously. Why? Because Europeans doesn't reflect the right message for that context knowledgeable on trust working, she has realised that she has to change her way of dressing. She has many of them's choosing to wear of being sued, imitating Jackie Kennedy's dire. But what she needs to understand is that she has to dress so she could convey who she is to that specific audience, which was different than her hometown body s. She has also to understand that imitation does not create their personal style on does Not Equal Operate message. So to show her culpability on Toby noticed by the teachers, the first thing she did was to change her appearance completely. She has started worrying classic PC's in other colors on She even change Your hairstyle is you see in this picture she's studying while wearing a simple pair off jeans with a tow bond of being felt. Her look shows that she takes the study seriously, too. So what? She realized that she has to go to go through a transformation. Ah, but remember, this is a process. It cannot be done overnight in one move, so she grabbed wary change her style under she found the outfits that for work her personality and send the right message Is this Seeing this picture she worse a possible with polka dots. There are feminine elements that express her personality but the overall look since the message of, um, actual person that has found her style on identity. So remember what you wear. There's the story off who you are now. 7. Course 4 - ttract success through your personal style: why personal style is so important on Why do you need to have a personal style first to build confidence and self esteem, improving yourself into a person who is worthy of admiration and respect? Think about how you feel on the days when you put some effort to dress up with some makeup on style your hair and wear some Hughes you're looking sport together on you. Feel beautiful unconfident ready to Concord Work Looking your best at all time is the King Toby of your confidence on gain, admiration and respect because this is the power of personal style. When you look good, you feel good second to create a personal image that allows you to evolve in your career and personal life. It's human nature to evolving life to go through a transformation not only physical but spiritual intellectual. How dramatically this transformation commands personal progress that starts with the way you look. If you remember when you're a college student, you had your unit for jeans short on the pair of sneakers. However, when you started looking for a job when attended job interviews, you pay more attention to the way dress. You start upgrading your look from Jason T shirt to trouser suit. And here's why. Because you want to impress because he bought Show respect on to prove that your look Mitch , with a message you want to send. All these aspect are related. Toe your image that I reflected through your appearance, your style. Third, it helps you to set goes on to succeed in all aspect of your life. Because success is not to be pursued. It is Toby, attracted by the person you become achieving a great personal style, increasing your confidence on improving your image, empower you to set goals on or consistently toward it. Evolving on building up a strong personal style helps you to create an achieve, a great image. It's your trademark that you will be recognized by on Inter give you the advantage off being known. 8. Course 5 - The five style personalities - Classic style: There are five common style personalities that we will go over and you will discover which wants you relate to the most. However, remember you are Olynyk on. Maybe you won't fit in precisely the one of the style personalities. I have chosen off your style variations to offer his examples, so it would be easy for you to find your style personality. There are five style personalities, classic on conservative, natural sporting, dramatic, creative, they meaning elegant modern chic. We'll start with the classic style. The classic style is clean, safe, untraditional people with classic style value classic pieces over training because they know what works best for them on they stick we did. They like to have a uniform or look that reveals their personality attributes, but also is timeless and flattering. Classing personalities are attracted timeless species on structured feats. They don't like to wear busy prints on trending pieces because they don't like to make a statement with their clothes. Instead, they want to impress with their character. Women with a strong personality usually prefer classic style elegance, Refinement and simplicity are the keynote for the classic style. As Coco Chanel said, simplicity is the key not of all throw elegance. A woman who prefers classic style with where for a business attire but simple she dress that shows well defined waistline on the blazer that emphasizes the shoulder line. Unsure will wear classic accessories like Palm sports on a structured bag. The perfect relates to the classic style Classic Casual makes you think of a uniform. A pair of jeans for trousers with the bottle down short on the sweater. Classic Occasional with a pop of color reveals a lie. Skirts or dresses in the other colors or a classic combo trousers with a blouse on the cardigan in soft colors. Classic with a modern twist recreates the classics, combining them with more than PC's. Victoria Beckham musters the modern style, showing on artistic flair in mixing up the classics with more than pieces. No variation of classic style is pretty style that is defined by played or 13 prints. Nautical garments, stripes, polo shirts, bright and pastor colors happened or about these on feminine details like embroidery or floral prints. The best example for the preppy style is the I D League school uniform, as the Go See Gore movie reveals through the inspirational characters. The adult preppy style reveals classic PC's impossible colors that reflect or laid back a polish look 9. Course 6 - Casual/Natural style: occasional natural style looks for comfort. Loosely feet under mental illness, close natural feet and relaxed. Usually, people want off this style are friendly athletics, love outdoor activities. Que Chua Staples are jeans, T shirts, sporting garments in earth tone colors on easy care fabrics. Business Natural reflects a simple on relax outfit. A classic dress with a country cardigan on the go practical on versatile accessories like flights. A tote bag pendant necklace that suit the active lifestyle. Casual natural meets comfort on light back outfits that reflect a practical on relaxed style. One of the variation of the natural style is at leisure style, but leisure personality style doesn't reflect basic occasional clothing. Styer. They seek comfort on flexibility, mixing Hailo pieces, sporty clothes with Taylor PC's so they don't look too casual In this picture, we have a pants suit paired with sneakers on £20 with a sporty jacket style. What makes this outfit stand out so they don't look occasional sporting? The answer is the designer bag on the first store that elevates the look Don't know style resonates with an adventurous on bold personality when it is revealed through staple pieces , genes played short Blazers, baseball cap mask, any style shoes or military boots. We went with a tomboy style, prefer occasional clothes with masculine inspiration, which the style according to their body shapes and sense of style. But they look on. The Syrian are still family. Tokyo style is what I call borrow from them but worried like a woman. 10. Course 7 - Dramatic/Bold style: the main characteristic personality traits for people with dramatic style are cry activity on enthusiasm. They, like, know how to make a interests wearing clothes with, well, factor people who are attracted to this style, like where the latest trend close not only to make a statement, but to be noticed. Other admired for their original. On the unique approach to fashion trends, bore style assures to trigger a reaction, so you make sure you have a personality that can handle that. Here is an example of business bold style, a simple dress with once than dog piece the Blazer with Ruffalo's The accessories are on a large scale, not a bold new place. A bet off years on fishing for bag with brains. But be aware that bold doesn't necessarily mean colors, but sometimes shapes were accessories like in this image. In these pictures, we have a dramatic style with classic PC's paired with fashion forward blouse with dramatic sleeves on minimalist accessories. Artist style is another good example of a dramatic style featuring both prints and colors that reveal a strong and artistic personality. The whole look from head to toe exudes eccentricity 11. Course 8 - Feminine/Romantic style: feminine romantic personality style is adopted by women who are sensitive, gentle on show compassion and empathy. This style enhances the natural beauty, reflecting on elegant and graceful look. They like to wear clothes the show from in cars but not rebuilding to march with delicate details such as feels placebo. Sele's roofers. They prefer soft and flowy fabrics. Such a Cyrk sat in the bed on find small jewelry. The business Feminine Attire features a classic dress with a blazer in light and soft color . We dont jewelry unsettle accessories that perfect reflect the feminine that he could personality. Here is an example of her meaning classic look, a lie skirts or dresses, since after colors on silky fabrics with family in their offers, details on shiny accessories. A family style can also be dramatic, borrowing elements from the drama thing style, like a blouse with puffy sleeves on board hearings, the images show two variations of the family style that are, in contrast, dramatic versus classic 12. Course 9 - Modern/Chic style: the modern chic personality is the essence off looking great and stylish all the time, showing on a good sense of Feitian. The main characteristics of this style are Nigerian, honest under refinement. This person can be a trendsetter because she finds creative ways too much unique species on knows how to adopt fashion trends. Tow her personality. However, this person doesn't follow the fashion trends. Instead, selectively chooses trends that give her the sheikh factor. Please take the time on Read the characteristics of this style with regard to accessories on colors. I know there are a lot of details on the slide, but you can also find them in the downloadable. Pdf file. Smart business attire will create a business look with a simple dress unfashionable blazer in 20 planes or colors. Stylish accessories will complete the look on. They may very a classic bag with bold earrings or just an elegant piece of jewelry, like a brush or bracelet reflecting a subtle elegance year. The whole Sheikh December You can create a modern chic style building classic PC's, adding on trend earings or a joker on on season bags and shoes, or you can create modern chic style, wearing classic pieces in unexpected ways style A classic pan street wearing the blazer with a modern belt. Under all of this lease a little for an effortless chic look or upgrade on a regular office outfit with a financier address on both palms toward the sheikh factor. 13. First steps on your style journey: The starting point of building your personal style is to begin wearing classic pieces such as the state like pens, a line skirt or pencil skirts. Later, you would evict your sense of style. Trying different styles of skirts, dresses mixing a major brains on playing with accessories. Start simple. When you begin your journey towards creating your style, wearing basics of the with a pair of jeans and sneakers, it's an easy outfit to pull off. Later, it's up and down with accessories, stopping sneakers with heels on adding a personal touch with jewelry. Then, because they forward unlearn a more sophisticated way to refine your style. Start layering clothes wearing a blazer or a button down shirt over a basic team. Learn about proportions on how to make some much collars on pictures. But this stage you start learning advanced takes, such as 1/3 layer. Always elevator look missing. Parton's gives the she factor toe. Any outfit unflinching look with a contrast. IQ bag or shoes is a modern approach for a classic outfit. Finally, after you must have those streaks, he become confident about your style. You can perfect both the basics under advanced steps. Well, so they became instinctual skills, helping you to evolve your style. As you have established a foundation of your style, you'll be able to put together a sexual clothing under us formed, then quickly in tow. One up to date outfit one aspect to take into consideration and start building your style is to correlate your style with your physical features, body shape and facial features. I have Choosen is an example Ice Coffelt, who is a style icon, very known for her unconventional style on strong personality. In this picture, you have young guys with dramatic features, angular face, prominent cheekbones, dramatic eyebrows on the coffee or she wears a white collar button down short, important hearings that are classic pieces. The whole look has a modern vibe. On is in our money with her physical characteristics. Later, her style has evolved, letting the artistic side personality on her patient, for my style and design show off through clothing, kidneys and interesting fact about iris Off fell on her husband. They were import in several designed restoration projects for the White House. Is you see in this picture she were statement earrings on layers of pores, bold colors on turban. All the elements suggest a bold, dramatic personality style. However, her style keeps evolving. We find fabrics, hundreds lines, predominant natural colors contrasted with Mother Potter's reveal on a selling taste for families. Her look borrows elements from dramatic style potters and contrasting colors, yet keeping the low chic and softer classic later on, she has found her signature style round glasses under red lipstick. Interestingly enough, she kept the bold accessories to express her artistic side in the speech ER, she wears a four story board prints on jewelry with the fashionable hairstyle. Her whole appearance exudes a strong personality, yet argued for look so keep in mind style. Personality is based on your character on physical features. It's a connection between your physical characteristics by chill features on body shape on your personality, indicating that your body is in our money with your soul. The goal off. Finding on cultivating your style personality is not just to address your body, but to create a balanced system between who you are and how you look 14. Final tips: I want to share with you off your final keeps. They're not meant to replace the information provided in the course, but to rein forces. There are some jobs that are inflexible in their dressing code on the demand certain uniform. For example, If you are in our sordid doctor, you must wear a scrub. If you are a lawyer, you'll wear a suit in the court to impose respect and credibility to your client. But outside of your job, you like to be more relaxed. Were in casual pieces, such as a pair of jeans with a T shirt and sport issues. So throw clear boundaries between your job on your personal life. Do not identify your style with your job. It is important riff like the right image for your job, but you are not your job. You are much more than that on the your current position is just that a moment in your professional evolution. One thing that is common throughout your professional career is your personality. This is why it is important not just to dress for the job but reflect. We were at this stage of your professional career style personality has nothing to do with your height, weight or age. It's the inner intelligence your values, believes feelings, the termination, your way of life. They speak volumes about who you are unwatched value what you want to be on what you want to become. This is why you have to allow your personality to transpire in the way you look and make sure that you help people see not only what you are but who you are on. The one important thing is that finding your style doesn't happen overnight on. It doesn't happen by chance. You have to want toe on. Set your mind on to take action in your Jordan in finding your style personality. Once you have found your style personality, you know how to pull off are generally personal. Look blinding on expressing your personality. Only your style is an honest, on revelatory way of distinguishing yourself from the crowd on. Don't be afraid to look different than your peers or colleagues. Don't let the fear of losing friends were what others think about you to interfere in your style on facial personal preferences. Avoid being a sudden bell because they're a typical characters. Don't have individuality there to discover your style on Make it personal