Dreamy Photos. Dime Store Lenses. | Joseph Francis | Skillshare

Dreamy Photos. Dime Store Lenses.

Joseph Francis, Check out my classes!

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4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Dreamy Photos. Dime Store Lenses

    • 2. Playing With a Smart Phone Camera

    • 3. Playing With a DSLR

    • 4. Some Optional Extra Looks


About This Class


Today we are going to take photos using $3 lenses you might find at a drugstore or an office supply store. We'll briefly consider 'freelensing,' and DSLR pinhole camera lenses, and we'll look at some extremely cheap diffusion filters -- made of plastic wrap. Optionally we'll also take a look at some fun Photohop and Lightroom plugins for further treating the images.





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Joseph Francis

Check out my classes!

I started in New York at what is now called RGA Digital Studios, but was then called R/Greenberg Associates. I've worked at many of the top motion graphics and title design companies including yU+Co and Imaginary Forces, and with top creative directors including Kyle Cooper (Prologue).

Visit my LinkedIn profile here.

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