Dreamy Nightscapes : Paint 4 dreamy nightscapes with acrylic medium. | Shahina Khan | Skillshare

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Dreamy Nightscapes : Paint 4 dreamy nightscapes with acrylic medium.

teacher avatar Shahina Khan, Landscape artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. Dreamy Sky and Faraway Lights

    • 4. Night sky and Pine Forest

    • 5. The Glow of the Mountains

    • 6. The Seashore Night

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class you’ll learn some amazing brush techniques to create beautiful landscapes. These techniques are useful to paint any kind of landscapes. You’ll learn the basics to create the sky and other elements. This class is for beginners. All you need is some basic art supplies and a small place to sit and


create these beautiful landscapes. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Shahina Khan

Landscape artist


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1. Introduction: This guy, Q darker, blue on blue, one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper shapes of these beautiful lines are written by Murakami. When seeking for inspiration. Many people often look to this guy. And one of them, whenever I need to catch up inspiration to ignite the fire in Muslim lookup to the power of this guy. Hey everyone. My name is Hannah, and I'm a landscape artist from India. Welcome to this class of Magical nights. In this class, we are going to be painting for beautiful landscapes can accurately. This is a beginner friendly class. So even if you have never tried this medium before, you are welcome to join in. I will be painting every night scape step-by-step, and showing everyone tightly bending gradient and other brush techniques to make your painting experience enjoyable. And we're joining the class. 2. Materials Required: Let's have a quick look at the materials you need for this gas escapes. I'm using this cartridge paper. It has a smooth texture. You could also go for any extra people. Now coming to the colors and be using these for acrylic color. These are discrete acrylic colors or shades black, taking him by phone, Tina, and pushing blue. You'll need a couple of brushes I'm using to flag brushes and one pound of flesh. These are local synthetic pressures are easily available in any stationary shop. And they both are fine with that. So you don't need to worry about any expensive brushes. I'll use just the expressions for other projects mainly to make that acrylic colors, we need a mixing palette. You can use any any surface are ceramic palette. You need the masking tape to mask the people, to get a clear border, a paper towel to wipe the extra water from depression and a cup to keep the water handy. That's all from a digits that's cooked him off to the next section. 3. Dreamy Sky and Faraway Lights : I'm Dr. Sophia going to start Darfur streetscape of their cities. But first let's picked up paper by using a masking tape. Make sure your paper is strongly effects onto your board. I'm taking a small amount of all the four colors in my palette. Right? There are precious before I start the painting by an extra border with the help of paper towel. So let's paint our first 100 scape. My phosphate for this painting is sky or the background. For this step, I am using a flat number 6 dendritic branch. So for this guy, I'm mixing the Prussian blue and a small amount of black. I'm using creating map2 to paint the sky. For that top part of the grading, I have an extra small and moral go push in Kolkata, bit of black. And we're going to create a creating by starting from the top to the bottom. Let's see what's going on. As I have mentioned, that I create is creating from top to bottom. So with that thing, I am applying the darker stone on the top. You can move your brushes horizontally. But here I'll make it more interesting that this store data compression technique. Just hold your brush competently, but light pressure and guide to move it in circular motion. And then imitate phase with the moment of brush. Up to applying the darkest tone on the top, I'll keep adding titanium bite into the mixture to create a gradient of a lighter tone. Keep adding go white gutter, can bend it down. Oh, and here is a liquid happy oxygen. In barbarous Works FEA, don't make mistakes. We have happy accidents. So let's embrace it. This is the reason I love working with this medium, the acrylic medium, because it's so very forgiving. Meet him and it dries quickly so they could guide them mistakes vis-a-vis. So let's see how I'm going to fix it. Yes, I need to cover my foci, basketball. It's quite easy to blow up front soul. Come on. Hi. I'm trying for different vendors to Claude. Football game. It's called hi. Okay. Messy far successfully that the founders of war, I keep identified color, produced a vacuum. So now I'm going to mark the ADA are fair and ago component of this baby or not. Hi. Okay. So now I'm going to pay off thinking component doctors painting. Trees are saved. A background, a second background of this painting. And I'm using a bone Seeing none but the little bit of black color. And for this part, I'm using a smaller flat brush. You don't need to complicate this part of painting. You just need to mix the bone scan mounted the good dog, black and a very light hand off by. Okay. Okay. I'm applying the darker shade on the top. Of course, please take a look from top. So so I'm done with this part of the painting, that smoke box by all white board. I'm using the same brush. We've got a horizontal post-op moments or horizontal brush strokes for this bug. Report from thinking about clotting. Right. And why? Right. So for my Mustang peptide type company of the fainting, That's why GF. Next company. Now I'm going to do carbon particle function going for, for this company. Why? Hello. Welcome back. Right. Hi, right. So I'm done with this part of painting. Next element of this part. Wow, viable moral. Conduct, our common problem. Helpful. Okay, Going back to your mobile apps, right. Hi, right. Right. When I'm done with the parable, let's move to the next bar. In this part, I am going to add the stars. And this guy, for this, I am taking the titanium white. I have added a bit of forego fewer drops to us to make your rectal canal. So it will be easier to splatter the stars in the sky. Usa paper Darwin to cover the other parts of painting. And now splendidly, but all around the state, right? So the guy phosphite scale, probably half of a circle protocol. And that's more satisfying. This painting called chondrocytes after bom, bom. That's cool. And why does the final goal? So after fast-paced game, an agenda and Dr. Joe, grading and elements shadow everything. I love everything about this painting. My hope you will try to create this along with me. Let's move to the next night. Scape. 4. Night sky and Pine Forest: All right, so you're going to be second night of scale. But this class, what does class? I'm going to use only three. Salts are soluble. All good landscape overall is all the same brushes have used for the phosphate group. The float far as blockquote, blockquote will see mattered. I'm using the bold. Brash and bigger didn't matter. Right? Wait. Hi there. All right. Okay. Right. Hi. All right. Hi. Hi. Sure. Hello. 5. The Glow of the Mountains : Okay, so we are going to be the roadmaps, keep up the city. And like this type two, I'm going to do is all the four colors we have used in the forest landscape. In this night scape. I paint the sky layers. And of course, an elusive gradient technique. But the creative really be embarrassed as fat. Wait. And you can draw labile or shoulder. So from the Doppler shift first. But all of the white color? The lightest weight. Yeah. Right. Hello. Right. Hi. Okay. Okay. So I'm done with the sky or the background. And now I'm going to add the second element of this painting, which is mountain. To block the shape of the mountain, I'm using just a plain black acrylic for now. I'm going to paint this mountain in the air. So the first layer will be the darkest. And I'm using just the black color. For this. The first models can pull up the black paint. The second layer, you can see the second layer is a lighter shade. Then the force Claire. So you have to decide at an angle. And then all the peaks should be and should be painted in the same direction. Now, I'm going to put a third layer, which is later than the second layer. And I'm painting in the same angle. You have big dip the second live. So let's see how it's going. I have four straight my first class, first Skillshare class about the mountain scapes. So if you're having any trouble painting this mountain, you can check that class. For fought for Atlantic score pops up on September. The same angle. All right. Right. Wait. Hi. All right. And so our file to see how light and shadow effect, but longer last couple breakout. Some scars. Same thing will happen. Your top. Let's go. Right. Hi. Hi. Let's move on. Let's go for actual off. I'm going to do it. I will select C. Helps. Okay. To act as one by three. That's fine. Hello, I'm Brad. Feel more flexible. Height looks. Let's find more element in this painting that's known for what for. Okay. So we're here for kirchhoff's top photo. Co-pi and joining. From here. Here are a couple of apps for your phone. Again, see how mountain and the moon glow and find. Everything is so simple yet beautiful than this painting. If you are painting with me, then is to share your feedback and project section. And let's make good the next night SKY. 6. The Seashore Night: All right, so now I'm going to bring that forth the last next class. Now I'm going to bring you back out. Are the sky first exactly in the same day. Last clue, right. Scope for like a full how some of the family that will best truck side, like a gradient is quite clear. So I don't scarf I guess done. You can see I've divided sheet into equal parts. The first part of the sky and the lower bar, this bar to short and water. So I'm going to start painting the shadow. I'll use the same valid, but the lower part is more like abstract. I want to paint a spark loosely so that see how it's going. Hi. Yeah. Right? Hello, discussion. So watch this. Hi. The main issue. So questions. Hi. Hi, right. Hello. Wait. Wait. Right. Right. Right. Right. 7. Final Thoughts: Okay, So we are done with all fortnight scapes. And thank you so much for joining my class. I hope you all had a great day. I'm painting with me. If you are driving these paintings, then please upload and project gallery and doorpost your feedback so that I can improve my next class. Thank you so much.