Dreamwork : Interpreting and sharing the fantasy of the Psyche

Luna Del Tarot

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5 Videos (38m)
    • Dreamwork 1 Symbolism

    • Dreamwork 2 Background part 1

    • Dreamwork 2 Background Part 2

    • Dreamwork 3 Energy

    • Dreamwork Ending


About This Class

In this class we will work with dreams to better understand ourselves and how the subconscious elements of our psyche influence and engage us on a conscious level. This is a very efficient form of inner work that can help us directly process subconscious influences and "face our fears". Please keep a Dream Journal for recounting dreams, as well as writing notes in. 

For a fresher recounting of your dream, write it down as soon as possible, even if you happen to awaken in the middle of the night. Leave your journal with a writing utensil next to you as often as possible and write when you can. Throughout the day you can also jot down any new rememberances or thoughts on the dream.

We will work on interpreting three elements of our dreams:

  • Dream Symbolism
  • Dream Background
  • Dream Energy

Dream Symbolism

Symbols can have Universal meanings, the one that is present in the Collective Consciousness, and also a Personal Meaning. I recommend that you keep a dream journal to keep track of what has been happening in your dreams: what you encounter, what you see and interact with. And also where are these symbols seen, what is happening when they appear. What do they do to you? What do you do to them? Is it a tool? Does it change? Is it static? How to do you feel when you see these symbols? Do you hear or taste anything? Do you feel anything Kinetically or Emotionally? All these little details can tie together to form a complex meaning of what the symbol is to you.

Most importantly, what does the symbol mean to you on a personal level? Within your own personal history, your life, any circumstances in which this symbol came up. What have you learned about this: What have people told you about this symbol, and what have you learned through your own research. You can also look online to find common meanings for this symbol in Dream Analysis. I recommend that you emphasize your personal meaning of this card before you look for information about what this symbol means to other people, because they are not you. Yes there are basic Archetypes, and meanings within the collective consciousness. However, dreams are deeply personal and customized for our subconscious, in our dream world, in our personal adventure.

I also give an example by reading about my personal symbol, The Scorpion, which has reoccured in various dreams around three times already.

Note: If you do not use Cards, you can also Meditate on the symbol and think of what it means to you. 

Dream Background

The background of the dream involves input from the 5 senses: sight, sound, taste, smell and kinesthetic touch. What did we see? What kind of environment did the dream happen in? Was it a physical location? Was is pervasive color that you remembered? Sound: What did you hear, was there talking, conversations, music, or various sound effects? Smell: what scents did you smell? Was there sweet perfume, the scent of soup boiling, flowers, rotten vegetables, trash, or other things? Tastes: did you taste anything? Was there a salty, sweet, or tart sensation left on your tongue? Kinesthetic touch is the physical sensation that we feel. Is something touching you, poking you, stabbing you, cutting you or something else?

Dream Energy

Comes from a extrasensory 6th sense that is understood as a mixture of multiple senses which invokes a sense of knowing. What sort of mood and or feeling accompanied the dream? How did it affect you? How did it make you feel? Did it change you feel about yourself, other people, the environment, or life in general?


Interpretation can be done with or without divination tools. Sometimes I use Tarot and Oracle cards to help with the interpretation and sometimes I let myself reflect in a meditative state. The choice is up to you.






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I assist people with achieving Clarity through a Holistic approach of combining Logical Analysis with Intuition. As we look into the psyche we find that symbols are a way in which we tangibly connect with Spirit, they guide us as we dive deeper into layers of awareness to find unseen energies and identify the causes of the issue at hand. Thus helping us with self-reflection & shadow work, analysis & growth.

I have a background in Esoteric Studies and have been working with Tarot since 2000. At the start of the new millennium I encountered these beautiful divination tools and began delving into a world of messages and symbols from the collective consciousness and Spirit. This study of the psyche has led me to other forms and methods of connecting to Spirit, the Universe, and the energy around and within us. I have always been an avid writer and have filled up countless journals with my personal Spiritual Journey, I wish to help people with my intuitive insight while expressing my literary self via articles and journal entries about Self Development, Problem Solving and Divination.