Dreams: How to Uncover & Awaken Your Dream Life, Basics of Remembering & Recording Dreams [Part 1] | Candice Wu | Skillshare

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Dreams: How to Uncover & Awaken Your Dream Life, Basics of Remembering & Recording Dreams [Part 1]

teacher avatar Candice Wu, Healing Facilitator & Intuitive Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Personal Dream Story and Your Dream-Maker

    • 3. What Dreams Can Bring

    • 4. How to Remember Dreams

    • 5. How to Record Your Dreams

    • 6. Embody the Dream: The Key to Recalling

    • 7. More Tips on Remembering Dreams

    • 8. Class Project

    • 9. Final Thoughts

    • 10. Other Dream Courses

    • 11. Find Candice Online or For Dream Support + Healing

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About This Class

Dreams 101

In this class, journey with me in learning how to:

  • Awaken or Refresh Your Dream Life
  • Create and Clarify Your Desires and Intentions
  • Cultivate or Reset Your Ability to Remember Your Dreams
  • Develop the Key to Remembering Your Dreams: Embodiment
  • Find Your Favorite Way to Record Your Dreams

You’ll practice deepening your connection with your soul, honoring and loving yourself, and trusting yourself as the dream maker and as the expert of your own soul.


The Gifts of Dreams

Your dream world offers messages to you from you to deepen in your awareness and embodiment of Self. As unique as your own fingerprint, it gives access to your creativity, life wisdom, your soul’s yearnings, reminders of your true nature and wholeness, and energies and possibilities that your spirit wants you to integrate.

Dreams have given me an empowering connection with myself. I remember one of the first times that I explored a dream, it felt like the dream opened up a door to a part of myself that I didn’t even know was there. I experienced how my dreams reveal myself to myself. It changed my daily life, who I was and how I  interacted with the world. 

Dreamwork has been sacred to many traditions and spiritual worlds both east and west, ancient and contemporary. Tapping into myth, symbol, metaphor, imagery, movement, and energy can be enlivening and enrich life with meaning.

Dreamwork brings you new energies to cultivate in your life, touches in on the deepest level of your being. It can bring light to the unconscious aspects of our being so that we develop more awareness and elevate our consciousness.


Just the Beginning

This is the first part of several courses around exploring and enriching your life through dreams in a natural and embodied way.

Check out the next course where you can prepare your physiology to be a container for your dream world - which includes somatic and energetic practices to build your imaginal world and remember your dreams. More to come - interpretation and embodying the life and wisdom of your dream world for empowerment.

Be sure to do the class project so you can share with us your why you want to explore your dreams, your intentions, and gain support on your journey!


Sweet Dreams to You, 

— Candice 

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Candice Wu

Healing Facilitator & Intuitive Coach


I honor people as living and breathing art, unfolding so that they may each be, know, and love themselves deeply. With a spiritually compassionate presence as a Healing Facilitator, Intuitive Coach and Retreat Leader, I inspire empowered body wisdom, self-expression, authenticity, self-love, vulnerability, consciousness, and inner healing. I have a deep love for horses, dancing, and art, and am the host of the Embody Podcast

Using the power of love, self-forgiveness, source energy, and empowered body wisdom, I inspire the development of consciousness so that my clients and podcast listeners feel like themselves and in alignment, clearing up any blocks that get in the way (including past life, personal, developmental, intergenerational tr... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name's Candace Wu, and I'm thrilled to be here to share with you about dream work, whatever stager at in dream work, whether you can't remember your dreams or you've never even thought about doing it, or you're at the place where your advanced and you're recording your dreams and you interpret them and take meaning from them. Whatever state you're at, I hope this is helpful to give you either an introduction or another angle of dream work or just a refresher and an inspiration so that you can continue your dream work. I love dreaming and taking from my dreams all the different energies and opening up each dream like it's just this magic treasure box that gives you something new to look at in your life and some wisdom to bring into your daily life. So I love dreaming, and I want to share that love with you. In this course, I am a healing facilitator and intuitive coach, and I work with people to clear up any trauma or blockages in their life so that they can really feel fully at ease in themselves, loving themselves and bringing who they are to their community. and the world. And a lot of what I do with people is to support them in coming to themselves, coming home in themselves and feeling that they are aligned with who they truly are and clearing away any of the beliefs or, um, stuck energies, things that are unfinished in their lives so that they can be fully present in the now and dream work is one of the ways that I do that with people. So in this course I will be happy to share with you some of the experiences that I've had with dream work, as well as why I think dreaming is fun and exploring dreams is fun. I'll share with you some of my best tips for creating an intention around dreaming so that your dream world can flourish and turn on, as well as how to record your dreams in the best way possible and how to bring in your body to support you and recalling your dreams that you can explore them and have fun with him. So in this course, you can also practice deepening your connection with yourself through drilling work and through this opening up of your intentions around your dreams will explore together what you intend. Why you want a dream on how you can make the most of it, so that you can really feel like yourself. This is the first of several courses that will support you in exploring your dreams in preparing your physiology, your body so that you can fully remember your dreams, the best of your capability and to bring ease into your body, fun and play so that dream or can be easy, exploratory and very meaningful to bring wisdom into your life. And be sure to check out the class project where we share our intentions about why you want to dream and what you hope your dream world will bring you and how that's going for you as you either begin your dream, work, process and journey, or continue on wherever you are on your journey. Already thanks so much for joining me, and I look forward to hearing from you 2. Personal Dream Story and Your Dream-Maker: When I first started working with my dreams, I had no idea the possibilities and the wisdom that my dream world could bring me. I just had no clue that, um, each symbol in my dream each happening each connection, each association could just unfold to show who I am and the parts of me that perhaps I cover up and hide the parts of me that are wanting to come through and bring the wisdom I find that dream work can do just that. It brings an energy. Each dream can feel like something like fearful or can bring sadness forward or joy, something exciting, something empowering and the energy of the dream is your dream maker, your inner being reminding you of some part of you that it wants you to embrace and to bring into your life. So I love that about dream work, and I'm always surprised as to what my dream can share with me and what even a symbol in association can, um, show me about what's going on in my life, what I need to do next in my life or a piece of myself that once healing, I often made choices big decisions in my life based on some of the dreams I've had. For example, I kept dreaming about Thailand. And the interesting thing is, I never dreamed about places before that, like a specific place other than, like my home or friends home but a location. And when I woke up from these dreams, I knew I was in Thailand, I had seen rice paddies. I had seen a certain landscape that I hadn't necessarily seen before, pictures or anything. But some sense in me when I woke up, knew that I was in Thailand. And as I opened up that dream and deepened into the energy of it and the symbols that were brought forward, especially the the whole country of Thailand, it connected to me the freedom that I was looking for, the desire to be totally free of attachments, free in my being and totally myself doing what I love and creating. As I had those dreams I had this sudden knowing I need to be in Thailand and yet absolutely scared me because I wasn't anywhere near living in Thailand or prepared Teoh. I was a psychotherapist at the time. I was living in Chicago and my life was very much solidified in one location, and so when I was having these dreams, it was just deeply profound because I had wanted to travel all my life. I just had no clue how I was going to do it and my fears around money or stability and connections to family, etcetera. All of that stopped me from consciously being aware of how I was going to take that step forward. But the unconscious world in me, through my dream world, was showing me was showing me away. It was showing me why I wanted to go there, which helped me connect with that freedom that I wanted. And it didn't necessarily mean I needed to go to Thailand. But for me, it waas a really exciting thing for me to take that step forward and follow and trust my interviewing and what what it was showing me so that I could become more of myself. 3. What Dreams Can Bring: So this little story about why dreams have been important to me and how I've utilized them in my life and I want to share with you a couple of other ideas about how dreams can support you. Dreams can bring pieces of yourself that you haven't paid attention to in a while. Pieces of yourself that perhaps you don't want to look at that are unpleasant to look at or parts of yourself that have been preserved over time because perhaps you didn't feel it was safe to come forward with them. And all of that is to support your whole being in all the possibilities that you are. It's to support you and feeling into every kind of emotion and experience and energy so that you can be all of yourself, not just a sliver of your being of the facade that you live in your daily life or the parts of that parts of yourself that you desire to be, but all of yourself, so that you have dimension and that you have fullness and that you can feel at ease in all of the different parts of you. Dream, where can also support you in coming into a new energy that you're growing into in your life. It can show you what the next step is and what it what you're interviewing wants you to embrace so that you can feel empowered. It's about exploring those energies and the ideas that come through your dreams that can bring you to connect the pieces in your life. Connect the dots to what's next for you and what do you really desire in your heart? In your spirit, dreams can show you your creative side. It can show you the parts of you that are a little bit messy or unfinished and non linear, so that you can embrace the unfolding nature of who you are. Dreams can also be really scary. At times, they can show you things that you're afraid off, but that your psyche wants you to recover and claim and embrace and master so that you can feel empowered in your daily life. And your dreams can also offer you insight into the nature of who you are. The healing that do you want to have the growth you wanna have, what struggles your having It can provide two answers or ways to look at things from a different perspective, as well as bring you new possibilities that you haven't thought of before. Dreams can also be a link to your soul, the parts of you that are held in your being that don't know time or space. It's the connection to the body and the energies that carry across time that want to be looked at. These can also share with you predictions about what's going to happen in your life. But not all dreams air doing that. And it's quite an art to decipher. What's what of the dream world can show you something that's about to happen or something that might be happening to somebody else. You may be dreaming for the people that you love or others around you in your life. Pieces and segments of your dream may connect with their dream. It's called social dreaming in some cultures, and it in many indigenous cultures. We do dream for each other, and if we bring together the collection of everyone's dreams, we might piece together what's going on in the whole interconnected space of who we are. So there is the piece of the collective unconscious that connects with our dream life. Where were in this space that we can pick up on the energies of others and ourselves because we all are one and we are connected with all the different possibilities of who we are being human. So while a dream might predict something, it might also be connected with what's happening right here and now. And to be able to give you some wisdom for you to take forward into your life. When I'm in touch with my dreams, which happens on and off, there are times I get very exhausted, and I feel it's tiring to jot down my dreams. And other times I just feel so excited to right down that one piece of a dream that I had or a dream segment, or just the energy of what I felt in that dream I can go back and forth, but when I've been connected us to my dream life, it feels like I'm connected with my spirit with my soul and, um, what's wanting to come through for me and my pure desire and what I want in the world. So it's completely connecting me to myself and revealing myself to myself. All the time, and I hope for you as you go on this journey or as you continue on your journey that you find that joy and excitement and inspiration as well as healing and depth that I have found with myself and one of the really beautiful things about being connected to my dream life is that I have learned to be more understanding and compassionate of myself and the process in which things are unfolding and moving. The choices that I'm making or the ways that I've protected myself. Drink life has helped me to feel like I can understand those parts of me and love those parts and honor those parts of me so that I'm moving in the world with less judgement and a lot more gentleness, love and compassion for myself. So in short, and to conclude dreams can offer us a connection to ourselves can support us in loving ourselves and finding all the parts of us ourselves that are hidden, bringing them forward, reclaiming the power of who we are and all the parts of us. It can help us discover our gifts, our talents and what we desire and love what we want and it can bring forward different energies and tools that can help us move through life with more ease. And also it can support us in taking next steps or perhaps seeing what's going on for ourselves, seeing ourselves in a different light, with color with texture, and to bring us even more of ourselves to the life that we live. It can bring our life art, our dreams forward. 4. How to Remember Dreams: Okay, so let's talk about how to remember your dreams. One of the first things I like to do to support myself in remembering my dreams is just to create intention around it. The fact that you are tuning in here means there's some curiosity in you about your dream world, or there's some desire in you to learn about it and to see what there is for you. So as you unfold for yourself what it is you intend for your dream world, whether that's to just be open to what shows up or to hell, or to learn about certain parts of yourself, like relationships or your relationship to money or what's next in your life. Purpose, identity, who you are, what you want in your life as you begin to check in with yourself about what you want from your dream world or what? How you want to collaborate with your dream world. Then write those intentions down. Teoh even say, I want to dream. I would like to remember. My dream is a great intention to start with. If you're just beginning, or if you're more advanced and you've been doing this for some time, you might say, I'm open to learning more about my relationship with my career, for example, or my partner. You might use an intention like I would love to learn more about what I desire, or I would like to have a healing dream. I am open to learning more about my relationship with my mother. You might dream I'm open to any messages that the universe wants to give me and open to my heart's desire and yearning. So I like using the language of I'm open to or I'm asking for I would like or I love to learn more about. I'm ready to receive any messages about my life. So using that open language that supports your intention of opening up to receive from your inner being from your spirit that shows up through your dream life that in the invitation is one of welcoming and curiosity, compassion and love. So coming from that place is one of the best ways to support your dream life to open up or flourish other words that I like to use our guidance, asking for guidance or healing messages and wisdom. All of that can support the opening up of what wants to come to you already, and as you create your intention and write it down, take that intention on fool it. Whisk love and appreciation. Fill it with a neutrality that allows you to open up to whatever might show up. If you're feeling really tight, intense and grasping around it, it's a lot harder to capture a dream. And it's a lot harder for your spirit to want to offer you whatever is just right for you to know and to see and to feel about your life right now. So coming with openness, appreciation and love, and just sending that intention out into the universe and into your being for your dream life to flourish is one of the best ways that you can begin. So now that you have your intention and you've written that down and you're feeling it with love and appreciation, feel that before you go to bed, feel that into your whole body into your being, and notice how your body feels as you feel that connection with yourself and the intention that you have and tune into the feeling of already receiving the messages or guidance or the dreams that you'd like to have so feelings if you already have received it, because all of that wisdom and knowledge is already in you. And your spirit is just waiting for that opportunity to bring that forward so you can see it. And so now you're saying, I invite this. I'm welcoming this intention to come through. I'm welcoming the messages to come through and so feel that before bed and even fall asleep with that feeling. And if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, say, or get a drink of water, it's really great time to reconnect with your intention, even just saying the intention out loud or to yourself and feeling it in your body again. And as you go to sleep that you already kind of in this place of half sleep, half waking most of the time when you wake up in the middle of the night. So it's just a great way to plant that seed again for what you want for yourself. 5. How to Record Your Dreams: So let's talk about ways to record your dreams, and this is gonna be very personal to what works for you. I'll share what works for me. And in the next segment, I'll talk about ways in which you can support your memory and your being in remembering your dreams so you can actually get to the point of writing them down or recording them in some way. So I started off with just using a notebook and pen and pencil either one. But it wasn't quite working for me because I wasn't willing to turn the light on in the middle of the night and kind of wake myself up to write them down. Um, and I found that staying in this sort of half sleep, half waking place was helping me remember my dreams. And so when I would write them down and then look at them When I woke up, I couldn't read a word of what I said of what I written down. So this didn't work out for me, and then I eventually moved on to using my phone and recording it by audio. But what I found is using my words out loud by audio wasn't helping me to recall my dream. In fact, it was kind of disrupting it because it was using so much of my left hemisphere the thinking mind that I needed a little bit of that dream world loose and right hemisphere brain activity to continue. So I found that using my phone for the just writing a note on a sticky note that I continue to write on at the very top each night rate morning or each time I have a dream all right at the top of the note just by texting it into my phone. And that seems up with my Gmail so that I can search my dreams and have all the dreams in in a database that I confined every every piece. Eso that works the best for me, and you might explore what works for you. So whether that's an audio recording device, something that you write down by hand or where you text it to yourself into a memo, play with what works and explorer, what supports you the best in terms of writing down all the pieces that that you have them to play with explore later. So whatever you have near you, whether it's your pen or pencil and, you know, book or an audio recording device or your phone so that you can jot things down. Maybe it's your iPad or your computer. Whatever works for you. Keep that right next to your bed on your night stand or right close to you so that you can not only remind yourself that you really want to remember your dreams, but that it successful right when you wake up and that you don't have to move very much in order to get to your recording device. Statement for the next segment, where I talk about the key to your best chance at remembering your dreams. 6. Embody the Dream: The Key to Recalling: in order to give yourself the best chance at remembering your dreams so that you can get to the place of recording them onto paper or in your audio files is to embody the dream before you even move and go to write it down or record it. So what I mean is, when you wake up, don't move. Just lie there and keep your eyes closed even and stay in the position that you're in with your body. You might feel this place of in between this where you're not a week, but you're not asleep, which are aware of things. That's the best place to be. Just to stay there, stay lying down, keep your eyes closed and tuna back into any dream piece or fragment that you recall. So whether that's remembering that you were in a car or the feeling of joy or thrill or fear, whatever the mood Waas, you can tune into the energy of the dream what it felt like. And as you home back into that feeling sense, just allow it to open back up and unfold and let yourself just feel into it and allow what else can be recalled to come to you, so if you do remember that there's a car or a dog in it, just focus on the piece You do remember and feel into it with your whole being with your body, your body sensations with your emotions and allow the dream to just open back up and unfold to you. And as you're doing that, you can backtrack or go forward with what you remember. So if you remember that your sister was in the dream, just feel into that memory and sense of what it was like or how you were seeing her or relating, and then tune into just a little bit before that. And after that, or go all the way just just kind of move one direction into. That's all you can recall and then go the other way and see if there's anything you can fill in. Every bit counts. So if you saw the color red or if a pine cone appeared or you felt this sense that someone was hovering over you where there was water on your at your feet, any little piece or fragment can be helpful to recalling these parts of the dream or even exploring the dream in the meaning of it. So you don't need the whole dream in order to find meaning and to explore the dream. And you don't have to recall all of it at once. Although waking up in this half dreamlike states and not moving your body and embodying the feeling of it and exploring it is the best chance you have at capturing the most of it right then and there. So as you feel into that and open back pieces, whatever you get, honor that and appreciate that you have something and then write that down or record that in your audio. Or however you record your dreams as I referenced in the segment previous do that right then and there. Sometimes I get lazy and I feel into the dream, and I remember pieces. And then I feel too lazy or tired to record it. And then I fall back asleep. And by the time I fully wake up and think back to the dream recall, it can't remember it anymore, or I just remember one little piece. So sometimes that's all I've got, and I write that down. But if I'm really interested in remembering my dreams. What I'll do is write it down as soon as I can as soon as I've captured and felt through the territory of the dream. So I recommend when you know you're awake to stay lying down to keep your eyes closed, to capture or feel into any piece of the dream that you do recall where that you're aware off and just allow the rest to come back to you and be open about that and be gentle and non judgmental of whatever you do come up with and whatever comes to you because as you do this and continue over time, more and more will will come back to you. 7. More Tips on Remembering Dreams: So now I have a couple of other tips for you about how to best remember your dreams and to bring forward the energy and the life of the dream onto papers so that you can explore it later. So I recommend to write down anything that you can remember. And as I said in the last segment, feel into the dream again before you even start to write it down. But write down anything. So, as I said, if you saw blue and orange together, write that down or even draw a picture of it, maybe you felt you were holding rocks since that and sense how many rocks you were holding , maybe there was a dragon cat. And you just remember the clause. Whatever it is you remember, write that down sends into the space the textures, the place you're at or what's on the ground. If there were stairs or layers, nothing has to make sense about the dream. And so don't try to make sense of it now, So things might be really out of whack from what might be logical or seen in your waking life. And don't worry about that at all. Just get any piece of that down onto paper or into your audiophile as you can. You also might write down smells and flavors the way it feels to touch something temperature. Wait, your breath was in the dream, or if you were in the dream as first person or narrating the dream or watching from afar. If it's in black and white, just writing down any of the details that you can, any symbols that you see and any of the sequence of events. If if that comes to you as faras the narration off the story, I recommend to write things down in the present moment as if it's happening now. So, for example, I'm in my apartment and I stumble on a boulder. The boulder is huge, and I take a good look at it. And as I look past the boulder and out the window, I see plans falling from the sky, so writing it as if it's happening right then and there and you're narrating it rather than seeing it from the past tense. And that might sound like I was in my apartment and I fell stumbling. I felt I stumbled on Iraq and fell onto the ground, and then I looked outside the window and saw plants falling from the sky. So while you can get that story line, if you do end up writing it that way, rewrite it us if it's happening in the present, because what it does is sink you up with the energy of it happening and being alive right now. And the last tip I have is to treasure everything that you receive And remember from your dreams. Just appreciate any little piece that you have or color symbol anything at all, because that reassures your inner being and your soul that you want to recall your dreams. Work with yourself in that way on be gentle and encouraging so that that can continue to flourish and open up for you. It's the way of telling yourself that you are ready to collaborate and work with your dreams, and that tells your dream world that you want more so work with your dreams and appreciate any but you have. And what I mean by working with your dreams is to explore them and look at them and to draw pictures from them. And in the next couple, of course, is, I'll talk about how to really explore your dream, how to look at the meanings behind it, so that you can really take all the wisdom from it. But working with your dreams is one of the best ways to tell yourself that you want more and to allow your dream maker to feel that you are willing to receive what it's giving you . This is our relationship. It's a relationship to your inner being, so developing. That relationship takes time, and it takes encouragement and love and practice. 8. Class Project: So now you have all the basic tools and the'keeper's to remembering and recalling your dreams so that you can start opening up your dream world or reignite your dream world or take it to the next level. I would love for you to share your intentions about your dream world in the class project and so you can check that out in that class Project tab and of love to hear what you intend for yourself. Why you're interested in your dream world. You'll see all the details there and encourage you to comment on others posts and I, um, and so excited to see what inspires you to come into this dream life of yours. 9. Final Thoughts: So as we conclude this course of the basics of starting your dream world and remembering your dreams, I encourage you to be gentle with yourself and non judgmental as you open up this process or take it to the next level and to connect with yourself on what the process is like what is interesting to you about it? Do you like it or not? And perhaps even journal about that so that your dream world and your inner life can feel acknowledged and honored as you do so your spirit, your soul will open up and begin to share more and more with you. So I encourage you to continue it for, ah, couple of weeks, at least, if you can, and let us know how it's going in the class project, along with this course. 10. Other Dream Courses: check of the following courses where I share with you how to prepare your physiology, your entire body and your energetic being, so that you can get in that playful dreamworld now your body to contain the dreams. Capture them so that you can explore them in your waking life. So that's a little bit of somatic work, as well as yoga and meditation specific ones that will offer you that balancing, and you're being in your body so that you can remember your dreams the best, Then the most fun of all is the courses that will be on exploring your dream world, interpreting your dreams but also bringing new questions into your life that support you in becoming even more of yourself and knowing yourself. 11. Find Candice Online or For Dream Support + Healing: and as I sure before, I am a healing facilitator and intuitive coach, and I support people into feeling like themselves through dream work and through healing. If you're interested in checking out my work, you can find it at candace wu dot com. And also I have a podcast called The Embody Podcast, where we talk about all sorts of things around self healing, and I provide healing, experiential Zand meditations all for free and can check that out at candace go dot com slash podcast. If you're interested in that one on one work or working in a relationship together or workshops and retreats or my newsletter that comes out every other week, you can find all that at my website and join our community at candace. Would dot com slash embody. It's been lovely to be here with you today and thanks for tuning in and hope to see you again.