Dreaming in Denim: Creating Your First Digital Mock Up!

Katherine Daou, Business Owner & Designer

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5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Welcome! Introduction Video

    • 2. About Your Project

    • 3. Guide to Measuring Your Denim

    • 4. Digitizing Your Denim Design

    • 5. Final Thoughts & Advice


About This Class

Calling all blue jean lovers! If you want to create your own denim line and create denim brand, you'll need to learn how to turn your denim dreams into a reality. You'll learn the tools and techniques to digitally render a rough sketch that can be added to a techincal pack and sent to a manufacturer to create you very first line of jeans designed by you! If you're interested in building a fashion line, clothing production, and manufacturing all related to denim, this is the class for you!

Students should enroll in this class if they want to learn the basic steps it takes to create a jean sample before going to pattern maker/manufacturer/factory.

Skills Students will learn:

  • Organize design concepts
  • Learn how to come up with measurements for your sample
  • Transfer design sketches & measurements onto Adobe Illustrator
  • Learn about how all of these skills will fit into creating a techincal packet

    Previous knowledge using Adobe Illustrator is useful but Powerpoint can be used as well.