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Dreamboats: Ceramic Slab and Sgraffito

teacher avatar Anne Goodrich Hunter, From the Tumalo Art Farm

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Boat Intro

    • 2. Boat Inspiration

    • 3. Boat Brainstorm

    • 4. Boat Prep

    • 5. Boat Construction

    • 6. Boat Sgraffito

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About This Class

I'll show you how to make a very simple, hand built ceramic boat as well as teach you how to use sgraffito for dramatic embellished surface designs. I'll also walk you through my own creative process to help you become more proficient in developing your own creative ideas. We'll use dreams as our inspiration for a fun, high contrast surface design. Since this is an intermediate course you should already know how to roll out a slab and slip and score. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Anne Goodrich Hunter

From the Tumalo Art Farm


Hello, I'm Anne Goodrich Hunter; I've created the Tumalo Art Farm where I make my own video lessons so that I can share my expertise with you! You can even come visit me and the animals the next time you come to central Oregon. https://www.hipcamp.com/oregon/tumalo-art-farm/tumalo-art-farm

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1. Boat Intro: welcome to the Tamela Art farm, where creativity blossoms. The famous choreographer Twyla Tharp said, You don't have a really great idea until you put to good ideas today together, so are good ideas. Here are a cute little ceramic boat, and then we're gonna figure out how to embed it with meaning that's drawn from our dreams. I'm gonna talk to you about how I get my inspiration. What I go through in the brainstorming process, I'll teach you how to construct slab boat. And then I'll also teach you scruffy toe, which is a really beautiful har being process that creates a lot of contrast in activity on the surface of your of your work. If you're an absolute beginner, you're gonna wanna look up how to roll out a slab, how to slip in score. Otherwise, I'm gonna assume that you know how to do those really, really basic things and Clay. So what do you think? Should we get started? Let's get started 2. Boat Inspiration: okay. To help jumpstart you, I have created a few different Pinterest boards. So just go w w dot interest dot com type in Temerloh Art farm. And when you get to my page, you're gonna click on my boards and scroll down until you find the one that says during boats. So there are plenty of artists who have made ceramic boats. It's not like I invented this idea, so I encourage you to take a little time to look at them. Think about variations that you could do. Like you could make your boats hang on a wall and stack them on top of another sculpture like Sarah Swink does here. I'm gonna show you how to make just a flat base for your bull so it stands on table or pedestal. But I really like this example where they've got these little, um what you going? Look braces for them to stand on. So many ideas about the shape of your vote could be very different than what I show you. Like this little wave they've created here, your bulls or your boat doesn't even have to be a sculpture. You can be do a little set of goals that are functionally little olives in him. And this is probably my favorite, this idea of a sinking boat, and we're gonna do something interesting with surface our votes kind of like this example. Other thing I need to look at is my page. All our my board on scruff Ito, Screw Vito is when you paint your ceramic clay with under glaze or slip, and then you scrape that away or car through it. Well, this first example is the most simple where you're just carving the line, so it's kind of a reverse of normal. Normally we paint with something we have. We create a dork line. In this case. Will you start with dark paint and then carve through to reveal the white line? I think the most successful scruffy toe pieces are ones that really think about the positive and negative space. So here's a pretty high contrast example. The turtles are the positive space, and then they've carved out completely the background, the negative space. Well, in this example, they've done a really beautiful job of mark making, so they're really showing off their carving and leaving a little bit, um, of the mark for us to see. And then another example where you can see the process from outlining to carving out the negative space and then text oring the positive space. So definitely worth taking a look at my board or you might even want to create one of your own. And then I want to show you on my favorite Web sites of all time. It's called dream moods dot com, and it's really fun to go in to their seem simple dictionary and look up the symbolism behind the objects in your dream. So I dropped about a swan and really fun to go in and look at it. What that means, obviously, here it's talking about the swan being representational of grace, purity, beauty, strength. Um, also, I like the part talks about a black swan creating a sense of mystery. And so I'm gonna use black on my vote for the feathers. So what's been in your dreams? What do you want to look up? So here's my first dream boat, and I'll talk you through my brainstorming process later. But for now, I just want you to notice that I've mixed the idea of building a ceramic boat with expressing my own dreams. And you can express your dreams through this graffito, the carving and painting we're going to do on the surface of our boats as well as if you want to make any kind of little figures that right in were on the boat. I did a little scruffy toe with feathers representing the small on Oh, I still need to paint the beak black, but, um, yeah, it's It's really actually pretty simple, for most of the complexity is going to go into the surface design and the the idea formulation. 3. Boat Brainstorm: Okay, so I want to take you through my thought process and how I came up with the idea for my dreamboat. First thing is, I thought of dreams in two different ways. Dreams that you have what you're sleeping versus dreams, that our aspirations, things I want to do in my life. I want to go back to Greece. I love the islands in the blue waters. I'm gonna grow a big field of lavender stuff like that and you'll notice that most of this done is done in pencil. But then I went back with a felt marker or a Sharpie, and I highlighted or drew over road over the things that really resonated with me. So years ago, a high. I was going through some stuff. I was unpacking some trauma, and I had this really intense dream that I was confronted. I was walking through a stream and confronted by this big, powerful small and in the dream, I was afraid of it. And then I started reading about dreams. And, um, how a lot of times the things you see or the people you see in your dreams are really an aspect of you and I looked up the symbolism behind, swollen and realize it's all about power and beauty and dignity. And so it turned that little bit of evaluation turned that negative into a positive because I am the swan. A lot of people, they want to skip the brainstorming process. They want to get right into the making. But, you know, I've been teaching 20 years, and there's been so many times when I've seen students get halfway 3/4 of the way into a project and realize they don't actually like the idea, So a really, really recommend fleshing it out at least partially, just on paper and pencil. Okay. And so then I thought about all right, I could have a swollen on top of my boat. I could do a swan that, like, is the boat. The boat is the body of the small on, and I was kind of excited about that for a minute. And then I realized this big, cheesy like honeymoon boots you see in the movies with two people like lovey dovey, and I was like, That's not what I'm going for. This is about lovey dovey. It's about strong strength power. Um, then I figured out what kind of style I wanted to use for my feathers. Don't do feathers on the outside about and so on and so forth kind of circled the one that I liked the best. Um, so definitely worth doing this for yourself. Just start listing your associations with your sleeping dreams versus your aspirational dreams and then just start doing based on whatever kind of really sticks with you. Now, you don't have to have your idea completely fleshed out to get started on buildings. You want to roll out of slab and let it sit for a while while you take a piece paper and get your brainstorming done. 4. Boat Prep: so I usually like to kind of draw form, but cut it before I cut. It just gives me a little more confidence in where I'm going with it. And you can do a long skinny boat or a short fat boat or whatever floats your boat. And you may notice my clay is red. This time I'm going with earthen ware because once this is fired, I don't actually really love the clay. The color of the clay. Just raw. Um So I managed to get a hold of a little bit of earth And where, which is going to be lovely in red and contrast nicely when a carved and expose the clay. Okay. And then I'm just gonna use the side. I already could out as basically a template for the just about knocked over my little boat What was put it right there on its side. Save my extra bit of slab for later. In case I want to make another boat. I'm also going to need a little bit of clay if I want to make a flat base. OK, so these little sort of banana shapes when you curl, um, curve them are going to become your bowl. But if I just leave the slabs like that, I don't get a very It's very good seal or sort of seem so I'm gonna bevel cut the round side of my slab just tilting my knife. Now, I've got kind of a murdered edge, and then when I got to put this little bit of curvature into they're just gonna fit together better. I don't even need it to be like a full 45 degree angle. Just want to give the clay more surface area to connect with each other instead of trying to connect those two cornered edges. 5. Boat Construction: - and use my thumbs to bow the slabs. Let's bring them together. And I kind of use my fingers like a little hammock. And, you know, I should have talked about the slab that I have. I made it a couple hours ago, so it's not super super soggy, but it's still plenty wet and flexible. So this is called sewing were kind of dragging the clay from one slap to the other, really making sure that there's a bond. I definitely definitely recommend you do that around the corners on the top, but then I don't think it's so necessary to do on the inside. But I do want to zip it like a like a Ziploc. You can see where my scene is all gooey, and if I bring a tool in there and just run it all on that edge. So here I I just ran across, and I really sealed, too. You want to get rid of the line between the two slabs Ziploc way? Want my bull standing like straight up? Do you want the bow kind of forward a little bit? I kind of like that. So I'm gonna cut It. Could have more towards the back instead of the middle. Because I like that little bit of left to get in the front. So again, I drew out where I want my cut to be Who and honestly, this is a little soft to be cutting right now. Probably should walk away from it for a little bit. I'll get a cleaner cut, but I'm going for it. That's pretty narrow. You could saw how wobbly my other one it was. So I'm gonna go a little a little further. Can always cut more. So good. I'm going to do one side of the time area. Much better. Okay? So instead of trying to figure out exactly what shape and size this is, You know what? I don't like the slab. I am going. Teoh, just take this jury enormous piece slipping score more than I know. I need press pretty firmly. And once again, I want a Ziploc. We'll clean that up a little bit more later, but then instead of, you know, again trying to guess exactly what shape and size all that is. I can just trim to fit, So I'm going to cut this just a little bit wider leave a little margin, and that gives me clay to. So it also gives me just a little bit wider base so that my bowl is a little more stable. Full boat, whatever. Same thing. - I've decided that my little boat is about metamorphosis, so I'm making a caterpillar to be the captain of my ship. Okay, now, at this point, I need to walk away from these a little while and just let them kind of cure, um, or get a little harder. 6. Boat Sgraffito: if you've got a lot of experience with graffito, even probably just start drawing your imagery directly on your boat. But I'm gonna show you how to use paper to transfer it. I definitely recommend this. That way, if you end up drawing something that's too big, it doesn't fit just right. You can still adjust it. So I've drawn mine and I'm gonna outlet in Sharpie so that then I can flip it. Teoh either side. If I decide I want a mirror image on my belt just using the end of a tool to trace over the paper pressing into the clay. Just enough to leave a little indentation. So I know where I want a car. You can just see the impression that I've left there on the clay. I'm going to choose my favorite loop tool, toe outline and cars