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Dream -Painting with Inks

Janelle Nichol, Self taught artist

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4 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Janelle Nichol Introduction Video upload

    • 2. Preparing Your Surface

    • 3. Using Inks to Cover the Canvas

    • 4. Dream Background Video Lesson 3


About This Class


If there is a piece in my gallery at JanelleNichol.com that you would like to see me offer a course for, send me a shout-out online (FB, Twitter, Instagram) & let me know what it is!

In the meantime, all you have to do is watch the videos in order and please do read the text that goes along with the lessons, it will give you additional info that may be of help.

Lesson 1

I explain the different options for the surfaces you can use. Materials will be discussed throughout the class as I use them.

Lesson 2

Our first layer on the canvas. You will learn an interesting and unique technique for working with inks. 

Here is a link to my video on how to make your own spray inks

Here is a link to purchase inks online.

At this point, you can share your canvas online. I would love to see it! Use #JanelleNonline on Instagram and/or Twitter. Each share will get you an entry into a contest where you could win a fabulous prize!

Lesson 3

​You will be adding acrylic paint, "framing up" the canvas with various elements and finishing up the background in this lesson. 

Some Links

I would love to see your finished background either here or on social media. You can post online using #JanelleNonline

If you would like more indepth details on how to do a complete mixed media canvas, please register for one of my Premium courses.

Let me know what pieces you would like to see me offer a course for, by going to ​JanelleNichol.com and checking out my gallery.





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Janelle Nichol

Self taught artist

Hi, my name is Janelle Nichol and I am an artist from Canada.

Some of my favorite things to create on my pieces are playful and sweet children and strong, confident, and sometimes whimsical poses of women. I particularly enjoy creating calming and dreamy backgrounds mixed with abstract elements. My art has been described as abstract folk-art and I enjoy working with various mediums to create unique works that are inspirational and sustainable.

Some artists that inspire me are ...

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