Drawn In to InDesign: Get comfortable drawing with the pen and shape tools | Julia Blake | Skillshare

Drawn In to InDesign: Get comfortable drawing with the pen and shape tools

Julia Blake, Graphic Designer

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12 Videos (46m)
    • Class Intro

    • Visualization

    • Drawing Toolkit

    • Intro to Sample Project

    • Setting Up for Success: Organizing with Layers

    • Geometric Vectors with the Pathfinder Tool

    • Freehand Vectors with the Pen Tool

    • Adding Color

    • Creating Depth with Color

    • Color Demo on the Sample Project

    • Using Your Drawing in a Page Layout

    • Project Intro


About This Class

This class will show how you can use the pen and shape tools in InDesign to create custom design elements to breathe life into your page layouts. This smooths out your workflow so that you are not constantly switching to Illustrator, editing your artwork, and then returning to InDesign to see how it fits with your text layout. I also like to work this way because I feel it gives you a greater sense of control and allows you to repeat select elements elsewhere in your layout to give your design some continuity.

In this class, you will see how easy it is to create a custom illustration and how you can use this method to your advantage to enhance your InDesign layouts.

Some prior experience with InDesign may be helpful, but not necessary. I will be giving you a detailed overview of the pen tool, shape tools, pathfinder palette and how to work with color and swatches.

I hope you’ll join me for this class, gain some useful tips and be inspired to use your own custom design elements throughout your page layout projects.





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Julia Blake

Graphic Designer

I'm a graphic designer working on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, USA, and have served clients across diverse industries, including publishing, retail, finance, marine, musicians, and, currently, fashion and tourism. 

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