Drawing with painted paper: cut-paper basics for illustrators and artists | Samantha Grenier | Skillshare

Drawing with painted paper: cut-paper basics for illustrators and artists

Samantha Grenier, Color engineer. Illustrator. Macrame artist.

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8 Videos (22m)
    • Intro

    • Style

    • Tools

    • Sketching

    • Papers with Paper Painting Demo

    • CuttingPaper

    • Assignment with Assembly Demo

    • Closing


About This Class

Tissue paper is a refreshing medium for illustrations. It uses light and transparency to create texture and shadow in an image. It's a classic technique which can be as simple or complex. This course is designed for curious artist; those about the medium. While any paper can be utilized for collage, the central focus of this class is surrounding tissue paper as the primary medium.

In this class, you will learn all the basics for creating a complete cut tissue paper art. By the end of the class, you should be armed with basics to complete a cut paper illustration:

  • Cut paper friendly drawings
  • Necessary tools for the trade
  • Paper painting techniques
  • How to "draw" with paper
  • How to assemble your piece layer by layer
  • How to add detail & refine your drawing





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Samantha Grenier

Color engineer. Illustrator. Macrame artist.

Hello, I'm Samantha. I'm an illustrator, graphic designer, macrame enthusiast, and lover of all things elephants. 

Driven by color and textures, I'm most inspired by Eric Carle's tissue paper technique. I decorate my own papers by hand for each project, so each piece has some unique elements. My drawings are typically hand cut from the papers then scanned to later receive a kiss from digital retouching. I believe the simplest shapes lead to the most graphic impact, especially when...

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