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Drawing with Tayasui Sketches mobile app

teacher avatar Liastone Seven, Thinking and making art everyday

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Go wild... Go abstract with Tayasui Sketches

    • 2. Interface

    • 3. Medium

    • 4. Watercolour effects

    • 5. Drawing @ Tayasui Sketches

    • 6. Colouring @ Adobe Illustrator

    • 7. Layers

    • 8. Blot Lovers

    • 9. Lets have a selfie!

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About This Class

This class is all about how to use Tayasui Sketches, a drawing app with a philosophy of "easy and simple".

If you want to learn drawing directly from your smartphone or tablet, this class is the one to start.

You will learn that drawing directly on a tablet is not as difficult as you expect, contrary it brings lots of fun.

What will be learn after completing the class:

  • Unlocking your creative and expressive mind
  • Drawing and painting with a variety of brushes
  • From Tayasui Sketches to Adobe Illustrator
  • Create a proud artwork

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Liastone Seven

Thinking and making art everyday


Doodler, graphic designer, mac user, book lover, comics artist, calligrapher, learning to be a caricaturist and forcing myself to do something creative everyday. You can email me  +++ LIASTONESTUDIO (at) GMAIL (dot) COM +++ or find more of my recent works on my Ko-Fi page https://ko-fi.com/liastonestudio 

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1. Go wild... Go abstract with Tayasui Sketches: Hi. My name is American use. I work as a graphic designer in Macau and out of my office hours. I call myself as an art explorer because I don't like to stand still and wait for luck already. Keep moving, keep experimenting and keep us up to new things to sharpen my skills. First of all, welcome to the class and thank you. Picking up my class for your next learn experience. I'm going to introduce you a drawing up of a Japanese name yesterday. But in fact, the APP developer is located in Frank's. I'm not sure why choosing a Jeffers name, but I quite appreciate to its philosophy off easy and simple. Discover of two yesterday was unexpected cause I was working on a side project that I need to draw and record my drawing at the same time. Then I went to a store to find what apps available was in my criteria. I don't feel off them, try them all and found tire story quite user friendly and has the potential to help me raise my skills to another level. Then I decided, Okay, let's give it a go and try. It's not working. I still can't find another app to finish on. My project have some traditional and digital drawing spearing's and learning new skill is inevitable to spend for hours to feel days to experiment that exactly the same. If you buy a new car, we also need to have some test drive before taking alone. Journey. If you are beginning drawing, I suggest you do some testing off each of the tools you've been making something that look like abstract painting. As you can see from my examples, that's fine. Are you gonna prove of you in the falling videos and try to cover everything in order to let you feel? Drawing is easy and simple. And if you have some dry experience and I think it's not difficult to catch up and to learn how to use the app because it's not as difficult as it sounds from others, piers once again thank your joining the class with me and hope we have a great learning time together. 2. Interface: Hello, as I said before, one of the main reason actress tell you so as my digital drawing, too, because it has the function of recovering while I draw it is very important because sometimes I'm just randomly trying new tools. New effect mix and match is, and very often I don't remember how I did something they're crowding. Function has me to remember everything. I use the recording function for this video demonstration, and I'm going to show you how does the it works with the relevant interface? But this bein mine due to super in settings, maybe something went through a properly on your screen. If that happens, let me know. I'll explain to you personally. This app is available both iPhone and iPad versions I used above them. IPhone size is good. When I'm out in around, I can test and sketch ideas on the go. While the iPad version, normally used for finalizing it's up to you whether you want to buy the full version, our stick of the free version, it really depends on your personal preference. I purchase a paid version because I feel the freebie. It's not enough for my ambition, and the purchase version has more functions compared to the free one. Okay, let's start 3. Medium: Yes, sir offers a variety of brushes from wet to dry with a couple of other tools, like a razor cutter, blender and ruler to make straight lines. My particular preference are pencil. What the color and ink I'm going through view and has each of the medium. And basically, if you can manage one brush, then technically, they were all the same. For example, to the brush you have to click or President Aiken to start drawing or writing president. Hold for about two seconds. That's right window show up at the right side of the screen, where you can change the opacity. And with all the stroke, each of the brush has a shark. It for the line with this experiment and get used to it in the following, I will show you how to use and drawing tools, but it's quite a bit confused at the beginning. I'm sure you can manage it and food in love after you must of them all 4. Watercolour effects: hello here. I'm going to show you two illustrations that I did in on my iPhone. As I mentioned before, I used both iPhone and iPads version and because the screen settings iPhone is a bit narrow . So I just put two illustration together at the same on the same screen. And I quite like the wet read medium in Tirso sketches, for example, the ink the they penned so pencils, not red, but it's the basic for drawing I spent and what color. The water color function is so strong that it's in a very high quality, and I can even do something like a wet on wet technique on my watercolor, drawing on on ties with sketches. So in here we have two inspiration, one which is sketches that I did outdoor, that I'm just playing around with the water color technique and the opposite. It's just, Ah, coffee mug that I also try the watercolor effect. And as you can see, the detail are quite quite good. I mean, in my in my opinion and on the left, as I said that it is possible to do some wet on wet ah watercolor technique that is quite quite similar to to the traditional watercolor painting. And another thing that is my favorite in here. Intercessory sketches about the toes. It's the Indian ink. And because I've got some drawing experience using pen and ink, I mean using depend. I feel that this traditional I mean this Indian Inc function or two in Tirso sketches is quite strong, quite similar, and I quite the effect because it can do some splashes. Splashes Off Inc. That is very good in, ah, in a digital painting, because I cannot control their splashes. But hate has it. It's splash randomly. Okay, so I think that's it for this video. And keep watching the other ones. Thank you. 5. Drawing @ Tayasui Sketches: Hello. Welcome back. It's lesson I'm going to share with you at a way to do drawing in higher story sketches. I'm going to use a pencil to do a line drawing, and now I am drawing the head off a giraffe. And there's no reason why I want to show you to draw an animal or a cartoony giraffe, maybe because off some influence from my daughter while playing before, because she got a lot off stuff animal toys. So I think this is a good chance to to do a demonstration about some killed drawing that the Tirso sketches can do. So, um, as you can see, sometimes you need to zoom in and do some erase about the line, because tires so I sent. I also is not is good for drawing, but not for doing very precise line work. So sometimes to zoom in to check if the lines are are close. Because if the lines are not closed, you will not be able to do the coloring in past sketches or outside the for example. Even in Adobe Illustrator, I need to have some clothes, clothes, lines, Okay, now that drawing is almost finished and then I need to I don't mean to do some final touches. Check if old lines are closed. I don't never have gap between the lines because if you have open gaps, the color will not. We're not feeling okay. The drawing is already there. And now why? I'm going to export it out. Transfer it into Adobe Illustrator. 6. Colouring @ Adobe Illustrator: Hello. Welcome back. We're now in new. Straighter are used. Adobe illustrates. Ah, creative suit Version six. So first thing is to select the drawing and then go to the go to object and then click on image trays and make and spend after the computer process. The throwing the drawing will turn into vectors so we can delete everything that we don't want and, of course, keep everything that we want. So now it's just testing if everything around that I don't want still there because I don't want to color something that he's a news or unnecessary. Okay, I'm just looking around for the tools, and I think I forgot to bring in my color palette for choosing the color that I want to to fill in my giraffe and then any color palette it works. There's no rose on it. And of course, color. You can use any color. In this case. I use ah, yellow to to color my oh yeah, I forgot. I need to use the direct selection to to let my giraffe and then go to the life paint bucket, click my color and then click and then paint my giraffe bits by bits. Doing that is easier than choosing the the part in and fill in 11 by one and then because I'm not very good at animal, and I totally forgot how a giraffe looks like. Even I have reference, but because I just want to do some some creative work. I paint the dots off the giraffe into a violet, and now I'm just finished up my coloring some dark and lack contrast just to make a little bit off just to make it like three dimensional. And then I think the whole drawing is almost there, always is nearly finished, and if you want to make it more as, ah, it's a gift. Or if you want to make it to give to someone as a principal card or a G kar, we can at some wordings just to make the whole illustration Reacher and Mawr entertain, and I really don't know how what I want to do. I want to make the words curly or make it wavy or straight lines or vertical Oh, a horizontal or whatever. Anyway, now just picking up the the funds that I want okay, and I think I decided to make it straight line because I don't want to waste my time in here and raise your time. So my final wording my final coat off the day is everyone the full day and which you like This video about how to to convert at a drawing from Tyson sketches into an illustrator and then I can, but Okay, the drawing is complete. Everything is done. I can save it into Jay Pek and send it as, Ah, electronic cut. Okay. Thank you. 7. Layers: Hello Now I'm going to talk about the layers and sketches offers four layers we cheese, the first free from top to bottom that it's possible to move around and the bottom in its about the background. So, in my case, my working style is I never try to to move our touch or do anything about the back of backwards, just the background and whatever I want. The move it goes to to the top. Everyone's OK. So I stopped with a line drawing off house that the top layer I drew my roof and then the wall of the second. And then finally the doors and windows and a certainly. So I'm going to show you. How does he move around? If you want to move, you can use the cut to to move or go to the layers where you can see the tools. I couldn't present it. And then that's Ah, transform, transform. You can move around skillet. Oh, rotated. Just use your two things toe pinch. It's like it's like any other at the APs works. Okay, so now let me see what else I can do. Okay. I have merch. Measure the layers. If you want to make from the layers, Just press and hold down the layer and then moved to the next. I mean, move the whole layer, our top off the other one, and then it will be possible to tumor sex. Okay, now I'm going to do some coloring. Don't forget that. As I said before from the preface purpose lessons. When we do a drawing, we need to have some clothes. Lines. Never have a gap. Otherwise, when we do the calorie, the the APP doesn't know. And when we color, we color the whole whole layer or hey, hold Troy, including the background. So we need to have close get. And now I'm going to do some coloring. Tell him we need to use the Remember the death site where you can see the two with a That's a pattern pattern or we can Oh, it's for coloring also. Okay, I choose the paint brush and I drew I mean, I I paint the windows and the doors and can you see eye pain at the second layer? That means if I want to change the color, I just change from the second layer. I don't need to do some rays o r pain again. And then I think now I'm certain layer so I can do the paint off the wall as well. Doing that. I won't interfere from my first drawing. I mean, first layer. Sorry. Okay to finish it. I did some house on on the top off the roof just to make the whole illustration kilter. And that's it. That's the How do the layers were. Thank you. 8. Blot Lovers: I cannot say that Tell us who is the best during the present times, but I do feel that this match quite ralph me. Because of its easy and simple interface. You may hurt quite often why always mentioned those two words, because this is actually the philosophy off Tiechui in offering what they can tow us as a user and the word that usually means easy and simple in Japanese. My working process is easy. I just want to make things in. The news is away. This might not agree by majority, but never mind. Every artist has a choice off creating whatever kind of art. And does this call artistic freedom? Please be reminded the APP is only a tool exactly the same as if we are creating something traditionally on a campus. Knowing where the tools we use before creating something extraordinary is a must. So before starting your masterpiece, don't forget to do some warm ups as ever accurate do before the game. I recommend some hand and arm warm up because we will need to draw a lot. Also, it is advisable to test the opacity and size off the strokes because they are exceptional too. Okay, I'm going to show you how to make a character or a pair of characters with just feel easy and simple steps and the tools that you will dean to use for these demonstration is spray and pen marker or ink. Tool any off the letter. Do the job. First, choose your desire Size off the blood off a spray. Try to find one that's has the in concentrating at the center like this one's From my example. Use your fingertip or stylist to tap on the screen for about 10 times to make the blood heavier. You can tap as many times as you want. You decide on a month Off Inc You want bolder and 10 more times, and you want a light brought and peppers lesser. You want there's experiment and listen to your inner voice. What's the best amount off income need? Once you're happy, it's time to add some facial features and limbs after finishing the meal character and start to create a female character of a ghoulish model and color. Because the characters are not in a good page, composition aligned them and at some hearts between them just to create a romantic atmosphere. That's it. We feel simple steps. You can do your own blood lovers illustration for the excitement. You can do a similar illustration as I did, or try using at the mediums to imagine your world creatively. Thank you. 9. Lets have a selfie!: we are now at the end off the class. Thank you very much for joining me. I hope that you have learned something from these app. I know it's a bit ifco from the beginning, but the more you do, the more you try, the better resulted. Well, it will be as the old saying practice makes perfect and it's from doing that we learn. Okay. Ah, I'm going to show you these little illustration that I didn't expect to to make or too great. It was when I was waiting for my wife in my car. And because there's nothing else I can do beside off sitting, I pick up my iPhone and I start to do some scribbling. I did this to squares or two rectangles are use a pencil to and start to drop. And then I scribbling the insight filling used what? A color brush to do the shadings. And then I used a pento toe to draw the arms. The legs give some expressions. Ah, make it like two friends holding together, taking a selfie. And also I used the blender to plenitude is good for doing the mixing because not only for mixing one medium, but you can use it for mix or blend to medium together. And in my case, I use I. I don't remember if I used a pencil or a pen to draw the the initial drawings off the shadow because first, I just did some lines and then use the blended toe to the planet to blend it and to blur it , as you can see from from my from my illustration. Okay, so I wish everyone good success in the future and hope to see you soon, somewhere in the future. And maybe we can take a selfie together. Thank you.