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7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Welcome: Gather Your Supplies!

    • 2. Key Vocabulary

    • 3. Shape Flower Drawing

    • 4. Negative and Positive Shapes

    • 5. Shape Animals

    • 6. Warm Up Exercise

    • 7. Shapes Project

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About This Class

In this class, artist and art teacher Kristy Lankford will teach you how to draw using simple shapes. She explores a variety of drawing techniques and drawing styles that all begin with basic shape drawings. Drawing complicated forms using simple geometric, organic, and abstract shapes is a great way to begin any drawing. You will also learn how to approach a drawing of a person or an animal as well as how to warm up with a shape drawing in your sketchbook. This approachable class is perfect for all levels of artists from those looking to create large, complex artworks to those starting out in the art world. This set of drawing techniques can work for anyone. 


Kristy Lankford is an artist and art teacher who has be making and teaching art for over 10 years. She always has at least one sketchbook with her at all times and she is sure to make something in her sketchbook every single day. All of her drawings and paintings begin the same way - with a shape drawing.


Drawing a complicated scene can be overwhelming, but this approach to drawing makes those larger drawings seem possible. Everything we see can be broken down into simple, understandable shapes, which we artists can translate into our drawings. Join this class if you would like to learn how to use a variety of shape drawing techniques in your artwork.