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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Gimp2.10 intro

    • 2. Gimp2.10 lesson01

    • 3. Gimp2.10 lesson02

    • 4. Gimp2.10 lesson03

    • 5. Gimp2.10 lesson04

    • 6. Gimp2.10 lesson05

    • 7. Gimp2.10 lesson06

    • 8. Gimp2.10 lesson07

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About This Class

In this class you can learn how to draw with the free software Gimp 2.10

I'll teach you how to create a repeat pattern, how to draw some flowers with the new "my paint brush" tool and how to work with layers.

This is a class for beginners but also for my old students because it can be useful to see the difference from the old Gimp 2.8

To follow the class in the best way you need to upload the new Gimp 2.10 and to draw with a graphic tablet.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gaia Marfurt

Illustrator and Surface Designer


Hello, I'm Gaia and I'm a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer. I use to work with open source software like Gimp and Inkscape. I wish to teach you how to draw and create repeat patterns with these two free softwares.

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1. Gimp2.10 intro: So, everyone, Hi to my old students and to my new ones. This will be and your glass about temper. And it's a class that I try to create that could be used for all students and for a new ones. Because in this last year, gimp give, developers created a new version of this program, and so I wanted to create A class is showing what's different now, how to work with deep now because there are new, wonderful tools, new, wonderful brushes. In this new version, I wanted to show you what different offer in the layout and also there There are some truth that now work a bit different. At the beginning, I was really frustrated about it, because when you learn a way to work and you have to change it, it's always frustrating. But now I'm really, really happy off these new versions. Eso um, as you know deep is a free software really similar to put the shop but free. You can just go on deep, dark torque and freedom load this new version and in this tutorial, as always, we're going to draw in digital using a tablet I have you recommend for this tutorial with using a tablet, because the new brush that I wish to show you is a really useful if you if you draw freehand with your pan and if your tablet can feel the pressure on it. So because feeling the pressure you can change the stroke, it can be thinner or thicker. Bigger, you know. So I have you recommend to use a tablet. My job. It is a really old one, its interests and a welcome interest. If you don't have it, I could have your command. I welcome you can just by a little one. It's cheaper, of course. What else? So in this tutorial, we are going to learn how to drew a repeat, partnered with Disney brushes and how to create a goodly out, for example, how tried some truth that you don't need on your software? Yeah, you know. And so I really hope to be used for to my old students so you can learn a new way to work, but also to begin us. It's all I e. Wish you happy drawing with 2. Gimp2.10 lesson01: so Hello, everyone. And welcome to these new class about Gimpel. This'll is a new version off. Keep its gimp to dot them. And so these classes for beginners off course, but also for my own students. Because you can see in this class what is new in this version, how to use it the best way and teach you how to use a new tool, a new kind of brush that is only in this new version. So let's start giving a look to the layout of this new game. Per as you can see, it's the background is darker. It was lighter in the person, and we have, as always, when you open it, we have our toolbox. It's here now, in this new version, then we have here the options tool. So what does it mean that when you use a tool, for example, you use this kind of brush? Here you'll have all the options for this kind of brush. If you use the select a tool you will have here some options for eat and then here below we have way have the years. Okay, It's a really important to have here our liars that we use a in our fi. Ok, then the first thing to do is I wish to show you how to hide some off these tools because it's really difficult to find the truth you need when you have so many tools. And we don't need all these tools off course, we are going to use only some of them. So go on a date on the preferences, and then he are Go on. Interfaith. Not not interface. Andi. Sorry onto a box. Okay, you go on toolbox. Here. You can hide some some tools, so let's start from here. All the selecting tools way are using them. So leave them hide the she says the foreground. Select the parts and we don't need them. Leave the cola. Pickard Zoom had the measure. As you can see, I'm hiding them. And they are never hear these. These tools now the move to use it. The line tool usually don't use it here on him, so you can hide it. The crop tool. You can hide it. The I don't know these one. So hide it, then the rotate the scale, we are going to use them. The share we can hide it for the moment. The 100 transform. Hide it. Of course, The perspective. You can hide it. The flip tour. We're going to use it. So leave it. The cage transform. You can hide Also the warp Transform the text one. We are not going to use it in this tutorial. But you can leave it. Sometimes I use it. So let's leave it on the toolbox. You can hide the bucket, feel I never use it the garage and to the pencil and never use it. Leave the paint, brush the razor and high the airbrush. I never use it and also gives the ink one. Of course. If you if you wish to try them and to find how to use them. You can always put them on the two bucks and try them off course. Leave the my paintbrush is the new brush we have in this new version. And I love it so much. I'm going to show you how to work with it in this tutorial. Hide the clone one. These one. I don't know what it is. The hill. The perspective clone. You can hide it. The blur. 12 You can leave this march. We are not going to use it now. But leave it the depth and bar we can hide it, filter the brightness and contras These one threat test hold. You can hided the levels to the Corvis and these were I don't know what it is. So now you can say you okay, As you can see now it's better. We have not so many tools. It's a really faster toe to find what you need. And in this tutorial, we're not going to use all of them. But and but OK, these are the one I use the most. Okay, usually when I work now let's start creating off course a new file you can choose. A zoo always decides here in peak cells or in inches millimeters and sore. Let's let's create a 2000 for 2005 pixel. Okay. And here in advance of options, the Czech very solution I usually work in gives the Resolution 300 except for inch. Look here it must be picks us for Injun on and not many mature point OK is at least 150. OK, because if you wish to bring the the major it's better to have on higher solution. Okay, here feel weak. You have to select transparency because I used to work always with only transparent years at what does it mean? It means that there are also supply years that have a background and I don't love them because e work better with transparent liars. So I think this election in this way and then you can say OK, and now we have our awar fi, our five hour in major. You can go on view on zoo out, of course. A disease a square Can you see transparent with just Alaya with the name background. Okay, you can change the name if you will need it and and we can start the filling off course in the background with a color. So another thing that maybe some of you already know if you already know the old version off game is that you have here some car or said that you can use thing is the foreground call and he's one is the background call. But we are going to work on Lee just with the foreground color with this kind of liars. So just click double click on the foreground caller. And here you can choose that. The corals just clicking here, You can change the course. And in this case, I'm going to work on a watch on a while with White. So choose why they say okay. And then now that I have here, right, I can see and it feel with foreground call or okay, Of course, you can use the keyboard. But now, if you are a beginner, just learn how to find the the how to feed in this way with the minimum. Okay, then you learn later to be faster with the keyboard. Okay? No. Um okay. This'll is all for the first. 3. Gimp2.10 lesson02: so. OK, now we have our file with a background liar. We need another liar where we are going to draw so you can go on. Liar. Say new law. Yeah. You can choose the name here. You can arrive. The name you wish. Here I have the name flowers. And here it must be transparent liars. Okay, then you say okay. And you should have. Now, here you can see the new liar, the floors like I means that you can make hide if you wish. You can hide the the liars. Okay, You can just grab them and change them. For example, put the background above the floors We don't need. Now all you can use these Arles, if you prefer. Okay. To change the order of the liars now, way can start drawing. Let's select a color because we can't draw in white. You couldn't see the design so you can choose the calorie. We should, for example, this green okay, and we can start drawing some leads. So now what are the tools? You can use it to draw on the, um there are many jewels, but the way we're going to use the new jewel that is only in this new version off the emperor, and it is thes one. It's the my paint brush tool, and the old one was thes the paintbrush. So if you are old student of mine, you already know these paint brush tool. We use it in them. Last class is the the's tool, and with this tool you have many kind off brushes. As you can see, there are many brushes Onda here. You can see many off my personal brushes because in my old glasses, I told you also how to create your own brushes. It is really useful if you have to create textures. Okay, on your design, you can't follow my old classes very something different in the old version off again. But many things are just the same, so the's brush the paintbrush toward is just dizzy. In this tutorial, we're going to try to work with these new brush is the my paint brush tool. Okay, so let's zoom with the's tool, our major, and with my paint brush, you have to select this kind of brush than him. He's just brush. As you can see, we have a really many, many kind of brush is also in visa. In my paintbrush, I didn't try everyone. I use it, some of them to create bathrooms. For example, The bubble ones is a really lovely has a really lovely effect. But today we're going to use these one. It's my favorite and I love it because if you are working with a tablet and you're the software camp, feel the pressure off the stroke. When you are drawing, you can easily created this kind off off strokes. So if I press very much, I make the stroke bigger, okay? And then he it's seen. Can you see it so I can create this kind of effect that's so similar to the effect off abroad? A real brush, OK, when you when you draw. So an important thing to say about my paint brush tool is that maybe you could find that one. You try to use it, you can find that if you try to make more pressure on your, um on your pants still on your pan, you can see each becoming bigger. Okay, This'll is because you have to go here on edit input devices and check the work on tablet. If it is the disabled. You have to put your screen, then see either. And then now you'll see. Okay, Children, also the colors. I don't know why, but you can see that now. The line is ticker. Can you seat? So please check here. Edit input devices. The welcome tablet must be not disabled. Off course. Okay, close. So I find that this kind of brush really really useful, because without changing the sides off my brush, I can just press and not so much. And I have these strokes are really really team, can you see it? But when I need to work with a bigger stroke, I have just do to press more with my with my hand, okay? Drawing with Pam's. So I love it. Really? Because it's just like working with a really brush. So let's zoom out. Okay. Um So, for example, if now I wish to create our rules, OK, I am change the caller. Okay, So let's use, for example, this color then always with this tool. My paintbrush. I press very much in this way I can feel the shape I wish to create in a really faster way , because pressing you have a bigger stroke off course. Okay. And I create the shape off my rules. OK, then let's Ah, cree am Change the color with something darker, like thes. Okay. And we start creating the the shades over off the rules in this way. So I love it because I can use the scene strokes. My stroke can be at the beginning thing and then bigger. Okay, then let's change again with a lighter one and you can give some light tool two euros, OK, I'm not really good at drawing floors, but you can understand how you can work in an easy way on your pattern. Now, if you wish. Let's put some although details. Yeah, I don't know the name of these worms in English. Hey, now let's try toe Caller. If you wish to call to give a caller here to your leave, I e should recommend to work in this way. The best way I think, is to create a new liar, OK? And, um, you can give it a give it a name feeling, liar, feeling, But it's not so important. I don't use many liars, so he never name them. OK, now, this liar should be under the other at the other one. So I e put it down. Okay, Now let's choose in the car or you Isha! And when I go drawing here, I'm under the my strokes. Can you see it? So I can just feel not easy way my design in the also in a more natural way them using the bucket. I have it not I am. Hi. Hey! Didn't have hidden okay. It's not ya know more because I never used them. The rocket, right? I don't love it because if you use the back at working directly on the floors lawyer here, some people use justice, the bucket and feel or this part you could have here some pics. Is that remain right? Okay, because I'm working with strokes that have the anti Aaliyah's, you know? So So the better seeing is, I think, working in this way, feeling on another liar under Okay, so give a look too. This liar. Let's put it above So you can see that I went above the strokes, but when it is under, it's perfect. Can you see it? So, really, it's a really easy way to work. You you have not to pay so much attention. When you are feeling okay to go outside. How can I say outside the line? Okay, so this is a good way to work When we're satisfied. You can off course marriages. The two liars. So I don't use I work with many, many lawyers. Just when I need them. I e using many off them. So let's marriage this July 2 liars. So you go on on the floors, The liar. That's a both. And you say march down in this way. Match down on my computer. Okay, here it is. Now you have on the one liar with the name off. The one that was under okay or below. I never know what is the right aboard. Okay, okay. And so we have learned now to use these new brush. Really? I'm I love it very much. Now, in the next, less some, I'm going to show you something else. Off course. 4. Gimp2.10 lesson03: Okay. Now let's learn how to move Power, P and sleep and scale and roti. So how to transform some details of your drawing, for example, Now I wish to scale this leaf. It's too big. As you can see, we have managed tools useful to select details. In this case, the best one is the free select tool. Okay, you can go here and just click in you. You you can create this kind off you click. And you, creator, thes points, as you can see and you can easily select the parts you need. Thes is something that you can do also with a mouse. Now, pay attention because something changes in this new version from the old one. So if you are an old student, as you can see now, I closed my selection. But this election is not ready to be used as a selection. Okay? For example, if now I say to my program cutter, it will not cut just the belief but everything on the liar. Look, if I said cut because the selection was not ready and it didn't understand and each cutter liar. So please let's do under Catalunya. It was just to show you. Now, you have just like to activate the thesis selection, and you can do it. Just click in on here on one of these elections. Usually I click on the rectangle selection. Can you see thou that this is a really mask off selection? Can you see it? It's now different. It's, like trembling. Okay, now, if I say cat, I don't want to cut, but just to show you now we have no more the leaf. Okay? Undercut. I mean, issued to scale in this case. So the instrument of the tools you need to escape it is these one scale tool. Okay, so click here, then click on your selection, and you can start scaling it. Okay? It makes me always, man, that is the stool, because sometimes it doesn't work really well. But okay, any seat you can't skate. And here it must be locker that the proportions. Okay, men, you say scale. And now hourly. Lisa is perfect. Okay, We cannot Some of it, it's now a so you can see I'm working on a floating selection. Transformational. I okay, I could when I'm finished, I could ankle eat on the dryer or if I wish I can just ankle my leave on a new lawyer if I need it. Okay? And if I'm a go out on my selection, you can see the uncle effect liquor. It will be Anchorage on on the Liar on the old Alaya. But I wish to show you that if I used this to can move it. Okay, you can move it so I can put it here so you could anchor. But let's try another thing before angering. And let's to do, edit and copy belief. Then you say paste it. Now we have two leaves, one on the order. The old one is Ankara on our lives. And then there is one above. Because I say copy and paste. So always with the move tool, you can move it. Can you see we have two leaves Now let's sleep it to fleet. You can use things. Tool here, Flip to So you click Here you click on your leave, leave and then let's rotate it because that I wish to put it here. But I needed to rotate it. So a leader. So this this irritate tool you click on the potato, you click on your selection. And now you have a point. You can rotate from this point, but if you need, you can move this point here and you'll rotate from this point. It's a really beautiful when you are creating petals off a flower to change things. Point of rotation. Okay, let's rotate in this way. And now I say rotate because I'm happy of it. Always with the month tool E can put it here and now. I'm happy at leak outside. There is the ankle and I Ankara my my leave. Okay, so let's repeat what I need. I use it a lot of these air transformation tools. Way could see. Okay, How to move the lever with this tool, How to rotate it, how to scale it and how to flee Pit. Okay. And what else can we learn in general, if you should have to, you need to remove details of your design. For example, let's put older was on the center off your design here in the middle. You can just using this case this election toward the rectangles electoral you selected. Now it's This is already activated, active likely. And now you have. You have to cut it and paste it are usually made in this way. And now I can't move it. Okay? You get in pace that then you created these floating selection pasted lie, and you are free to move your details. OK? This is an important thing. A bit different from, for example, Photoshopped because when I started working with him at the beginning, I was the really I couldn't understand how to move. The DT is so now you can anchor it every detail that you wish mover. You have to select it. For example Let's so select just the rules. It's not activates applique again here. Okay, Now it's active and then you can say cat on based. And now you can move it with this tool. You can move it everywhere, right where you wish. I put it here in this way. Ankle feet. Okay, Now I'm going to feel my design with more details in the first mood. But you can see how I work in this way. You can understand better how I work and then in the next lesson with C, how we learn how to do the offset over off our design and in this way. How to create a good repeat pattern way. Learn how to feel the borders and the corners with the details that begin here and continue in the other part OK of your design. This is really important to land. If you wish to create good patterns. Eso let's draw in a way. 5. Gimp2.10 lesson04: Okay, Now we have our design in center off off our file, and we we should to feel the borders off course. So I usually am I e making this way. I duplicate this lawyer so you can go on liar and say duplicate lawyer. Now, you can see here on the liars we have to 22 liars with flowers. Can you see them way? We're going to meet the offset off one off. These two liars, for example, The new one. So you can just go on. Liar, transform, offset. And now our file is a 2000 for 2000. So I I'm just going to move my design. May you mentioned you have to image that we are looking at a repeating parter that repeats on the raft on the right above and under. And we are going to move our up com camera. Okay, um, for 1000 right and 1000 picks us down. Okay. In this way, we are going to have the white part of our design in the media in the center. So you make, except 1000. It's just half a warm sighs, OK, And it still is 1000 and you make the offset. Now let's hide the first Celaya. Okay? Now, as you can see, it's just like moving on a repeat parter. And now we have the white backed in the in the center of our of our design. Um, now, as you can see, our ally year the 1st 1 is not, um has a leaf here. It's not good. OK, we can change. We can. Just one thing I usually make is that I sleep one of these two liars, for example, these one the first month way Select just with the rectangle sides. We select just this part, okay? And we flip it. Okay, so you plea here and you should flip it. Okay? Okay. Now you cannot move it off course So we can use always, always this tool and move it in this way. In this way, it's no more one of the other. Can you seat? Ok, when you are, you can also rotate it. If you wish a little for example, I do. In this way I would take the solito and I say Ok, okay. Now I'm happy of it. I can ankle the liar, so But you must be in this more mode in this way. With this tool you can uncle eat Okay if you wish. You can also go here, Uncle Ira, when you need it. Okay, look, I know they are perfect. I used to imagine now this new law. Yes. And they say merge down. You have to go on the liar above. Always pay attention. Because if you are here and you say march down, you will marriage these liar to the background. You don't You don't want so saying march down. Okay? Now can you see all in the same liar? We need a Z. You can see we need steel to weigh. Have the corners with designs, can you see? But here on the border, we we have to feel our pact. And so again we're going to do the offset. But this time we're not going to move. 4 2000 We're going to move on, Lee, in the direction off the peaks if you wish in the direction off the excellent. Just one off these two sizes, you have to move. So you go on Liar. Always transform offset And you say, for example, for dates you say 1000 but only the weeks. Okay. And you say offset. Okay, Now I have this part in the middle and I can proceed. Feeling eat. Okay, then when I listen Shit, I again I'll be I do again. The offset. And this is the last time we're going to to do the offset for the corners. Can you see it? So the last time you do again the offset putting ex 1000 and absolute 1000 because you wish the offset in the meeting in the center. Okay, so let's feel in the first mood, this part off course. 6. Gimp2.10 lesson05: So here we are. We have our pattern that it's full of details now in the center. But we needed to feel the corners and then we'll be finished with it. It will be a repeat pattern. Perfect. And I didn't mention how Teoh erase the details When you make a mistake off course you can . As you can see, you can select a detail and cut it when you draw. But when you are working with my name with these brush this new brush my paint brush if you do something that you don't like Okay, let's do, for example, this team and I wish to erase it. You can also just going are here on the options off these off my paintbrush and click here agrees with this brush. Then you'll a raise. This'll is really useful because, for example, you can do something like this. I wish just to show you this little thing just so you know that you can do you can work also in these way, For example, you can make a leaf like these one. Then you say Aires and you go here and you can just like drawing a raise and created this kind of effect. I'm This is not white. This is just raising the the corner. Okay, So I wanted just to show you this thing because during the first moment, I used this tool so catty. Okay, Now let's do the offset. For the last time, I hoped the last time when I work creating patterns, I make the office that so many times Because I am I love to feel in the better way, the pattern. And I wish that you can see you have not to see the repeating, you know? So this is the best way to to create this kind of effect. So let's do the offset. Transform, offset. This'll time. We're going to make the offset off the ekes. And except maybe you say x off the eggs and it Absolutely we say x and eat it on Italian. Okay, Home 1,001,000 X and absolute. Maybe. Okay, offset. Oh, yes. Now we have our empty space in the media and we can finally figure ship the these patterns 7. Gimp2.10 lesson06: So now our pattern is you can consider the pattern. Finish it. Okay. It is a repeat pattern, and you can off course, save it. I recommend to save as on x x SCF file. Okay. You have always attitude to save it in this way. Because in this way, you you will have your liars and you can make some changes on them when you wish. Okay, then when you after saving this'll kind off off I you can also export it. So you say expert other. And in this way you can export to the file as a PNG or a J peg. What you wish. You go here select file type of extension. And here you can find all kinds off. Five Ajay bag if you need it. There is also appears defile with all the lawyers if you need it. If someone a company asks you a pst file, you can just export it as a PST and then as a cheap egg off course on Do say export. It will save a J pic file. When you say export, I highly recommend to export in ah, high quality resolution. So he are. Please put 100. The quality must be very high if you need to print the design. Of course, if you need it just for the web for a website, you can make a low quality off the file. Of course. Okay, so this is about saving and exporting the file. And if you if you are going to learn something more about deep, you are a new student and you never watch my oath classes, you can watch them now. They are or made with the old version off deep, but it's quite similar. The great difference is that you don't have This is a new wonderful my paintbrush in the old version. So in mild classes, I didn't use it. But I use it. Use it. The paintbrush, the paintbrush. I still use it because it's really useful when you have to create your own brushes and your text sources. So I highly recommend to file those classes. You can follow them. Another thing that you have to remember when you are. If you're going to follow them, you're in a student. Is this thing about selecting in the old version I wish to make you and the last example So you can better understand. So I am going to create a new life just to show you the's difference between the old version off game and the new one. In the older version, I used to work in this way. I used to work with this kind of off brush because there wasn't any My paintbrush. Okay. I used to create, for example, some strokes in this way. And then when I had to create the leads, I use it very much the free select tool. Because with a free selector, you can create the shape. OK, then. And now in this new version, you have always to make it active A real selection. So you have always to click here and then you can feel it to feel like you. You have to go on added feel with foreground color. It is really, really fast to make in this way you create the leaf and now you have tow activated the heat in the last session and you didn't have to do to go here and then with keyboard, you can say control comma and you feel it. So in the last version, this was a really fast way to create the leads. But now it's no more so, so youthful this way. It was a process yet invented. Okay, I love it so much. But now, e, don't find it so good because every time I make a shape, I have to go here to activate it. And then I have to check again on my keyboard, the control and the comments. So now it's no more so So the fast of these ways of working, OK, that if you love it, you can you can try and you can follow my classes on my old classes because I used this kind of process. There are so many raise to work in digital. Everyone of us can find a new way, a better way off course. I'm just trying to teach you what I learned in many years, just experimenting off course. And in my old classes, you you can find how to create and other textures called textures on my on your designs off course how how to change colors, the brightness and contrast. And so So I just heard that these the new tutorial will be good for beginners and also for my old students to understand better What is new in the new version? The great possibilities of this new, wonderful brush that I love so much the my paint brush tool and what is different now when you you use the selecting tools s o. I wish you a happy drawing off course. And the sea is soon for another tutorial off course by my 8. Gimp2.10 lesson07: Okay, guys, I decided t o make another less some little less owner to end of this tutorial because I think that it could be really useful to you while working on your part to see how it looks in the repeating off course. So in this last lesson, let's learn how to give a look to your design in the repeating. Usually I do. In this way, I save the first thing to do when you are finished it and it's all OK, it's to say, then you can scale your major and make it So let's put here for example, 4 2000 OK, this scale it just because you need to create a repeating in another file. Then you can see I copied the visible. OK, so you go on, add it, copy the visible part. So you are coping all the major with the background all and then you say be step as it a new pattern. Okay, because you can use your partner on game. It's really lovely. This thing. You can create some ministrations and then feel some parts of your illustration with a repeat pattern that you made. So give a name to your partner. Let's name it. Floor wears game too. Okay, So I remember it's this one. Then you say you okay and rest saving thes as a captain that you can use on other new files . Off course. Now, um, let's under scale the major. So because we have to leave it as it is now, you can just create a new file. Okay, So let's create in your file bigger than this one. Maybe so let's say 3000. Just see. Must be beget this time. So say okay now we have a new file with, ah, horrible background because I forgot to say, transferred to the ground. But it's not important. Now. You can just go on edit and say, Feel with pattern. Okay? And now you, Harry your patterns. Let's give a look to eat. You can see the partner in the repeating. Okay, if you don't like it, for example, I could say that I don't like to see all the roses in this way. Maybe it could be good to change the position of this rose and put it murder high, you know? Or maybe this one more down because I don't like to see them. So a sline and can you see so you can make some changes. If you don't like it, you can understand how to put better the details of your pattern thing. This is that's the away too. Give a look. Because apartment, it's important to understand how it looks when in the repeating, you can make a wonderful illustration. But sometimes the repeating is not so good. Okay, so I hope this will be useful for you. This'll is a new file. As you can see here, you can see your open files off course. I'm going just to close and don't save it. I say this card changes because I I'm not interesting. I wanted just to see how it look it. Okay, so I wish you happy going off course by by