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Drawing whimsical faces with your non-dominant hand and paint one!

teacher avatar Cristina Panaet, Mixed Media Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introducing the non-dominant hand class

    • 2. What if I can't draw

    • 3. Art Supplies that I use in this class

    • 4. Choose a subject to draw

    • 5. Draw with roller ball pen

    • 6. Draw with a pen

    • 7. Draw with Posca markers

    • 8. Draw with a colored pencil

    • 9. BONUS - Painting the face part one

    • 10. BONUS - Painting the face part two

    • 11. BONUS - Painting the face part three

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About This Class


Hello everyone! 

Boost your self-esteem and increase your self-confidence when drawing with your non-dominant hand!

Have you ever wondered if you can draw? Don't have enough courage to get started? Or maybe you are afraid your drawings won't be that beautiful? No problem! Remove expectations, let go perfectionism and just draw with your non-dominant hand, meaning with the hand you normally don't use to write or draw with!! In this class I will demonstrate that you have everything you need to draw right now, and you can even do it using your non-dominant hand. Using simple and affordable art supplies you will develop your own style and grow as you practice more and more each day. 

This class was recored with simplicity in mind! Why you should draw with your non-dominant hand?

Studies have shown that drawing with your non-dominant hand can.....

  • >>> increase your creativity
  • >>> help you to be more open-minted
  • >>> boost your self-esteem
  • >>> balance your brain hemispheres and...
  • >>> force you to think and focus more! 

What you're going to learn in this class?

Draw with different art supplies, like pen, roller pen, watercolor (colored) pencils and Posca markers. Each art supplies will add value to your drawings and have a different feeling. You are going to love some more than others, which will make the whole process even more fun!

Let's dive in and draw some faces!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cristina Panaet

Mixed Media Artist


Hello, I'm Cristina Gabriela!

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1. Introducing the non-dominant hand class: hi there, and welcome to my class. This class is going to be about trying with your non dominant hand There several reasons Why should stri a please to draw with your non dominant hand? And I'm gonna tell you a few of them. 1st 1 it forces you to think when you are trying with non Tamina head or writing with your non dominant hand, you get out off that automatic ization process you are for a city thing. The 2nd 1 is that kid. Help it to be more open mind. You see, studies have shown that we are drawn into baking and favoring things that are on the side off our dominant brain hemisphere. How it is that, actually is not weird at all. We are doing base, we don't thinking, and that's can be a little bit tricky when you are thinking that you can go and beyond the grocery store, for example, and you want to speak from two spaghetti Thank you, Gene, and one is on the left. And when he's on the right, you are always going to be the one from the right just because your hand right it. And 3rd 1 that I'm going to tell you is the most important one. This one is about creativity. Hence, head driving with your non dominant hand can help you toe actually feel more creative. How cute is that? I love this part. So when you draw with your non dominant hand, what happens is that you make new connections in your brain and you bring actually becomes more creative. You pick you, you become more fluent at drawing and you see the same page or the same shape in values model it is. And that is just gorgeous. So secret me and I'm gonna see you into us by 2. What if I can't draw: Well, what if I cannot drown? Well, if you really, really believe this, then you're not going to draw anything in your life ever, ever. But what if I tell you that you can actually travel? And even to this, if you allow yourself to find a time and space and the right are supplies for you in order to do so and to get started, he only needs basically giorno and your color pencils about 1/4 princess or whatever pencil you have. We are going to use more than just councils and journal in this course. But you can stick with pencils if you like them so much. And believe me, when it first I started to draw it my non dominant hand, the results were not so good. Off course, my faces were some kind off. Not that beautiful. But I continued, and my first face, you are going to see in this course it is not that gorgeous. I would like to be, but my last face face number six, because I'm going to drown six faces. It looks very similar with what I draw with my dominant hand, which is my right hand, and I was amazed to see that I have done these with my non dominant hand, actually, and I wanted to take just give it a try and draw along with me and see that you can actually draw. And you can paint. Um, what you have done just wrong or sketched. And you are going to love the results with these and so much more are going to be included in discourse. And yeah, you're going to see me painting this faces or some of them. I just intend toe paint one or two, um, using a different technique and different styles just to see. Um, the result. It can be slightly different with them. So, yes, you can draw. Yes, you can paint. You just have to lower yourself to yourself. I'll see you in the class 3. Art Supplies that I use in this class : These are the our supplies that we are going to use. And I have here a journal are a sketchbook. It could be whatever you want it to be. Just pick one and stick with it. Um, I have passes Or what? The color pencils I use intense There weren't pencils that because just because I love them , But you can have one of a brand you have around, but then we are going to use, um, a regular pin minus purple one. But you can use a black or blue one, whatever you like. Whatever color you like, then you're going to use brushes, because after drawing our faces, we are going toe, actually color some off them, maybe one or two. And, uh, the brush is You just need to use whatever you have around that preferred these flat ones. Um, this one with the tank water I used this week. For what color? So I'm not going to use this one, um, because I want to use acrylics. And for that mother, I'm going to use this synthetic, uh, brush. Then we're going to use both friend again. Choose whatever color you like toe use. I think I'm gonna use this one or this one. How blue anyway. And then we are going to use some Posca markers. If you don't have Posca markers than it's OK, don't go by them just because I am using them. You can, uh I think any marker that you have a hand or a cheaper one. Um, this have different tips. Anyway, this arms our our supplies and don't bother about them. If you don't have you want to use Moscow or Marcus, leave them aside. Use only Oh, what color Penzler ball pen and the regular print that will do. You don't need anything else and a journal or a piece of paper If you don't like toe use journals, so are seen in the class with our first face. 4. Choose a subject to draw: So after deciding what our supplies we are going to use, you should have said a fondness subject that you want to draw. And because I like so much to draw whimsical faces, imaginary faces. I am going to dough faces in this course. And you can, um, drama along with me or pick another subject. But I do encourage you to try to draw faces because they are just gorgeous and are unique and are drawn from your imagination. I don't use a reference photos for this. They just come, and I just dropped them onto paper. So this is a numb John Jordan that I have done using calendar no calendar. It is huge. This journal. I cannot remember how big these, but anyways, it is huge, and this is the cover off it. And, um, I just love to draw faces. I believe that I have made a fleet off the sternal just to show you. But you have probably seen this one on my YouTube channel and this one, the Kovar and this one. And look at this how beautiful it is. This is just some obstruct bigger, and I'm going to you just throw facing here and half of the faces. I just want to live this part for journaling and make it very personal. And then I have ah, painted some whimsical animals because I love drawing and painting whimsical animals again , these air from my imagination, I did not get inspired for many photo, but, um, that's actually a radio to get is a believe, bit of inspiration from someone fathers, And, uh, this is another face have done. I have many more that are waiting to be finished. I'm not going to show you them. But anyways, I just want to know that we are going to draw faces. And, um, I really, really hope you're going to give it a try, because, uh, they can be so beautiful. So I'll see you in the class with our first face. 5. Draw with roller ball pen: So we are going to just dive, game and start drawing. But before that, I want to show you my new journal or sketchbook redder than journal because it does not have the papers suitable for water is just a sketchbook. But I love it so much, these collar and, um, the Kovar with this lives kind of remind me off the foe, and I just brought it out. You did? Some kitsch is in here. Try it out of paper, which is not great, but not the worst possible. I'm gonna clip it over here, and I want to use my left hand because I'm right handed and for drawing. I love to use this both, and I think they're cold. And, um, I preferred that because the pen, um it was just flowing on the baby and health me to just nothing too much because this is what I want nothing much about how come and how it's going to be. How is going to look like it is going to be beautiful or ugly or any other way. So I like to start with the eyes and I'm just drawing them on paper, willing in some kind off distance between the eyes. It should be one I. But I like to live more than that. And you'll see why do that? Because of the words, I will come back. And, uh, I hate them bigger. Wider. So, uh, bicycle e drawing the full bills, living some white for like inch. And then I am slightly gone going toe. Just some kitsch is or I don't know how to call this. Um um live it like it is very knowing that I'm just thinking where I should be putting the house. And I think the tip of the nose is goingto be summer on sheer in Sunday's. And just like, just like toe draw hysterical faith. Then do some shadows for the no Strout's nostril openings and abandoned Nostra itself. Oh, it is basically going to look like days. And it's just a sketch. Lucy, Um, how I atoned thing to march if it's going to be there there and then I like to create the shape of the drought. This is not helping me anyway. Something like that. Don't bother. Too much is then. I like to go back right here for the shadow. Sometimes I make two lines on the side of nose. But most of the time I would like to create just one. So supposing the light is coming from this side and the darks, we're gonna be on this side right now. Um, I'm gonna got the wits, the mouth. This is probably the part, this part. I got a place to dots in here that I'm gonna holding them just like that, just like and isn't is not going to have an open malt or anything like that because the open Roth are hard to do and complicated sometimes So is going to be with the most glows. And then until I could do is just draw noble shape around the eyes, making sure they live some kind of space here. And then I do The hairs is not going to be And a big of a deal. Or some days I didn't neck first and they like white next. When I first started drawing, I found that I love drawing very narrow it. Next, Afterwards I said that this is not my style. I don't like to do it that way. So this come into the picture. So how that storm soft years or not years. Just a shape off them You don't have to make that makes you comfortable. Are you? Think that are not going to be as you like them And the Harris again? I don't bother too much. I'm not. Is that when I see them stay and think about it? How should I drop that? What, Least what shape of the face? Those times, nothing good are beautiful. So to say, comes out. So this face over here, Maybe because I was under calmer and that was feel me that I was just thinking What am I going to say? This is not my based face anyway. And because it's been a long time since I have been during with my non dominant hand this happened. But I still offer what I don't like that much had the lives their very being cool leaps And I are just not kind of probabilistic from my point of view. And this'll happen after you finish drying your face. Basically, I did. You gotta start criticizing and finding that I didn't do that. Well, I didn't get well and all that kind of stuff, but in time you will realize that this is just fun verses. And here I haven't been feeling 6. Draw with a pen: Okay, so we are going to drought second base and a musical Get my non dominant hand. Let's see the star If something those came and I'm gonna search toe a pair basically. But then that you will use everyday basis only that eighties Powerful. Yea, burger is one of my favorite colors. You can beginning caller. You can be black if you like, or blue. And I give I'm going to started eyes Course. Okay. No, it actually live somewhere here and again. I'm starting with the eyes. You can start with what? Emma feels comfortable for you, but I think that leave the face has not have eyes is just not according to a book anyway. And how so? As you can see only drawing the eyes. And already we have something on a pay far. Man, I'm going to start No, sit and watch this. What a nose. And then there it was some shadows and lying. No, both. Yeah, Going back two years, efecto believe, just like t and there to the leaves and and distant trying to make them singer just like that. Yeah, Not very good. But anyway, Chief, And in this way you see the heavens drawing this? Because I have I feel that this going to be too wide face. Nadal won that. What if I forget? Important is to their first up I but, uh, bro, because during the hair, then, um if you start drawing the hair too low, it would seem that there is no forehead. I didn't want that. It'll just look art Just give her some, like here, Okay? It was really, really odd. You know what I'm having? Fighting process. This is the second face, and you're going to continue to drop faces regard known Jamuna hand, and you will see that after a while have to throw. I don't know how many. I guess the £2 trout just 67 Both is we could have feel more comfortable driving, and you're gonna start to love them, just like and please don't stick with one pen on one. Just one bends to destroy several art supplies that you stinker suitable for you. Because you never know. We try Be better. Which one is going to feel more natural? This is really, really hard. And one of the reasons I'm fuming this after so long you know driving faces because I want to just be jelling in the process. And I am assuming that none of you have done any practice beforehand. So this is why haven't done either, because I want them to be change. 7. Draw with Posca markers: Hey, so we are back in here and we are going to draw our third face with the bus. Camara Care as you can see if it's Posca, Marker Fan is again one of my favorites. It's requests or deal better, Shouldn't say And, um, on the package it says Emerald green or as moral for any anyway, it is route in money language. Again, we're going to start during the eyes and I'm bravely pretty chorus how this is going to feel okay, and because this is a big tip, it has a big tip. It is one point fade to pull five millimeters, depending on home, you'll keep it and how you'll make him works. So you already done with the waste highs and do now is Look how beautiful. And because me, I'm going to browse. Okay? I don't see with the legs. They're always so program on TV. No. Okay. And again, it's It's contour. Well, in her neck first, certainly somewhere. Yeah, here is my her some bulls or something. You don't play with this. And there's some basically ships by this line. I'm going to go the other way. Yeah. Anyway, so this is its third face, and I already started liking what I'm doing. And this is because of practicing a little bit so I can practice how much you like. You are going to get each time a different result. And the beautiful part with drying with your non dominant hand is. Then you can come with your dominant hand off the words after bringing the sketches and call a read on acrylics. I love so much at a crazy and I'm going to try to do these on this face is like their own. 8. Draw with a colored pencil: So, um, we are a face number four have number them. And this time we are going to use color that pencil or what? The color pencil. I'm using watercolor Branson with ink. That is the current in. Thanks. Our pencils is April Green. This is just another color that they like. It's a greeting, a migraine or something. They got April Green April going, but anyway, you can use whatever you have Any color to bag can be. What? Color or not? Um, we heard just practical e um, using guns, many supplies, different supplies as we can. As you, um, as many as you have just to see how it feels on the whole hand how it feels to draw them. And at some point, you're gonna find one that it's more you and it doesn't want to use that to trial. So this lets get started. Enough. It talking again. I'm starting with, uh, with eyes next Suddenly big our eyes this time justice done. You like to travel be guys. This song looks more than this one. So what are we doing? My this smaller too? Just playing some nice as you can see. Probably you can notice you are going to make different lines and different marks with Ben and different martial the pencil. Um, and this is what I want to just to experience and read. This thing is going toe. Bring that out off you and, uh, going to make you wonder what kind off our supplies are better for me again With the mouse can make a moral fancy. One you feel like or maybe not just jobs. So kind of shaving even to his nose. Thousands have to be perfect in me. Forget about that. - Just like about. And all this did, uh, shape of the face. I see. And for that, I'm just I feel that I have to, um, turned this kid's book in such a way to feel more comfortable drawing it. I don't do this. Gonna draw with my I don't mean in hand. Or at least I don't think I do it en route. The bit of color pencils for what color pencils is that, um, you can draw soft lines that you can, um, follow them or nuts if you like them. Like the postcode markers, each other bold. And once you have put your mark into the pain for is not going to just smooth anyway. Just going to be sitting there unless you're using some kind off watercolor paper. And you're you are going to use water immediately after applying the Posca? I guess so. Anyway, this is the Harris. No listed a happened. Oh, neck first. You don't know if you can see that camp for your able to see it. I'm going to go back in for just I think it Sho. Don't forget about the ear, See if you like tonight. Hours. If not, drop them. Like right now. I feel that I don't have toe. Make this one over here. Just going to stick with this. If her What is this? This is her left side. So more hair on here. They noticed that hurt. It's just going to be somewhere whole site of the paper. I tend to do this. A lot started to draw, and then I made the face to be for the paper. And I kind of love this. If you don't like it, you just try to stay on the page. And when started to draw the face, make sure the proportions are just going to stick and be on the bay Far if not, there's no such big of a deal. So again making some hairs here, then I can tell you that I love drawing with coloring pencils. I thought that pen or open the 1st 1 to use Father. It's my favorite. But right now no, I love colored pencils better. And that is because, like I was saying, You can grease soft marks that you can eat of emphasize Lee. There are dropped. And if you don't like, is this that single? Soon? That was my bill. I think somebody's at the door. 9. BONUS - Painting the face part one: So we're back, and I'm going to try to a caller the space using acrylics. And I have here some my favorite collars when it comes when it comes to acrylics. Um, so practically you're gonna use I don't know, three or four colors I used white. And this is, um, said kind off warm gray for this. This is what says on the package. And then I have, um, transparent red or middle Red, which is not actually already is more like a pinkish red. And I have something class. Yeah, or to cause greed. Anyways, I'm going to start mixing this and I'm gonna use the clean gray or gray, or I don't think this is a great anyway, So I'm gonna started her forehead and because I have such a a teeny favor, I'm just, um, going to use more of acrylic rather than water thinking here again, that gray, which doesn't look like great to me. But anyway, it's more like beige kind of collar. So little playing some Rowell lines now strokes. Don't worry about it too much. Gonna beat something big somewhat right now to make it a little bit. Fight her here. Take some water of a very the the water because I Okay, the paper is not holding that month weather. How about some point you make people feel that, uh, the lives aren't going to disappear, and you may be afraid that you are not going to see the face I usually draw at some point. That's okay. That always come back and, um, spark more wise and created the future, though Future of the face. So you know that more I came to hear, so are our beliefs. I'm just disappearing. Not to worry. Put some thinking here it's ready. The car leaps. Who's no? We have that kind of Messi face oil with her hair. I don't know if you can see that, but Red is really showing choice transparent which alone? The lines off the fan seal to show True, you make all right that on that kids. And now for the eyes, this kind of tricky Remember, this is just face of whimsical faced also have to be perfect. We are just playing. I see way larger than the other by doing her emails. And I didn't some off the dark should ums under her nor move from there from most just a little bit. Okay, Now we are going to let this dry. But before that, I'm going to use another clock that I don't have on my palette. Ah, which is purple? I'm sorry, which is purple. I don't use black because it's the bolt. And I'm just going to take a teeny little bit generally a little bit and use it on her eyes on a popular It's my gonna take a little bit more And that's about it for now. Gonna live it like so. 10. BONUS - Painting the face part two: So my face is now dry. I only added off come some blue for the blues. But other than that, I haven't done anything else. Well, when a face gets to this stage, I like to use, um, pencils, color differences to just defined face futures. And I may find it that I want to just atom or acrylics a dance Maybe, But for now, I'm just going to peak. Usually I'm using the violet or defend ego, just kind off, um, define her face of shape, the next eyes, whatever. So let's just get started. I'm going to start with her hair line. And how is the moment when I decide what kind of shape that's her face has? Que I like this gap in here. So I'm gonna live with, like so so just a little bit eyes. I like them a worthy. But I think for my black best with they blue So this is then Spence ALS Are they have Inc. It was a big man. So if I decided to go with my brush her on the eyes are around the face, it'll create some luring effect. And I love that. I'm just going to add a little bit more shadow on her neck here for her face to It's just some red for she I'm barely touching the paper. So this is a very soft, gentle drawing and coloring for around. And I liked to the great also send up more que I don't see her bro's. So, for that matter, he's going to draw that one again. So you were so where I'm here, they're not symmetrical. Have to work a little bit on that. So let's take the brush. And this is bright and bold. You see, very variable what we do in this case. I just want to use that tissue to take some color back. No. Okay, we are going to move them well to dry. Look at this Antigo. Yeah. I just love to activate intense pencils. They are so vibrant. And the colors are so wonderful. Look at this. You may use other colors if you want. Maybe your hair is boned, not read like this. Mine. You don't have to copy. Make your own color choices. That's fine. Even whether so, kind of shape. Yeah, uh, for some color, - just like so 11. BONUS - Painting the face part three: we're going toe to try her nose Amusing. This is break it birth. But I will use some green It's just a calorie Started me toe the sketch Then he shows catch - O k Let's talk to beat again the caller shows all right? And yet single loops. - Okay , thanks. So highlights her hair. Okay, that's too much. I think I need to black again. It's very involved. I don't want to use too much going to do the same on the other for right. The white of the eyes is just too white Now it's more like it. - Okay , so I think this is it. We are goingto leave her life days because, um, if I continue, I'm afraid that I'm going to overdo. Can you see what I'm doing here? So I'm just on Lee got into a boss Camara for and just a mark. So her blows and some gods and that's it. We are going to just leave her as it is, because I think I already down to launch her, and that's it. And the reason I choose to, um, color this face and not one called Mr Faces just because I like these very very much, and I don't want to color on them. And, um, I may be coloring this one too. I don't know, uh, I think another facing here that I love. I didn't feel this one, But look at this Face is just gorgeous. Is this'll one does not have the pencil finishing. Oh, and I don't think I'm going to touch this face because I like the way it is right now. With that things said, Oh, think of for being with me all along. I hope your faces are just wonderful and that you have fun drawing of your non dominant hand and I'll seal in another class by