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Drawing the Half-Figure Tutorial 3: The Dynamic Frontal Pose

teacher avatar Julia Hayes, Byzantine Iconography Tutorials

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Dynamic Frontal Pose 3.1

    • 2. Dynamic Frontal Pose 3.2

    • 3. Dynamic Frontal Pose 3.3

    • 4. Dynamic Frontal Pose 3.4

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About This Class

In this class we will learn to draw the basic structure of the half-figure of Jesus Christ in the dynamic frontal pose. This course presupposes that you have completed the courses on drawing the face.



Meet Your Teacher

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Julia Hayes

Byzantine Iconography Tutorials


Hello, I'm Julia. I'm a South African born byzantine iconographer with 16 years experience. I live and studied iconography in Greece with teachers including master iconographer George Kordis. I have also studied Theology and done post-graduate studies in Liturgics at the University of Athens.

So what are these iconography tutorials about?

This is not a standard weekend iconography workshop where you simply learn to  trace an icon and "paint-by-numbers". It was never the tradition of the Church to make "photocopies" of old icons, but sadly this modern "tradition" is destroying the creative tradition of the Church. Every period of iconography from the Comnene to the Paleologian periods to the Cretan School has it's own style within the Byzantine system of painting ... See full profile

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1. Dynamic Frontal Pose 3.1: way. Hi, Welcome to Gunther Tutorial in the series, enjoying figure and the previous says, and we look to join hands and civil different gestures. And now let's look at the basic structure for joining half figure in front of cars. If you're preparing to paint the icon on the panel, you can either draw a sketch directly onto the panel or you can drive onto paper and then transferred onto the panel. In this case, you should drop the exact kind of the panel and the red border if it has one, so the proportion will be correct. Panel. We can assume that this piece of paper is and we're doing access line. We will mental a second exist. It's not the off center because we never joined figure in a dynamic pose, and if it's on the same, it'll be end up being offset. So we're gonna use this is access. They will find the points way. Top of hate will be leaving enough room for Halo about if you work on a panel that has raised border. The hail can come out of over the race border. If you just have a border around the age or flat panel. They make sure you just leave enough room so that touching the border so well, have a talk about head here. And they the left off figure is three hits. So with my into three hits and they've been leaves in space at the bottom, it's best not to make it shorter than three heads because they create problems we're trying to put their hands in and it can end up with a head looking too big to fail. So we have after the hit for the figure. Well, divide this into four. Many of the large name just this one could be slightly longer. The Children for it. It is the same life is ahead. It's got the one on this side again. Hey, now I'm just like a lot of beginnings make is to start with Hague and they drop all the details in the hit and they try and find a way of body fixed. We're going to start by working out without head. We're gonna put all the body parts in place and in the last thing we're going to do, it's from them. The details on the face. Now, if you want to five the shoulder height. Again. It's a close with over here on the bottom of the name, but that's a drop of the shoulder. We added a section here we get approximately one Hall hates. Now let's hop. Hates is an important measure because that's the width of the body without the arms. So I'm gonna drawing with the body, remain in the side's gonna be cycle border on this side. The body will come in next, Coming roughly here. Put him exactly the legs off. The upper arm is also 1.5 heads. So without him, the upper all coming to around here now, a mistake that a lot of beginners make when drawing icons is instead of working out way the arms in the hands for they start immediately trying to draw moments and they don't stick a hand over here. It'll come out funny angle that if you look with hand actually comes from it's coming from hippo someone. It looks like it's amputated from the race of the arm way. Always start right putting in before bulls heads arms before we close 2. Dynamic Frontal Pose 3.2: I would join a foot leave way. Might see the hole on the with the length of the arm from the finger to the album is also one off heads. But in 1/2 figure like this when it is, you're not seeing the whole arm because it's at an angle, so it's not gonna be a full one whole. Heads, we're gonna have a population coming around here. Remember that the link off the hand is the same as the oval face. So what about the head will come around? The figure is an angle way. The broadside is coming further out towards the viewer in the narrow side. So this will be a bit shorter then the other one way. Have a gospel book. Yeah. Yeah. And they were but a rough idea of weight. Everything. And now we can start during the details investigation. We're gonna keep out lines and forms. Simple. So the drinking game idea how the lines work to create movements of rhythm and in light of tutorials, were looking more complex folds. So we'll have a line from the next and even see here. How using? I want first lines. And how will break could lines except for the main outlaws. Never gonna follow this line coming here and bring it around. We're gonna get the outline off the form first of the arm, and then we're going to stop. And we never has lines coming with no rhyme or reason for over the place. Everything flows from one lines. Next, crazy river and you can see how there's a movement here. Pray to buy these lines. I would like for again. You see the use of transfers minds this that and I'm here on excess line. You will always be a line a pizza here, which helps us visually to keep the Santa for that figure. 3. Dynamic Frontal Pose 3.3: and now we'll start doing hands in. You know that. Okay. - And hand friend Gospel book. For more information on how his hands into the previous video 4. Dynamic Frontal Pose 3.4: and in the lost and do it at the details. One point here offer. We get us even. Begin it. We'll make the nick balls out of here. But the life comes over here on a Jew via there's not often make that comes from this point . Forward. Yeah, ever one of us got stretched. Time you see, on the age of this reflected a lot that distinguishes us from the hair next to us. That's not his name. Doesn't now . What's draw Haley wants find middle of hate, Not the exercise reviews. Okay. Yeah. Now it is on. Yeah, Headed to eat. There's no little about how Why? Okay. Way had crossed in front of you. Enjoy this. Next time. No way.