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Drawing the Half-Figure Tutorial 2: Drawing Hands (Part 2)

teacher avatar Julia Hayes, Byzantine Iconography Tutorials

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Hands 2.1

    • 2. Hands 2.2

    • 3. Hands 2.3

    • 4. Hands 2.4

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About This Class

In this tutorial we we learn to draw hands in several gestures


Meet Your Teacher

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Julia Hayes

Byzantine Iconography Tutorials


Hello, I'm Julia. I'm a South African born byzantine iconographer with 16 years experience. I live and studied iconography in Greece with teachers including master iconographer George Kordis. I have also studied Theology and done post-graduate studies in Liturgics at the University of Athens.

So what are these iconography tutorials about?

This is not a standard weekend iconography workshop where you simply learn to  trace an icon and "paint-by-numbers". It was never the tradition of the Church to make "photocopies" of old icons, but sadly this modern "tradition" is destroying the creative tradition of the Church. Every period of iconography from the Comnene to the Paleologian periods to the Cretan School has it's own style within the Byzantine system of painting ... See full profile

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1. Hands 2.1: who's how about them? In this tutorial, we're gonna continue studying hands, so let's get to it. Now look at how to do a hand holding a scroll we had a scroll about had coming like this four. He's and it's important being drawing things like hands holding scrolls of gospels that you leave enough room for the fingers to come around the object. The fingers are in over here. - Yeah , you have handled another way of having a hand in the scroll to give the school is open with text on it coming down like this, you have a top of the hand like us. - There's a simple life during the hand school. Now look, another way of having a hand holding a spear or something like that have on hand. How about those? - And it's yeah, comes to kick out for me hard 2. Hands 2.2: Now I can have a look at some of the more complex gestures, like the blazing hand, which there two forms is an open tend to form in the more K form. Well, stop breaking with the up and handed form and we'll draw the hands. I had a bit of an angle. It's not straight up and down. - This should live here. Here is another equal parallel line here. - Now , in this hand, the only fingers that will have fingernails off a small finger food finger in the middle finger this the index finger we started about it, but actually in the back of the finger. As with the farm, they don't have males and that this finger will be slightly wider than this one is the hands attorney. You seem place and there we have a 3. Hands 2.3: the next have a gun store is the more complex, archaic blessing hand, which could be a bit intimidating, but it's quite simple. We're going to want to parallel lines at an angle and we're gonna divide them into three squares like less. We're gonna draw life from this corner. It's the bottom corner. Another line from just above the middle of this square to that corner and another line from this corner to that corner. We're gonna do a circle semi circle that will come around like us approximately. And we're gonna start with that song just outside. We're gonna have to knuckles here for the fourth and the middle fit for the little finger. Ever gonna draw fulsome. Yeah. And that some of the finger is gonna come on to the semi circle line. All the fingers are gonna are gonna fall onto this semi circle one and a little thing that I'm doing this at a very funny angle. So I have to bear with me. Middle finger will come up like this and the index finger which this line or form the index finger come like this. The board of hand over here now the end of index finger will be slightly rounded because we actually live in the back of the finger and one draw a finger. Now, on the index finger, You moved all the fingernails on. They have a phone. This and not on getting the sun will be able around it because we're looking at the back of it, and then you have your blessing. 4. Hands 2.4: the last hand we're going to draw is ahead holding a spear that's drawn in a similar manner . Teoh cake place in hand. So draw three squares. Line like this, it will give us the line of the head. You start phone. We'll have three fingers coming in like this. I often see that knuckle form and they will have a hand holding the spear. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial until next time keep drawing is way.