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11 Videos (23m)
    • Trailer

    • Class Project

    • Supplies

    • Drawing usual objects

    • Drawing flora

    • Drawing pattern

    • Drawing on color paper

    • Adding lettering

    • Scanning

    • Preparing in Photoshop

    • Final thoughts


About This Class

In this 23-minute class, Olga Shevyakova, graphic designer and illustrator, will show you that drawing with minimal set of simple tools, like pens and regular paper, is easy and fun process. You’ll know how to draw simple everyday objects, floral stuff and lovely patterns. Also you can digitase your drawings if you want. 

This class is perfect for beginners and anyone who loves to have fun and try something new. 

No prior knowledge or previous experience in drawing required. Just a pen, paper, and little time and desire to draw! 


Trailer Music - "Rainbow Street" by Scott Holmes is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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Great Class!! Thank you :)
Paos Lopez

We all have magic inside us

I really loved how instead of talking incessantly she just showed you how to do it. The lettering was really helpful as she didn't just talk you through, but she also shows you how to do it. It's a great example of just getting your hands dirty, and going all in. I honestly loved this class.
Thank you for theses exercises ! It included some good strategies on where to put your focus. Suitable for everyone. If you are already advance, it's still a good opportunity to learn something new. I was not use to create a pattern, so I am happy. I am definitely happy enough to put it on my personal page
Caroline Boivin Thibault

Handmade should never look homemade





Olga Shevyakova

designer | illustrator | styled photographer

My name is Olga, and I'm graphic designer, part-time illustrator, part-time styled photographer, full-time learner and busy mum. I like to learn something new every day, try new spheres of activity and share my knowledges with others) 

I really like Skillshare because here we can learn from each other and communicate with other creative people. That's so cool, isn't it?=)

And I like to make some nice photos and here is my Instagram account