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Drawing on the right side in upside down mode

teacher avatar Lynette Schuld, Fine Art

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 34m)
    • 1. Introduction to Course

    • 2. Draw on the right side

    • 3. Course Draw on the right side Class 2

    • 4. Course Draw on the right side Class 3

    • 5. Course Draw on the right side class 4

    • 6. Course Draw on the right side class 5

    • 7. Course Draw on the right side class 6

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About This Class

The topic under discussion is how to access the right side of the brain.

The theory is that people are either left-brained or right-brained, meaning that one side of their brain is dominant. If you're mostly analytical and methodical in your thinking, you're said to be left-brained. If you tend to be more creative or artistic, you're thought to be right-brained.

But I am of the opinion that both sides exist in all of us and with a little bit of practice we can all access the right side in ourselves. The following course demonstrates techniques you need to master when illustrating.

In this course I am using a charming photo taken by a photographer, Marta Everest (with her permission).


Know that you can!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lynette Schuld

Fine Art



I am Lynette Schuld. I offer art classes at my studio in Bethlehem, a small town in the Eastern Free State of South Africa. Over many years I have build up a fast range of knowledge and skills. I work in many mediums from oils, acrylics, watercolours, oil pastels, soft pastels, ink, graphite, sculpture clay, charcoal up to mix media. But my niche is painting large 1,2 m x 1 m and even bigger, oil and acrylic paintings on canvas. I teach in my native tongue, the Afrikaans language but, most of the time it is best to follow by example, to let your left side rest and to immerse yourself into your painting. Where needed I will transcribe! 

Please visit me on my website to see my body of work.

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1. Introduction to Course: I will emit short, I'm an artist and I've been teaching for 35 years in all art mediums and all ages. For the next six classes are going to teach you how to access the right side of your brain. By using the right side of your brain. We go in and do our drawing or big job binding upside down. I'm going to show you in the next classes how to do it upside down. For the next few lessons I'm going to shoot and techniques with you. 2. Draw on the right side : Dr. Facility, do you think would be coming off with the crop in the skull of the listed of good direction and identity vector from come back but skewedness and sort of understood. So slightly so that the next day, but I am convinced scope, this Eukarya David Deal, funny bone, this deal, but you would co-prime or she will. The DMCA. But also notice it is lutea wrote in soft pastels. In order to achieve will be somebody posteriorly case phrase stick and I fear of Susan all-star was involved, not a home business variable listed mark if fear and they see others like fusion seek languages presumably the stereotype conduct no known best foot. And none of the time means, as usual. For VHDL be stuck-up alike. Us Navy named Silvio and smeared if admonish, going to go into it, cut off many planes, DMCA, claim fame, languages, many puppies. Toby is my punk and vanco lack of a good idea to me. But as Boyd means that it could break could actually declare the slight Duluth and make me don't incur clear to that. Soon enough the pianist FOR Bella hope that VAD, let's be clear as Clark Doll according work on Monday and both Verifit and are made me to look strictly at all for that sphere cocoa, look goofy. It, no big deal. Finish this for a good graphic line and the alphabet, the threat real Neil tubulin via, via, via sudo ADA blocker. Could I Dawson things to assist in blocker? Welcome you to the learnings. Zoom-in of me and x Scotsman medic work at community perceives maybe linear own procedure. Real, real, real mom, yes, bookies, loss. You're going to see NIH health delights, my raspberry Bernoulli, my mainstay inequity balloons and Vedic might walking the dog home. And you can see I've seem to 2 FADH icon loci. Now after a number of nuclei with mommy and make your dieline album to blas Madonna. In deep lucky. He cannot see the line from it was inaccurately disclaims. If it's crates. These worker lacquer private key on full on front of that is D media CIA. I made a funny way in diastole and enable and disable this annual biannual. Isn't the right the fun bit elbow. If a new Grafana vice inviting Missy as my deck. But he said that ice with the consulate diversity on our dependence upon no dice, no olds to the different tier can remove a kernel throat. Clear isn't very nicely because it doesn't meet that goal. This is the national economy down from the mighty belong or extend. You can in a complex to her, in her black pursuing look at this excluded the Maga called Anti-Trust Act and the clear aid equipment off with the topic econ near to me. And that viscometers exceeds that of the alkene induced in a glossy clear MCAT bag, could backup your stuff. I'm going to meet my book betas, look at maybe don't get it back at some of the food in and make me get the 70 books and a comedy don't call supernode, not O'Brien. And honey. Monetised, good brine. Now look like a CCA after European Renaissance. Block in blast is lacking on Lady Yun that tight open line. My genotype, the technique of Linux and nine years that van via lactic blue, you know, epididymal Rafa do now open up for on a remnant seen as 1960 of her moment of uneven frequent senior 100 became. And you choose to proceed my therapy as soon I hope you stopping burning 10 gives out when doing good. Settlement on a roof, you do a 100 via fine American military honors, DC. And have you seen them by doing a 100 and I counted all looking at me. I'm glad she's like my foolishness, my puppy stoke is a book. What do we give them? Benny can begin toilet poppy, red and the blue smears year ago was by him and media. Snapple communion. He's invited, don't like static. You begin speaking long-term Iranian, going up. The key off concept, you'll be with you and then we'll continue. I couldn't not unlucky and you can say liquid didn't work, maybe not resolved is going down. No single cell up being the same. Learn look ofs is biotite songs early on is these little Thanks. Wouldn't like me, the sun is almost got it. Nice and clear. Awesome. Die with my need more refined. Unless like I know how Mozi on this person creating fell to the energy and this can be tricky. Clear, funny, because DO now Novaya on default, the lecture last night? It's called volume. Hi. Vicki will earn yes, sure. Actually, because of this also V ideally clear in pregnancy or unclear what the team few tasks to the biggie who been done since we're running yeah. For building spill of a role in their kind of beauty vectors and Nate ammonia. Okay. A dy, dx by its own modern back at this, you know, from past standards and lack of Seneca medium. And you've got the network level measure. Bad as you felt, the more discipline means, send us, tell us we can meet. Click on this. The key findings. Consistent DNR order. It's funny, word is needed me is often a soft pink pin. Books it clear. My brain with drugs. As minimum in pink or more connect my academic boss is a brand new cassette, no conductive, persistent, clear, synthetic. See, soon enough. This law, who love of your life. 3. Course Draw on the right side Class 2: Nice, nice. Okay. Now I'm going to give me lambda is known. Use the opposite. Isn't physical. Thinker of these omegas. Yeah. Hi there. Hi. These are going to do This is ambient up and medical services the style of liberty NAPQI. Yes. There's one thing I wanted to begin on her own. Met Alice finishing touches now, deepening the nappy on hand. 4. Course Draw on the right side Class 3: So this is hi Mike. Many oddities in unhelpfully. Neck and neck and neck and homecoming pleases when a bone tree stump and y Omega and to sit with combine them. This is, this is this number. So look at them from the side. So pursuing a smoke. Hello for the system. So now we're going to see a filament. Many don't get uncommon. Okay. No Han and could be via look the stickies ADA and sent it the cognitive distance from x and find some new things. This clearly out and he fell clear is seen as he can. Integral to come up. Don't go over Vienna formula six. Since the sinfulness systems six states. 5. Course Draw on the right side class 4: Many don't get uncommon. Okay. No Han and could be via look the stickies, ADA and sent. Take a cognitive distance. Learning facts and fun. Clearly out of the felt clear is stream currents, space. And you see mocks into loci. So don't go over TCP at a formula. Okay. So synchronous systems. Hi, students. Now I'm going to lose me. So more swells, cloud and the mock meters a, the hill to Commedia could simply go on in ED. Glad this book, my bosses navy lost its own glove and boosted me on us on at the same time all coming down at the ankle. Inner Mongolia need to frequently to suffering of the sticky funny aren't I? Let's just assume that then fan getting caught now going to be double. Okay. So. Included, despite that are concurrent with fat. I don't see mobile elements on your systems. Hi. 6. Course Draw on the right side class 5: As the author and the ADA, It's none of you anybody don't go to and will be felt. Set up clear. This one's a big deal to us and most of the oxygen on the right will be on a body. Fossil. Good idea. I kind of feel that comes with the staffer. And so this was my school that I think we've gotten to physical at kind of became more, kind of more like just simply opening. Want to be a peaceful. Now finally picked up from my doctor. Doesn't get to see Norway in a more immediate Animals. Thank you. Not usually. Describe the fingers would be leaky and GD, center of mass will be keeping me in. My focus will be clearly said, No, you need to get Smith. It's clear that the rocks in the union versus when it clearly thank you. Clear detail. We see that flip doors. I'm grading on a PC. Nobody swept by bonkers, no yelling loss. It became a thing. The police since I slow. 7. Course Draw on the right side class 6: Good. Since I slow. Doesn't look, these banana piece comes from within. Music for disease coordinating. Sit with you, discard even LCA informative. I scroll. Scroll. My goodness. Society. Assume that in the blank. Being used to put the hiking, hoping. Million. No D loss. Please pick up all the detail lost in this fight alone. Let me see. This is my C drive. And sit. Great. The English begin. Swapped. Clinical. Gonna make them himself with the mobility swapped. No deep, funny, goofy. Die. Hello. Now, to fund the etas disappear the deal boil to learn. It really only works with summer scholarly BOP. In the Swat definitions. This is what I will do. Not only them, but we look from a standard of dying is an income to talk on this, I steal your skill. Skill. I'm picky food for me. So I didn't sit alone. Equal to scarred the only be honestly but different. Scott.