Drawing on the iPad with Adobe Draw | Maggie Hobson-Baker | Skillshare

Drawing on the iPad with Adobe Draw

Maggie Hobson-Baker, Art and Design

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7 Videos (52m)
    • An Introduction to the Project

    • An Overview of Adobe Draw

    • Adding your Image and Starting a Sketch

    • Creating a Color Library and Adding Color

    • More on Drawing in Adobe Draw

    • Adding Local Color, Shadows and Highlights

    • Finishing up!


About This Class


In this course I will show you how to draw with Adobe Draw on your iPad.  This course covers the tools inside of Adobe Draw while showing you a method to approach a drawing.  You will learn to add an image layer as well as how to add a drawing layer.  

In this course we will work with adding a color fill to our shapes with the paintbrush and paint bucket.  You will learn how to create a color library to reflect the colors within the image that you are drawing.  

In this course I am working with an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.  Any ipad and stylus will work for this course.  





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Maggie Hobson-Baker

Art and Design

Maggie is an artist, designer and Assistant Professor in Studio Art, living and working in the Philadelphia Area. Her work reflects her love of shape, color, nature and design. She loves drawing on her iPad, and Bamboo Tablet as well as working with traditional materials. You can often find her with her camera and sketchbook in the woods. She is especially interested in the dialogue between traditional and digital platforms in the creation of art and visual images.

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