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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (7h 52m)
    • 1. Intro - what this class is about

    • 2. Drawing icons - organic shapes

    • 3. Drawing icons - artificial shapes

    • 4. Applying color

    • 5. Creating outlines

    • 6. Summing it up

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About This Class

This class is for everybody that wants to use Adobe Illustrator, especially begginers that are not familiar on how to do it. Here, I approach a more practical way of how to do the drawings and try to leave the theory aside. I talk about what the concept of an icon is; try to give plenty of examples of icons for organic and artificial shapes; them choose a couple for apply the color; and, for last, create the outlines for a more complete drawing. If you are an advanced connoisseur of this software and still manages to learn one thing or two, then I gladly achieve my objetive. So, time to learn!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriel Ortolan

Illustrator & Animator


I graduated in Technology in Graphic Arts (almost the same as Graphic Design) by the Federal Technological University of Paraná (Brazil) and also completed a Post Graduate on Comics and a Post Graduate on Game Design. Right now I'm trying to improve my drawing skills. It's not only something I believe I'm good at, but also my passion, although still have a lot to learn. And by doing that I discovered another thing I love: animation. Well, in fact, tradicional animation. Check out my Youtube channel for more videos.

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1. Intro - what this class is about: Hi everybody. I hope you are doing well. My name is Gabriel and ons project. We're going to draw on Adobe Illustrator. The objective here is to show different tools and resources that the software has to offer and create something from scratch. And what are those drawings? I intend to make icons that you can find in nature with Nick shapes like trees and flowers. And icons with more artificial shapes like the ones you can find in a city, such houses and cars. Then I intend trap light color to some of those icons, changing them into actual drawings. And for last, starting some drawings from the scratch, put, beginning from the outlines. This class is for artists that still don't use Illustrator for doing their work. So shy began. 2. Drawing icons - organic shapes: Let's first open in Illustrator. And by the way, I'm working on CS F6. And to create an art bark, you go to File New or control when we're gonna name it. Plenty to underline drawing. And this all can be changed later. But here you have the option to choose the size. There are a few options too big. Or you can go with one size that suits you the most. Putting the width and the high over here, I believe that's fine for us. You can change the units, can pick points, pixels, inches, and so on. And the orientation. Now, this is important. If you plan to print it. You have true geek semi. If you plan to just show on monitors and projectors and you go into a place on the internet and so on, you're gonna choose RGB, right? So it's extremely important. And if you perhaps, uh, forgot to do so, to change the color format, just go with two file document color mode and pick one another. Right? To start off, I'll try to tell you the two that I'll be using it shortcut and what I intend to do with it. Hopefully, I try to do it for every two or a resource. But if I forgot to do so, my apologies in advance. Alright, but first, let's try to introduce the concept of icons. You'll know when you are in, perhaps in an airport and looking for the bathroom and you'll see these beaking bend to our shortcut. So let me draw a line. It should selection. This is an important thing when you are working on illustrator. You can choose align interests selection. That is going to align the only detour of it. In this case, we are working with anchor points. True key, anchor. For example, when you have more than one object, for example, like this. And you'll want to align it. But you don't want to align. Fired at the top of it. Because when you do that, Let's say we want to align it in, get top of d z squared in not that one. Because when you do that, it's going to align via the object that is above. And we don't want that. Instead, we are going to align two key object and you can select this or those. In this case, it's already selected and we can align. And one last thing, you can align, true art board. For example, do it by the top, it automatically go to the top of an aardvark. Okay? So a few things for you to learn a lot about this selection, to select all the objects and select anchor points. That is, the points that are seen here. You select a or this white arrow and select those. Alright. These, you can see that but it's, it has a color feeling. It. We want to now turn it off. And I guess this is fine just so our DLL here are yeah, I guess is it is fine on just one true. And one more point and should do so, I'm going to choose add anchor point to or the plus sign, okay? And turn it. Turn it like a curve. Because all objects that should draw ongoing, true by default. That's just for example. It's going to be like these and not like this, okay? It first draw online and straight line and you can adjust the way you want after. Okay. I guess this is fine. Just so yeah, it's fine. It's just an example. Now, I'm going to drop. And if for that, I'm going to use L bar, go into the menu. And if you hold Shift, it should draw a perfect circle. And if you let go of this shift, it turns like it is. Right? So as we went up perfect semi circle. Now, I'm going to copy that because you want the other size of the body should be equal, right? So copy and based on the same place. Or you can go over here, based in place with control shift v. And these are tools that are used most of reflect. Two are o. You can see here that is areas icon that represents the middle of it. You can change it for anywhere you want and it's going to be based on that should do the reflection. But it's whatever, I don't need to use it right now. And if you hold the shift, again, it's perfectly align it. So it works in a base of 45 degrees. Moving to the left, to the right, excuse me. And if you hold, Shift goes like this and you want to mix, then to close it. How do I do that? You go to Beth finder and the first icon right here. Now it should be close to farm, and it still has the same anchor points. There is no need to have that anymore. So with with did lead to anchor point to shortcut minus. We can delete it. And it has only just chill. Okay. Where you want to just tell glide and increase the outline that is going to be here on stroke are right. And I'm going to call P that. Again, a control C, control shift to V or 91 copy. Or you can hold out. Alright. Now let's do our female doll. With, at first. We weren't sure. Is this fine? And is just an example. And we're going to add a few more points. I'm going to do it on purpose here and here. And I'm going to show you how to align the anchor points. First, select them and trust selection. And we are going to want these, true. No one's on the right and on the left. The left and the right to be based on the selection that we're going to apply it to a vertical alignment bottom. So aligned like this. And Let's do it like this. And again, invited bottle and Beida bottle. I don't know if hit equal on both sides, but whatever. It's just an example. I know Ace. So yeah. So choose sum it up. When you see those icons, you know, where the bathroom is, right on the bet, you'll know how to get there. The icon is, speak far down self's. You'll know what the deal that you represent. And he doesn't matter. Did a language you because they can be recognizable anywhere. So let's satellite bathroom and create one more layer for finally, or organic shapes. Alright. So let's turn invisible and change the color to few and peak, dark gray. This is fine. And let's peak rectangle to shortcut M. Should do it chewed to basically the trunk of a tree. And the ellipse it to shortcut l should make the top of it deadly. Disease looking true reader. So you just have a few adjustments layer. And basically, I utilize the tools that we can see over here and the blob brush to shift to be as shortcut for a fuel drawings. But let's focus now. Being a tree. Let me see. This is a true, right? So let's change the tone and select, modify it. And again, you see me doing this steps a lot of times. I don't know. I think this is true. Perfect. Yeah. Kind of look at it just to another chunk, fleas. And of a2. Terminate. Should decide. And maybe copy and changed the orientation and shrink. Guess. Let's make a few adjustments here. It is fine. Make sure you don't know. This is just a normal tree. But I guess we are not making you look like a tree. So I'm going to add a more blinky off, more chunks off leafs. Maybe one here as well. Always change it. Change the orientation. Spinning around. Changed your position. Ooh. It looks more like a tree. No, that's not batter. Shrink. Make you so tall. Yeah, let's add more chunk of beliefs. Opening space for the new once, because that's the way it doesn't look like it. The icon off a tree. Now that batter Trudeau and the right side. Now let's make a few adjustments on from left side. Change size of it. And being around. Yeah, that looks that looks much better. Much matter. Now let's draw another type of tree, beginning with new rectangle two. And, and let's put eight more children right? For us to open space to do it. Signed. And let's make the top of it off the tree and outline it. Let's make the trunk thinner. That's right. Let's make the branches over here. Guess. That's increased in true. Yeah. That's too much. That's like these sand. That's an aged curve. Just fuel. Choose our points. That's fine. I guess. Now let's expand. And let's expand the whole object. And when you need to do it, you need. For example, to change one outline in one fuel. That's going to allow me to change the points of it and make Therefore thinner the branch. Now let's copy and paste. That way. Shane may be the first one. I don't know. Let's see if it looks right. If it looks better. Put it a little more. Up and shrink. Branch low it. Let's move it a little more to the right. What I plan to do is for us to copy and place on the other side, on the right side. The branches over here. Yeah. That's copy and reflect. R O S shortcut. That's reflect and move it to the side, to the right side, and move it down a little bit so it doesn't feel like a copy of these branches. It's 2a copy but not so obvious. And let's make, Let's make it curve. The finger point curve and the other one as well. That's better. Both sides up. Maybe a few adjustments. No adjustment here on the handle. Now let's try and make. Let me see another, yet another icon for a tree. Do sign. I guess. I'm going to do a pine cone tree. And begin by directing go, erase one anchor point and move it to the middle of the true finger points, and that's try and make it see how it disappears. The option, when you choose all the anchor points in the shape or the farm. That's because illustrator thinks that you're going to move it. You have. Just select all but one for true, or understand that, that you want to convert the anchor points, true curves. You know, this time I can, you can see here. And next try. And if you want the AD1 to covert, to convert to a curve, you can select it alone. Okay? And I really want to make it a top of it there handle just NOW. So let's peek at equal point. Let's put it in the middle of it and align it should amino. And let's try and make you'll see how it, if you just move it the handles, it's going to move the other handle as well. But we don't want that. We want to be able to move just one handle. So you just want to hold out. And that's just just a line. And you see how I created one square on top of it. And you see it. That's because we're agreeing to pathfinder and minus front. Okay? And you have to select both and minus front for eavesdropped beauty. Only the one that was most on the back of the beach. Or Director Burke, song might have strong is basically a farm that is on front. And it's going to erase all of it and all of the object that is behind and is interfering. Let's see. On the forum or a sheep that is on top of it. So it's up. It's a technique that you would slice a lot. And, and that's try and combine it. Let's copy a few times and enlarge it. And that's not fine. Let's make it bigger and the one bottom make it bigger as well. And that's make R31 even be here. Yeah. I'll be eager. And let's make the trunk with the rectangle tool. Let's make it the same technique that I used before, which will make the anchor points round. And later, were you interested in trivialize it? But let's first make it up the base of it. Later or larger. And Very cool. Let's try to diminish because I think it's, it was true for this tree. Yeah. Better. Control g, group and ungroup its control shift g. And with a group, you basically can move one piece that you know that you made separately and the others will follow. Basically, what the group command does is it you move one piece and the others will follow. You have getting side the group to be able to move the objects. And you can't move the points with the white arrow. Even if it's a group. You'll see. That's the way it works. If you tried to move with the black arrow, it's going to move all the, this whole group. And we've few must make an adjustment with the white arrow. You can, even if it is a group. Ok. Now lets use blob brush to shortcut the shift to be should draw. I, you want to make sure that the blob brush T2 has a few options. When you try choice to open. One calligraphic brush against like this, it's fixed. And let's put it to the pressure to us to be able to change the size of it. You can put the size that you want. Let's put it, say guess. And d variation. You can put it top six. That's because the size that you put them blob brush tool is determine it how much variation you can have. Ok, so let's make some relief. Some graphs over here. You can increase or decrease in the size with open bracket is when you need to decrease the size of the brush. And close bracket is when you need to increase the size of the brush. That works for all the brushes, not only for the blob brush. The variation is basically how much you want to vary. Your brush. And basic own the pressure field and base it on also on the size of the brush. And we're going to do to make use of the eraser, shift E to make it looks like a dress. Let's first. This same thing can that we did before. A cute, looks like it's passing through this line. And I urge yeah, let's make it bigger. Thicker in size. Yeah, that's fine. I guess. Now let's expand the whole drawing. And for, for us to be able to this rectangle, it's turned out one line to our rectangle. And we are going to utilize the same technique that we utilize before. That is minus front to make a perfect straight line on the bottom of the grass. And then use the eraser, true too few adjustments to raise it. Let's try something different over here. Like the grass. The grass is going to curve. And let's like DES. That's make also like grass. It's making a curve. A curve on the opposite direction. Later we're going to make a few adjustments with the minus the delete. Delete, anchor point. Yeah, guys, I guess these fine. Me. Yeah. Let's raise it. You see how I can erase only degress because each selected, if I try to erase another form, another shape, I want to be able to, unless nothing is selected. I guess this is fine art. You can go to convert to curve which occurs. And the, if you, if you hold Alt again and it basically move just one handle. And if you go to convert curve again, you can turn back the way it was before. That. If you see how you how you move one handle, you move the order as well. My guess is fine. Let me make a few adjustments. I guess. True. Sippar rated. Try in at a few more. I guess this is considered a leaf. I don't know. Yeah. And yeah. If you, for example, apply it the same color and you begin inside the color that you want to make. It unites automatically. But if you begin, for example, are you want to make a same color, the same color. And I began outside all of it and not touching it. It will the illustrator, you think that is true, different shapes and we will not unite them. I guess. This grass, this icon of progress. It's fine. Let's move. And what else has? Are we going to far in organic form or shape? I looked, lies again the brush to draw some bushes. So you can see that if you light automatically, I don't need to anymore. Things because I'm I'm beginning inside the previous done object. And how it's the same color. It automatically unites them. And over here, I begin to draw the line outside of the previous object. And you can see that. You can see how it, I was, I move the, the inside of the previous object. And then therefore, the illustrator thinks, thinks it's the same shape. That's one thing. Care of. Debt at ones I don't I don't feel like it's needed that debt that whole bunch. I don't feel like I need it. Because you want to make, I want my bushes. Chu, B. Let's use the same technique. This time. I'm using I square, rectangle, pardon me? And minus front. So I don't have it the trouble, true? Expand. First, make the alkaline bigger and have to expand and later, minus front. Pathfinder minus front effect can do it like this. Like great rectangle R. You will see over here. That is another blank and other, and other empty space. And you can see that this is a perfect curve. And because I raised one anchor point, these anymore. But I do need, don't, need, don't need over here a holding now to do so. These I probably will have two went up with d's incur point. Did result is better to look better. And we want to look weird, I guess. Okay. That's looking better. Yeah. Like DES and move like this. Yeah. This anchor point time it went from a senior Bush. And that one that's, wow, I don't need let's make it thinner. Because the points are thinner. We again get thinner. Like these. Move up like that. Don't meet that. Could make this thinner as well. Is toner? Yeah. Like not so so at me it just it that's right. I had forgotten. So yeah. No. But yeah, I guess I guess he's fine. And the radius. Make a few adjustments here. Like a little more, bam, like not so far apart. Like DES. That's among thing and consistency. And I guess does is that it forward to bushes. And we don't have anything should group that's put data site. And now what else? That has an organic form or shape. Let's use the, basically the same to the blob of brush. Should draw a falling long. Okay. So it's gonna be it's gonna touch the ground into points. Let me IQ. Brain Trevor here. Yeah. Next, try to adjust. It. Beats and nuts. Neat. Yeah. So we're going to paint it by selecting it the the shape and try to apply paint it with the live paint bucket shark to good, Kay? And what's gonna do? It's gonna to apply and select it color. That is the gray. And there can be no gap between the shape. Otherwise, it just won't work. Okay. Not painted. And these remain IT IS a live paint. We can expand and make sure that all of three, object, few and stroke are selected. And select. Ok. And there is now a group of it. As we are going to make some icons. I suggest you unite them. Ok, there is now only one shape. Let's now try to to fix a little bit both of two points that I don't need that DO need that, that will need that drug you. And over, over there, we just make a few adjustments. Should look more like a phonon walk. That's check if it's touching the ground. Because you don't want one side much more than the order. Let's make whoops. I think, oh, that's me. Get closer. It's fine. March into lefts. That's your duty. Few few own anchor points over here. So we don't have too many anchor points around. But the mass is with our shape. And try to set straight, do line up, both go. These need a fewer Fayyad. I need few more adjustments as well. Much better. Much better. And what else? May sing? Maybe it's a few corrects here. Let me see. Yeah. And 11 more poll here. Now we're going to paint it. So it doesn't look like this. This crack is wide open and delete a few points. A few Wayne guard points would be you wouldn't make sure that it's the most recognizable as possible. Because otherwise, it's one icon that is not recognizable by some Burson. It doesn't work, it just doesn't work as an icon. So that's y n. And try and show me a few adjustments here to look more like a falling log and old fallen log. Next to be to know the left side, these okay. It's fine. But the right side, that's the problem. I could trace out a line to see did for us to be able to see the interior. There. Now you can see the interior of the the falling along the bottom one. I did 3D do them like That's gave me it on March chance, but I I really don't think it's going to be maybe it just won't work. If we have more than one Martin, one crack on the same side. Triangle like this, should go around. Like that. I guess it's batter. Let's group make a cactus, Charlie. Let's make that. Let's query another. I believe it's called branch for it. I don't know. I'm not sure. But let's call it for now. So we have the main cactus and branch coming out of it. Let's try to make you thinner and set almost any Miro. And let's create a Bayes Ferrari. The base to eat. Let's be rectangle. That's applied to same concept are the same technique or the same method that we did for the trunks over overdose Furda trees going round, which will convert curves. I believe. Bayesian beak lets me Anish. No, it's true. It's true. It's almost the cactus must be a little more thinner in base, right? So let's try and make its senior or debase thinner. That's better, I guess. Yeah, that's at one more anchor point. Here and here. Yeah. And let's try to make it bend. And that's tried, true? Yeah. True. Band outside. And they're far. We're going to have true. Select both of them and go a little up. Yeah, that's the Keck. The format of the characters are right. And let's try and make fifth thorns solve it. I, I am using the rectangle tool. And if I delete, There is a rectangle, right? If I delete this, for example, this point over here, by selecting with the leet anchor point. It turns out that when you try to change the outlines, it has been connected. But if you try to delete with the key, delete or erase with the backspace, it's not going to connect anymore because you broke its connection. So to sum it up, before we select with the and incorporate that to need to erase with the minus two proper to it's going to maintain its connection between the other two points that remain it. But if we delete it, the anchor point, pressing delete, it's no longer connected. The two points that will remain it. Knights, make rate is fine. And one more here. That's right. And one more. Fair? Let's try and make for branch as well. It's been around, you know, that's not going to work. Let's try to me. Yeah. I may need blank line that we did with the eraser to separate the, the front characters from each branch that's supposed to be behind it. But first let's finish trying to put is 6'2. And speak that and diminish. Ooh. Not so tall. Yeah. And let's apply it. Like it was on the back of the main characters. In One more. Yeah. That's fine. Let's select the first, the second, and the fifth, and copy and place in based in place. And it will be like that. Yeah. Because the other ones would not have the third fourth terms would not appear because of the branch, the left branch. Let's put one more down here. These ones. I think it's true, beak thorns. And that MY adjust or make the distribution of the debt thorns. Let's select turn by turn. And only the men leaps on the, on the back and go to merge. What he does when I tried to move one thorn at a time. You can see that there is one hole and one white turn. That's because when you merge, you get these kind of results. So let's delete all if the thorns, oops, I don't. I have to figure out how it should do that later. But that that's yeah, that's fine. We just didn't delete the thorns over a year. So when you put a color behind it, let's make a rectangle and change a scholar or very quickly. And you can see that, you can see through this, the thorns, but not through these two that are still there and the others are not. So you can see through them that to me, more adjustments here because I've not yet satisfy it with the shape of our 2's. Not, not the shape but the position of the thorns. Let's try to shrink that. Phi true. Rotate one and draw a white dot. Yeah, that's our cactus. I still need to do the white line separating the main cactus Frodo left branch. Let me see what else. I know. I'll leave. That is in fact, let's pick another weight should do that. Or to apply the color. Basically, you apply the color dragging it either by diffusion or the outlines, the stroke to the object that you want to paint. Okay? That, that is one way to do that. Let me see. True converts to curves. And as well, you first select all the anchor points. The option to convert two curves does not appear. You have to select all but one for each true for us to be able to apply that. And if you need to apply to the last one, you can select just one. Now let's make the format of a leaf track. These one does handle. The sand was while holding now, k that's tried to neither ad nor it didn't eat. Incorporate, incorporate. That's fine. Yeah. Yeah, that's better. That's speaking file. And let's try to make both of them applied more a curve over Hugh. And nice way. Yeah, look, it looks like a leaf. They farm it off a leaf. And let's try to create an empty space over here, but let's select more visible color, should do it. Basically the same concept that we did with the thorns over year. But that's just one line only. That's fine. No, no. Let's convert curve and that as well. So we have more freedom to move the handles like that. Or maybe like yeah, maybe I went to a volume. When it's done. You can go and merge and delete the line that the dough kind of pink line over here, and it's done. But I think I'm going to tweet O with a little more space in the white. So let's select and drag the anchor points to make more visible. Yeah. Well, I think turns out very, very well. Let's apply the same way that we apply it on the fallen log along, along this line over here. Just separate the main cactus, our detectors, from the left branch that is supposed to be behind it. No, that's deleted debt and the debt because we haven't delete, then both. I'm going to basically copy pasting place. That's invert, increase a little more of a stroke and effect deleting. This time with the key, delete our backspace. All the points that we are not going to use to create our line. Over here. Oops, not because it affects our line. And that's the deta, these ones over here. As we don't need it anymore. Both terms. And there you go. We go and expand it. Fueled and stroke. That's good. Now let's select the one object behind an minus frome. That's good. And don't forget to delete the object that the rest of the bench that left he didn't in gray over, over in the back of the domain cactus. Now I'm going to try to unbelief sometimes of leaf that you can find in the swamp. Guess and other kinds of vegetation as well. The same idea applies here. Select all but one. Yeah. Let's try to make as a straight line as it can be on the top. A, and that's great. The rest of the leaf. That's good, I guess. Yeah. That triumph trialed out. I can do it. You can move the line directly in between the two anchor points over here. So that's another option for use. Oh, so you don't have true Maya or move the handles a separate Diddly. But I preferred that way. I prefer to move each handle as well. I imagine that, for example, all fall leaf should be more on the front. So I'm going to try to do it because that's the way I imagined. It should be. The previous throwing. I imagine to be more on this side, but I had to imagine it. It should be more on the frome, i guess. So let's try a tool that lets try, true? True. Yeah, much better. Yeah, much better. Sold. That's a few adjustments that needed to be done here. But the main the main format, the main shape. We are ready to go out. And best beyond the point or the tip. That leaf and littles. Let's convert it curves. I can, as a usual set 11 line to have a straight line, straight and one curve. And let's make for those as well. And that's manner. That's I guess for less. That's that's move this handle over here. Yeah, I really, if I got it. And now let us apply the same technique that we did with detectors. So there you go. Eat dead leaf. That leaf is on the front and the rest of the body of the leaf is on the back. So let's now do another kind of leaf. And this time, I won't, she, I want to make one similar to the flag of the Canada. Again, I'm picking the Pen tool. Should do it. But at the time, I believe all the leafs are going to do from now one, we apply the same concept that he is making the left side of it. And have you done nearly done, I believe because there is always adjustments should be done when you have the complete image. So I don't mind if you didn't get right or first time. You can still go back. That's that's making it round. And we need done first half. You can copy and base based in place. And using the reflected to, to reflect it and move to the right. And you feel need unite then. So I don't know how it's going to turn out to be yet. So let's do the best we can here. And that's don't look anymore like the one on the flag. Yeah, this looks banner here. Let's make it's not so so, so that definitely doesn't look like leaf off of the on the kinda Aflac anymore. But I tried to best that I can. David groaned, okay. Yeah, that looks more like a flower dan on a leaf. But let me try to fix it. Yeah, I guess we don't have a choice because the anchor point c is true far from one another. Let's create another point over here. Fan. Fix it. Let's select internal points. And let's try it with those. Yeah, that's I'm much more that's a much better choice. Yeah, maybe doing like this. Here. I guess it works. And let me try to do it for the top of it as well. And that guys is fine. And again, copy reflect peaking in one of the points and dragging it with holding shift. You see how it doesn't allow me when I hold shift. To move any where else will as you get out of the very out of the bath. But you run things in a straight line. That's one less thing to worry about. If you'll hold, shift and unite. There you go. That's another kind of leaf. What else? Let's try a make another, yet another kind of leaf. 123. Let's, let's begin. Bottle. And yeah, that's, let's try to drag it and convert it to a straight line. Oops. Well, what happened? It's basically when you use the pen tool and I draw the second, I place it the second anchor point and drag. I can manage to be able to make a curve right off it. And you fight, draw a third, it completes the curve, like it's a perfect curve. You know, let's try to add one more and to see, and yeah, that's a nice perfect curve. So that's what I did. Vary a hold and I pressed to make an anchor point and hold the mouse a little bit. And there we use traitor interprets it. It, it's like you're trying to make a curve with it. That's why I didn't notice. Right off the bat. Let's try a nice, nice little leaf. Let's try and make the external points again. First and see how it turns out to be. Actually it's not bad and both, let's fix it. Diminishing the handles and apply to handle over here. That's a nice have. Yet that's nice. But let's try. Let's shrink it. Much better, much better. And I'm going to try to convert the internal points as well. Let's select all of those and turn out two curves. Convert two curves. But now comes the hard part that is to fix those. Well, it's easily get it's easy to get lost on the what we just did it. Because the lines did not respect. You choose to do a curve and it does it does something very messy depending on the point that our own appoints. So let's try and fix it. Let's try and make all of those parts of the leaf. Thicker on the middle over here. And not and debase nor, nor did point. Yeah, it's a much better, much better results. Musically, this same concept. Copy, pasting, place, reflect, and move to do right? And you night. But at this time, not United. So you're going to have to do something like this. A little bit to the left or the right of the reflected part. And then you night. So I don't know why oh, illustrator does that. Although know-how. There's some times that you can unite. Sometimes it creates a group, and if you get in sight the group, let me change for you. If you get inside the group and you can see that, oh, it didn't like the way you want it. So it's very annoying, like and move a little bit, true. Do the reflected part, move a little bit inside the, the one that is already done. The next kind of leaf basically follows this same concept I want to make. On line separating the middle. That way, I'm going to have a line separating the leaf. Semi-dark to-do ones. I did previously put similar to do a one that I did for this one, convert curves and try to fix it. Yeah, that's almost like it. But not yet. I don't think that yet. It's still the shape that I am looking for. So and try to make a few adjustments here. So I can, I can find the perfect shape. I do not satisfy it. And enough, maybe if we elevate these point over here and drag needle through the insight effected. That turns out we'd better be birch matter. That is due to, I guess their use. Just what was missing. It was just the roamed the Round Top. No, that's minus front it. And create a copy and reflect. And finally, you night. Yeah, that's, that's fine. There you go. There is another type of leaf. And as one final leaf type of leaf, I believe this is going to be done also with the ban. But this time I'm going to try to do something different. Yeah, that's two sets fired. We fit. That's going to be a lot of adjustments. Troops x2. Yeah, the first one is not bad. Let's move. That's connected to one over, over there. Now let's do the second part of the leaf. And let's again convert curves, just these two points. One to move it yet. Let's get closer to the one on top. Yeah. I kind of like wire news is going. But TO let's draw the third, let me just pull over it up in the middle of the leaf. Yeah, that's tried to diminished because I, I1 to apply the same technique, to reflect it and then revise each. It turned out, it would turn out to be much weaker than I intended. So let's draw the third part. Oh, yeah. Curves and not make you copy. Reflect just the center part and move it. And let's hope it unites. Yeah, it night. Let's just get rid of this anchor point that we no longer need. And let's finally try it. Copy, paste in in-place. Hold, shift and grab one of the anchor points. While move it to the right. And I guess it's almost the same thing that the same shape, the same basic shape that we had on the previous one. It's a palm tree, but upon the tree does not look so aggressive, you know. Just one On your mark up, your toddler. Yeah. That's a much better bomb a tree. That's it. So that's a tip for you. If you, one anchor point doesn't need a curve, don't do it. But otherwise, if it's part of a curve, it helped create organic shapes like bet. Let's put to the side and make beaker where you want to make flowers, at least. So it's bigger. Yeah. Let's make it, let's make a five boroughs flower right here. So what it does is basically rotate your object as much as you like. In this case, as we want a five-year battle flower, we want to rotate it 700 degrees right here. 3. Drawing icons - artificial shapes: Not that creates an authored or in a year for us to work or make Archie show. Shapes. And y. One to mean my bet is men made like viewings, houses, streets, means of transportation like cars, airplanes, spikes and so one. All right, so let's first draw the icon of a house. I guess. I want to make that round cornered rectangle over here to see how it comes much coordinate. I didn't find a way, but true clique once. And the corner radius over here. So let's try three. Much. The same color now, taus. Now let's copy, paste and place change during flight. And we want to unite and truly Inc. as a whole and go up like days and days. Now, we want just one final touch. Let's make it chimney right over here. And let's position batter. What are you going to minus front. And let's copy and paste and choose true, no opposite. And sorry, I forgot. I forgot adding some new varying part and tricks band to make it like a normal object. And minus from there you go. And you raise it. I don't I don't need to anymore. Yeah. There is one house one type of house to me that as well. And it's making it like teas, like these. And we're going to want to add a few weigh anchor points. Surely it like the ones over here. And then you're going to want to line up the anchor points. Let's try and make the roof first. Or what we can for the first half. Often do roof. That's fine, I guess. Yeah, later we are going to align it it all. But first, we need to true. You'd like these. And this part is so much higher and like that. And it's good. And some windows and for less, make it bigger. Window over here. Yeah, like these. Null and that's I think it's shocking. Do roof. We got better. And make like that. Let me tease. And let's try to make these Pike. And these we'll want to sand it back. Yeah. And we went copy. But we don't want replace yet. Yeah. And because this part is already wrong, completely wrong. So we want to select both of these and minus front. Okay, it made a perfect alignment just like we want. And we kind of place net as final result. One, CH2M. Let me see. You inch true line like this and like this. And I can do this. Yeah. Yeah, not when sending back. We want true. Minus front. For now, let's copy that. Copy pasting place, reflect, and move each decide. And take a look. What Jesus door, I believe it was true. But first let's unite. Yep. Leto is molder. And for the roof, I'm going to copy paste re flagged. And I go to the top. And copy. Delays. Change. True, visible color, sand from fat and send a true back. It's more, thus this same site. And we're going to change. Increases at 1. Yes, that's it. And I'm going to expand. And from there you go. Ungroup. Again. Just Ds K. There you go. The second drawing for icon. Icon of a house is done. Let's see where else. Beauties. That's fine. I'm gonna just draw our simple building because I want to show at least three different types of buildings that you can do with our tools and resources than I'm going to draw. Right here. We are going to line it right. And my front. And I'm going to make the whole does hold rectangle over here. I'll window. So as usual, align and called a few of those. But let us change the color of them. Make it like this. Let's make another type of building. It's quicker if you are ready, have one draw like the one I have here, and need to make another draw that iss similar to this one. So we don't have to do it all over again. Let's make just a sidebar right here. That's selected the proper tool. First, let's try and make a few less fuel glass windows. By 18 this tree. Moving it to draw and can see that compounded path. You just have true compounded bath and release to make each one, to move each one of the drawings that you have here. Because it was a component bath. Now, each set amount of rectangles over here right now. Okay? So we can adjust the size are freely and you want to make it the size of the windows. Also bigger than I won't need. Topo one young going to enlarge it just by doing this to these. And, and two d's and select the whole, the whole beauty and minus. Ok. And I want to make out a larger beauty. So at least in number of windows, like DES, That's me, door first, paycheck and not so aggressive car. That's making it both sized jar, right? These and make sure they're medium. Cass. Yeah. And I'm going to choose to do squares. Windows like that one. That's lower to try because I went to like a tower or something. And Tana, I don't know yet. But let's focus on the window. We know that over here. Try and make something like that. One on Tinder. Right in the middle or fit a line, it And let's select this whole, whole beauty and Pathfinder minus. All right. What else can we find? For example, yes, CD factories. Factory, it's OK. Let's make, for example, like t. Yes. But not so high. Yeah. And like this, let's make some windows and let's select a few copies of it. And be a factor equal if it didn't have a chimney. So not too small, but really it is smaller. Like days. And place one rectangle over here. Like this. Or better. Set, true, chimneys I guess is going to be represent, I think it's this icon is going to represent batter a factory. But one is going to be not so tall. Yeah, like that. And we can arg2. And for the sake of it, we're going to to Alito smoke over here, I guess. The goal is smaller. True? Looks like it's coming right of this chimney. And let's put it over here. Yeah. I guess this is fine. And let's not forget shoe firms. If you can. Oh, there is a possibility of you unite all. What else can you find in a CD church, for example? This one is more tricky because we won't have all the time these these corners. It's going to be, sometimes it's good to be like rounded corners. So we want the stroke tour of fit. Now, we want that's tried and true polluted. Are you going crazy? It's not so much. What else? We're going to make. At least two sides perhaps. But let's not forget to change the color. Here. Is one. We're gonna launch change color as foul. No, let's erase it and delete the one on the right. And we're going to select both and minus font. That's making a copy of that right next to each yonder. Yeah. Let's copy it down over here. That location. It doesn't matter because we are going to align everything up later for us to be able to feet. We know over here. And for us to be a patrol on line eight. Oldness center. Yeah. Let's get and for let's try and make it like the way we went. Line, drawn line. I'm going to try and a crossover here, 1234566. So I'm going to just deliver beat and R, sh. Well effect, enlarge it to allot 11. That's perfect. Yeah. Though it is beginning to look like a church right now. And let's make a crossover here. Just tend to be more true to 123123. Cross over here. Well, Gong S is silent. I want eat, True. I want it to jump straight to the alignment that I have over here. But you didn't occurred. But no problem. We can do it even so. Let's grew eight and Trump on data. Yeah. And go up a few points. And let's expand. Yeah, that's united. Yeah, it was almost as wrong. And now it becomes no. It's just like that. E minus front. And we end up with the, with this circle. And ICANN. You can see it turn out to be o, because I didn't I didn't unite though a structure with no roof or something like that. But now it's out. It doesn't matter. So I'm going to group as well. Let's see what else. Alito star or I don't know what it's called. But you about see what I mean by that. Let's put some digital or write your window. I'll align it with that door, some big window over here. And I'm going to do it like this. E And what? 112, like this. But SIM card it. And lets me let's change it to come turn, won't send it back out. Let's copy this rectangle over here. And let's do it like this. Okay? And let's paste in place 123. Now, let in night or group called p-n based in place. Let's ungroup it. Oh, and he's made a copy of the offbeat all copy. Pasting, place I jazz changer. Truth from few true alkaline or stroke and increase it on Leto points for your points actually. And I can make it another color and grew and expanded here. And unite. Fan, I'm going shrew. Take all of these. And for our last two, we'd go in and choose Ungroup and ultimately mode. Yeah, and back, let's say the drawback. And Let's try that. Just go into object, envelope, the start and make with mesh. So let's make treats this time. And much make I straight line. Let's enlarge it. And let's make dashed line. And we can be like for I guess. Yeah, that's that's fine. Or me read less. Yeah. The gap lets me ten. And increase just six Perhaps. Yeah. Kind of like a road or a street, if you prefer. Yeah. Do says he's just for practice. And I want to make one for each side song we're gonna try and eat both sides. And when shoe, true. And not make them. And yeah. Just make like expand. And that's just to make I stop stop. Sign on a four on the street. Stop. And let's expand. So we can work with it in like some kind of drawing and enlarge it. Let's set a bit down and to ponder, an old debt doesn't make any sense. But just to show you, why didn't it should do. There you go. Yeah. And let's call p. Let's copy everything. And then I'm gonna just show you some examples of it's going to be like these, these arrows when that you can find in a road or a street or whenever. Let's try to make one over here. Change corner true, convolve. So one true and one true. Yeah, Chernoff looks nice. And were cooling shrew. Let me reset size, smaller. I'm going to call B then. And based in place. And going through like cuz we're gonna make like this. But rounding and rounding, then both. Are you to be able to do it like that. Signs that are pretty into it on the road are much more deform. It set these foreigner and these ones. And yeah, much better. And there you have it. Let's make a preflight troughs Qu First, I want to make a traffic sign. There are extremely easy. You just have to make one cervical line width, one wreck tuning, grew, copy and pasting place this soon. But this time we're going to make it white. For example, no parking. Have a, B. A, B. Oh neat. True. Expand. Naturally. Reach. Like the color that we're we're working with. And That's the line. That's inquiries. True? Five I think the size of it. And let's go with no parking. And there you go. Now, you make like this. And if you want, you want, you can expand and unite. That's going to be whole. Forbidden. Circle. Grow. Now a traffic light. I'm gonna change it to round. But this time just 1.5 corner. Yeah. And going to expand B side by the utopia it. And choose one over here. Yes, that's exactly what I want it. Let's make another one of these holding out. That is too much, we could say. Let's see. Yeah, it's not so much like this. Even night and fixed a little points. Ban. And pan. One sperm effect as well. And I'm going to choose one. Or can people can be any color for making their lines? The light. Let's make it a 100 year and legal taller. And so we can set even know the little lights and direct goal. We have a traffic light. What else? Light pulse. Again, we can do is one. And we're going to draw 1s and 1s, or a rectangle right here and right, align it to the middle of it and pick them both. So we can have our lamp here. And so it would be perfectly on a line. It yeah. And this one, we're going to leave it like this for now. Let's make a copy of this. And we're going through deep time, delete it as we want it. Just to the medial wall feet. I believe it's faster. We've if we do it with K life paint bucket. So okay. Now. We have to expand the field times and Ungroup a field times and delete it. There you go. And united. So you have one pole. But we want to make the double light bulb just copy and place and reflect it and align it. And so there you have it. And for the last one, that last step, we want to eat that anchor point. So there you have it. And what else? Benches. And we do it just with the rank, THE angle two. And let's me some place to sit. And let's make some place for your Cerulean. You're back on. And let's copy that a few times. And doing this on purpose, because I think these is faster. And because I want to show, I don't know if I showed you, but true, set to do spaces between each one each piece of food, I believe. Even there you have it. And and it should be so and let me and that's yeah, that's not me. Yeah, let's make it like this. It's true. I think it's true. Yeah. Like this. It's much manner. So will you until the other half of it. So we're going to not like that with these two. First, let us remove these points over here. These anchor points, yeah, I guess is already highlighted. And so-called people place based in Glace. Reflect and unite and organized. And both 2v and okay. There you go. There you have a bench seat on what else? Trash can. So we going to do it like this effect. Yeah. Like that. Everybody's fine. So we wanted to make us cry up, bow coun yeah. They true can throw garbage in. But we want to make a Yeah. Let's be two-way like teas, but 2.5. Yeah. Let's put a different color. Let's bring to front. And let's make these anchor points met. And choose New. Yeah, it can be like that or you can make use of one copy off this circle over here because we're going to just use the top of it. So it's no big deal. Let's send troops back. And we have our garbage can, or garbage, trash can. That's soy lattes. That's cool. Neighbor more. And these, these weights unite these with 10t, minus thrown and minus. Oh, okay, okay. Based ER, for last, we're going to unite. I believe it's enough for the CDN that's jump far. Dome means of transportation. Let's first make bike with the band. I think it's better. Push up, pushing and pushing to the left. Now, I'm going to call a friend got well, that it doesn't matter because I'm going to align the points later and make a few adjustments here. And teas. And let's copy on off toes and very much even small k news going. Their thes one conducts here and here. And in the center of it. There is a place to put it a default. And on the other side as well, I'm basically trying this whole bike would see where I'm going to make with yeah. And turn. Yeah, that's fine. On next comes a motorcycle. Let's choose should do beats wheels first. And let's make it thicker than the ones off the bike. Right here. I don't know if he's tick enough, but and I'm going to choose to ban for do we all do. Let's see, start like here. Like there. Let's see over here. Losing. Ooh, wow. No day at just the Mets. Right here. Mods that speak like that. And let's line it, align it and organized online. It makes you like these and And like these. Okay. And let's see. Let's, I don't know what the problem is true at all. I guess this is fine. Just round up. There, Larry go. That's why I, II, III, prefer Expand and unite the helpline or in the few. Because when do you end up decreasing the size of it? Look what happens to the bike and what happens to the mortar cycle. He maintains the same 97 stroke soap. I think I gotta do it. And I do that, expand. And your night. That is another reason for you want to make to make the whole process. Now, let's make a car that we have. Des is crowned rectangle and k first. Align it with me. Ease. Yeah. Yeah. That's car's true long. And move it. And it would be to go and do another. But these I didn't lie. So I'm going to I'm going to and that as well. It's a little off. There you go. Now, I'm gonna do 1.5 again for making the lights like this. I'm gonna do exactly think. If you should have a little more. So let's not forget their wheels. Like for example, once. And let's change its color. That's shrink to legal. Make another copy. Copy, copy pasting place over here. Then I'm going to choose this one and another event, another copy and choosy data right here. Yeah. It looks like a target. Tall. I sync. Both the little lights are the back light and the front light. First of all, they are not align it. And second of all, her just true. Peak. And let's reflect. And let's make this window bigger. Yeah. And for Nast, let's make our head node over here. That is exactly at our handle, but you know what I mean is true. I'm going to have to unite and yeah, send troops. I really like this and like this. And like I think I'm going to move these points and nato signed. And I'm going to make your night with these and Brink. And may care called p bits and pasting plays. And the usual maybe far. Copy. The place to refer. Expand. Whatever we have to do. Yeah. Lets ME ungroup. Let's delete it and delete it. Me really few, move this whole thing over here. So let's try again. I guess this is a possibility because many cars have that true. To treat D, I believe, aspect off the light. So yeah, let's let's try and do that. Let's reflect. I guess is better. So let's see. That's me here called P. Turn it and turn it and increase. Yeah, let's see how it turns out. Let's pound. Brink. It turns better. I guess. Let's make a copy. Expand, turn by turn. And that looked like this. Maybe just maybe. Yeah. There you are. An icon of a car. And let's make it on the front. Surely. Bart could use chew. Yeah. Could you use CEU points of corner, radius? Now, berries to lie. There is the whole body. Well, let's yeah, let's try Ds to the BEC mirrors here. And based team plays like that. That's just a true just san let's make yeah. Try something like that. Like that. Over here we have put, yeah, that looks better. This bottom part, it's true beak, true. Big Ds light also. Or I guess, yes, this fine. So we can have a know what could make it more more interesting. Yeah. Now it looks more like a car and if I took these haven't, then both curves. Now it looks like a car. Martin never. It's funny because when you know, something is wrong, but you don't know what is wrong and I don't know why that fuels wrong. So and just wanted to tell you that made all the difference. We just around the top of the window and that's it. You know, something definitely look drunk or weird. But couldn't figure out why it was wrong and what was wrong. And there we go, one tiny detail that was just rounded up. A window. Basically. It made all the difference in your work. So what else? Let's draw, true. I guess its peak rounded rectangle. Yet that's fine. That's fine. It radius. And let's break right here and move it to be. For us to make it affirmed off the truck. Let let's put a rectangle over here. And yeah, maybe let's know two-word discipline. Yeah. Let's bring it all to the right is points, dissolves, and interests like that is a little bit more true, little left. So we can put a number we'll third. Wearing both through front. Yep. I guess this is fine. Now let's make do window over here. Oh, yes. And drag a new adjusts the window. Let's put a door handle here, I guess. I guess this is fine. Let's look at excessive. Lets me see. Let's raise it. And we like TCE. Like DES is. And as usual, I guess this is lacking some curves. So let's try and make those. Let's not do that. Let's try. One more point over here, like this. And let's bring it. Let's try to bring the dough was missing. And that's like and let's select here. Here. Here, and here. Yeah, I can yes. And let's make an under window over here. Is try to yeah. I guess this is fine. So let's recheck copy off those pasting place. Can guess, true, it's good. Or maybe three. And let's expand. Yeah. And let's first to eat like this. Then 2s. Yeah, I'm coffee in place, place to place an order, one of those. But this time we want painted white just so we can put new wheels. Rarely nice. Let's make the US. And that's wonderful. And finally, let's first copy. Switch to fuels from few trues stroke. I did true. I will give true it. Jack expand. Let's make a copy of it. Yeah. Based in plays. Inquiry is a few times over that. Let's see how it looks like. Even more. Yeah, that's fine. That's fine. And expand. Let's do it. Delete it first. The points net we don't want for beer. Neither of these, and add a few more over here and over here so we can get rid of the bottom ones. Yeah. And finally and so I guess this is fine. And let me show you how it sort of solved from B. Let's emerge it. Select copy and pasting place. So each maybe three I guess. Just to make sure. And finally, minus fraud. Yeah. Yeah. And that's an grew it. That way we can. And let's, let's go up. I'll do more disliked by doing like this Jaap. And turned back to normal. Yeah, it didn't go as well. Y is sine Dennett and because I wanted to go even higher. But let's, let's leave it like this. Because it's a problem of preference. We can select ungroup it. Now. I think all that is left for us to draw off the main means of transportation. Let's turn back, true. Let's get a little bit. Let's add one over here. So we can do with tools like that. That's fine. We'll This time, I guess I mean, going on put shrew wheels perhaps than the back. And one then from my belief, there's no need for us to do it. Yeah. Just with these I believe it's fine. Yeah. I'm gonna make mirror coming right out of here. And copy and paste in place as true. Spin and aligned with here. And let's make it the dollar. And in the lot, let's let's go left like that. Moved to the left like that. Now there is some windows for us traumatic that. Because it's right here. Yeah, like these. Let's change the color. Let's copy in place. Coping place. Let's make a non-random here. E Yeah. Perfect. Yeah. Yeah. I can't forget. Like let's make a copy of those. And basically, we are utilizing the same technique for all new wheels that we come across. At least curious, It's curious that e, at least I find it curious how this technique is so much. So much batter is so much weaker? And oh whoops. I didn't noticed because it was. It was like dude, do window over here on the phone to eat was up both the don't the mirror. So we'd never normdist. Yeah, same the same radius net we put over here. We want to put over here. So we doesn't, so it isn't a few different. Now, let's try to think of what means of transportation comes by. I don't know. Do you rails for exemple trains and subways? So let's try to make those annoying fact. Let's make bullet train. That's right. And we weren't true, true. Shrink over here as well and add just a few. Well, just 1. And that's true over here. To make, yup, make the front of our tray. That's right. Move it would be live up to the left for us to have a smooth lattes than may do 3u over, over a year, I guess. Let's not meet your copy of this yet. Because I want to set the drawing ready for us to do what I intend to meet you through little sub two. So we can put a window over here. And let's try to reach. As for those, dan, let's try to make apparent. Let's copy in place. And let's then go larger. Like this. Place, a whole perfectly. And let's make a copy of those based in place. And we want to make the front window of it our train. We don't want it. We want to eat more like teas and go like this. And this is true as well. So we're, we want to make our nice round window. And there you go. Nuts at the finder. And let's make another wagon over here to put it on the back of train. So let's call B and pasting place and reflect because we were not doing this hole. This whole train, just so you could repeat it. The amount of time is that from D8. Let's make u like this and like this. And totally erase this part. We're going to make a new one that did the unnecessary points. This is a useful resource when you need to make the copy of it. But it's fueled and not the don't have an stroke. And we need to switch it. So we can select the inner parts more easily. Because if not, if it was like this, we will have to selective or point by anchor point. And in this case, it was easy, but we want to save time here. It could be more complicated task depending on the drawing that we want to make. So there's one over there. And minus frontend. Let's see if it not create a copy. And you go see extremly easy. Show. We want group it. And just to show you how we can make a subway utilizing the same farms, I guess. I'm going to copy it just to save time because there are occasions that you have Isar. I already said that, but there are occasions that you have one drawing and ready and the need to do a similar one. But we will not have true began from scratch. You can utilize the parts of it. So that is exactly what I'm going to do here. Let's first ungroup. Yeah, that's making the doors first. We're going to select both of these shrinkage in the size of a door and would live. And go down. Yeah. Let's raise it. And let's make it one over here. Yeah. Or you want to break apart the compound, Beth. And just for the sake of it. Yeah. So we can see Reach reach window or which we are selecting. There you go. And I believe it can go like to use because I don't think there is much space between the doors. At least not not my intention to leave much space between the doors. And let's do live group and select them both. And yeah. What do you want to delete then and beat them over here? Yeah. I guess it's fine. Just to do more. And true. Make sure yeah. To make sure it's I'll align it. Let's make that let's group. Let's Yeah. So everything is online it now you'll know what I intended to do. A window inside of czar. Copy off phase. Yeah, it's almost align it with S0, S1, which I really appreciate. So what I'm going to do with these doors is make stroke with it and increase the size of it. Yeah. And expand. Yeah. And go. Yeah. I don't think it will intersect with anything. I think it's quickest way to do that. Yeah. Yeah. There we go. Now we want to group it. Don't worry because I'm going to underline it. Perfect. Fourths, tongue going, true? Yeah. I'm going to choose the stills. Yeah. Dan, I'm going to group them both. Yeah. Now now, much more, much better effect. Let's Sui, ssh trophies. Let's pay to go like this. And let Fordist lattes and minus E. Yeah. Now let's make a copy of it. In a want to make just a little more inclined it d front lie on the front of this some way. But not so much as the train. I believe it's going to be like that. Yeah. Yeah. Perfectly. You don't think you with no anchor point? We could go and move it left, I guess. Yeah. And there was missing on the light for our subway that we own. That's effect. That's making it a circle. That's making it more and I have to change a color first to be a ritual merge. Yeah. E. Yeah. And that's only group. And let's remove it and go on to the left with the frontline. Frontline that composers do window and the light and the front on the needle more. Yeah, like this. But not so much, I think. Yeah. Like this. And that's not forget, true. Move it. Left. So we have our means of transportation. I went to make an airplane and helicopter ships and so on. So let's try and make that you were going to do first an airplane. Oops. Yeah. Let's move it. Should points veto down, should do our wink off our, our plane. That's ME. Let's make a turbine just like that. And let's make larger. Duplicated. For our little wink. That's tens. Wind it back over to play. I guess is fine, but greys and queries. Yeah. That's perfect. And let's do the first half of our airplane. Yeah. Let's make it all work. Like that. And let's make it thinner in there and that's put to swing here. That's unite. I'm gonna leave it has tourney a few degrees to either side. And we'll leave. It creates more dynamic, true, right? So there's your airplane. Had to cop TR. That's pair. Here. W1. Let Dan create the body, but using the ban. Let's connect this piece truly body. Let's make them almost all round. So it kind of looks like an heir. But quite difficult because we want straight line tool, flatten this part over here. Or maybe not so much. Yeah, like this. Now. Let's make it Speaker. Yeah, so we could put our propeller right here. In 18 cadets, it's true. I think that it's better. Now. You want to put my rectangle right over here. So we want to round up that C one is enough yet to hear. True. Here. It's supposed to be in the middle. I don't believe it's that low. The propeller. So that's changing a little bit and make another one. But smaller over here. Yeah, it kind of looks better. Now. You want that peak to the line null right about here. Let's increase the size of a stroke. And as usual, let's clique in it for us to make nice round end over here. And let's make u one here and one here. And yeah, that's try to go up on data. Yeah. Let's go make the windows depend too, and like that. And let's make another window is loaded. Like this. More or less. Yeah. Date got better, at least in my opinion. So let's let's make minus from and that's inverted. One rejects bound. Yeah. And that's your night. It S well, so here's an edit copter. Basically it's only missing and a few means of transportation that you can use in water. So I'm gonna go and I'm may, I'm gonna make a U-boat. And let's begin by interest to Newt. That is almost perfect. And let's be cadet band. Again. That's to it. Like these. These and these and that's me can nod or higher. That's going to be like that. That that okay. Let's turn a few points around. And there's probably one here. And rise up. Yeah. That's exactly what I intended should tool for now, at least here. And this one over here, we're going to let me undo it. Let's decrease the size of it. I guess it's not okay at it down the line with the other one that's below here. And that's cool up fuel. Mars gets older for more points. And we have say, your bolts that go into on line, Group and a line over here. And four last, I'd like to make ship. Let's first to create the whole of the ship and do basically what we eat to the order one. Right here, right here, but not so much like DeAndre effect. Let's add a few. Just one more point, true it Yeah, that's right. But let's not make it so so so let's make the boat itself. Yeah, that's better. So we can combine weights. It's rounded. Rounded. But that's not so much what I wanted. I wanted more radios. Let's make it like this. It may eat like that. Something like that. Something like, ooh, let's make thin. Two chimneys. At least, true. That would live. That's cool. Let me just lower. And now there is me seeing windows and an anchor. And let's try and make the windows. Yeah, and that's that's ungroup date. That's ungroup it. Yeah. And that's ungroup it. Now let's add two more windows. Yap. And there you go. Let's select. Oh, sorry. Yeah. And let's draw and and incur starting with there around starting with there around. Well, I I guess I could I could change it later. And Greece more. Yeah, that's fine. Now, we want to write down. Craig. And again, these technique, 4. Applying color: Now let's change our icons into actual drawings. With some of those, you are going to notice very few differences, especially on the light ball, for example, because we didn't even have to change the color. It's already agree. But with others like the car, the subway, the truck, differences are going to be more noticeable. There's always a way to adapt the icon into actual drawing, mainly using the eraser to break apart. For example, of the icon. That's that we'll be using different colors. For example, the elites and the trunk. Ok? So there is basically two ways to do that, to apply shadows when lifeless image changing into a colorful and more detailed one, okay? One of the ways is to apply shadows and eventually light is blinding masks. And the order array, it's like I do. And the way that I do it is to create a layer above the fuel. So what do I propose? I propose we pick one icon that in this case, we're going to be the three corner and pasting place representing their organic shapes. And the order isn't going to be in. Let me see. This car that I like it very much. So what do I propose? I suggest debt does one, this three. We do it by a plane, ssh, shadows using masks. I can promise delight. And neither If I'm going to remember how to apply it by using masks because I usually use the other way around. Okay. The main reason that I can promise that a light because I don't know if it's going to be necessary and good. Okay. It's going to enlight the drawing, okay? And we're going to add one more layer above the actual drawing and apply this shadow. Okay? So I'm going through each one. I'm going to apply a different way to, to do shadows. Let's unite it. So there is true united icons. Basically. I'm going to try using masks to do the shadow. And I'm going to discard, and we're going to try to apply it my way. Daddy's creating another layer above their fuel. Okay. But for both drawings, we have to break apart the colors that the pieces and parts that are from different colors. So let's peek the razor created incur points that we have here. Yeah. And when we come back, we're going to just set one color. Let's bring it to front. Because we need which were just eat as well. Although it's going to be behind the elites. Okay, so let's put it back for now. And now, let's see. We want to compound the path release basically. So E can set free. Let's say, let's put it that way. Both the window delights and front of the car so we can paint or wherever the color we want. Let's release it. And now I can paint the color that you want to know. Green. Now comes the hard part because I think it would be better for you. Redo it might peaking. Yeah. Let's first make the the tires. That's okay. That's one over HDR. Let's create another for the window. There are mirrors, excuse me. Let's say I had to teach, true, just adult line. Make more involved here and. Yeah, it's good enough. Let's change it. You can see that I'm not exactly putting the every point where it where he's supposed to be. Otherwise, we will have much more trouble. Instead, we are remaking it. Hand. Pick another color. Let's make the bumper. It'll be true. Yeah. Yeah. Now we select these one. Could these ones for now. And let's let's delete all the points beneath it. This one over here. Debts going online with our tire and lattes for last two. Exactly the same way could. And i feel free to work just fine. And let's based and send back as well. So we have one borough can tree and one broken car. So let's put some color over there. In these three U1 by not so dark. Is like that. Yeah. And owned trunk. We want that's going to be like that. Yeah, like that. So I'm gonna have to create a copy of it. Then. Let's draw our shape here and hear about tier. Yeah. Let's around it. That's around it a little bit. Or go with dues as well with that as well. The rest I'm going to adjust as a neat I felt as I feud neat. Should do so. Let's do one more. In fact, let's put it right here. Let's change the color so we can see better. Yeah, I guess this is fine for now. Just for now. Let's make around as well. Let's not go over the bottom of the trunk. And let's make it continues as well around. So you can have more control off to the line. Yeah. Something like that. Now or you weren't true, selected and placed under Rio around. Actually, this color is fine, but I'm going to line these shadow is fine. But you want to try something, something different. But let's not concerned about that right now. Because we want to make clipping mask object. Clipping mask make yeah. So did color that was my trunk, I believe was thrown sparked it dear. A shadow. So what I'm gonna do that's based in place and seeing the true back. Now, we want the disease, the original color of the trunk. And usually I go with the collar down and and indeed all right. Yeah. That is not dark enough, I guess. So. I just want to explain to you. If you go if you didn't like the color, for example, of these dark brown, You go like it is. And if you click on the, on the shadow, you don't want to edit clipping path which goes, it's going to feel all of this and you will end up losing your mask. Instead you want to edit content. So we can have our color that's going to diffuse here and nothing will change. More. Yeah. Yeah. Kinda of like this. So you can see better. Now. Send back both of them. And the way it's not because it's inside a mask that we can't use the a to the direct selection tool. The white arrow as I call. Because you can select. And I just I'm gonna create a little light on the on the trunk. But I don't think that's going to be good. For now. Now we want induce color, not. We can still make these. And for delight, we are going to go with a color that is saturated. Yeah, that's fine. Do scholar, I guess we can improve, but let's leave it for now. Let's leave it for now. If you don't, turn out to be a very good. I think we're going to delete these lights over here that we try to do on the trunk like this. So we have to make a copy and pasting place, I guess. And let's do it like this. Just so you can see better what I'm doing. And I believe I can't sing, going to have to make shrew shadows or to mask. Unless I do it like this. For example. I mean, do we let these Yep. Even so. Yeah, like that. These I guess. The third goal. Let's make all of this. But one, I forgot. It's going interests on like the shadow of the trunk. There's no other way. But yeah, I guess. Now let's make some adjustments to usual adjustments like that. Like that, like these, like that. I don't know why I choose to put anchor point here, but but it's there. Yeah, I guess these anchor points, right? Write them both. The deadline. The original farm soon going to be, is going to define the shape of the shadow. Much better. Much better. Over here. Or yes, I put sun not in an under incur point. But no, Let's not put it right now. Again, unnecessary. And yeah, that's better. Like these. Let's try and make add a core point. So we can move as much as we can do volume. And. And the same time, try to visualize how it turns out to be. Let's finish for now. The shadow. It's tricky. I know, but you'll see better when I finish. What I I think it's going to be a need. I was going to be in need of a few edge has meant for no, no, not just one. So we want to invert and we want to make a mask. Our contours heaven. But as we already knew, we can see here. Always go to the Git contents. And the usual, let's make darker and darker. More saturated tone of green right here. Now. I believe you can see better. This looks like a trunk of fleets and that I believe it still looks like a chunk of leaves if we only see the bottom. But we forgot, true too, the top of the trunk affiliates. So I'm going to add a few points and try to fix h, One of the chunks that I think it's needed. So I went to curated the volume through the shadow. I believe it's lacks some kind of shadow over here. You'll know, because these one is fine in this one I gave volume. These one. Also. D is one. It begins to appear much, much more shadow. Better use that it's my own Dacian my-delay. And I believe it's going to miss a shadow over here. And Burr had one over here. So let's try to add those. Now it, let's leave it like this. And one final shadow. Data, one true at over here. Let's add a bunch of points. I intend to true. So let's set these ONE over here. The lower let's make it thinner. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's may be one more. Mark should adopt, but then the other one because it it was true, even released the mask. Chew you. Exactly what I'm going to do. The following. I'm going to could make the shadow connects with log of brush. We can make it seeker later. And I'm gone up, braced. Set by d is one I want to move to the back. And yeah, hopefully he will make it very cool. So I don't like that. I don't like the fact that I can't make it just meant they were yo want to add one more shadow over here, but thankfully, it turns out to be for the better. Yeah. That's make let's make it like this. No, let's make it like that. Let's make it perfect around. It turn out better. Kind of did occur. But we want to make it thinner. Not much thinner, but a little bit. Yeah. And we don't need this anymore. You can leave it like this one to make. Is to images. Here. Let me prove it a little bit as well. The improvements. Hopefully, you can see my point when I say I do it by copying one day original form in the year above it and have freedom to work with. And later, I'm going to tell you, yeah, it turned out to be good for for what we intended. And I'm going to give the pros and cons that each technique, the applying masks technique and the creating another layer technique that we have. We don't have to put anymore masks. Thankfully. We want base and color more vibrant than this. Almost going to be on top of it. Like that. Perhaps. Yeah, that's that can be better. I guess. Let's see. It turns out. And go to the left. Yeah. It's not so bad because it still works as light. But I wanted to make a mark, colourful, more vibrant typeof trying, you know, I'm far terminally corners that you I peek to didn't work out for us. And I'm going to add one more. Maybe here and pull maybe, yeah, maybe there. I'd like to zoom out just to see if it didn't end up with too many lights. And again, did the kind of a bit or you want to remove this. And when I make I want to make more visible ds1 schooling, true? Yeah. That's one of the bottom 11 or maybe not. Because for all the for all that concern it. This chunk of beliefs, it's two in the front of the one behind. You can see by the shadow that we gave farm. So let's just yeah, let's not make all of the lights equal. I kind of wanted to eat the shadow. I guess. We will do that because we want to increase the size of this one over here. Yeah, like that. Like that. Like that. So that is a way to do that. But I wasn't going to recommend it. I guess it's done. Basically. It's done. Now. Let's jump into a car and do it my way. But first let's make a few adjustments that I have noticed over here. Ds and these have little wheat though window over here. Yeah, I'd like that or perhaps like that. And the window. Let's let's wait. The reason why it didn't I referred to do it is that I don't know if it has only one only one anchor point over here. I wasn't sure if it was just one arg maybe, true? Yeah. And back to the original color. There is no need for you to create another layer just to make Kunda shadow because we are going to utilize the live paint bucket. Okay, but I advise you to create another layer just so you can see the color of it. And that is going to be intact. And the other with just does shadow n And vein surely the light, okay. First Length, PQ and colors. What do you want? This kind of gray make over and over here. And it's nice for those we want to be. Let's paint it the same color. Let's do the window like that. Not entirely white, but almost white. There you go. I want to paint it the color of the car, but darker, a little bit darker. And these, I want to make like Buddha and the leaps in the middle of it. Maybe a little marches up and fuel it with stripes. So first those stripes like these. And let's get another color to it. And then let's increase this size of it. Make sure it goes. Yeah. Yeah, that's perfect. I wanted to expand it and meet some copies of it. And make some copies of it, maybe one more. So we want to go up a little more. And why not shrink it? Yeah. Yeah. Much better. So I want to bring to the front made their copy a major copy, and select all of those. And reject gloomy mask make here. Now I want to place it based in place and sent to back. And since this one's centered drawback as well. And now we want not these color because the one on the front is the, is the striped one, the one with stripes in it. And we want that it should go as dark as tyres and started back. You want the color to green over here and paint it as dark as the color that you can see here. Let's try to go back. Can see anything because it worked. So we want to catch all these stripes and glow a little lighter. Yeah, there you go. Now we want to make and then they just tend to meet all of it. It's like that. And let's make it lie to her. Like this. Online with I don't know, is one over here Effect. And let's align it with this one over here. Because we want tricky object. We want eat right in the middle. Let's, let's go up and they will be Yeah. And let's make a copy of it. And Bayes to blaze and go almost white. Barry, Go. Let's also make a license plate for it that we cool right up above here. That's perfect. Aligned with key object. There go. I'll want to do this. License on little more up. And Cool. We only pick a color for it to be like that. Bigger ellipse, right? What else can we do to improve our car? Let's make some let's make another mirror. Because we can see it true, true. Glass over here. We can see through the window. For example, like one. Choose more like yes, color. Yeah. Or maybe it doesn't look like say color. But I could I could be wrong. In fact, I am wrong because it's the same color. The other one is jurist surrounded by a darker version of it. So we pick this one over here, is going to be much darker. Not a lot, but a few tones. Let's make it like that. Yeah. I believe it's right in the middle, but as just to make sure right here and yeah. It was yeah. Let's leave it like this. And Let's create windshield wipers using these two over here. Like this. And Yeah, like that. Lie these. So we can set. Now, we are lying true here, plot through here, through here, like this. Then we paint the same color I guess, of titers. Let's go with it, tires and lets low weight more. So we don't get to see it very, very clearly. It doesn't stop us all to see through the window. And let's make a copy of those. Yeah. That's me. That's me. Do alignments and just yeah. This whole thing goes to right? Just to make sure you like true, grew and chew on line four, Trudeau window for example. And yeah, kind of in the middle. So there we have our car. Now, let me create another layer and call it shadow and light. Okay? That's creative. That's called P. D is home car. And there are a few things that they're not gonna be any light a neat nor shadows. Do windshield wipers. Guess each one of those things. Yeah. That would be excluded. Not the first thing that we would like to make a shadow off. He's for the tires. But first, we want to go ahead and choose that one, then line segment and the live paint bucket. So how we do that, we just draw a line to where the shadow is going to be. At peak. Color debt, you easily visible like that one. As I already said, there is no need for you to make another layer because you can make this shadows in the same layer. But just we are more organized. I decided to create another layer. That's the way I do it, to create an under layer and put the shadow over here. And at the same time, you can see the color beneath it. Okay. So we don't want to mix. At least I prefer not to mix and scholar and with the shadow and light, for example. But few free to choose. Whatever method you think that's best for you. Bled. And that's go up like these bunch, I guess. And these is going to be our light. So we're going to, we're going to paint on little more bright, like the color of the smaller ellipse. Here. Turns out that these beaks that's, that's shrink it a little bit. And yeah, like this, null. Let's make the shadow for both do license plate. That's going to be over here, I guess. And let's make the shadow off of the bumper. That's going to be around here. So what you want first, the bumper to create another bumper. And so you don't lose these rounded edges that you want to preserve. And let's select both. And as usual, minus front. Let's speak when tone of darker red and that's it, I guess. Yeah. And let's call P based in place. And have it like these two, this one, pick the color and we're going to want the lake in front of it. So we could do the same thing. Now as we are doing. The shadows off off the plate or the bumper, I believe it's wise to continue on the bottom of the car and make the shadow off the tires. So we're going to just select it and choose k for k for the live paint bucket. Choose one darker tone of gray. And there you go. As, Let's not forget to expand and Ungroup a few times. So we don't use it anymore, nor dat, nor DS1 because the order one, it's going to up here with the color. So we don't need these anymore. And let's not forget. Let's make a copy of this. And based in place. Now, you want to select both of the tires. And there is a misalignment over here. You'd see oh, well, and yeah, let's delete it is one and copy based in place. Who don't want to leave a beat. Read top and minus d time. We want, that's B. I know. Let's pick black boats. Let's change the opacity to 50, I guess. Okay. So let's now do it for the order for all the older stripes. But I guess we don't need it anymore or debt anymore. And let's let me copy those based in place to increase it from over here. Because we want to make it like just this part. It was from insight. It was backwards. I did a little trick. I will know how to explain it. But you are about to see in a minute. And let's make these one, no one in the front. And let's make it the same color. So we have to make the shadow of this whole area here. And this will hold out red area so we can see what we did back there. What else? The len turns let's not forget that these do go into produce shadow. And I guess, yeah. And that lets choose a color for our shadow shrubbery. So let's choose this one. Lets me, yeah, That's based in place. And we want to make light over here. Let's create an ad lib. Go inch for black. Note. Let's, let's create a rounded rectangle that's going to be like that. Have the same color as known as the light on the license plate. Let's turn to you just for a little bit of it. Here. Yeah. It almost doesn't doesn't appear, but it's there. What we could do it let's make it a little brighter. Yeah, that's that's kind of bizarre, right. Let's create a copy and reflect and line it. Yeah. Now let's make the shadow off the mirrors right here. Go with like teas. And these one has is not going to be totally shadow. Yeah. And let me not time minus front because we want true intersect, then both are right and painted like that once the one with the Shuttle. So we can look like this. Okay. We truth make each other legal, beat a little bit more visible. I guess the red on the car, the original color of the car, and a finer and intersect. Let's see if it did work. Yeah. See. Let's try to make it a little smaller. And we're going to lie it. Decry deans. Yeah. I didn't think about it. So mass, it's the gradient. Go gradient to RG. And let's make it spin it first. Should a bottle. And you can see that where where it begins, its going to be the first color that's matures. You can see right here. And this square right here, make it not. So extend is going to be your second color. And you have a few other options. But for now, let's focus over here. We don't want the second color, these black, as black as darker is. So we can choose that one and go. True opacity. You can pick whatever the number we want, but we'll want and you've lived off pyramids. So it's going to be like this. And so we don't have a very bright light. Let's choose to 95%. Okay? And let's select g again to go on. Yeah. All that is left is for each should do the red shadow. We already have that color. So we need to peak a very bright color that we can see very well on this car. Let's see. You can see begins right about here. So we want to make a line over here. Now. When you choose a color, for example, the green thing, okay? It's too, looks like out gray. Just go in color. Pick this arrow and have RGB picked because it's not, it's going to be great. You scale only. You could only pick shades of gray or black or white. So OH, can go on Lido tow with actually not because we want to make a copy of these. So we want to copy and paste based in place and aligned by here. Yeah. So you don't need this anymore. I founded a satellite it by there. And let's go over here. So now we want to make, let's see. Yeah. That solid is left for us to make the roof of the car. This sealing off the car. Better say one more thing. That's me. That's not meet with the spec to make. We depend too. Yeah. That's true. Round it was drowned it and inside of it. But the screen should be light. And the order 12 gluing true? To eat, right? No. It's going to be a shuttle. Let's lower. Let's see if it doesn't need anymore. I guess we could place one off the lights in the bumper, I guess. So let's do that. So we want to rounded rectangle as usual. Let's be That's yeah, that's better. So we can almost be even only top and ulnar, right? So let's change it. I know. Be color at Google want and make you bright. Yeah. Like these, I guess. Yeah. That's bringing you to front and delete. And delete. And yeah, there we go. Putting the back, foot in the back, put back these color. We want same as 2s1 but brighter. Don't know how much brighter, but we want brighter enough for you to be able to see it. Because right now, yeah, you could see it. And that one squared should be like this. Let's make it even brighter. Yeah, there you go. And these well, writer, let's put another one of those right here. Right? I guess. Oops. Didn't mean a truth to that. Like, yeah, this is fine. I guess. So we can have some light. And for the last, let's select, select same away and that's done. I feel like we should bring a little more true to, right? This line should match with the order right here. So it's no use for us. True. And we'd like I'm making me their copy just for this part. Okay. Because of we're going to paint it with a darker red either way. So phase one. I yeah. That's the right one. Yeah. Exactly. That. Just a few. Yeah. Now along now comes a very let's not say hard part, but very annoying part is true. Select the whole thing right here, and select all this things that want to exclude from the painting basically. And let's keep light. This light, these original light. And as these not going and 2D and true Dutch delight, let's select the shadow of the light. If this was a connecting with the Zimbardo of light, does shadow produced by it was no longer necessary. So let's see if it works. Yeah. It worked as usual. Let's expand on group a few times and let's have the word of excluding. What it doesn't matter. Bringing a true front gets deleted. First. Let's paint. Oh, yeah. And delete all the all clients. That's fine. That's fine. And basically what it does when you use life of paint bucket, it brings all the objects that you are involving somehow in the painting to front. So we don't want that. We want including we can merge and their goal. We probably don't need it then anymore because you have to do original. Just one should one seconds. Yeah, as I was expecting, it. Now let's see how it turns out to be. Or a car. Like yeah, like these, it's much better. And oh, I get it. I know. The reason why it appears gray disease area over here. It's because we'd be black. So if we pick around white, it yeah. But that's not beak completely white because it it turns out to be good for us. Yeah. Just see yep. 50. True. Rounded and let's mess with the with the Yeah. We can barely see it. Should tell the truth. Do color off the shadow. It's almost equal of the bumper. And if that's the case, the color of the shadows. Turn it the new. Yep. It's not so bright anymore, but I guess we'll see that Commie that's pick another color for those as well. Yeah. It would be my guess. Well, it turned out to be fine. So that's just like a, just a sign that your fate. And probably doing some shiny owned a home. The this part over here or over here. Yeah, that's du over here. And let's yeah. That's shrinking bone. Bone. And there we go. There we go. And I wonder if it turns out should be better with with did to do the teen. These points because it would be very nice. I like it. A lot of light that made you not like this, like that. And let's Perl along. It will AS much as we can. So we don't look don't doesn't look too long. Yeah, I guess I can go all the way over here. Never mind that. We want eat. True. Look nice. So you have one idea. Try it and be prepared to first because we want to make copies and if it did not turn a good we want to erase it and knew have another copy for us to continue. Did from me. So yeah, it turns out very nice. And let's push let's push it down right here. So we can, they can be more visible. I first need this whole thing should go away like these. Yea, i turns out to be even better. At least in my opinion, it's a good thing for us to do, is made a copy based in place and finder minus front ie. And there you go. So the pros and cons of each technique, on the mask technique, you kept everything organized in one single layer, right? But it can become very convoluted, had a base that you need to add more details to it. On the other hand, the create another layer technique solves this problem because we have the, the color in one layer and the shadow and delight in another layer. But if you need to adjust something in the original color layer or original drawing, for example, let's make, let's make the, the bumper Alito down like this. And you're going to have to adjust the shadow as well. So that's not much of a big deal because we are working with straight lines. But let's say this ceiling of this car, it's bothering me. And I resolved to do this. And to lower to lower the window over here. You're going to have to adjust it. On the shadow layer has, well, there you go. Dairies, Chu techniques, the mask technique and the creating another layer technique. And whatever we choose is going to be up to you. Okay? 5. Creating outlines: Now let's At last began to draw, but let's begin thrown the outlines. So let's make a new layer called aisle to the lioness. And among all the possibilities available here, I like to use mainly the band two. That is, I use when they need to be much more precise in it. You know, we have the possibility of moving it like these. And like that. If I don't want to make it even to go like that, I have it the possibility even true AD mark points or delete the DEM. So it's a very precise and restarts for two. I can't deny that, but that's it. It's fuels very limited when you can just increase and decrease the size of the stroke or the outline. And we have a few options here too. But that's when you choose, should be more precise. So let's erase it, delete it for now. And the other tool that I use to make my drawings is del blob brush to. And let me tell you, it's more complicated to work with. But the results that it generates are much more pleasant to look at. Mainly because if I click here, it uses diffuse color. Do it to make the shape. Now, let's make a cooperation. Cooperation between the Bantu and the blob brush to, and let's make the shape of an eye, for example. Yeah. You Let's say that it's fine and all. But let's try a true increase in the size of it. And you have to spend it for being able to move, for example, the anchor points generated the way you want. And that is what Dave lobbied brush to our ready does. With a few adjustments. Of course. I think the bend two is much quicker. So I use it when Yahoo R3, for example. But the results of blob at brush to shapes, He's much more pleasant to look at. Don't get me wrong. I use it. That's deleted. For now. I use it in a lot of the organic shapes, mainly a lot of the band and that barely use it. The lobby brush to except for these graphs, these funding log, and these bushes outside from that, I don't believe I use it anywhere else. I tend to use bend too, only when in need for an icon. But aside from that, I use lobby brush to NN going to show you why I love it. That's drawing something like, for example, like the man and the woman. Ok. But you want to add more details. First, let's set the color data. I usually use. Black should do, although the arc lines, just Daniel, we use something like that as the color, not entirely black and with no outlines or actual outlines. And let me try. Yeah, it can try and mass with the angle, the roundness, and the same options that you have here, you have here and here. So okay. To do this. Yeah. It's a little too long. So I'll do here. There we go. On. Let's make higher for him. Dad. First, let's make an ear. Now let's make a few adjustments. It's perfect. As well. I know we knew it was hiding underneath. Yeah. Hopefully, it won't take much time. Yeah. It is good enough. I think. Let's try and make for him a tuxedo. Like there's not gonna be very feasible to his neck. And let's not make it true fancy. Because I just want to show you why I think these two, the blob brush tool. It works better, but it takes longer than the bend too for us to make outlines off a trolley. So did it deals are not so relevant right now. I guess. Because you would take us so much time to do. I think it's wise for us to not waste too much time here. Integrase that. Yeah, that's, that's fine. I guess. Just a little more dough. Let's make the whole hat. On day two. More. Little, true this side. Because I was thinking that maybe you watts peek at. I think it's true. I still think it's a raise or delete. The anchor point here and move it a little more. And let's make some dump over here. Yet. And that's perfectly or almost perfect. Yeah. Let's okay. Now, let's make some shoe for him. It's make adjustments. You knew. Let's try and make it a bit to make you anneal less because it feels like he's about to fall to the left. And we don't want debt as usual. Let's make her his foot would like DES he's but first, let's erase it so we can work with fit properly, separated from the body. Europe, I do better, but what is me seeing? Yes. We don't need that anymore. Now, I want to make he's short, I guess. Go a little more true to right? Because we are going to make it tie for for him. And that was a little weird because this is fine. Oops. That's me niche area. Let's suddenly like he's tie over here and make a little more to the left. That's me. Oh, I believe it is fine. No rest. I'll be going to adjust later. So major copy, pasting, fertile place. Sometimes it did that. And I never knew why he did that. Yeah, there's nothing block unit. Well, I'm going to have true. Selected and go to Beth finer. Yeah. Exclude it. And why it didn't yet because it feel so that's okay. I never knew why it happened bird because it happened before all my drawings. Not all, but some of my drawings and then never knew why. Let's not waste any more time here. Right. That's a key if it, if for example, one leg turns passing the other, it's okay, we can fix that. The important thing here is that it's close enough for us to combine it. Or your night eat, you know. So I believe it is all touching the previous drawing that we made. So we would like to continue these tuxedo over here, over here, and over there. Right? I'm going to make one bottom over here. Maybe Chu I guess. Yeah. Now let's make, let's unite rate may keen first these connection and that one. And that one. That's not worry about this. And to the legs, we want to make like that. Where you want to me like that and like that. Yeah, I guess it's fine. And let's select all. And hope to God, it doesn't happen. Again. The few of what is already closed because I don't know how it's going to react the drawing to it. So yeah, nothing happened. Okay. That's good. That's it. More. And that spinnerets it. Let's erase t's as well as we don't need anymore. Anchor points. Should do the chin. That's who raise these as well. Or better nets dude eat at these as well. That Easter name off the two pronounced correctly. They beat the US as well. You know. Why? I beginning you, I believe you're beginning to see why I chose these two over here. Because it gives us more work. Yes. But it gives it harder JWT work with? Yes. But the result that it produces, I think, at least in my opinion, are better than the ones that depend too, can do for you. Okay. That's made just to use to fill it in. And they're our man is done, I guess. And let's make almost does saying think for death. I don't know, I almost falling out. I'm too close to the borders of the art part. Let's make one for the woman. But in this case, let's speed up the process a little bit, just a little bit because we want to make a dress for her and we don't want, for example, that don't need the Tuxedo anymore. So let's erase it. I guess we can montane legs, but we just yeah. The address is going to end up right here. So we don't want to debt. Dont want that. Yeah. Neither neither of those. I don't know how much time it will save me, but oh, well, let's erase that as well. Let's make four hurt. Just longer hair, I guess. Like these in like this. Let's move these points to other 2D yonder side. It's not. Erase it. And put some order anchor point over here. Let's delete eight. Let's move point. Let's move up. Move up. Yeah, I guess I'm going to do it like a just due to for the demand. I'm going to call and that call peanut. But this time, I believe it going to work better because nothing it's closed yet. Move little bit inwards. Lets me the same shoe that we did for him but this time, I don't know. I guess. Oh, pain tweet a different color than. He's probably some kind of red. So let's make just enough on the limit. And I'm gonna do it like this or like that. Yeah. We want to go like this. And merry go I guess is fine. It's all right. I guess it is. Let's finish her hair. You can add more details if you want. But right now we are going to, for example, I, you would add more eyelashes and maybe color. Some sort. You can do wherever you want. With your crawling. Can do the way you want. You can add the details that you want. Alright. Maybe the body's lacking these belt belt we should do ways for her. Yeah, that's better. That's one just a day of net number. David's going change is going to change everything. It's important to ask the opinion of other people, mainly of other artists because they, you know, if there was something wrong with your grind art or not. I hope it yeah. It you night with my liner off the arm here. But didn't unite for for the year. And that's exactly what I want it. So let me check call appeal feed its young. So far so good. Let's change it. Yeah. And that's a group it via the that's fine. Now we're going to and finishing. We're going to finish the dress over here. And to write and delete. Let's, let's delete and what was holding out. And let's makes a unite all the rest of the body. Now as we, I guess it could be that side as well. So so that's Andi to beat. Maybe not, maybe like that to peers. Better. Yeah. It's not perfect, but it's better. So let's now feel the outlines that are not actually outlines. But I use them as outlines. Let's pick a different color to create as much as contrast as we need. Like for it. Simple. Color over year. Let's select both of them. You want to select whole body, okay? Because if you don't select the whole body, for example, if this wasn't closed, it's not going to paint, right? It has to be connected somehow. Alright. That's PKA again, our color. And begin to feel it. Don't worry, because the color we can change after. So let's Let's view what you can right now. And when you need to get closer to zoom in, we will. For her believe it's everything. Yeah. And for Ham diaries, the burdens left. And yeah. E. Now what we want to do, first of all, let's expand. And let's, let's ungroup a few times, alright? And unfortunately, I don't know why. You can see that this one is a part that was not supposed to be like this. So we have to reconnect her. And you apply, it unites. So you have the body hand like this. There are much worse cases that that happened to me already. So let's go up a little bit. That's fine. Now, we want to choose a nice grey for these Suit. Great enough, so you can play shadows. So you want to pique lighter grey. Then we did for the outline. One over here is going to be fine, I guess. Yeah. But yeah, calls difference is true beak. Not so big, but a beacon of for us true peak up between these two colors and this shadow, the shuttle. So I'm going to I believe this is fine and I'm going to select all the things that I'm supposed to be that color and paint these aswell, ongoing, true? Sometimes end up selecting the outline. For Heyne. We win. Once I die. My blue, dark blue, not so light. Shirt. It's usually gray. These are usually white. Excuse me. I want to select these. Yeah. Thank you. And let's not be white. White. That's big. D is white. And let's make per ohm perhaps. Yeah. And lets ME the color like DS. Yeah. And well to shrew, peak these color, but let's light and eat more. But not as much as the and this suit. Yeah, that's fine, I guess. And for her, we want to make our red dress as being not so much. Maybe the right here. We want to me I don't know. Like this. These purple or violet. Don't know which one is it for her kin? We want true. May maybe like that. Yeah. And for her hair. We want to make dark. Like that. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So that's our drawings. In the late did layer outlines. We want to create another layer. And I'm going to show you why you need, this time. You need degree, another layer and just Shadow. And we're going to call them. But we don't don't need the outlines. Just needed to callers. And we're going to copy and paste in place India's one. See, I forgot to do highs. Oops, I forgot the buttons over here. What we're going to do now, there is another way to do shadows. You're going to select one color of each time, like this one over here, their hair. And you're going to simply pick a darker color like that one. But we don't want to took over all the hair. So steady of draw E0 over again or have a line dividing it and adjust didn't. And 11 side is original color and the other side is the shadow. Just a little bit more dark like we did for these one? Instead. Or you want to catch the eraser, peak, the eraser. And of course, you can adjust. And can we even see the outline here? I guess it creates a great effect. Now. The face, I guess we can trap light color, a shadow, and the neck. We don't want to apply to the years. So if we want to exclude excluded, feel free. Now. It's just the face and neck. And again, the neck is fine, it the way it is. I just need to true. Selected a face and jazz, we're going to pick the eraser. That's Shift E. Not only E, because E is the free, free transformation. You have to press shift E. And yeah, and the other part, we don't need it. So again, you can adjust it by deleting it. Feel points, create a deal, ones that you're fine, unnecessary. Lead. You lead and move up. Move down. And the other handle over here. Or forgot to do to hint. When I was making color. The shadow for the skin on. Let's do it like this. And let's do it like this. Psi. We want to make darker blue, Pekah, darker blue. And true your trees. Maybe like that. And like that. So we believe that too, can eve even give more volume this way? The same way that we did to the previews, ways of Doing shadows. I believe I'm going to be just, you know, just tease ones and give a straight shadow over here. Simple enough. We're going to pick, tease, and make and erase the bart. Daddy's at both. And finally, for the guy. Let's yeah, let's pick the nets not peak buttons for null arm. Would we? Yeah, let's pick and create and nullcline. Just if we do, if you do descend and go a little bit to the right, it catches dope. The radish, don't order purple tone that we have here. And I guess it's not good for us. Yeah. That way you can see it. So now let's raise it. I don't know why I pick it. Then. If I didn't intend to do a shadow, but nevermind. Now, we want to make a shadow to shadow of hit, select both first and Jamaica. Shadow of it. One is supposed to be inside. And that one is suppose to go all down here. And we can't erase. It arrests the same movie over here. Yeah. I thought that do their pens were selected as well. Oops. Oh no. Never mind. I thought the burdens were selected as well. So we don't need to apply shadow beat right now. Just after we complete it. Yeah. Now let's raise the usual steps. It's fine. The buttons on gonnna leave like this. And for Last. But not less important. Let's select and yeah, like this. And if you select it, it's going to be broke apart from it. Don't. So we can delete them. Very nice. And four last hour, woman. Yeah, let's select the whole hair. Let's make it a bit darker. And Let's select the eraser. I'm going to leave these whole hair that's always falling home, her shoulder like this, and starting to beat like that. But first, I have to select Choose a razor and go. Her skin. The arms. I guess. We could put some shadows. For sure. You can put We're going to make shadows it all no lags. And along the neck. Let's pick a darker color. Well, that speak they speak do razor, sorry. Like this and like that are like that. Yeah. Let's pick like this. And that's me. My these are my set. I almost got it. Oh, I guess I got it. It's it looks nice. So we're going to be true. Selected those legs. I'm going to change this color. Don't worry. Eraser, and let's back out on DDL. And That's one more color that looks like yeah, like these. Yeah. Much better. God be. Erase 2s, horrible shoes, or stickers. Based in place. Choose darker version of it. And select our yeah. I believe it I go rate, right. Don't at first for i and for last, finally, we are going to peak hour. Below that address. That color is fine. And see, watch could create shadow. Let's make it pick it. The razor and bell they think could create the shadow. Maybe not. So not so I guess. Well, that's I'm going to have to adjust. And yeah. And for the last just the top of it and some of it's and erase the whole body, the rest of the body. So what they need is true. Liquidate it. You know, it as well. Yeah, that's fine. And you don't think needs an adjustments. So here's another way to do shadows. But you have to create another layer for you to do so. Because one of them is going to be the color that I put and the other one, the one above it. It's going to have all the shadows and eventually the lights. But As I didn't want to take much longer than n are ready, have we choose? Not true. So it's a marvelous effect, mainly if you add more details to it, add Marc callers. And for example, with the woman, I believe I told you that I0 I0 even would consider puts some earrings, some eyelashes that would obviously make I wouldn't make the same meal. They seemed color of the eyes of so the same color of the outlines. I would put some color on. Some don't know, some ornament on the belt. For the guy. We could put some beard on it and so on. Maybe I'll watch. Maybe do it. Not so formal. Just T-Shirts and an old ties know suit, shorts and barefooted and so on. I really hope this class proves of some use to you because I would all the content that I intended for you to receive. And thanks for watching and see you in another class. 6. Summing it up: So to sum it up, what we saw on this class off trolling on illustrator. There were, I drew icons with more are going to shapes. I drew icons with more artificial shapes. I apply its color for some of those and created drawings, Trondheim outlines. So that's it.