Drawing in Procreate! Tutorial 5/7: Create your own Stamp Brushes

Lettie Blue, Architect & Digital Illustrator

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7 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Stamps: the basics

    • 3. Linear stamps

    • 4. Lineless stamps

    • 5. Gradient stamps

    • 6. Stamps from pics

    • 7. Q&A: Aligning stamps in Procreate 4

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About This Class


This is the fifth of a ten-part series on Drawing in Procreate. This session focuses on how to create brushes, stamps in particular.

We will start talking about the ins and outs of the stamps (I will show you some little tricks to master the stamps creation in Procreate :D), then I will propose you four fun, quick and easy projects, where you will be able to apply all you’ve just learnt.

I will use an iPad and an Apple Pencil, but no stylus is required.

Basic knowledge of Procreate is recommendable to take this course.

Drawing in Procreate! class schedule:

* Tutorial 1: Brushes & Gestures. Learning the basics of Procreate (1/2): Click here to take it!

* Tutorial 2: Layers & Colors. Learning the basics of Procreate (2/2) : click here to take it!

* Tutorial 3: Textures. Draw faster using preset textured brushes: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 4: Creating Calligraphy Brushes. Custom brushes 1/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 5: THIS CLASS.

* Tutorial 6: Creating Seamless Patterns. Custom brushes 3/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 7: Blending Modes 1/2. Darken & Lighten sets: click here to take it!

Make sure to follow me so you know when the next class is released! ;)