Drawing in Procreate! Tutorial 4: Calligraphy Brushes. Create your own brushes.

Lettie Blue, Illustrator/Graphic Designer at INobice

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8 Videos (1h 18m)
    • Introduction

    • Brush settings

    • Creating my first calligraphy brush

    • Creating more calligraphy brushes

    • Creating stamps

    • Creating patterns

    • Adding color to our lettering

    • Class project


About This Class

This is the fourth course in the Drawing in Procreate series. We already know the basics, so it's time to create our own brushes!

First we will talk about brush settings, then we will discover how easy is to create your own calligraphy brushes so you will no longer need to pay for them. ;) We will create different calligraphy brushes in no time and I will share all of them with you in "your project" section.


We will also learn how to create stamps and simple patterns and how to use them for our calligraphy brushes.


Finally, I will show you four different methods to add color to our work.


I will use an Ipad and an Apple Pencil. If you use your fingers instead, the brushes will look slightly different because some settings are going to be disabled, that's all.

Drawing in Procreate! class schedule:

* Tutorial 1: Brushes & Gestures. Learning the basics of Procreate (1/2): Click here to take it!

* Tutorial 2: Layers & Colors. Learning the basics of Procreate (2/2) : click here to take it!

* Tutorial 3: Textures. Draw faster using preset textured brushes: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 4: THIS CLASS

* Tutorial 5: Creating complex seamless patterns: This class will be released on August.

Make sure to follow me so you know when the next class is released! ;)

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Fantastic class! Very thorough.
You are AMAZING!





Lettie Blue

Illustrator/Graphic Designer at INobice

I love drawing, creating and building things since I was a kid so when I grew up I studied Architecture thinking it was going to be my future. Four years ago I decided it wasn't and I co-founded "INobice Design & Software". We build Apps, games and illustrated books for IOS and Android devices. I am really happy being my own boss!

Teaching at Skillshare is a totally new experience for me. My goal is learn a lot from all of you and make amusing videos about Illustration. I know, talking about how Procreate, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop works is not funny but I will do my best to make the courses enjoyable. If any of them are boring, please just tell me! ;)